HDH and Mobilization of Spirit World(Gathering for Reading and Learning of God’s Word and Mobilization of Spirit World)Sel...
My words have been connecting to the movement of the spirit world for the last fiftyyears providential history. When such ...
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Hoon Dok Hwe and Mobilization of Sp World


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  • we cannot deny this words from father.but asoon as posible we need to understand his heart.thru his words that we must learn.as a key in our heart to understand gods heaart.thru hdh.and to share what we learn to this gods word.so many people dont know the real gods heart.
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Hoon Dok Hwe and Mobilization of Sp World

  1. 1. HDH and Mobilization of Spirit World(Gathering for Reading and Learning of God’s Word and Mobilization of Spirit World)Selected Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Talks(Unofficial Translation courtesy of Pastor Hiroshi Goto)Why do I tell you, "You must do *Hoon Dok Hwe"? Whenever I spoke Gods word, Ialways am contemplating about my own death. I was saying to myself, " I must leavethese words before I die. Even if I could not fulfill the Will of God, I must at least leaveGods word behind." With such a serious heart, I gave my speeches. Can you imaginehow seriously the spirit world was looking at me? Therefore, whenever you conductHoon Dok Hwe, the spirit world will assist you so that Rev. Moon can accomplish Godswill. You will be pushed into the realm of grace where recreation is possible. You mustknow this.Gods word is given in order to save humanity and to fulfill Gods providence. At thishour, through Hoon Dok Hwe, the spirit world can connect with you. In another word,the spirit world that has been assisting Rev. Moon will connect with and assist you.(293-105/106, 5.24.1998)***If you prepare your heart by reading God’s word more than three times in order toconduct the Hoon Dok Hwe, the spirit world will assist and inspire you. By so doing, youcreate the realm that reciprocates with the realm of heart in the spirit world. God willdwell in you to dominate all things around you. Once you go beyond the three levels offormation, growth and completion and of Old, New and Completion Testaments, thespirit world will assist you.The perfect subject will create the perfect object. Thus, even if there are tens ofthousands of people, the reciprocal base is established for you. You will experience thegrace where God will dwell in you. This is the mysterious power of God. (296-237,11.10.1998)***In this world, no spirit world can be mobilized by any other words, but the words that Ispeak. The words Rev. Moon speaks are the words that I spoke while risking my life onthe front line of the battle. These were the words that reflect the history of myshowdown battle, separating and defeating Satan who has tried to snare and entrap meby any minor conditions I would have set in these showdown confrontations. By listeningto my words you can inherit the tradition of victorious battle against Satan through thehistory of my real battles. Thus, all people who have ascended into the spirit world arevery serious. They get really excited to listen to the words and to come down to theearth.When you listen to my words at Hoon Dok Hwe, you realize it is different from anyanother words. Through these words, I overcame countless difficult persecutions; thus,the spirit world will indemnify everything very quickly on earth centering on such astandard. (291-323,3.19.1998)***
  2. 2. My words have been connecting to the movement of the spirit world for the last fiftyyears providential history. When such a word emerges, along with the word, the realmof heart - that the entire spirit world assisted for and prayed with me desperately in thepast to establish - will envelop the entire world.Therefore, if a representative person who reads my word at Hoon Dok Hwe and shedstears, all gathered there will also shed their tears. If he is moved profoundly, allgathered also will be moved deeply. Regardless of how large the gathering, suchphenomena will take place. Why is this? The spirit world returns and works on earthdirectly. The spirit people who were inspired by the word when it was spoken will returnand assist people on the earth.So, no matter how hard you try to educate people with your own power alone,no one will enter into the Heavenly Kingdom as a result. They can go to Heavendirectly only by obeying and following the words of True Parents. Even thoughyou may become a doctorate educator, the spirit world will not be able to workwith your own words. (296-221,11.10.1998)Hoon Dok Hwe -- Rev. Moon coined the phrase, Hoon Dok Hwe, which in Korean means “gathering for reading and learning.” He encouragesus to adopt this practice as an early morning tradition to enrich our life of faith.