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Eval final 6


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Eval final 6

  1. 1. 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Preliminary task • Our preliminary task we used celtx to write a quick script and then we filmed a conversation. • Filming our preliminary task meant we knew how to use the cameras for when it came to filming our main task. • We learnt how to fix any problems with filming and we knew the best angles to use for the most accuracy for our shots.
  3. 3. websites • At the start of our main task we used mainly Google. • We researched in to popular films and why they are popular. • When we decided on our genre (thriller) we then researched in to similar films and looked at why they worked. • We then used Google Blogger to document all the information we gathered.
  4. 4. Celtx • When writing the preliminary task we found I (Brittony) was the person who could use Celtx the fastest. We decided collectively that I would write the script, this meant it wouldn’t take long to write and we could have longer to film. • I found Celtx fairly easy use and it make the script writing easy, because it does all the arranging of line for you. • The script took no time to write at all.
  5. 5. Microsoft Word • We used Microsoft word a lot, this is because it meant we could arrange certain things. • For example the shot list was done in Word because a grid could be made and filled in easily. • We could list information, and write up anything easily.
  6. 6. Camera • The camera was easier to use in our final task than it was for a preliminary task, this is because our preliminary meant we learnt how to use the camera and be able to fix any problems. • Because we knew how to use the camera we got the filming of the film done quickly.
  7. 7. Final cut • For editing we used final cut. • The editing didn’t take too long to finish, all three of us sat down and spoke about how we wanted the scenes to look and we worked together to make them look as professionaly done. Final cut allowed us to put the opening title sequance onto our film. The range of options meant we could get the best look posilbe.
  8. 8. YouTube • We finally used YouTube to upload our movie onto. • This allowed us to gain feedback on our film. Most of which was positive. YouTube allowed us to get our movie out there and online easily.