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Case Study: Voltas views dramatic shift toward transparency, alignment and dynamic response


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Case Study: Voltas views dramatic shift toward transparency, alignment and dynamic response.

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Case Study: Voltas views dramatic shift toward transparency, alignment and dynamic response

  1. 1. Case Study Voltas views dramatic shift toward transparency, alignment and dynamic response  > industry Engineering Services“With Performancesoft Views in place, now we are able to communicate ‘what is important to theorganization’ across hierarchies and geographies seamlessly…cause-and–effect maps have become > company sizethe basis for all reviews and prioritization of strategic initiatives.” $400 million, 3800 Employees — Gopal Sharma, Senior Manager – Business Excellence > Challenge Voltas Limited, Dubai • Spreadsheets ineffective in tracking divisional perfor- mance The Challenge misalignment among various functions, resulting in ineffective strategy deployment • Non-financial measures were To deliver on its mission to provide high across the division. omitted due to data integrity quality, cost-effective project management issues, lack of aggregation The major hurdle was ensuring the integrity and engineering services to customers • Strategy unevenly deployed, of the performance data on non-financial throughout Asia, Voltas International’s leading to misalignment measures, hence an integrated system was Electrical and Mechanical Division (EMD) required to ensure the flow and aggregation adopted the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a > solution of data across all levels. Also the reporting tool for strategy deployment in 2004. The • Actuate Performancesoft Suite structure on various key performance BSC was designed for EMD in line with the • Integration, consulting indicators (KPIs) was not streamlined for strategic objectives and cascaded further services effective performance management in the to all units and business heads for effective • Customized smart client division. implementation. The measures were tracked on a quarterly basis using Excel spreadsheets. The situation prompted Voltas to seek > benefits automation of the balanced scorecard with • Transparency in tracking KPIs, Tracking BSC measures through spreadsheets integrated tracking and monitoring of the all in one place proved to be ineffective in tracking progress KPIs related to strategic objectives of the • Alignment of action plans to on divisional performance measures. company. division strategy Moreover, due to lack of integration, the • Dynamic performance man- performance management tracking through agement, timely reviews BSC was limited to financial measures only. The non-financial measures were not tracked due to lack of aggregation of data across levels and geographies. This led to
  2. 2. Case Study: VoltasSolution All the above challenges were addressed easily to match the company’s needs, thanks A team was formed to explore more robust to the versatility and customizable featuresperformance management tools. Voltas in Performancesoft Views.conducted its due diligence in finding an The initial rollout of the performanceappropriate solution, and in December 2007 management system started in March 2008,chose Actuate Performancesoft Views as its “As a business user, in just few with successful system deployment acrossBalanced Scorecard solution. days I was able to configure all locations by the end of August 2008. TheThe software was customized in-house to implementation involved user training on the complete performancethe division’s needs and implemented across the software and BSC measures. management system as per ourlevels and locations. The major challenges BSC structure without any ITovercome during implementation were: Benefits support”o Complexity of location structure and All business reviews are now being Dilip Sharma, Project Managermeasures structure: This sophistication conducted online in the system, both at – Business Excellence for Voltasand flexibility was a requirement to ensure the regional and corporate level. Managers Limitedthe integrity and correct aggregation of the can view the status of each project bydata, and needed to be incorporated into the just logging into the system, as well asoverall system. review and approve actions planned by the project lead without waiting for any formalo Aggregation of financial performance performance review from different countries in differentcurrencies: Led by the local support team This has led to a dramatic shift in the wayand Actuate partner EU Partners, a currency Voltas manages its performance, and hasconversion facility was created to overcome improved the transparency in tracking KPIs.this hurdle. Major benefits derived from theo Software access through smart client implementation are as follows:route at project sites: Weak Internetconnection problem was resolved byActuate Customer Support, installing theexecutable file of the client on the local PC.An Excel import and export tool is used fordata updates to the system. 2  Actuate Performancesoft Views at EMD, Voltas Limited showing the cascaded measures
  3. 3. Case Study: VoltasDesign Stage: Going forward, Voltas plans to roll out Performancesoft Views access to its o Measurement system evolution and refinement during system configuration subsidiaries and joint ventures for trackingo Clear, consensus KPI definitions and the Balanced Scorecard of allied companies descriptions on the same platform and use it as ao Minimal support required during comprehensive performance management configuration and implementation tool for international operations of theo User training and access with individual user company. ID and password, cementing ownership and accountability of the scorecard across About Voltas hierarchies in the division Voltas Electrical, Mechanical and HVACo Views’ ease of customization to business Solutions (International) - EMD needs enabled instantaneous execution of required changes in the system. Electrical, Mechanical & HVAC Solutions (International) - is part of Voltas’ Electro-Rollout and Implementation: Mechanical Projects & Services cluster.o Strategy Map and other Cause & Effect maps Established in 1978 as Voltas International highly illustrative in communicating the Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of relevance of various measures and their Voltas Limited) to handle international integration with strategic objectives. business interests, the business looks aftero Action Plans fully aligned to divisional core business activities in the Mechanical, strategy and can be monitored online. Electrical & Public Works (MEP) project areas,o Timely business reviews and dynamic specifically turnkey projects in: communication of performance. o Electro-mechanical works comprisingo All key performance indicators tracked and electrical building services, HVAC (heating, available in one place; business performance ventilation & air conditioning), plumbing, reports generated as and when required. public health, fire fighting, ELV & specialised systems. o Electrical power projects  3 Performancesoft Views at EMD, Voltas Limited showing the Balanced Scorecard Briefing Book
  4. 4. Case Study: VoltasVoltas has branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Global 9000 organizations use Actuate toDubai, Qatar, Singapore and Kingdom of roll out RIA-enabled customer loyalty and Saudi Arabia. Performance Management applications that improve customer satisfaction and employeeVoltas Limited, a TATA enterprise, productivity. The company has over 4,200offers engineering solutions for a wide customers globally in a diverse range ofspectrum of industries in areas such as business areas including financial servicesheating, ventilation and air conditioning, and the public sector, many of which haverefrigeration, electro-mechanical projects, a long history of deploying Actuate-basedtextile machinery, machine tools, mining and solutions for dozens, or even hundreds ofconstruction equipment, materials handling, their mission-critical applications. Foundedwater management, building management in 1993, Actuate has headquarters in Sansystems, indoor air quality and chemicals. Mateo, California, with offices worldwide.EMD is one of four independent business- Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under thespecific clusters within Voltas Ltd., each with symbol ACTU. For more information onits own facilities for market coverage and Actuate, visit the company’s web site atservice to customers. ActuateActuate Corporation is dedicated toincreasing the richness, interactivity,and effectiveness of enterprise data, foreveryone, everywhere. Actuate deliversthe next generation RIA-ready informationplatform for both customer and employee-facing applications. The Actuate platformboasts unmatched scalability, high-performance, reliability and security.Its proven RIA capabilities and highlycollaborative development architectureare backed by the world’s largest opensource information application developercommunity, grounded in BIRT, the EclipseFoundation’s only top-level BusinessIntelligence and reporting project. Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: Suite 500 4 San Mateo, CA 94404