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ProductRich Internet Applications Without Limits©                                              Brochure  Actuate Analytics...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionOverview                                                   Actuate Analytics enh...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionFeatures and Benefits                                     Actuate iServer Integr...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionSelf-Serve Analytics Without Prerequisite Training        mappings to categories...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Optionincludes the analytic features one would expect tofind in an OLAP tool, includin...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionActuate iServer Scales to Thousands of UsersProfiles, cubes, and reports are sto...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Optioninformation in the iServer. The Information Delivery      for that cube. These r...
Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Option Feature                           Actuate Analytics                       e.Ana...
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BIRT Analytics for Business Intelligence and Reporting


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Actuate BIRT Analytics summary of features, benefits, architecture, deployment options and system requirements.

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BIRT Analytics for Business Intelligence and Reporting

  1. 1. ProductRich Internet Applications Without Limits© Brochure Actuate Analytics Option Actuate Analytics extends the Actuate Enterprise Reporting Application Platform by providing web-based Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities to power users, business analysts and management. Actuate Analytics empowers these users to interactively explore information, to build insightful, multi-dimensional reports and to facilitate good decisions while giving IT control over access to the underlying data sources.
  2. 2. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionOverview Actuate Analytics enhances the Actuate Enterprise Reporting Application platform through its uniqueActuate Analytics extends the Actuate Enterprise ability to deliver personalized cubes and reports toReporting Application Platform by providing thousands of information consumers, arming themweb-based Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) with the power to make strong, competitive businesscapabilities to power users, business analysts and Actuate Analytics empowers these Actuate Analytics is packaged as a new option to theusers to interactively explore information, to build Actuate iServer, which includes cube manufacturing,insightful, multi-dimensional reports, and to facilitate scheduling, delivery, and manipulation using thegood decisions while giving IT control over access to included, Actuate Analytics Viewer. The Actuatethe underlying data sources. Analytics Designer, which creates the definition, orBusiness operations need not only to know what profile, of an Analytics cube, is available separately.happened, but also to understand why it happened,what factors might have contributed to the result andwhat decisions can be made to improve it. ActuateAnalytics allows users to find trends, compare timeperiods and find patterns in, as an example, salesperformance by product line. It can compare fundreturns by eligibility, graph store sales by product bydate, even show month-over-month growth in salesof green patio furniture in the southwestern region.Actuate Analytics enables better, quicker, moreeffective business decisions throughoutthe organization.Spanning the enterprise is Actuate Analytics’strength. Unlike traditional ivory tower OLAPproducts, Actuate Analytics introduces large usercommunities to multi-dimensional analysis andreporting through the use of personalized cubes.By personalizing both the cube and the viewinginterface, Actuate Analytics is able to present anOLAP experience that is tailored and scoped to theright level for each user, and thus is able to presentanalytic information to a larger user community. ITcontrols the user interface and data access rightswhile leveraging the renowned strengths of theActuate iServer—scale, security, and reliability. 2
  3. 3. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionFeatures and Benefits Actuate iServer Integration Scales To Thousands of UsersActuate Analytics extends the Actuate Enterprise Actuate Analytics introduces a new, scalableReporting Application Platform, empowering an approach to multi-dimensional data distribution.expanding audience of users with self-serve analytics. Traditional Multi-dimensional (MOLAP) solutionsIt delivers interactive, multi-dimensional analysis and create and host hyper-cubes on the server, allowingreporting over the internet, allowing power users and analysts access through a client or browser. Thisinformation consumers to get more insight and value allows small groups of users to access large volumesfrom their enterprise data. Key benefits are: of data, but it does not provide for large numbers of users to participate in the analysis. Actuate• Self-serve analytics delivering high adoption without Analytics combines the server-side cube construction prerequisite training of MOLAP with the personal productivity benefits• Actuate iServer integration scales to thousands of of Desktop OLAP (DOLAP) products. When an users over the internet Analytics user initiates a session, a copy of the data• Offline Mobility improves personal productivity and and the cube analyzer, the Analytics Cube Viewer, increases information utility are sent to the user’s browser, and all subsequent• Low total cost of ownership (TCO) processing occurs at the user’s PC. This architecture• Companion to Actuate e.Analysis frees the server to attend to thousands of users,Actuate Analytics is an integral member of while each user enjoys fast, consistent performanceActuate 7, providing seamless navigation from without the concern of client-server issues such ascube to spreadsheet to report and leveraging the concurrency, load and network latency that oftenpower, performance, scale and control provided slows productivity, forcing users to wait through eachby the Actuate iServer. Its purpose-built internet page refresh following every mouse click.architecture delivers numerous, and often uniquebenefits when included in Enterprise Reporting Offline Mobility Improves Personal ProductivityApplications hosted by the Actuate iServer and and Increases Information Utilityaccompanying solutions created with Actuate’s Actuate Analytics offers each user the uniquee.Report Designer Professional, e.Spreadsheet and ability to work offline with their own personalActuate Query family of products. cube. This translates into improved productivity for sales and marketing analysts, frequent travelersEnables Self-Serve Analytics Without and telecommuters. Working offline provides thePrerequisite Training freedom for users to browse the cube during non-Actuate Analytics delivers rich, robust OLAP business hours—even on airline flights—time thatcapabilities–slice and dice, filter, sort, hide, can improve the familiarity with the information andcalculations, drill to details and more. Analytics the quality of the distinguished by an intuitive approach to dataanalysis that requires no costly end-user training and Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)ensures a high adoption rate. IT controls the depth Actuate Analytics provides an unmatched low totalby which a user can interact with the data by setting cost of ownership with no training requirement,which features are exposed by the Analytics Cube minimal hardware infrastructure, high user scalabilityViewer. End-users can work in varied presentation and low maintenance and administration.formats, online or offline and export to Excel, PDF,or other desktop products for continued analysisor data redistribution. 3
  4. 4. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionSelf-Serve Analytics Without Prerequisite Training mappings to categories, and measures to beActuate Analytics delivers the functionality to explore created in the cube. The Cube Designer includesand analyze large volumes of data by any analyst, an easy to use query editor to retrieve informationbut equally as important, it propagates the insights from relational data sources. The editor includesderived from this analysis to thousands of users drag and drop table and column manipulation,across the internet, all at the same time. parameterization, direct SQL access, and data preview capabilities.• How Actuate Analytics Works• Actuate Analytics Cube Designer IT then defines the hierarchical structure of the• Actuate Analytics Cube Viewer categories, adds transformations, calculated• Advanced Analysis measures and measure summaries and establishes the formats for values, colors, and the presentationHow Actuate Analytics Works of the cube. The Analytics Designer can also build aIn order to deliver large amounts of data to large cube directly, allowing designers to rapidly prototypenumbers of users, Actuate Analytics first pre- and test their solutions, reducing development timepackages the source data into highly compressed and costs.multi-dimensional data files called cubes. Thesecubes capture the data in hierarchical categories,keeping track of the parent-child relationships andhow measures or values roll up at each parent orsummary level. Cubes are defined using the AnalyticsCube Designer and published and generated by theActuate iServer. Cube compression ensures that thedata can be analyzed and reports can be viewed ateach users PC, freeing up server resources to addressrequests from thousands more users.End-users access cubes through Actuate’s ActivePortal or from within their enterprise reportingapplication. Once selected, the cube, its reportsand Actuate Analytics Cube Viewer are sent to thebrowser where the user explores and analyzes thedata, using rich OLAP functionality to discover keyinsights to support their business decisions. As thatuser explores, they create snapshot reports that canbe saved both locally and back to the iServer. Thesecube reports can then be shared with everydayinformation consumers allowing them to benefitquickly from the analysis. Actuate Analytics Cube ViewerActuate Analytics Cube Designer The Actuate Analytics Viewer combines commonThe Actuate Analytics Designer is a Java application data analysis features with a dynamic interface soused by IT to create the definition of a cube, called that users with a wide range of analytic experiencea profile. A cube profile contains the source data can easily navigate and explore their data. Thelocation, query and structure definitions and Analytics Viewer then lets users create, save and share cube reports with other users. The Analytics Viewer 4
  5. 5. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Optionincludes the analytic features one would expect tofind in an OLAP tool, including the following:• Expand and collapse to go up and down the hierarchy of categories• Expand to level to go directly to known data• Stacked categories (4 deep on each axis)• Drag and swap (pivot) rows and columns• Display measure as a value, or % of row, column, or grand total• Sorting, including Top n and Worst n• Filters (including pattern filters)• Hiding• Table, chart, and graph data visualizations• Calculations / functions• Drill to detail source records• Link to other cubes, reports, and web applications• Integrates with Microsoft Excel and Word, Adobe Acrobat• Undo / Redo (last 10)Advanced Analysis levels. This allows the user to compare results for Canada (country) at the same time as CaliforniaAdditionally, the Actuate Analytics Viewer offers (state) and Chicago (city).numerous features that go beyond standard OLAPand that greatly contribute to its fast adoption by Category and subcategory filtering—Display onlyusers without any prerequisite training. the selected subcategories, even crossing category levels, to expose only the data that matters.Save reports—Reports, or perspectives of the cube,can be saved by the analyst and by each individual Exception highlighting—Show high and lowuser. These reports can be revisited in subsequent performance results (top ten). Apply business rulescube sessions, or later, with new cube data. to focus attention on particular categories and measures and quickly identify trends or issues.Presentation choice—Report data can be displayedin the format best suited to the analytic need or Relative time periods—Create reports such asto user’s preference. The Analysis view offers rich Fiscal Year to Date and subset data using relativeanalytical capabilities, while the Presentation view is time periods. Define the selection once (e.g. currenta format designed for familiar high-impact displays month) and apply it, independent of changes in theand re-distribution. report.Experience levels—Pre-defined or customizable Email integration—Send the current report to othersexperience levels tailor the interface to the user’s as an email attachment—Excel, Word, Adobe PDF, orskills, or the application need. The default levels are flat file.Standard, Novice and Advanced. Work offline—Save a copy of the cube and viewerCategory display—Users can choose hierarchical locally, and continue the analysis completelyor columnar display to enhance readability, and can disconnected from the network.simultaneously show categories open at different 5
  6. 6. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics OptionActuate iServer Scales to Thousands of UsersProfiles, cubes, and reports are stored as objects inthe Actuate iServer Encyclopedia and the capabilityto manage these objects is provided through theiServer Management Console. As a result, ActuateAnalytics leverages all common services available inthe iServer—scalability, security, scheduling, web-services integration, notification, delivery, versioning,logging, and maintenance.The Cube Factory—The Actuate Analytics Optionadds the cube generation engine, called theAnalytics Cube Factory to the iServer. This factoryis a multi-threaded, scalable engine that generateshighly compressed cubes from the definition inthe cube profile. Cube profiles are published to theActuate iServer through the Analytics Designer orthe Management Console. Using the scheduling business hours—even on airline flights—time thatcapabilities common to all Actuate products within can improve the familiarity with the information andiServer, cube generation can be scheduled to occur the quality of the any time. The resulting cube output will be stored Advanced integration—Advanced Actuate Analyticsin the encyclopedia where it can be accessed and installations can combine all of the specializationshared with other users. techniques mentioned above to deliver a trulyPersistent and transient cubes—Cubes can be dynamic Enterprise Reporting Application.scheduled or be generated on demand. When in Enterprise Reporting Application users can requestActive Portal or a custom application, a user simply specific dimensions and measures from within a webclicks on a URL that references a cube profile, and application and submit a request for analysis. In thethe cube is generated on-demand. This cube can background, a dynamic cube profile is created thatbe transient (temporary) or persistent (cached) and invokes a parameterized SQL query which passes thestored in the encyclopedia. user’s data access privileges as a parameter. Then, the on-demand cube is generated, while aCube parameterization (SQL)—When defining a branded, novice-level Analytics Viewer is deliveredcube profile, IT can parameterize the SQL query to the user along with the new cube. Included inthat returns the cube’s data. This is accomplished the Viewer is a default Cube Report that displaysby defining an external query file that is referenced a table that includes the dimensions and the firstinside the cube profile. So during a cube creation measure in the request. This custom scenario can beprocess, for example, specifying “South” as a repeated thousands of times per day, depending onparameter value would restrict data to that region. the application.Offline Mobility Improves Personal Productivity Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)and Increases Information Utility The ability to tailor and integrate the end-userActuate Analytics offers each user the unique experience makes Actuate Analytics a veryability to work offline with their own personal compelling addition to the Actuate product family.cube. This translates into improved productivityfor sales and marketing analysts, frequent travelers, Embedded Analysis—Actuate Analytics offersand telecommuters. Working offline provides the seamless integration with Enterprise Reportingfreedom for users to browse the cube during non- Applications simply by including URLs that refer to 6
  7. 7. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Optioninformation in the iServer. The Information Delivery for that cube. These reports are also published to theAPI, a SOAP-based, web services interface can iServer, are refreshed as the cube data is refreshed,schedule cube builds, retrieve cube reports, and are available for consumption by thousands of users.and manage cube access rights—anywhere URLs The root difference in the two products is theare supported including web pages, applications sourcing of the data, the control over the cubeand reports. definition, extensibility, and the ability to save andPrivate branding—The Analytics Viewer supports share reports from that cube. The table aboveprivate-branding to meet an organization’s specific compares the two products.corporate and distribution requirements, or tointegrate seamlessly into existing applications.Microsoft Analysis Services—The Actuate AnalyticsViewer connects over the network to cubes definedwith Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services. Accessis provided using Microsoft’s OLE DB for OLAP(ODBO) standard, and is governed by a profile specificto Analysis Services. Organizations can use thiscapability to create very large cubes that summarizelarge volumes of information, across manydimensions and measures. This feature is limited tothe Microsoft Windows platform.Companion To e.AnalysisActuate Analytics provides a powerful complementto Actuate’s e.Analysis, delivering a common interfaceto users of each product as they explore and analyzetheir data.e.Analysis provides a powerful interactivevisualization capability for Actuate e.Reports andActuate Query results. After reviewing the results ina standard report, users can invoke the e.Report’sSmart Search feature to initiate an e.Analysis session,selecting the columns of data to be analyzed directlyfrom the report. e.Analysis automatically constructsa cube based on the selected data and delivers theviewer and the new cube back to the user. e.Analysisis an ideal complement to Actuate Analytics ase.Analysis can facilitate ad hoc exploration to helpusers define new cubes and new cube reports to beformally developed and delivered by Analytics.Actuate Analytics is more formal in its purposethan e.Analysis. Typically, IT or a power user willdesign what might be a complex, multi-dimensionalsummary of large amounts of data, and thenschedule the Analytics cube creation. This cube willthen mature as users define, share, and refine reports 7
  8. 8. Product Brochure: Actuate Analytics Option Feature Actuate Analytics e.Analysis Data source RDBMS, XML, applications, flat files, e.Report Data, Actuate Query MS Analysis Services Results Cube definition Cube Designer provides granular Automatic control over Cube Profile Extensive OLAP Analysis Yes Yes Report definition Cube Viewer builds and saves reports Export view to MS Office Work offline Yes Yes Save reports Yes No Schedule Cube Yes No Customize Viewer Formats, branding, colors, experience Colors, branding, formats levels Integration Embed in Enterprise Reporting Embed in Enterprise Reporting Applications, drill to detail Applications navigation, Web-services scheduling, parameterized SQL, adaptive cubesSystem RequirementsSystem requirements vary with options chosen. For asystem analysis based on your specific needs, pleasecontact an Actuate expert at 1-800-914-2259 (US &Canada) or contact us by email. You can also contactone of our offices worldwide.For More Information To get more information about interactive Webreporting, please contact an Actuate expert at 1-800-914-2259 (US & Canada) or contact us by email. Youcan also contact one of our offices worldwide. Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: Suite 500 8 San Mateo, CA 94404