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Beckman - PROService Intro


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Beckman - PROService Intro

  2. 2. In the laboratory setting, turnaround time is always critical. Instrument downtime and process inefficiencies can directly impact your lab’s ability to deliver the results physicians need to make timely healthcare decisions. PROService, Beckman Coulter’s custom remote service application, can help maximize system uptime and protect your lab’s workflow, allowing you to focus on generating timely patient results. PROService utilizes RMS, Beckman Coulter's proprietary data pipeline, to establish a secure connection between the Beckman Coulter systems in your laboratory and Beckman Coulter’s Service and Support staff. This allows the confidential transfer of instrument performance data to Beckman Coulter and opens the door to a suite of tools and features that are used together to help increase the uptime of your systems. PROService allows: » More efficient instrument troubleshooting. » Resolution of more instrument issues without the need for an on-site service visit. » Advance identification of potential instrument issues enabling preventative action. » Remote diagnosis of service needs for targeted service visits and minimized interruption. PROService REMOTE SERVICE APPLICATION
  3. 3. LAB FORWARD RMS REMOTE CONNECTIVITY FRAMEWORK The PROService application coordinates the continuous transfer of data and metrics relative to instrument performance from your connected Beckman Coulter instruments to Beckman Coulter's servers. This incoming data is channeled into a set of PROService applications. Maximized uptime, enhanced efficiency and improved productivity for the laboratory. • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • Customer Firewall Beckman Coulter Firewall Internet Analytics Metering eQAP RMS RAP Box Instruments PROService Beckman Coulter Servers ••••••••••••••••••••• ••• •••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••• View Troubleshoot Predict Intervene Setup Maintain PROService PROService Service Dashboard Remote Desktop Sharing Triggers Remote Upload Remote Download Remote Setup/Configuration INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTICS PROACTIVE DIAGNOSTICS INTERFACE FEATURES
  4. 4. *PROService availability or features vary by instrument/system platform Beckman Coulter and the stylized logo are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. and are registered with the USPTO. Lab Forward is a trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc. For Beckman Coulter’s worldwide office locations and phone numbers, please visit BR-50181 © 2015 Beckman Coulter, Inc. INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTICS PROService elevates your support experience beyond the traditional model of over-the-phone troubleshooting. The Service Dashboard allows Beckman Coulter Service and Support staff to remotely view your instrument status and troubleshoot issues. Service Dashboard summarizes and displays incoming information in near real-time, providing insight to how the instrument is working. Intelligent algorithms embedded in the Service Dashboard allow Beckman Coulter Service and Support staff to spot trouble areas and rule-in/rule-out sources of error. Interactive icons allow the support staff to drill down to the root cause of the issue to help resolve it. The Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS) feature allows Beckman Coulter Service and Support staff, with your authorization, to access and control your instrument console for more detailed investigation and diagnosis. RDS can also be used to resolve many instrument issues remotely, without the need for onsite service, allowing your laboratory staff to focus on generating patient results. PROACTIVE DIAGNOSTICS PROService can also identify some future instrument issues, allowing them to be addressed before they further impact the efficiency of your laboratory. PROService Triggers are sophisticated algorithms that scan the incoming stream of instrument data for potential causes of downtime. When the criteria of a Trigger are met, PROService automatically notifies our Service and Support staff so we can further investigate and address the potential issue. Whether the problem is addressed through preventative action taken by you or by a routine visit from our Service and Support staff, the result is the prevention of future instrument downtime. INTERFACE FEATURES The Remote Upload feature gives Beckman Coulter Service and Support staff the ability to retrieve instrument data in order to perform troubleshoot analysis. The Remote Download feature enables updates for: software versions, databases, Help files, reagent files/settings. It also provides immediate access to documents such as Customer Notifications. The Remote Setup/Configuration features allows Beckman Coulter to perform system setup and configure add-on test remotely to get your systems and reagents up and running in a shorter amount of time.