Dnb Finans Case Study


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DNB Finans Puts Car Lease Customers in the Driver's Seat with Online Business Intelligence from Actuate. BIRT-based BI reporting solution gives business customers unique insight into their car-related costs – from fuel consumption to CO2 emissions – proving a powerful differentiator.

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Dnb Finans Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyDNB Finans Puts Car Lease Customersin the Driver’s Seat with Online BI from Actuate > Company profile“BIRT is extremely intuitive and easy to use, so adoption has exceeded all expectations.” Leading Nordic finance company, the subsidiary of a — Claus Wittrup Hansen, DNB Finans Top 25 European bank.DNB Bank Group in Norway is Scandinavia’s To this end, the Autolease division of DNB > Challengessecond largest bank, employs 13,430 people Finans wanted to deepen and broaden the • Expand on existing carand manages total assets worth 250 billion Business Intelligence it provided its clients, configurator application toEuros. and make this available to different types provide information useful to of users within customer organizations to various levels of businessIts subsidiary, DNB Finans, is one of the • Provide customers with up- address their individual needs.largest finance companies in the Nordic to-date statistics to help trackregion, with offices in all major Scandinavian DNB Finans already had an existing car car-related costscities as well as a number of regional centers. configurator application for its auto-leasing • Offer easy-to-use reportingIn the private sector, the organization has business, enabling existing and new clients to and analysis functionalitya dominant position in the car financing choose and configure a car and then obtain customizable to each user typemarket with more than 300,000 financed a personalized quote online. “Although thisvehicles in its portfolio. It also provides was a useful tool in its own right, it was used > solutioninformation technology financing, vehicle mainly by car-scheme administrators and ActuateOne, working infleet management and factoring to the accountants,” notes Claus Wittrup Hansen at conjunction with existing auto-public sector. DNB Finans. “We felt that we had information lease application that could add value at many more levels of aChallenge business, for example to executives who need high-level finance and cost reports.” > business benefits • Increased activity on the carTo maintain its edge in a competitive market, As a natural extension to its existing car-lease financing system by 31 percentDNB Finans is always looking for new ways to application, DNB Finans wanted to provide • Better visibility into costsadd value for its customers. With economic customers with up-to-date statistics to help for customerspressures across Europe, the most valued them keep track of all car-related costs – • Custom reporting capabilitiesservices it can offer are those that help including information about fuel use, garage for 30,000 leased car customersbusinesses control costs by providing greater costs, CO2 emissions, leasing costs, mileagevisibility on their spending. constraints, damage reports, status reports
  2. 2. Case Study: DNB Finansand fraud alerts. It also wanted to be able reports – generated as Excel output by BIRT –to establish appropriate, customized client that users can choose from.cost-center structures so that customers A further requirement was the provision ofwould be able to monitor activity and an ad-hoc reporting capability for analyticalresource consumption by business unit. purposes; ReportSoft has implementedGiven the sheer number and range of Actuate’s out-of-the-box solution, whichintended users, it was important to DNB allows DNB Finans clients to select particular “Our customers now haveFinans not only that the software would columns and rows and compile their own early visibility on issues such asbe easy to use without training – the reports.goal was to achieve a user experience excessive mileage or fuel-related The Actuate BI solution, which sits onakin to Facebook and other modern web fraud, and the ability to pinpoint top of DNB Finans’s existing auto-leaseapplications – but that the reporting and application, is now being heavily marketed the business units responsible.analysis interface could be easily modified to in all of Scandinavia to boost its car financingsuit each type of user. This enhances their ability to business and to promote the DNB brand as a whole. act, and is likely to increaseSolution their loyalty to us because weDNB Finans approached ReportSoft, Benefits provide them with this valuableActuate’s exclusive reseller partner in the business information. For us, As a result of the deployment, which wasNordic and Benelux region, seeking access shortlisted for a European Software Excellence this is a significant competitiveto the company’s expertise in powerful Award, DNB Finans has seen customerand flexible Business Intelligence (BI) and differentiator.” satisfaction levels soar. These have risen fromreporting software. 4.4 to 5.1 on a scale of 1 to 6 for ‘quality of — Claus Wittrup Hansen,Based on Actuate’s powerful BI and reporting reporting solution.’ Significantly, the new DNB Finansplatform, ActuateOne, and the open source Actuate system has also drawn an additionalBIRT development environment that 31 percent in user logins, markedly increasingunderpins it, ReportSoft has provided DNB activity on the car financing system.Finans with a unique BI reporting solution DNB Finans anticipates a return of investmentthat will be used ultimately by more than within 2.5 years, and notes that the business30,000 leased car customers. model provides for pay-on-use reports.The solution is highly intuitive to use, Thanks to the advanced Actuate reportingfeaturing colorful visual representations of capabilities, DNB Finans’s clients can nowthe data, including individual dashboards for monitor and control car-related costs at anall users and a number of logical controls for unprecedented level. “Our customers nowfraud detection and easy administration of have early visibility of issues such as excessivethe car fleets. mileage or fuel-related fraud, and the abilityThe solution includes discrete levels to pinpoint the business units responsible,”of security so that clients can see only Claus Wittrup Hansen explains. “This enhancesthe information they are authorized to their ability to act, and is likely to increase theirview. Users can choose which reporting loyalty to us because we provide them withcomponents appear on their individual this valuable business information. For us, thisdashboards. Actuate’s BIRT dashboard is a significant competitive differentiator.”technology allows users to drag report In the initial roll-out, the Actuate systemcomponents onto their personal dashboards. catered for custom reports for more thanThe solution contains some 10 reporting 10,000 users, generated in their choice ofcomponents and 10 detailed drill-down 2
  3. 3. formats – Excel spreadsheet, PDF and via Actuate: The BIRT Companythe Web, with comprehensive drill-down Actuate – The BIRT Company™ – founded thecapabilities, allowing individual users to BIRT open source project, which serves asdetermine the information they want to the foundation of ActuateOne®. ActuateOnesee and how it is presented. Management applications deliver the most insights to thereporting, custom reporting intervals and most people – ensuring organizations arescheduled reporting are all supported. “The superior power, flexibility ready for Big Data and touch devices.The next steps will be to integrate the and simplicity of ActuateOne ActuateOne empowers developers toreporting platform with other business deploy business analytics and customer brought unique value to the DNBapplications, to further enhance the value communications applications with one BIRTprovided to customers, and to deliver the Finans project. I don’t know any design to access any data, provide one usercontent via a customer reporting portal. other solution that could have experience for any user, supported by oneDNB Finans anticipates that the reporting platform for any cloud, on-premise or touch delivered the same results.”platform will soon be deployed to all 30,000 device deployment. — Henrik Vester Christensen,of its customers. “BIRT is extremely intuitiveand easy to use, so adoption has exceeded all Chairman, ReportSoftexpectations,” Claus Wittrup Hansen concludes.Commenting on the importance of Actuate’stechnology to the project, Henrik VesterChristensen, chairman of ReportSoft, says, “Thesuperior power, flexibility and simplicity ofActuateOne brought unique value to the DNBFinans project. I don’t know any other solutionthat could have delivered the same results.” Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 951 Mariners Blvd. Web: http://www.actuate.com San Mateo, CA 94404 3