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Our earth the green planet


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Planet Earth for grade 3

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Our earth the green planet

  2. 2. The earth is like a huge ball Flat at the top and bottom Flattened end at north and south are North Pole and South Pole. Has a bulge at the centre Shape up….
  3. 3. The atmosphere of earth is suitable for us to live There are different layers of it and contains oxygen, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide and other gases. As we go higher oxygen becomes less. Hence we carry oxygen while we climb the mountains.
  4. 4. Surface of the earth is made up of land and water Three part is water and one part is land.
  5. 5. Earth giving in abundance… We waste, misuse, we ruin our home… We love, use wisely, we preserve….
  6. 6. Click on me to view homework… 