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Abby bishop timeline finished project


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Abby bishop timeline finished project

  1. 1. 19 Century thTimeline By Abby Bishop
  2. 2. 1850 1854 1857 Bessemer Process Andrew Carnegie Fredrick Law Developed by the At age 16, Carnegie had OlmstedBritish manufacturers. worked his way up to Landscape It developed injecting become private secretary architects that was air into molten iron to to the local superintendent in charge of formingremove the carbon and of the Pennsylvania urban parks. He other impurities. It Railroad. After relaying helped draw up abecame widely used to messages that unsnarled a plan for produce steel. tangle of freight and “Greenward”, which passenger trains, his boss in now Central Park gave him the opportunity to in NYC. buy stock. He became one of the first industrial moguls to make his own fortune.
  3. 3. 1859 1862 1862 Social Darwinism Homestead Act Exodusters This theory came from Congress passed this A group of people that Charles Darwins book act. It offered 160 took advantage of the called “On the Origin of acres of land free to Homestead Act. TheySpecies”. It was published any citizen or were African in 1859. This book extended citizen who Americans who moved explained the process of was head of the from the post –natural selection, it enabled household. From reconstruction South to the best to survive. This 1862 – 1900, up to Kansas. book was used by many 600,000 families took other professors. advantage of the governments offer.
  4. 4. 1862 1864 1864 Credit Mobilier Transcontinental Sand Creek Massacre Railroad A French banking company. General S.R Curtis (U.S Army One of the most important A 1,776 miles railroad Commander in the West) sent a financial institutions in the line built across the telegram to militia colonel John world during the 19th century.western half of the U.S. Chivington saying that he It credited vast debts and doesn’t want peace until the gave out loans. During the Indians suffer more. Therefore, Great Depression a lot of the Chivington and troops traveled loans were audited. to the Sand Creek Reserve. On November 29th, over 150 people were killed.
  5. 5. 1866 1867 1867 Greenbacks George WestinghouseBuffalo Soldiers A minor political party American entrepreneur andMember of the U.S that believed in more engineer. He developed the Tenth Calvary money supply, also they railway air brake. Also he was Regiment of the believed in both gold and a pioneer of the electrical U.S. Formed on silver. Another definition industry. He believed in anSeptember 21st at for greenbacks would be alternating current whileFort Leavenworth, a slang term given to opposing Edisons direct Kansas. U.S. currency. current.
  6. 6. 1867 1867 1868Oliver Hudson Tammany Hall Kelley Grange It was the most powerful Started the An association of Democratic political patrons of farmers whose machine. It was led by aHusbandry. This purpose was to man named Boss Tweed. was an provide a social outlet He led a group of corrupt organization for and an educational politicians in defrauding the farmers, it forum for isolated town. A total of 10 million became known farm families dollars went into theiras the grange. It pockets. was for isolated farm families.
  7. 7. 1869 1870 1870 John D. Rockefeller Gilded Age Poll Tax American industrialist and•Period following the civil philosophist. He was founder An annual tax that hadwar . This term was coined of the Standard oil company. to be paid beforeby Mark Twain and Charles It dominated over all of the oil qualifying to vote. TheDudley Warner in a book companies of that time. His tax mainly prohibitedcalled “The Gilded Age”, a money had a major impact on blacks and whitetale of today. The book education and scientific sharecroppers fromsatirized what they research. As the importance voting.believed to be an era of of kerosene and oil grew soserious social problems did his wealth. He soonhidden by a thin layer of became worth1 billion dollarsgold. and was the richest man in America.
  8. 8. 1870 1874 1876 Jacob Riis George A, Custer Great Plains•Danish Americansocial reformer, •He announced the black •The grassland extendingjournalist, and social hills had gold, this started through the west – centraldocumentary a huge gold rush, which portion of the U.S. . Thephotographer. The put a lot of uprising federal governmentimpoverished people pressure on the Native designated this entire areawere the biggest Americans living in the as an enormoussubjects of his area. He led a battle reservation for the Nativephotography and against the Sioux in 1876 American peopleprolific writing. He also called the Battle of Littlediscovered the flash. Bighorn
  9. 9. 1876 1876 1876 Telephone Sitting Bull Little Bighorn•Created by •One of the major leaders •Also called “Custers Last Stand”,Alexander G. Bell of the Native American or “Battle of Greasy Grass”. It wasand Thomas people called the Sioux. between the Cheyenne, Lakota,Watson. It The government tried to Arapaho Indians, and Custers 7thopened up tons of force him to sign the treaty cavalry. The Battle was June 25thnew jobs for of fort Laramie. Though and 26th. Custers men werewomen in office some of the other chiefs outflanked and all 700 men andsettings. Also the did sitting bull held his Custer himself were killed.way of ground. He never signedcommunicating the treaty.would be forever
  10. 10. 1876 1877 1877 Nez Perce Chief JosephThomas Alva Edison Original people of Idaho, Oregon, and Chief of the Nez He became a pioneer Washington State. The tribe refused to Perce (a Native on the new industrial leave the Wallowa Valley and travel to a American tribe of frontier when he reserved space. They fled to Canada the Wallowa established the worlds 1100 miles away. They were trapped 40 Valley infirst research laboratory miles from Canada, and after a 5 day Northwest in Menio Park, New fight, the remaining 431 Nez Perce were Oregon. Jersey. beaten. They surrendered on October 5 th at Bears Paw.
  11. 11. 1880 1881 1883 Joseph Pulitzer Thomas Alva Booker T. Washington Edison A Hungarian Prominent African American immigrant who hadEdison patented educator. He believed that bought the New York a system for racism would end once blacks World. His paper electricity acquired useful labor skills and emphasized “sin, distribution on could prove their economic sex, and sensation. January 27th. value to society. He headed the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.
  12. 12. 1884 1885 1866 Samuel Gompers Mugwumps Mark Twain President of the AmericanRepublican political (Samuel Longhorn Federation of Labor (AFL), whichactivists who bolted Clemens). Novelist and focused on negotiation between from the U.S humorist that inspired a representatives of labor &Republican party by host of other young management, to reach written supporting authors. Wrote The agreements on wages, hours and Democratic Adventures of working conditions. He led the Cigar candidate Grover Huckleberry Finn which Makers International Union to join Cleveland in the was published in the U.S with other craft unions.presidential election. in February of 1885.
  13. 13. 1886 1887 1887 Dawes Act Interstate Commerce Haymarket Affair CommissionAn aftermath of bombing that Law passed by Congress that was A regulatory agency created by took place at a labor the Interstate Commerce Act of demonstration on May 4th at aimed to “Americanize” the Native Americans. 1887. Its purpose was to Haymarket Square in regulate railroads to ensure fair Chicago. It began as a rally The act broke up the reservations land to rates, to eliminate ratein support of workers striking discrimination, and regulatefor 8 hour days. An unknown individual Native Americans. other aspects of common person threw a dynamite carriers. bomb at police. 7 officers and 4 civilians were killed.
  14. 14. 1888 1890 1890 George Eastman Wounded Knee Sherman Antitrust Act Developed a series of On December 28th, the 7th This act made it illegal more convenient Calvary rounded up 350 Sioux to form a trust thatalternatives to the heavy and took them to a camp at interfered with free trade glass plates previously Wounded Knee Creek in between states or withused to develop pictures. South Dakota. The next day, other countries.He introduced his Kodak the soldiers demanded that Eventually, the camera, which was the the Native Americans give up government stopped first roll-film camera all of their weapons. A shot trying to enforce the act. was fired, and within minutes, 300 Native Americans were killed.
  15. 15. 1892 1892 1894Omaha Platform Ida B. Wells Eugene v. Debs Party program Born into slavery, then Attempted to form an adopted at the moved to Memphis to industrial Union including formative become a teacher in the skilled and unskilled convention of the 1880s. She later became laborers on the AmericanPopulist Party held a newspaper editor. On Railway Union. The union in Omaha, March 9th, 3 of her friends won a strike for higher Nebraska. were lynched. Therefore, wages. The ARU never she wrote about it in recovered after the failure Crusade for Justice. of the strike.
  16. 16. 1894 1895 1895 W.E.B Dubois Pullman Strike William Randolph He became the first African Hearst4,000 employees of the American man to receive a Pullman Palace Car Purchased the New doctorate from Harvard. He later Company began a York Morning Journal. founded the Niagara movement, strike in response to He already owned the which insisted that blacks recent reductions in San Francisco should seek a liberal arts wages. The Pullman Examiner, but he education in order to have well workers joined the sought to outdo educated African American ARU, and Eugene Pulitzer by filling the leaders. Debs became the journal with leader of the strike. exaggerated tales.
  17. 17. 1896 1896 1896William Jennings Bryan Plessey vs. “Cross of Gold FergusonNebraska Congressman Speech”that won the Democratic The Supreme Courtnomination. Although he Delivered by William ruled that the did win the southern Jennings Bryan at the separation of races invote, he lost the election. Democratic National public He supported popular Convention in Chicago accommodations was democracy, and was an on July 9th. It supported legal and did not enemy of the gold Bimetallism. This speech violate the 14th standard. His nickname helped him become Amendment. was “The Great Democratic candidate Commoner”. nominee.
  18. 18. 1899 1901 1903 Orville & Willbur Wright Vanderville William Mckinley Bicycle manufacturing brothers Theater that was Ohioan that served as from Dayton, Ohio. They characterized by the 25th president, He experimented with new engines performances of song, served from March 4th, powerful enough to keep dance, juggling, and 1897, until his “heavier-than-air” crafts afloat.slipstick comedy. Edwin assassination in The first successful flight Milton Royle hailed the September 1901. He occurred at Kitty Hawk, Norththeater as an “American was a Republican, and Carolina on December 17th. invention that offered a supporter of the gold something to attract standard. everyone.
  19. 19. 1910 1910 Ragtime Angel Island Ragtime was a blend of African When arriving on the west coast, American spirituals and European Asian immigrants gained admission musical forms. It originated in theat the island. From 1910-1940, about 1800s in the saloons of the South. 50,000 Chinese immigrants entered Scott Joplin’s compositions made the U.S through the island. him famous in the first decade of the Immigrants endured harsh 1900s. Ragtime led to jazz, rhythm & questioning and long detention in blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. filthy buildings in order to find out if they would be admitted or rejected.