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Sponsorship packet for the new Arena 2 football team in Las Vegas Nevada

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Sponsorship Slides

  1. 1. Las Vegas Barons Inc Bringing the af2 To Las Vegas Sponsorship Opportunities Join the Action in 2010
  2. 3. As members of the af2, the Barons’ mission is… “ To serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in the office, at the arena and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization providing a total entertainment experience.”
  3. 4. In furtherance of the Mission Statement, we believe that every Fan… … is entitled to a wholesome environment for guests and family members, free of violence, profane gestures and language or rude and invasive behavior that could in any way interfere with a first-class entertainment experience. … demands that we maintain absolute respect for the game of Arena Football and maintain the integrity of the finest of fair competition at all times. … deserves our very best effort on a consistent basis, on every play on the field, every action in the stands, every call to our office, and every involvement in our community. … is entitled to a total entertainment experience at an affordable cost for all members of the family from the time they arrive at the arena to the time they depart. … should receive the very best in competitive football, entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage for their purchasing power. … is entitled to interact with and have access to players and coaches for autographs and conversation in recognition of their support at every game. … is entitled to fast, accurate, and complete information about our players, coaches, league, games, and performance. … expects the League to be comprised of gentlemen and ladies who are examples and role models for youth, free of physical violence, drugs, alcohol, and gambling abuse. … expects us to honor our country and to be involved in our communities to make contributions for a better, safer, and more positive place to live. … should know that we are committed to serve and not to be served, to give and not to just take, and to inspire and encourage people to higher levels of personal and professional achievement, growth, maturity, and respect for each other.
  4. 5. “ Fans love the arena league for the high scores, the big hits, fast pace and most of all, the cheap seats.” ~ Matt O'Hern www.marketingshift.com The af2 is also coming off one of its most successful campaigns in 2008... league’s total attendance figure topped one million fans. The campaign was capped off by the best attended Arena Cup championship game in league history…The future of the af2 stands on solid ground as well ~ Brian Ross www.mlntherawfeed.com
  5. 6. The city and the league Chances are we’ll service at least 30% of your target market
  6. 7. Stand out by becoming an Exclusive or Official Sponsor Exclusive Sponsors enjoy the benefits of being the only companies of their kind to advertise with the Las Vegas Barons. In addition, these sponsors will be the sole providers of the product or service for the team. Official sponsors will be the sole providers of a product or service for the team, but other companies of their kind will be able to advertise with the Las Vegas Barons.
  7. 8. Field Sponsor Your company logo will be prominently displayed on midfield circle of all Barons’ home games, in the home game flyers and in all Barons’ advertisements. You’ll also receive 4 live game reads advertising your company, 50 general admission home game ticket vouchers and a full page ad in the Barons’ annual yearbook.
  8. 9. Field Logo Your company logo will be prominently displayed on the turf of all Barons' home games. End Zone Company name or logo in one end zone for each home game Full page ad in game day flyer Live read advertising during home games 4 VIP home game ticket vouchers and 10 General admission home game ticket vouchers First Down Markers Company name or logo on 4 first down markers that will be moved up and down the field throughout each home game
  9. 10. Game Balls A fan favorite of arena football is the opportunity to keep one of 50+ game balls that end up in the stands. As a game ball sponsor, each of these collectibles could have your company name or logo on it! 750 game balls will be produced with your company name or logo printed on a panel of the football. These balls would then be used during various Baron home games throughout the 2010 season before leaving the arena with a fan.
  10. 11. Uniforms Uniform advertising is one of the most coveted spots on the field so Las Vegas Barons Inc has decided to set aside a 4”x3” spot on the Barons’ game day helmets and are planning on sewing 2”x2” patches onto the Barons’ game day jerseys and pants; Have your company name or logo displayed in one of these spots for each Barons’ game – home and away!
  11. 12. Banners Your company name and/or logo can be displayed on dashers, along the sideboards or in the end zone for each of the Barons’ home games. Or you may choose to purchase banner sponsorships for door entrances, the players’ bench or the owners box. Pick from the following sizes and choose your location in order for your advertisement to make the most effective impact for your company: 4’x12’ 4’x8’ 4’x6’ 4’x4’8” 4’x3’8” 4’x2’4”
  12. 13. As a Game Night Sponsor, your company will be the sole sponsor of the home game of your choice and your company will… … be mentioned in all media advertising for the week prior to the game, as well as in the game day flyer ; …receive 10 general admission ticket vouchers; …have a representative recognized at midfield and presented with a game ball prior to participating in the opening coin toss; and …have an opportunity to present a promotional item giveaway with your company logo and the Barons logo to the first 6,000 fans in attendance. Create Lasting Impressions Game Night Sponsors
  13. 14. Game ads will be a part of the Barons’ annual yearbook that will be available for purchase at every home game. * BACK COVER – OUTSIDE * FRONT COVER – INSIDE * BACK COVER – INSIDE ** FULL PAGE ** HALF PAGE *** ¼ PAGE *Includes 10 general admission ticket vouchers to a home game ** Includes 4 general admission ticket vouchers to a home game *** Includes 2 general admission ticket vouchers to a home game In addition to game ads, the yearbooks will include the 2010 team schedule, photos and profiles of Barons’ coaches and players, special event information and community service contacts. Game Ads LAS VEGAS 2010
  14. 15. Unique Sponsorship Opportunities Call a Barons’ Sales Representative to discuss the details HOME GAME NIGHT Game Day Flyer National Anthem Band Half Time Promotion In Game Promotion Offensive Play of the Game Field Goal of the Game Touchdown of the Game Defensive Play of the Game Hit of the Game OTHER Coaches Dancers Schedules – Large and Pocket Street Team – Official and Member
  15. 16. Season Ticket Holder ◊ Luxury Seating ◊ Sidelines ◊ Students ◊
  16. 17. Sponsorship of a professional team adds value to your brand, makes your business stand out and creates a unique position in the minds of your customers. Call us today so we can begin designing the right sponsorship package to meet your marketing needs. Las Vegas Barons Inc 702.818.1000