Emerging Management Issues and Challenges


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This Slide is a part of Principle of Management where I have presented some of my ideas, views on about the Emerging Issues and Challenges on Management of the Organizations fell by Managers.

Emerging Management Issues and Challenges

  1. 1. Presentation on Emerging Introduction to Management Issues Management & Challenges By: Vishal Koirala
  2. 2. Types of Issues and Challenges Changing Organizational Perspective Globalization of Business Quality assurance and productivity Ethics and social responsibility Corporate governance Innovation and change
  3. 3. Workforce diversity Empowerment Technology Relationship Management Workplace Spirituality Knowledge Management
  4. 4. Changing Organizational Perspective The perspective and thinking about the organization is changed a lot. At past organization was focused on inflexible, manager should be stable, jobfocused. There were permanent jobs. Staffs work as per the command of the manager or higher level but now days manger should be skilled. He should work on team or command a team. There are lots of temporary jobs . If u don’t finish your job at a time your job gone.
  5. 5. The world economy is becoming increasing global in character. Manager will be involved in the management of global organization. They will need to think globally and act locally. Today more than one fourth of all goods produced worldwide cross the national boundaries. So it is one of the main emerging challenges.
  6. 6. Quality Assurance and Productivity Now-days the qualities of the goods and services has become quality of their goods and services There must be continuous improvement in quality. Quality improvement has no boundary. It is the race without final line.
  7. 7. Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate An organization should be responsible towards shareholders, employees, customers, society and nation. Now-days social responsibilities has become compulsory not a subject of discussion. How to fulfill social responsibility is also a challenge for management. The concept of corporate social responsibility has developed. Social responsibility means obligation of business organizations towards society community, people, share holders, etc. To provide quality product at affordable price, to develop more and more employment opportunities, to carry out different development activities in society, to control pollution are some social responsibilities of business organizations.
  8. 8. Innovation and Change Management must pay attention on innovation and change. Otherwise, they would go out of business. Rapid innovations are taking place in technology, product and service. Product lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter. Product needs continuous improvement if the life span is to be made long. New ideas, new techniques, new methods are being innovated; there must be new inventions of ideas, new invention of product. Old and outdated product cannot satisfy customers
  9. 9. Workforce Diversity Organizations are becoming heterogeneous in terms of ethnicity, gender, nationality, age group, etc. People having different religions, different nationality works together under one roof. Different people have different nature and they show different behavior because they come from different background. How to manage such diversified workforce is a great challenge for managers. If such diversified workforce is managed properly, organization will be highly benefited because they also bring diversified skill and knowledge.
  10. 10. Empowerment The manager should provide the works full control over their works by promoting self managed teams on encouraging maximum participation, more information is provided to employees to make them aware of problems of their organization.
  11. 11. Technology How to utilize advanced and sophisticated technology has become another challenge for management. Tremendous advancement has been made in production, distribution and information technology. Introduction of internet, email and other electronic media, have benefitted organizations in the field of productions, distribution and other areas of business. Organization must train their employees about new technology. Only with new technology, Organization can compete with other competitors.
  12. 12. Relationship Management Relationship management can be between a business and costumers. It is the focus of the financial and investing industries. Customer Service, Professional Networking, Partnership Team Building.
  13. 13. Workplace Spirituality It is not about organized practices. It’s not about theology of about one’s spiritual leaders. Workplace spirituality is about recognizing that takes place in the context of an organizational community Organizational members know why the organization exits and what it values
  14. 14. Knowledge Management Knowledge management is the systematic management of an organization's knowledge assets for the purpose of creating value and meeting tactical & strategic requirements; it consists of the initiatives, processes, strategies, and systems that sustain and enhance the storage, assessment, sharing, refinement, and creation of knowledge.
  15. 15. Acknowledgement Thanks to Mr. Ashok Basnet for giving me chance to present my ideas on Emerging Management Issues and Challenges
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