Dr. Joon Ho Seuk’s message from the Korean monthly magazine Tongil Segye                We sincerely pray for True Fathers...
the Heungnam Special Labor Camp he had to suffer, for two years and eight months,the laborious task of filling bags with n...
single moment. True Father continued to subject his body to extremely harsh andserious challenges beyond his physical limi...
“For us there is no stopping”Currently True Mother is devoting her entire being to caring for True Father twenty-four hour...
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Dr Joon Ho Seuk's Latest Message


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August 24 2012 taken & translated from Tongil Segye - Korean Monthly News Magazine

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Dr Joon Ho Seuk's Latest Message

  1. 1. Dr. Joon Ho Seuk’s message from the Korean monthly magazine Tongil Segye We sincerely pray for True Fathers recoveryBeloved brothers and sisters, warmest greetings! I offer my deepest appreciation to allmembers who are offering much prayer and jeongseong for the sake of True Father’sspeedy recovery and health.True Father has put up with everythingI am fully aware that all members of the Unification Family worldwide have beenoverwhelmed with great shock, concern and inexpressible sorrow due to True Father’sillness. With so many members in shock and distressed, the International President, Rev.Hyung-jin Moon, personally took the podium at Cheon Bok Gung last Sunday (7.2 bythe heavenly calendar) and gave a detailed explanation on True Father’s illness. Inaddition, he emphasized that we should all become of one heart through offering greaterjeongseong for True Father’s health.Even at this time (7.5 by the heavenly calendar), True Father is in critical condition. Hisdoctor has said that this week (7.3 ~ 7.9 by the heavenly calendar; August 20-26) will bethe most critical. Currently, we, the Unification Family, are in a state of emergency. Evenas I am writing this message, the circumstances are such that we cannot relax even for amoment.Dear brothers and sisters,Up to this time, despite his advanced age of 93 years, True Father had time and againharshly pushed himself well beyond his physical limitations. While leading theprovidence, he has been offering deep jeongseong constantly with a serious, restless andintense heart, unable to even find sleep at night, all for the sake of victory of FoundationDay.Though we are unworthy, True Father always turned on the lights in the early morninghours and presided over hoondokhae for, on average, five to six hours each day in orderto establish the hoondokhae tradition for us. He has immersed himself in thehoondokhae jeongseong while repeatedly pushing himself to his limits, once speakingfor twenty-three hours and forty minutes, and once for twenty-two hours and at othertimes staying up all night without closing his eyes.Last autumn, while his legs were in a cast, True Father would still stand up from hiswheelchair. He once spoke to an audience for more than four hours while remainingstanding. Even when he returned to Korea after presiding over many providentialinitiatives in the United States, he would not indulge in taking the time to adapt to thetime difference or take rest due to the fatigue incurred from his journey. As soon as hereturned, he would preside over rallies and gatherings to speak and offer jeongseong.And this is not something that happened just once or twice.Notably, unlike most ordinary people, True Father had already gone through muchphysical tribulation and many difficulties while shouldering the heavy and crucial willof Heaven under the providence of restoration. Thus, it was inevitable that all of thiswould accumulate within his body.True Father has been imprisoned six times during his life. Including the helicopterincident, he has overcome more than seven life-or-death situations. During his time at
  2. 2. the Heungnam Special Labor Camp he had to suffer, for two years and eight months,the laborious task of filling bags with nitrogenous fertilizer and carrying them. It was aharsh ordeal, where one team of ten people had to fulfill the quota of filling 1,300 bags aday. Even professional laborers would have difficulty filling an average of 700 bags aday. In this light, the forced labor at the Hungnam prison was just one method thecommunist captors used to mercilessly kill people. Most of the people imprisoned in thislabor camp ended up suffering hemoptysis within half a year and tuberculosis due tothe toxic ammonia acid, and countless prisoners died within a year and a half to twoyears. Although Heaven blessed True Father with a healthy body, he was not exemptfrom the adverse effects on his physical wellbeing. It was truly a victory and nothingless than a miracle that he was able to survive under such circumstances.During Japanese imperialistic rule and later under communist dictatorship, True Fatherwas whipped and suffered harsh torture that rang his bones and shook his flesh. Morethan a few times he vomited blood. He suffered countless atrocious and brutal tortureswhose descriptions we would not bear to hear. Even after arriving in a free anddemocratic world, he faced persecution, scorn and contempt countless times, and wasagain imprisoned.True Parents shouldered even our burdenTrue Father said “Even now, if one person were to look into my heartand speak a word of sympathy, I would burst into tears and they would flow likea great waterfall.” However, True Father kept all the pain and bitter sorrow of the pastyears in his heart, sublimated through true love. All these tribulations he overcame withthe indomitable spirit of getting up eight times after collapsing seven times, all for thesake of God’s liberation and salvation of humankind, and fulfilling God’s will for therealization of a world of peace.In 1997, on the foundation of his tremendous work and jeongseong, True Parents at lastproclaimed Chil Pal Jeol—“The Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for theParents of Heaven and Earth.” True Parents would find repose because they had laid thefoundation to rest completely, from the era of the individual to the era of the cosmickingship. However, True Parents did not rest at all. Instead, they carried on with evengreater urgency than before, marching ahead with eyes unwaveringly on the goal.Thirteen years later, on 5.27 by the heavenly calendar in the 1st year of Cheon-gi (2010),True Parents held the “Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earthand Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self.”Through this assembly, True Parents proclaimed to the cosmos that they had ultimatelyperfected, completed, and concluded the providence of restoration. They proclaimedthis on the foundation of having perfected, completed and fulfilled all theirresponsibilities and mission to come to this earth and had accomplished everything.Furthermore, this proclamation was made on the foundation of having completed theirfirm establishment in heaven and on earth with the stature and authority of the king ofkings, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Consequently, it was onlynatural that True Parents should comfortably rest and enjoy a time of peace.Yet, what happened? Did True Parents comfortably rest? Are they enjoying a sense ofpeace? Even after The Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents ofHeaven and Earth, or after having achieved everything and attained victory through theSettlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for theProclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self, True Parents did not rest for a
  3. 3. single moment. True Father continued to subject his body to extremely harsh andserious challenges beyond his physical limitations. He further invested himselfcompletely with life-or-death resolve, indeed bringing suffering on himself whilewalking the path of a pioneer. Regrettably, I think these circumstances might havedetrimentally affected the health of our elderly True Father.This year alone, he has visited the United States four times as he spearheaded theprovidence by himself. On 3.4 by the heavenly calendar, the day he was departing forthe United States a second time, he told the members “Today I am once again going onthe path of a pioneer,” indicating his resolute determination towards God’s will, thedeep resolve of a pioneer that he has shown throughout his entire life. What do youthink is the reason for this?It is because we have been unable to fulfill our responsibility and mission as tribalmessiahs. True Father has once again taken this on in order to somewhat lessen, if notalleviate, our providential burden and portion of responsibility. He did this in order toguide even one more person towards salvation and the path to the kingdom of heaven.When we think about for whom True Parents, especially True Father who leads theprovidence while pushing his aging body at 93, is following this precipitous path, weshould repent hundreds and thousands of times and ask for forgiveness. Yet still thiswould not be enough.Deeply repenting and resolving to follow the way of loyalty and filial pietyBeloved brothers and sisters,To this day, not only were we unable to decipher True Parents’ heart, we have trampledon their hearts too many times. We have burdened True Parents not only physically butalso in their hearts with a heavy weight and deep pain. Our inability to become one asbrothers and sisters has caused indescribable concern and pain to True Parents.I think that it is because of our being unfaithful and undutiful sons and daughters, TrueFather’s heart has been deeply scarred and grieved, which has had the aftereffect ofundermining his health. In that sense, we are all undutiful sons and daughters beforeTrue Parents. We must clearly confess this transgression and pray in repentance. Weshould fervently pray to God and True Parents for forgiveness.Dear members,At this time all our brothers and sisters worldwide are of one heart and mind in offeringjeongseong for the sake of True Father’s health. Taking this opportunity, the brothersand sisters who have become distant in heart from True Parents should repent for thepast days, and be reborn as the new people True Parents would wish them to be. Theymust come back to True Parents’ bosom.During this state of emergency all members should unite. Furthermore, let us unite withour central Abel figure, the International President, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, whom TrueParents have appointed as their successor and heir, and fulfill the way of absolute faith,absolute love and absolute obedience that we have failed to accomplish before TrueParents. Let us sincerely atone, through our tears, for our disloyalty and faithlessness ofthe past. Let us pledge and take action to fulfill the dutiful way of loyalty and filial piety.True Parents have lived in hardship and have offered jeongseong throughout their lives,pushing their physical bodies beyond their limits in order to give us even greaterblessings and greater love.We should poignantly feel how much love we have received until now. We should feel,deep in our hearts, that we are fortunate to be people who can experience this happiness.
  4. 4. “For us there is no stopping”Currently True Mother is devoting her entire being to caring for True Father twenty-four hours a day. And as she has done in the past, True Mother is sharing the tribulation,sorrow and all of the accompanying pain that True Father is going through. Finding nosleep, hardly having time to eat, she is offering deep jeongseong solely with the ardentwish for True Father’s recovery. In reality, True Mother herself needs to rest in thissituation where her heart and body are exhausted from nursing True Father. We shouldoffer our deep consolation to True Mother as well.Beloved members,The inexpressibly difficult circumstances continue even now. True Mother is doing herbest not to lose her calm. She is doing her best not to show tears and instead isencouraging the members.As you are aware through the announcement from the World Mission Headquarters on7.1 by the heavenly calendar (August 18), True Mother conveyed to the regionalpresidents and a few of the heads of providential organizations who came to visit TrueFather at the hospital on behalf of all the members worldwide, that “for us there is nostopping” in terms of carrying out Heaven’s will and providence. Although True Fatheris fighting strongly against his illness, True Mother expressed her concern for us,comforting the members in the field, telling us not to be disturbed, but to continue onunwaveringly. She also reminded us that we should have the firm resolve to achieveeverything that True Father has been striving to accomplish.True Mother reminded us that although we have all worked hard until now and doneour best, we need to now feel that the standard of having done our best is no longerenough, underscoring that we should “work harder, ten times or even a hundred timesmore; the harder you work, the more Heaven will remember you.” Mother once againemphasized that there is no stopping on the way and asked that we do our utmost in thepreparations for victory of Foundation Day.In keeping with the words of our True Mother, there is no stopping for us on the way.Let us do our best to create the ideal world of one family under God, which is TrueParents’ desire. Let us become true filial sons and daughters who accomplish withoutfail the responsibility and mission as tribal messiahs given to blessed families in this eraalong with privileged grace, so that we can welcome Foundation Day in victory andreturn glory and praise to True Parents. Let us now truly pledge to God and TrueParents that we will walk the path of loyalty and filial piety, and put our firm resolveinto action.Furthermore, our first and foremost priority at this time is offering even more prayerand jeongseong for True Father’s recovery and health. Throughout the world, membersof the Unification Family are even now offering fasting and vigil night prayers. There isthe saying, “Sincerity moves Heaven.” True Father will surely regain his robust strengthand health as he once had. I take this opportunity to offer my deepest appreciation to allmembers who are offering prayer and jeongseong.Once again, I ask for even greater jeongseong from all our brothers and sisters so thatTrue Parents can be restored to a state of peace and joy even one day sooner.My heartfelt appreciation goes to our brothers and sisters who constantly yearn for TrueParents, who think about God’s will and who sincerely carry out their work. I pray thatyou may always be overflowing with Heaven’s abundant love and blessings.