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4 - Making Information Pay 2011 -- SAVIKAS, ANDREW (O'Reilly Media)


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"Flexible & Multi-Channel Content: Real-World Examples from O’Reilly Media"

Learn how O’Reilly Media transformed its publishing infrastructure from a traditional print-focused workflow to a flexible, modular and digital-first toolchain driving profitable growth across multiple digital and print channels. Adapting lessons learned from Web standards, software development and 20 years of online publishing, O’Reilly has built a set of systems supporting real-time publishing on a global scale. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the technical, business and organizational challenges O’Reilly faced along the way, and how the practical strategies and solutions they’ve developed can be of benefit to all.

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4 - Making Information Pay 2011 -- SAVIKAS, ANDREW (O'Reilly Media)

  1. 1. Start Small, Learn Big
  2. 2. Watch the Web
  3. 3. • What• You• See• Is• What• You• Get
  4. 4. • What• You• See• Is• Not• Necessarily• What• Anybody• Else• Gets
  5. 5. Watch the Alpha Geeks
  6. 6. Fail Forward Fast.