Presentation role play demo


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On the role playing demo in second life tonight.

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Presentation role play demo

  1. 1. Supervision Internship [401591]Week Two – Introduction to Role PlayingMarcus Birkenkrahe [Birkenkrahe Aya]Bruce Spear [Beave Burkhardt]Johannes Radig [Johannes Edelmann]
  2. 2. What Is A Role Play Characters act out a predefined situation There is no script but there is a description (which you will have to write & present to us first) The role play itself will take place in Second Life The play will be followed by impromptu analysis and discussion HWR Berlin Supervision Internship LV 401591 / 2
  3. 3. Why do we do role plays? Its fun (or rather: it can be fun, might also be emotionally painful) Opportunity for the you to see your own situation from the outside Opportunity for others to experience your problem setting „from the inside“, as it were Opportunity for a richer discussion about professional issues — you automatically go „deeper“ HWR Berlin Supervision Internship LV 401591 / 3
  4. 4. What will you have to do? Present a problem description (situation) to us (no more than one paragraph identifying issues and main actors) Be present for the role play and the post-mortem Briefly document the initial situation (your description), what you saw (during the role play) and what you got out of it (if anything). If you didnt get anything out of it thatll be very worth reflecting and documenting, too! HWR Berlin Supervision Internship LV 401591 / 4
  5. 5. Demo roadmap Client (Johannes = dummy client) presents the situation verbally and in writing Players (principal actors in the situation) are (self-) chosen Interaction (short play of max. 5 min.) Feedback from the actors Feedback from the audience Feedback from the client Sometimes: perform 2nd role play HWR Berlin Supervision Internship LV 401591 / 5
  6. 6. Questions: Opinionator1. „I think role-playing might really support me in my internship.“2. „Im considering a role play instead of the presentation.“3. „Im considering a role play in addition to a presentation.“ HWR Berlin Supervision Internship LV 401591 / 6