Rev Father Moon's words about 30,000 couples Blessing


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Rev Father Moon's words about 30,000 couples Blessing

  1. 1. Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9 Blessed Family Chapter Two True Parents and the 
History of the Blessing Section 2. The History of the Blessed Couples2.4. The 30,000 Couples: Formation stage of the international BlessingUp to the present time, many Blessing ceremonies have been carried out, andparticularly in 1992, I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing. Why the number 30,000?This was an international Blessing. In 1952, we lost the original worldwide Blessing era,in which we would have been able to hold the Blessing on a worldwide scale centeringon True Parents, Forty years later, in 1992, we were finally able to enter the worldwideBlessing era, and so the 30,000 Couples Blessing was held. This is the formation stageof the worldwide era. (275-282, 1996.1.1)The 30,000 Couples Blessing in 1992 was the formation stage. It was truly aninternational level. The ceremony transcended everything, including race and culture.What is marriage? Wasn’t it originally brought about because of the love betweenAdam and Eve? Adam and Eve denied God centering on Satan, but we can restore thisthrough indemnity by receiving the Blessing centering on God and the True Parents.(277-135, 1996.4.7)It was our parents who got married of their own accord and then opposed theirchildren becoming members of this church. That is why in the Unification Church webestowed the right of Blessing even to the parents. We must bless the satanic worldalong with our members. That is why at the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing; weblessed even those who had only attended a 7-day workshop. That is how we progress.In this worldwide era, a time may come in which 3.6 million young couples may beblessed, following the Blessing of the 30,000 and 360,000 couples. The currentsituation of young people in the world today, tattered and torn, originated from Adam’sfamily.Jesus died because he was unable to establish his marriage. It was all because of thelove relationship. Everything that has occurred until now will be repeated in this era.The responsibility of the True Parents in this completion era is to marry the children ofdirect descent as well as the young people, and so from now on, I will not have toconcern myself with the Blessing of previously married couples. (243‑325 1993.1.28)Since I put great emphasis on the family, I blessed 30,000 couples last year. This waslike dropping a bomb on the world. Think about it, the marriage of 30,000 couples! Weare living in a world in which even the parents cannot control their own children, andyet Rev. Moon of the Unification Church brought together young people from 131nations around the world and married them. Can you think of anything moremiraculous or amazing in the world? (243‑214, 1993.1.10)On April 10, 1992, I blessed religious leaders from eight nations including Islamiccountries, and thereby set the condition of having the Muslims come into unity with us.You did not know of this, did you? There was no one who withdrew from the Blessing.Even the Muslims took part in it. The Blessing of 30,000 couples was a trulyinternational Blessing. Chinese, Koreans, and even North Korean youths came to ourchurch, attracted by the Blessing. They were converted from Communism, were
  2. 2. educated, and some even received the Blessing. Simply said, the Blessing has nowspread to the whole world.I brought together 30,000 young men and 30,000 women from 131 nations, matchedthem using their photographs, and married them. If anyone other than I was doing this,you would ask yourselves, “Is he out of his mind?” There is no one else in the worldwho would carry out such a task. I am not out of my mind. Everything I do may seemincredible to you, but that’s just because I am too competent, don’t you think so?(243‑247, 1993.1.17)From now on, individuals should not be involved in the Family Party. Instead, familiesshould participate in it. In this way, they must try to have everyone receive theBlessing. Do you think it will be easy, or difficult? That is why I have deployed tribalmessiahs. If you return to your hometowns and set the standard as tribal messiahs,your whole tribe can be restored at once.If all of the 30,000 Couples that received the Blessing returned to their hometowns andwitnessed to twelve couples each, then in three years the Blessing of 360,000 coupleswould be possible. I have already created the environment in which this can bebrought about. Think about it. Has there been anyone else in history, apart from me,who married 30,000 couples at once? It is my plan to hold a Blessing Ceremony for360,000 couples on the next occasion.If I were to marry that number of couples, even if I were to marry one thousandcouples per day, it would take me a whole year. Only after I have done this can I go tothe spirit world and declare before God, “Father, I have brought together the variedand complicated cultural realms, regardless of racial discrimination, and unified theworld as you desired.” Then He would laugh aloud, “Ha ha ha…!” with great joy. Wehave now entered a new era, in which even the smart youth of our Unification Churchcan accomplish this. (241‑137, 1992.12.20)Thirty thousand couples from 131 nations received the Blessing even though they hadonly just been matched by photograph. This was a historic event. Could the pope bringthis about? Could the president of the United States do this kind of thing? It was not Iwho wished to do this, but you. You asked me, “Please, Father, do this for us!” Nowthat I have matched you, do you think the couples suit each other well, or not? Thewhole world knows that I carry out the matching using photographs only. Themembers of the Unification Church are intelligent, and that is why they have left thematching up to me. I do not think I will do it from next time.Then you will see a lot of crying going on around you. They will cry, “I should havereceived the Blessing earlier…” Where do you think I got this ability? I can tell if aperson will suit another just by looking. Because I have such ability, I am able to actas the founder of the Unification Church. Do you think it’s easy to become a religiousfounder? Isn’t it true that ever since the beginning of history, no one has beenpersecuted more than Rev. Moon? On a quiz show that I saw, to the question, “In all ofhistory, which religious leader has been persecuted the most?” the answer came outspontaneously – “Rev. Moon!” Isn’t that true? (235‑249, 1992.9.20)The time will come when you will have to run away from an avalanche of people. Thetime will come when you will be proud of the fact that you heard about the Blessingfrom the highest of the Blessed Couples. Between being witnessed to by one of the30,000 Couples, and one of the 6000 Couples, which do you think would hold morevalue? The members who have served a long time in the Unification Church will bereceived warmly wherever they go when they explain about the Blessing. (235-165,1992.8.29)
  3. 3. The fact that 30,000 young couples from around the world have come together to bemarried is truly something to be celebrated on a universal scale. It is more wonderfulthan the marriage of a prince or princess of a king in his palace, which is celebrated bythe whole nation. This marriage is on the worldwide level. If the Blessing on theworldwide scale were to develop from this to a second or third occasion, events of epicproportions would take place as a result. (234‑281, 1992.8.27)I will open the Blessing of the 30,000 Couples to people in general. They will receivethe Blessing after being educated for forty days only, and then the couples will walkthe three-year course. Even those who have done nothing to deserve the Blessing willreceive the benefits. Therefore, all of you should set new traditions that will be adoredand cherished by the people in your neighborhood, and make them exclaim, “That iswhat a Blessed Family is like!” Then the newly Blessed Families will be able to come toyour family and unite together like the twelve tribes of Israel. In this way, you willcreate an environment similar to the one surrounding me, and people will say, “Oh, Iwish I could have a meal with the people in that family!”Once you become the central figure in the course of fulfilling the duties of love in whichyou give and give, and forget that you have given – just as God has done – theenvironment surrounding you would never be like a desert, even if you wanted it to be.Then the day will come in which the cheers of a united people and the cries for aunited South and North Korea will rock the world. Soon the South and North will beliberated, and the members of the Unification Church will shout three cheers of Manseiwith rapturous joy. (215-107, 1991.2.6) Chapter Three The Providential Significance 
of the Blessed Couples Section 9. The 30,000 CouplesLast year, 30,000 couples received the Blessing in an international weddingtranscending nationality, geography, religion, and politics. Think about it – 30,000couples mean 60,000 people. It’s not a small number, is it? That many people weremarried, not in the duration of, say, ten days, but in a single day. They did not evencome from just one nation.People of all races – white, black, and yellow – from more than 130 nations across theworld participated in that Blessing. Though skin color may differ, our way of life is thesame; there is but one. The lifestyle of living for the sake of others is the same foreveryone. Though you may lead humble lives, everyone is living for the sake of othersand such families will now spread out around the world.Consider this for a moment: Twenty years from now, people like us will be occupyingmost of the earth and we will have established one world, one nation. Such a time iscoming. (248-183, 1993.8.3)What day was August 25, 1992? It was the day of the 30,000 Couples Blessing. Beforethen, it was very difficult for members to receive the Blessing. There were some whopassed on to the spirit world after leading lives of celibacy for twenty years withoutreceiving the Blessing. Then what happened at that time? We treated a week as sevenyears. Whoever acknowledged during the period of one week that he or she had,without a doubt, the body of Satan and believed that the True Parents would converthis or her lineage was blessed. Those are the people who used to belong to Satan.They could not become the owners of their nations as they were; hence, the right ofownership had to revert. (251‑259, 1993.10.31)
  4. 4. The 30,000 Couples Blessing represents the crossing of the final crest of indemnity.The 30,000 Couples represent the number three which originates from the three erasof formation, growth, and completion, and the three Ages of the Old, New, andCompleted Testaments. Through the three eras and three ages, they can cross overthe number six correspondingly. Through them, we are crossing the number six in thedominant realm of the number three. Based on their involvement in World War II,Britain, America, France, Japan, Germany, and Italy must be indemnified. (245-280,1993.3.7)You must understand that the 30,000 Couples Blessing should be accepted as one ofthe greatest and most historic events ever. How great is the historic backgroundbehind it? The event involves the whole world. After conducting the 30,000 CouplesBlessing, there is no need for me to perform any more Blessing ceremonies. (234‑287,1992.8.27)This year’s 30,000 Couples Blessing holds great significance in that it is being hostedalong with the World Culture and Sports Festival, indicating that human society shouldequally develop both its spiritual and physical aspects.As we approach the 21st century and a new historic era, this unprecedented jointwedding involving 30,000 couples gathered from 130 nations around the worldtranscending nationality and race is a grand project which displays the great cause ofpeace for all humanity in our efforts to realize world peace through God-centeredharmony. (234‑237, 1992.8.22)On this coming August 25, around 30,000 couples from all over the world will receivethe holy Blessing and commit themselves to establish a new God-centered familytradition. The family is the basic unit of the nation and society. The resolution of socialissues begins with the resolution of family issues. (234‑225, 1992.8.20)The 30,000 Couples are connected to the number three signifying formation, growth,and completion, thus representing wholeness. It is a sanctifying number. Hence,through their Blessing, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven has beencompletely opened. (265-176, 1994.11.20)As Japan, America and Germany are the Abel realm in relation to the True Parents,they can exercise the birthright of the first born. Henceforth, we will hold globalblessing ceremonies focusing on Japan, America, and Germany.In 1992, I conducted the global Blessing of the 30,000 Couples. The number threerepresents perfection and is a heavenly number signifying formation, growth, andcompletion. The 30,000 Couples Blessing was global. After it, people opposingUnification Church joint weddings turned around 180 degrees.The 30,000 Couples Blessing created a closely connected international community.Through it, nationality, international borders, race, and culture became meaningless.Until now, when marrying, people could not surmount those barriers, preferring tomarry someone of the same nationality with whom they already had a relationship;now, however, all this has completely opened up. We have begun a marriagemovement, unprecedented in history, as brothers and sisters, demolishing all barriersseparating countries, races, skin colors, religions, and cultures, through internationaljoint weddings. (269-300, 1995.5.1)After the 3, 33, 72, 120, 430, 777, 1800, 6000, and 6500 come the 30,000 Couples.The number 30,000 is unitary and therefore global. We had to traverse the formation,growth, and completion periods. The 30,000 Couples were in the position of setting out
  5. 5. from the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages. We were then crossing over intothe era of global Blessing. (302‑130, 1999.6.12)The Blessing of 1992 was held on August 25, was it not? I matched and blessed the30,000 Couples within a week. From this viewpoint, when combined with the threegreat ancestors on an equal basis, the five billion people of the world are all included. Iam offering the Blessing equally. Thus, those who have attended the seven-dayBlessing workshop can be blessed, and thereby restore through indemnity thewrongdoing of Adam’s family with regard to the conjugal love relationship and enterheaven together. (253‑80, 1994.1.7)When I was blessing the 30,000 Couples on August 25, 1992, I gave their parents whowere also in attendance the privilege of being family messiahs, centering on theirfamilies as the tribal messiahs. Thereby, the children could recognize their parents ascenters. As such, even those who had no understanding of the Divine Principle couldalso receive the Blessing, as long as they believed in the True Parents; understoodwhat went wrong with their lineage; pledged to convert without fail their lineage, rightof ownership, and realm of heart; and became the kinfolk of the True Parents, allwithin one week. (251‑224, 1993.10.17)From this day forth, you do not need anything else but the true love of the TrueParents. The task left for you to fulfill is to connect true life and lineage with true love.All of you must therefore be blessed by the True Parents. This is not a wild fancy.When I announced that I would bless 30,000 couples last year, pastors of establishedchurches all laughed at me, saying “Ha! Ha! Ha! Listen to that dreamer, that half-crazed man!” (245-160, 1993.2.28)Among the 30,000 Couples, I even blessed those already married who did not knowanything about the Divine Principle, as long as they had attended the seven-dayworkshop. So I raised them to the positions of the Messiah, Adam, and Christ at hisSecond Advent. That is how we have reached the present situation. (242‑205,1993.1.1)August 25, 1992 was the day I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing. Thereby, thefallen parents were liberated and elevated to the same level as their children, and soall fallen descendants could also attain that level of faith and came to stand on anequal footing. This Blessing represented the formation, growth, and completion periods.At the 30,000 Couples Blessing, I blessed everyone who attended the week-longworkshop and took the vow. The meaning of this is that, since their parents wereliberated, the children were also liberated along with them, and so they have beenenabled to hold a position of equal value and status. Since this standard can only bepracticed and established logically, this is how the True Parents can stand as thesovereign of all families in the world. (249-137, 1993.10.8)At the 30,000 Couples Blessing held on August 25, 1992, everyone who came wasblessed in the same way. As long as they attended a seven-day Divine Principleworkshop and pledged that they believed in the True Parents, they were eligible for theBlessing. Since they came from the fallen lineage and were not true children, theyentrusted everything absolutely to the True Parents. Since Satan had deprived God ofthe right of ownership through the Fall, they needed to return everything back to Godthrough the conversion of the lineage, right of ownership and realm of heart, andpledge to become the children of the True Parents without fail.It was the 30,000 Couples who accomplished this task. That does not mean, however,that by receiving the Blessing, they were done with the task. They must not forget that
  6. 6. they were blessed on the foundation inherited from their elder brothers and sistersunder the rules of the Blessed Family. Once you inherit something, you must assumean attitude similar to its testator and maintain, safeguard, and cherish it. Thus, wemust inherit the realm of heart similar to our ancestors of old. Unlike in the past, thesatanic world has now been liberated. If all brothers and sisters unite, they will haveno problem in attaining that state.I have performed the 30,000 Couples Blessing and from now on blessing 3.6 millioncouples and even 360 million couples will not be a problem. Even the blessing of 3.6billion couples can be conducted at the same time in thousands and tens of thousandsof places across the world through satellite broadcasting. In that way, the whole ofhumankind throughout the world can be blessed. As the three great ancestors are nowstanding in the position of having received the Blessing after having been liberated,they can be connected to their descendants in a parent-child relationship. Hence, theycan exchange these positions of vertical relationship through love. We are now living inthe era of horizontal equalization of being able to freely shift one’s position. Satancannot obstruct us any longer. (257-205, 1994.3.15)We are now living in the era when we can bless everyone at once. Therefore, anyonecan be blessed after one week of education, corresponding to the number seven. Iannounced this at the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing. That does not meaneverything is completed within one week. That is like the connection formed in the sixhours of incoming tide. Once the water starts to ebb away, it will take six hours ofexpending all your effort just to stay where you are. Thus, you need to be trained inthe traditional teachings of the Unification Church and engrafted, but as long as youhave survived and are still with us, there is no need for anything else. This is all logical.It is not a sham. (258-210, 1994.3.17)Since Adam and Eve married wrongfully, a realm unifying all countries must beestablished through the Blessing. We are finally conducting weddings in God’s name. Ipersonally blessed all couples up to the 30,000. Through horizontal equalization, all theparticipants in the 30,000 Couples Blessing entered the same privileged realm; for thefirst time, even those who had only attended a week-long workshop were included inthe ceremony as long as they had absolute faith.God is driving out those on Satan’s side, gaining control over the world, and, for thefirst time ever, laying the foundation extending from the cosmos to the world, nation,race, tribe, and family. By virtue of this, God can finally descend upon the earth, andthereupon, together with the returning Lord, create the origin of families that will driveout Satan. The global era representing such families is the three-year period from thetime of the 30,000 Couples Blessing. (269-11, 1995.4.6)On August 25 of the year before last, I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing. If thetime it took us to reach the present stage of Blessing from the beginning can belikened to six hours, be assured that it will not take another six hours to complete thetask. From here, it will take only a few minutes. Now all that is needed is for Blessingcandidates to attend a week-long workshop; acknowledge the True Parents; and makethe resolution to convert their lineage, right of ownership and realm of heart. All theyneed to do is pledge to accomplish all these things through the Blessing. (259-84,1994.3.27)Among the 30,000 Couples, I blessed even those without accomplishments to theircredit. The reason for this was so that I could send them as tribal messiahs to liberatetheir relatives. Their parents opposed the Unification Church until now, as did all theirrelatives. In fact, the people who opposed the Unification Church most vehemently
  7. 7. were the parents of its members. We are liberating those parents who opposed us.(242‑104, 1993.1.1)Intermarriage is the only way Japan can obtain the best circumstances as the owner –the circumstances of joy. How many times have we conducted Korean-Japaneseintermarriages? This time was the second one, wasn’t it? It was the greatest struggleever. At the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing, Japan opposed it most desperately.Satan engaged in a full-scale offensive with the whole of Japan behind him, but I didnot even budge an inch. Anyone who came to know the truth of the matter would havebeen completely won over to our side like the leaves turning red in autumn. Theywould think, “Wow! A mass wedding – that is so amazing!” NHK (Japan BroadcastingCorporation) broadcast about eighty percent of the ceremony on that occasion. (237-249, 1992.11.17)The participation of 17,000 couples from Japan in the 30,000 Couples Blessing onAugust 25th last year caused uproar in Japan, with people claiming that I was going totake over their country, and for a year they pounded me. They tried to beat me to apulp by mobilizing the mass media, declaring, “The Unification Church will no longerexist by this August. It will be disbanded so completely that in no time at all it willdisappear without a trace, like the flowing river!” They did not realize that if that werepossible, I would not even have begun my work in the first place. (248-276, 1993.10.3)We must completely overturn historical traditions. You have your physicalgrandparents and parents – so who on earth are the True Parents? In spite of thisparadoxical logic, all conscientious youths in the world are sticking to it like glue, whichis why the 30,000 Couples Blessing was possible. I matched approximately 3,700couples per day. In the future, I’ll be able to match even 30,000 couples in a day. Suchis my mental capacity. No ordinary person could do what I have done; all the more sosince this work involves one of the most important aspects of life: love. Indeed, I amno ordinary man. I have something special that others don’t. That is why I can be thefounder of the Unification Church. (241‑121, 1992.12.20)How many of you here are university graduates? I heard that about ninety people whoparticipated in the 30,000 Couples Blessing are here with us today – raise your handsif you are one of them. All of those with their hands raised are very young, aren’t they?Didn’t a big row erupt back in Japan because of you? The Japanese police authorities,influenced by right-wing groups, thought that if 30,000 Japanese and Koreansintermarried, Japan would become a nation subordinate to Korea. Furthermore, theolder generation all came together to oppose us; they united with the press andpersisted in their opposition for four months. (240‑108, 1992.12.11)It was a blow to the so-called great men of Christianity. They received this blow totheir heads on August 24 and their heads went “Bang!” Then on the twenty fifth, theysaw 30,000 Couples get married together and finally admitted, “None other than theMessiah can accomplish such a feat!” and went back to where they came from with acomplete change of mind. (235-191, 1992.9.20)If I listened to the words of Mother, my children, and you all, I would not have beenable to work at all. I have to go ahead, pulling you. You did not know the way to go,but now you know where you are supposed to go, don’t you? Anyone would know bynow – it is straightforward. From this day forth, there will be no life-and-deathstruggles nor will you be persecuted. With the 30,000 Couples, everyone’s view on theBlessing has been completely revised. I now have 30,000 new sons and 30,000 new
  8. 8. daughters: they cannot all be crazy or stupid. Included in them are great scholars andall kinds of talented people; hence, they will not be disregarded. (235-139, 1992.8.29)Through the 30,000 Couples Blessing, the world has been silenced. Isn’t there a rumorgoing round that I am no ordinary man? Hence, I could proclaim myself as the Messiah.I could accomplish all that I have done because I am the Messiah, the Savior.(240‑250, 1992.12.13)There is only one day in the whole year when the sea level reaches its highest pointbecause of a particular high tide. This phenomenon occurs only once a year; it doesn’tlast for a few days, but happens on just one day. Similarly, I performed the 30,000Couples Blessing at the point of highest tide in history. There is only one time whenthe standard of perfection for the realm of heart in the Garden of Eden can beestablished, just like the highest tide. If you do not participate in this, it may becomeimpossible to find another opportunity. Thus, however fallen people might have been,as long as they attended the seven- or three-day workshop, they were included in theBlessing. (237-247, 1992.11.17)To the extent that all the 30,000 Couples stood on an equal footing at the time of theirBlessing, the True Parents assumed the responsibility of elevating all humankind to aliberated position. Anyone can be included in the Blessing as long as they haveattended a seven-day workshop; pledged to convert their lineage, right of ownershipand realm of heart; and understood that human beings fell and that through theBlessing, the True Parents can indemnify all of human history and liberate them.(249‑248, 1993.10.10)At this last Blessing of the 30,000 Couples, I directed that even those who attendedonly a three-day workshop could take part in the ceremony. This was not the rule, butthrough this small condition, participants were blessed and told to return to theirfamilies as tribal messiahs and for three days educate their parents, who had marriedwithout God’s permission due to the Fall. Thus, by listening to their children, thoseparents could be blessed and restored to the positions of Adam and Eve. With theirchildren representing Cain and Abel, the parents received the grace of taking part inthe Blessing in the position of Adam and Eve, the restored parents. Though they mighthave done nothing to deserve it, the fact that they have listened to the Word wasenough to elevate them to those positions. I cannot bestow such blessings onlyinternally within our church without extending them externally to the satanic world aswell. (240‑246, 1992.12.13)No one opposed me when I proclaimed myself as the True Parent and Savior from July3 to August 24 because, as I explained in terms of what the Lord would be returning toachieve, no one had been able to do what I had accomplished for the world. As such,Christians from the established churches could not gainsay it. Then I held the 30,000Couples Blessing, which means that 60,000 people were blessed. Before the ceremony,those Christians opposed it in every possible way, claiming it was all a downright lie,but when I actually performed it, they were dumbstruck. Once they had actually seenme conduct the ceremony, all the established churches that had until then beenspreading lies about us and opposing us on all sides were silenced for good. (239-274,1992.12.6)I can select the right spouses for everyone in the world. I have no difficulty in findingthe right spouse for people. I know who is good for whom at a glance. You would notbe able to find the right spouses for your children in ten years, but on one occasion Imatched fifteen couples in ten seconds. I have the head for it – I know the world inside
  9. 9. out and so am able to do this kind of work. You believe me, don’t you, since I blessed30,000 couples last year? In secular society, there are people who call themselvesmatchmakers, but I am not one. Marriages are originally meant to be arranged byone’s true parents, but because human beings lost their true parents, I must deal withthis in the position of the world’s parent to engraft everyone; being the only one whoknows how to do that, I have no choice but to take care of it myself. (245-241,1993.3.7)I matched the 30,000 Couples using their photographs before proceeding to blessthem. This is amazing. Such a thing does not exist in the satanic world. It means tostand at the point of being absolutely zero when getting married; that is, those couplesstood in the position of having absolute faith. Eve was unable to have absolute lovebecause she fell, but those couples receiving the Blessing crossed national boundariesin seeking the path of love, the like of which can never ever be found in the satanicworld. They have shown that they love me absolutely. To indemnify Eve’s inability tolove God absolutely, they had to stand in the position of loving me absolutely. It mustbe recognized that they stood in the position of having totally denied themselves.(277-131, 1996.4.7)Prior to the 30,000 Couples Blessing, Kwak Chung-hwan said, “Thirty thousand couples!That is five times the number of the 6500 Couples. How can we accomplish that?” Wehad had enough trouble bringing together 6500 Couples. On top of that, I hadinstructed that these 30,000 couples needed to be ready for the Blessing not in ten butin just three years. When I told him, “You must transcend religion and witness towhoever you can, whether Muslims, Buddhists or Confucians!” he said he couldn’t do it.His eyes were like cement. Do you know what I mean by that? Cement eyes are thosethat look frozen. He said we couldn’t do it, but in fact we actually exceeded our goal.(294‑151, 1998.6.14)Kim Il-sung was very interested in the Blessing, and asked “Are you really going toconduct a mass wedding of 30,000 couples?” He could not figure out how we would goabout blessing 30,000 couples. I told him, “Thirty thousand couples is nothing.” I couldtell they were thinking that if I were ever to bless 30,000 couples, they would verymuch like to see photographs of the ceremony. So I sent photos of the event and theywere shown to Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung. The photographs of the 30,000 CouplesBlessing are not displayed in the Blue House (Office of the President of South Korea),but they are hanging on the office walls of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. Was I right indoing that or not? As a result, the gates to China and Russia were opened. Now all thatremains for me to do is to open the gates to North Korea. (239-42, 1992.11.23)Kim Il-sung promised me that he would allow the reunion of the dispersed families ofall displaced people from North Korea. He promised a North-South interchange. Heproposed, “Bring all the 30,000 couples to the North and we will welcome them withopen arms!” It was summer at that time. Do you know the Songdo Beach Resort,where you cross fields of pine trees and sweetbriars to reach a white sandy beach linedby endless rows of pine trees? He said we could put up as many tents as we needed onthe white beach and said, “If you want, we will welcome all of the 30,000 couples toNorth Korea!” It was the government in the South that was opposed to this idea.(273‑320, 1995.10.29)The topic of our conversation moved on to the wedding of the 30,000 Couples and Iasked, “Elder Brother Il-sung, would you be willing to open the thirty-eighth parallel if Iwere to bring the 30,000 Couples to North Korea?” He answered, “Of course, of course!Wow, that is splendid!” He actually invited me to bring the 30,000 Couples to North
  10. 10. Korea. So I replied, “But there aren’t any hotels here.” He then told me, “The SongdoBeach Resort is very famous worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people can beaccommodated in the pine fields there. So if you brought one tent for every ten people,you wouldn’t have any problem.” What he said was true. He said we should bring ourown food as well and that he would open the port of Wonsan for us, so that we couldbring all we needed by boat. (239‑42, 1992.11.23)I was planning to have the 30,000 Couples visit the Songdo Beach Resort in NorthKorea, taking with them tents, each for ten people. It was a time when everythingcould be out in the open. The North Korean government even said, “We will dowhatever you want.” I also notified the present South Korean government of this plan.Who prevented me from carrying it out? It was our government in the South. Still I didnot perish. The bright morning sun dawns on the path that follows the heavenly way,but once you leave that path, you will be enveloped in total darkness. You will beplunged into complete and eternal darkness. (238-266, 1992.11.22)Kim Il-sung invited all the 30,000 Couples to North Korea. He said, “Rev. Moon, if youwant, this is the best chance ever to open the thirty-eighth parallel. We will welcomeall the 30,000 Couples!” The people of South Korea did not know of this. Such was theattitude of the North Korean authorities. They said, “We will welcome the 30,000Couples!” But how would we take them there? Let’s say we would use buses, fiftypeople to a bus, then how many would that be in total? Since there are 30,000 couples,it would mean we would need 1,200 buses. If 1,200 buses carrying fifty people eachwere to drive to North Korea in single file, how many kilometers would that line stretch,from the first to the last bus? Think about if, if such an incident had actually takenplace, would that not have started massive demonstrations for the unification of Northand South Korea? However, that is all in the past now. I know very well which peopleprevented this event from ever taking place. My sources in the United States informedme about that. I am not a person just passing through. In time, I plan to publish abook, a record of who did what. (238-161, 1992.11.22)Now everyone has to know about the Unification Church. It has become such a matterof common knowledge that those who are ignorant of it would be considered as havingno common sense. It is true. People who haven’t heard of the Unification Church wouldbe considered to be good-for-nothings. You will experience this all too well if you goabroad. If they ask you where you are from and you answer, “Korea!” they willautomatically ask you, “What is this I hear about the 30,000-Couple wedding?” If youwere not present at the ceremony, you should say at the very least, “I saw it ontelevision.” If they ask you, “How was it?” you cannot just say, “It was magnificent!”and stop there. When they ask you, “So it was magnificent, but who was there?” youwould have to describe to them every aspect of the ceremony, wouldn’t you? The sameis true for me.Three days ago, when returning from a banquet held at the Little Angels PerformingArts Center, I was informed that over 400 people had not been matched as yet andthat they were gathered at some place waiting for me, even though the wedding wasscheduled to take place the following day. So I went straight there and matched themuntil 4:00 a.m., and as I left the hall, it started to rain in torrents. “If I were to have30,000 couples standing to attention as I blessed them in such weather, with torrentialrain and flashes of lightning, it would truly be a historic event!” As this thought flashedacross my mind, I was rather pleased and encouraged. (234‑289, 1992.8.27)