End of Noah’s Flood Judgment & the Last 200 days before Heaven’s Foundation Day


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End of Noah’s Flood Judgment & the Last 200 days before Heaven’s Foundation Day

  1. 1. End of Noah’s Flood Judgment & the Last 200 daysbefore Heaven’s Foundation DayNotes follow:"Special Education of the Original Substance of the Divine Principle for3,600 New Tribal Messiahs" (신종족적 메시아 원리본체론 특별교육) continues to be held atthe Central Training Center in Korea, where 2,100 participants are joining this time. Inthe opening ceremony on HC 6. 23 (Aug. 10), Rev. Joon Ho Seuk said the following:Rev. Joon Ho Seuk’s words"As of now, 8,500 members of Blessed families have participated at thisspecial workshop. I believe that Korea, Gods fatherland will become TrueParents nation at an early date.On HC 6.13 (July 31, 2012), Father said “HC 6.1 (July 19, 2012) was likethe day the flood in Noahs time ended, and HC 6.4 (July 22, 2012) was likethe day when Noah settled on land. Therefore, liquidate everything andmake a new start."After that, on HC 6. 19 (Aug. 6, 2012), from which there were 200 days togo before the Foundation Day, Father started a special jeongseong periodof 200 days. Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, our international president gave us anorder on HC 6. 21 (Aug. 8, 2012) ** that during the 200-day period, weshould do 사생결단 전력투구(a life-or-death commitment completelyinvesting oneself), fulfill the mission as the New Tribal Messiahs, andestablish a hoondokhae tradition in each family. Through this workshop,please put on new clothes and make a new start in your life."---------------**Rev Kambashi: The following are the notes I sent before regarding Fathers specialproclamation made on HC 6.13 (July 31, 2012), which I hope provides the spirit of themessage:True Parents Special Proclamation on July 31st 2012A banner and a cake were provided to commemorate the 6th anniversary of참부모님 천정궁 입궁 대관식 (True Parents Entering the Cheon Jeong Gungand Coronation Ceremony). Prior to cutting the cake, Father, standing withMother (on his left side) and Hyung jin Nim (on his right side), made aproclamation and the following are some of his words:
  2. 2. "Starting today, which is like the end of the flood judgment of Noahs time,until my birthday and the 13th day (of the first month by HC, which is theFoundation Day), this is the period when Blessed husbands and wives aresupposed to consecrate their relationship to God (성별기간 / 聖別期間).""Today is the day of gratitude when I can proclaim 해방, 석방, 완성, 완결(Liberation, Complete Freedom, Perfection, and Conclusion.).""From now on for at least 43 years to come, you need to celebrate today asan important anniversary in all the countries of the world, and every singlematerial must be registered and offered to Heaven without exception.""Starting today, the Royal Seal (옥새 / 玉璽) must be affixed on thedocuments of every single asset including all the materials the True Familyhas, even clothes and diapers, and on the name list of registered families ineach nation. The new tribal messiahs are in charge and need to sharethem. There is nothing you can possess. Do you understand? You do nothave your parents. You do not have your sons and daughters yet.""This is the moment when we celebrate the central day for final victory andeternal commemoration. With the name of True Parents and registeredchildren, today is the day to celebrate that one will be able to be registeredto the four dimensional world (4 차원세계), directly go to Heaven after birth,and realize 조국광복 and 정주광복 (restoration of Gods fatherland andJeongjoo, Fathers hometown). Dont forget that what I said now must beinformed as the special direction through the official memo, and those whoare here must be prepared well in your mind to participate at thisceremony. (Yes.) Then we start now. I pray and proclaim that thismoment is the origin of 안착 (safe arrival) and 정착 (settlement) in themidst of the attention of heaven and earth. (Aju.)"Then Father lit the candle, True Parents blew it, and Father cut the cake. Arepresentative couple offered flowers to True Parents. Before Father wasseated, he started to speak again.
  3. 3. "Here is the Cheon Jeong Gung, which is the palace of heaven and earthand the center of education. Pledge here that you will not spare a pennywithout having the right of possession.""Raise both your hands and say Aju. (Aju.) 하나님 만세. (하나님 만세.)참부모 정착 만세. (참부모 정착 만세.) I proclaim that the children of theowner of the world will be registered, enter the palace and become perfectpeople of the Cheon Il Guk. Aju. (Aju.) Lets bow together. (Father alsomade a half bow)""You should remember clearly that you must be registered as the fruits ofthe Tree of Life. Do not miss this. Do you understand?"---------------** The following are the special instructions by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon for the Blessedfamilies regarding the 200-day period of jeongseong, given on HC 6. 21 (Aug. 8,2012). I also attached the official memos regarding this.International President, Rev Hyung Jin Moon’sSpecial Instructions:1) All members of the Unification family should engage themselves with alife-or-death commitment, completely investing themselves towards theirrespective goals during this special 200-day jeongseong period given to usby True Parents.2) All blessed families should conduct hoondokhae every morning with theirfamily at home or with their congregation at the church. Please be sure toobserve this tradition.3) Please offer jeongseong of 120 bows each day, fulfill your mission as anew tribal messiah, and welcome the Foundation Day in victory.4) Please lead a life focused on bringing achievements rather than onreporting them.