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Chapter Report to Nationals 2010

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psu:ama Chapter Report 2010

  1. 1. Chapter Report
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY ………………………………………………………………………………………………………3 LETTER FROM BOARD………………………………………………………………………………………..4 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT…………………………………………………………………………...5 COMMUNITY SERVICE ………………………………………………………………………………………..8 FUNDRAISING ………………………………………………………………………………………………….9 MEMBERSHIP ………………………………………………………………………………………………....10 COMMUNICATIONS ………………………………………………………………………………………......11 CHAPTER OPERATIONS …………………………………………………………………………………….13 FINANCIAL STATEMENT/BUDGET…………………………………………………………………………15 CHAPTER ACTIVITIES ……………………………………………………………………………………….16 FINAL STATEMENT …………………………………………………………………………………………..18
  3. 3. SUMMARY psu:ama has experienced numerous successes and highlights during the 2009/2010 academic year, but not without encountering a few bumps along the way. We feel that our ability to achieve success and overcome obstacles along the way is attributed to our vibrant and fun chapter personality. Constant enthusiasm, unity, RATING SCALE: The following scale has been implemented to professionalism, and pride among 51 members evaluate activities and events based upon the following scale: has powered our chapter into becoming a well 1 = Needs Improvement/Ineffective recognized student group not only within the university, but within the community. 2 = Poor/Somewhat Effective 3 = Average/Neutral This chapter report documents 4 = Good/Somewhat Effective psu:ama’s ability to bring passion, style, 5 = Excellent/effective and urbanity to each activity. Expected: ___ = The event has not been held but the predicted level of success has been noted. Keep an eye out in each section for implementation of the scale! 3
  4. 4. FROM THE BOARD This year Portland State University (PSU) underwent harsh budget cuts and as a result, the School of Business (SBA) was negatively impacted. Resume/interview workshops, internship counselors, and various professional development programs that the school once offered no longer existed. It became psu:ama’s position to step up and provide these services to members. As President and Executive Vice President of psu:ama we committed ourselves to growing our chapter into a strong professional outlet for Portland State University students. Our board’s main focus was stepping in and helping students in areas that the university couldn’t. We strived to empower members and business students by offering workshops, professional speaker events, and networking events that would help enhance their future careers. By including members in the operations of psu:ama we were able to deliver real value that can be carried into the future with examples of real world experiences. The key to our success is not that we asked questions to our members, but how we listened to their responses and were able to react. This simple, but important step allowed the psu:ama board to bridge the gap between ourselves and our members while inviting students to be part of our incredible growth. Due to the inclusion of members, we were able to host the largest events in the School of Business. Although we experienced a decrease in organizational funding and business resources, psu:ama provided benefits and opportunities to members we wouldn’t have otherwise. Our financial situation allowed us to think critically, and inspired us to be transparent when it came to expenses and budgeting. Our vision is that the psu:ama brand will become a well known icon within each community we are associated with; business, collegiate, non-profit, and nationally. It was an honor and a privilege to serve the members of psu:ama this year. We want to thank our board and membership base for their strong commitment to excellence. But, the year isn’t over yet! We have 11 more weeks to in which “the future looks good” at psu:ama. Cheers! Robyn Birkedal, President & Jennica Waltman, Executive Vice President 4
  5. 5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY: Our goal was to improve professional development and provide many of the services and opportunities that our business program once provided with a marketing flair. To take on this big challenge we have improved events as well as added some new elements to the mix as described below. PANEL EVENTS WORKSHOPS GOAL: To successfully host 3 panel events with local GOAL: Host 2 workshops with 15 attendees each to strengthen professionals that attract over 30 members. member’s career development. RESULTS: 4 RESULTS: 5 Although we have only accomplished 2/3 panel events expected, we achieved high Reaching our goal by listening to our members to provide more opportunities to quality results through preparedness and after class event timing. improve their skills we hosted 2 workshops and plan for 1 more. • Day in the life of a Marketer: This event featured 3 marketing professional from • Social Media 101: This fall workshop informed our members about new social different fields of marketing. Our members were incredibly enthused by this media trends and attracted over 25 members and non members. Members had events and we got great feedback. Although we did not meet our goal of positive feedback and told us they wanted similar events. 30 members, we did attract 21 attendees and obtained 1 new membership. • Resume Workshop: We hosted a resume workshop in Winter that attracted a mix • Networking 101: This event is set to take place next term and we have arranged of 20 members and non-members. This interactive event walked the audience for a local networking guru to and AMA PDX board member to facilitate this through how to improve their resume during the important period that seniors begin educational event before our highly anticipated Agency Awareness Day in May. looking for jobs. We obtained 3 new members. •Agency Awareness: This event will be held in Spring 2010 and is set to attract 70 • What Now?: Is a workshop set to be held in Spring term. This workshop will be attendees. It will be an opportunity for psu:ama members to network with local hosted by a member of the SBA Faculty that will describe what job titles and professionals off campus and gain exposure to the strong creative community and positions are available for marketing/advertising seniors. Ensuring that the event opportunities with this urban city as their academic careers come to a close and takes place early in the term and member only benefits will contribute towards their professional careers begin. success. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 5
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: PSU:AMA TO PROFESSIONAL GOAL: Connect psu:ama with AMA PDX members in a one-on-one GOAL: Invite professional guest speakers to each general meeting in relationship that will enable students to gain a broader understanding order to strengthen the relationship between psu:ama and AMA PDX. of marketing and build connections as they enter the professional RESULTS: 3 industry. We were able to bring AMA PDX’s President to our first general meeting and RESULTS: 2 have since included a professional member at each workshop, panel event, and After some research, we found that a mentorship program was not possible as special events as speakers and guests. the SBA already provides this mentor service. Instead, we focused our efforts on connecting 11 students to AMA PDX’s community outreach program and providing over 25 volunteers at industry events such as the Rosey Awards and Max Awards. Next year, we hope to become more involved at industry events in attempt to connect members to potential mentors outside of the classroom and SBA. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 6
  7. 7. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALTY EVENTS psu:ama is known for our ability to pull of just about anything that a student run marketing group shouldn’t. See how we stand out and provide our embers real world experience in unexpected ways. NSAC PRESENTATION 3RD ANNUAL CANNES FILM FESTIVAL GOAL: Strengthen members’ professional development and industry GOAL: Host a presentation of the year’s best advertisements exposure by inviting members to view the presentation of the compiled from the 2009 Cannes Film Festival to over 200 attendees. advertising campaign created by the Portland State NSAC team. RESULTS: 5 RESULTS: Expected: 5 Our 3 rd annual event was a record breaker and set the bar for future years. This event will be hosted May 19th and we’ve selected a room to accommodate Attracting the maximum capacity for the room with members, students, and over 120 students as our attendance has grown enormously over the past 3 marketing industry professionals we presented an evening of food, wine, special years for this event. psu:ama hosts this event to showcase the efforts of the guests who attended Cannes from W+K. In addition, we brought attention to a NSAC team to the community at large and boast the SBA’s commitment to local non-profit P:ear outlined in the Community Service section. excellence. We are confident that we will be able to successfully host this event and recruit 2 new members. 2ND ANNUAL SUSTAINABLE FASHION SHOW GOAL: Host 2nd annual sustainable fashion show on campus that will unite PSU and Portland businesses to educate the community about the harmful effects of fabric production and manufacturing in the fashion industry through the medium of sustainable fashion. RESULTS: Expected: 5 The university ballroom has been reserved for May 26th in anticipation of 300 attendees composed of members, students, community members and media representatives. Last year, the event drew in over 200 attendees and showcased 11 local sustainable designers. Our committee of 12 members has been working tirelessly since fall term to ensure this event is representative of our chapter’s professionalism and high quality events. We are currently soliciting for $2000 in sponsors and have secured 4 designers that are creating garments which represent the 4 regions of Portland. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 4
  8. 8. COMMUNITY SERVICE SUMMARY: Our goal was to involve our chapter in more community based activities that helped us to achieve PSU’s motto of “Let Knowledge Serve the City”. A focus was placed on involving psu:ama with service learning. BUSINESS OUTREACH PROGRAM GOAL: Ally with the PSU SBA Outreach Program to HANDS ON GREATER PORTLAND assist small business owners. GOAL: Commit to 40 hours of community service per RESULT: 1 term outside of psu:ama functions with Hands on Great After working with AMA PDX’s Community Outreach program we Portland. decided not to pursue efforts in the SBA Outreach program as the RESULT: 1 programs closely paralleled each other and the SBA program was psu:ama did not achieve our goal of working with this non-profit not accessible to all students. This problem can be avoided next due to a lack of initiative. We found that we were able to reach our year by fully understanding each program before committing time goal of 40 cumulative hours per term though individual efforts. and energy to it. Learning from this experience, it is important to consider our desire to work with certain non-profits before committing for next time. PARTNER WITH NON-PROFITS GOAL: Partner with one local non-profit for each large event. COMMUNITY OUREACH PROGRAM RESULT: 4 GOAL: Piggyback with AMA PDX’s Community Outreach •Cannes Partner-- P:EAR. --This partnership helped to give program to serve local business by developing marketing awareness to homeless and transitional youth in the Portland assistance in a volunteer team of professionals. community. Joy, a P:EAR representative shared stories and RESULT: 4 experiences and encouraged students to get involved by The program began in January and included 11 members that volunteering. At the end of the event, we donated extra food to the represented psu:ama. This goal was achieved in that we were able non-profit. to increase our partnership with AMA PDX, volunteer with the •Fashion Show– Dress for Success– This planned partnership will community, and increase our members network and experience. highlight a local effort that collects used business clothing for Success of this program can be attributed to the quality of disadvantaged women in Portland. We think this non-profit is a communications and extension of the application deadline. perfect compliment to the sustainable fashion show theme. COMMUNITY SERVICE 8
  9. 9. FUNDRAISING SUMMARY: Our fundraising focus was initially placed on three events but has changed direction and focus since the fall term to rely upon the success of Cannes and the spring Fashion Show. Even though we only have 2 main fundraising efforts, we expect big results. 3RD ANNUAL CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2nd ANNUAL“PASSION FOR FASHION: ECOUTURE” FINANCIAL GOAL: $400 SUSTAINABLE FASHION SHOW RESULT: 5 FINANCIAL GOAL: $600 This event featured award winning advertisements from the prestigious RESULT: Expected: 5 Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately we were unable to create an ad- This is our main fundraising event of the year and will showcase design competition with the Graphic Design Program and showcase the sustainable clothes designed by local designers. Along with sustainable Rosey Award winning advertisements due to licensing conflicts. Instead fashion we will showcase local entertainment, and sustainable Portland to overcome this disappointment, we partnered with local non profit businesses that are decreasing their carbon footprint. Profit will be P:ear, and lowered costs by choosing discounted food and increasing generated through ticket sales, donations, booth spaces, and promotions for the event. This event was a hit with over 200 people sponsorships. We are expecting attendance to increase by 50% from attended including students, faculty, and professionals. We increased 200 attendees to 300, and are expecting to increase revenue from $400 attendance by 30% from the pervious year from 150 attendees to 200, from the previous year to $600. and total revenue earned exceeded our goal by $20 totaling $420. Note: We decided to not pursue the Kickball Tournament as it conflicted with too many university policies and guidelines. FUNDRAISING 9
  10. 10. MEMBERSHIP SUMMARY: This year we committed to making membership growth one of the focal points of our organization, enabling the chapter to not only succeed, but to flourish. Our goal this year was to manufacture value for our members through professional development, social networking and specific skill building workshops. INCREASE MEMBERSHIP GOAL: Increase psu:ama’s current membership by 45.8%– 48 members to 70 BUILD LOYALTY members before June 2010. GOAL: Build loyalty towards AMA (collegiate and professional) RESULT: 3 RESULT: 4 At 51 members, our membership base has remained stable . Although we are not As a marketing association, we have to be on our toes about our brand on track to achieve our goal of 70 members by June 2010 can be traced to high awareness and efforts. To increase loyalty and create brand champions out of graduation rates each term, lack of communications to underclassmen, and kinks our members, we have created and ordered several promotional items including in the application process. In addition, psu:ama has one of the highest T-Shirts, water bottles, and coffee mugs that can be used by members daily. membership fees on campus requiring $45 to Nationals and $10 to the local chapter is a lot to ask of a college student. SOMETHING EXTRA After fall term, psu:ama noticed a problem with it’s existing application system for INCREASE INTEREST & AWARENESS members. It was unclear, difficult, and lacked a streamlined process. In addition, GOAL: Strengthen the interest of underclassmen and capture upperclassmen. members weren’t notified of membership status’s or officially welcomed into the RESULT: 4 organization. We took this as a challenge rather than a weakness and have since Class announcements, flyers, emails, word of mouth, and website updates improved the process in the following manners: create the base of our recruitment efforts. Our attendance of 2 campus “student •Clarified duties and expectations of VP Membership weeks” known as Party in the Park exposes psu:ama to 1000’s of students and •Created “master excel” sheet featuring status and contact information participation in orientation. Evidence of our improved presence is seen through for each member ensuring that no applications slip through the cracks. consulting requests by student government and other student groups. (Pending, In Roster, Graduated, and Renew). •This spreadsheet has been posted “live” on Google groups creating PROMOTE ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP transparency and making everyone involved in the membership process GOAL: Promote active membership roles of current psu:ama members •Increase local dues from $7 to $10 gives us standard # to work instead RESULT: 5 of the odd $49 and an additional financial boost to increase the quality 5 committees took place that involved members in the planning and development and professionalism of our events. process for our large scale events that promote involvement and leadership •Welcome Letters development. MEMBERSHIP 10
  11. 11. COMMUNICATIONS SUMMARY: Our goal was to continue strong communication in order to •Social Media: Our presence on Facebook and Twitter is strong and involved with increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization. This year, we the online community. Promoting events, activities, and sharing success with the developed some new methods along with improving existing practices. use of our Facebook Group & Fan page makes being a member more personal. Our Twitter is used to promote events and solicit for partners and vendors at EXECUTIVE BOARD COMMUNICATION events. GOAL: Maintain an effective system of communication between board •In-class announcements: This medium of communication has room for members. improvement. More effort could be made to reach the 200 level courses and gain RESULT: 5 awareness to students early in their academic career. We’re loosing out by not To date, weekly executive board meetings have been held. Each meeting was run making effort in this form of personal communication. by an agenda outlining the topics to be addressed and minutes are recorded for •Control and evaluation: After each event, we have collected evaluation forms that legacy purposes. These meetings have proven effective so far and will continue to tell us a mix of qualitative and quantitative information. We record this information be utilized for the remainder of the year. and use it to plan our future events and log it for future leaders. •Chapter website ( We are proud to announce the release of EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS our new webpage! Featuring updates, information, an application and links to our online presence this website is the “hub” for all things psu:ama. GOAL: Utilize a variety of media outlets to notify students about current psu:ama news and events (promotion plan). RESULT: Expected: 5 •Posters: A template has been used to create consistency of psu:ama events and is evidenced below. Small quarter sheets are also created to be passed out in classroom announcements. •Listserv: Our email list reaches over 100 people that are notified about our upcoming events a week and day before events. •School of Business Administration (SBA) Email server: Reminders of general programs and events are sent each Friday to over 2,000 business students. We have not fully utilized this medium as it became less of a priority and importance. We hope to improve on reaching more students through this email list next term. COMMUNICATIONS 11
  12. 12. COMMUNICATIONS EXCLUSIVE PSU:AMA MEMBER COMMUNICATION EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS GOAL: Give current members opportunities for involvement GOAL: Build relationships with stakeholders outside of psu:ama RESULT: 4 including other student groups and AMA PDX. •All member meetings: All Member Meetings for Fall and Winter have taken RESULT: 4 place, with the final one of the year yet to happen in Spring. These meetings •AMA PDX Board Meetings: Our Professional Chapter Liaison and President have strengthened members’ exposure to events and given them a chance to have attended monthly AMA PDX board meetings to foster our presence at AMA become more involved. These meetings give all psu:ama members an PDX board meetings where we give updated reports and seek opportunity to meet with their committees, voice their comments, concerns, recommendations. needs, and discuss upcoming events and get to know each other. •Student organizations: During Fall term, psu:ama put on a joint event with 3 •Committees: This year our members have had the chance to be actively other business groups that was considered a huge success. We plan to involved with AMA by the creation and use of 5 subcommittees. psu:ama continue to partner with other student organizations for social events throughout members have been able to lead active roles in the group and participate in the the year to increase interaction between PSU’s business students. planning an execution of events. This process has proven to be especially •Professional Connection: psu:ama has delivered extra value to our members beneficial for our Cannes event and during the planning of the upcoming fashion as well as increase awareness of psu:ama by building relationships with industry show. professionals in the community. Our chapter has also promoted networking luncheons and professional development workshops held by AMA Oregon. COMMUNICATIONS 12
  13. 13. CHAPTER OPERATIONS SUMMARY: psu:ama’s chapter operations are an integral component to the success of the organization and is measured by our ability to reach our target audience and facilitate improvement and positive TRANSPARENCY change. As much as we concern ourselves current activities, we also GOAL: Develop better transparency within the psu:ama board feel an obligation to future psu:ama board members and student RESULT: 3 members. The goals which we set forth at the beginning of the year Busy schedules, school commitments, and organizational demands make for a were took into consideration the long term health of the organization. chaotic communication environment within the executive board. Meeting for an hour each week was a way that we could easily share, brainstorm, reflect, and EMPOWER MEMBERS work as a team. To ensure transparency of activities and expectations, an GOAL: As a board we will strive to make sure all AMA members are agenda was always provided along with minutes. Could be improved through empowered by providing the chance to network, engage, and posting minutes and updates on the website and has been outlined in the prior participate in our events; in-part through the use of committees. communications section. RESULT: 3 This year we successfully empowered our members in new ways which allowed them reach out beyond our organization and represent themselves in the INTERNAL ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Portland community. Through the formation of 5 committees, we involved and GOAL: Strengthen internal organizational structure. included members in each activity and planning session. In addition, we hosted RESULT: 4 several events that focused on empowering members to take action in their This year, psu:ama improved the internal organizational structure through a professional lives such as a resume workshop and volunteering at industry variety of methods. events. •An event book was created that held all important documents for each event or activity describing attendance, budget, and comments by the event preparer. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS This organizational book creates a legacy and history that psu:ama has GOAL: This year we will focus on building and strengthening neglected to record in years past. • In addition, the use of mobile media allowed us to communicate easily and relationships with industry members in the community. Our first goal effectively with text messaging, email, and Twitter. is to partner with the Portland Advertising Federation (PAF). •We strengthened our organization structure with a new faculty advisor and RESULT: 5 SALP advisor to assist in our navigation of school policies and processes. psu:ama capitalized on Portland’s creative scene by becoming involved with the • Finally, psu:ama improved the membership process which resulted in improved Portland Advertising Federation and strengthening our relationship with the AMA organizational clarity and process. PDX professional chapter. As Oregon’s urban University, psu:ama has been the go when the industry seeks volunteers or planning assistance. Bringing over 20 volunteers to the Portland Advertising Federations Rosey Awards showcased psu:ama’s level of professionalism and energy creating a strong relationship for future events. In addition we’ve strengthened our relationship with AMA PDX by CHAPTER OPERATIONS 13 attending each professional meeting and luncheon.
  14. 14. CHAPTER OPERATIONS ELECTIONS OPERATIONS SUMMARY: Over the past year, psu:ama has noticeably GOAL: Hold elections for 2010-2011 executive board during strengthened its chapter operations and adjusted to new processes and procedures required by AMA Nationals, as well as SALP. Our management spring term strategies have evolved to become more effective in all functions of planning, RESULT: Expected: 5 coordinating, and transitioning. A successful transition of leadership within the executive board is an important step for any chapter. Although we do not intend to transition until halfway through Spring Term (May) we have identified the following processes to ensure a smooth and effective transition: •Detailed Job Descriptions of the board positions will serve to describe and Events not detailed in depth but within our operations detail the position expectations and duties. This will provide clarity to the candidates and avoid poor placement. include our social events held once per term (Laser •I-Drive: to ensure access to documents and files in future years, the Tag, Bowling Night, Etc). These help to unite the network drive provided complimentary by the university will serve as a central chapter and conduct an activity without professional access point to hold all important documents for the executive board to reach. stress. In addition, our chapter is involved in the •Early Core Leadership Selection: Identifying the core leaders for the future following competitive events: executive board assists to create a smooth transition. Nicole, our VP of Events additionally acts as our president elect and is included on forecasting future financial needs and activities related to National AMA and PSU’s SALP •National AMA Chapter Plan/Report office. Competition •May will serve as the official month for our leadership transition. An •Judge for the AMA Wales Faculty Advisor important and busy month for us, this serves as a great trial period to expose candidates to expectations and processes. Once selected through an Award intense interviewing process and elected by the board, they shadow the •SABRE Competition Team at National outgoing board member until the remainder of the year. Conference *SOMETHING EXTRA: MONTHLY CHECKINS •T-Shirt Competition at Nationals This new management procedure works to ensure integrity and responsibility ** Outcomes TBA** within the executive board. Each month, a meeting between President, VP and individual board member will take place to update and communicate all tasks and activities. CHAPTER OPERATIONS 14
  15. 15. BUDGET EXPECTED EXPENSES TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Conference $6,000.00 Professional Panel Events $225.00 Conference Registration $1320.00 Marketing Workshop Events $225.00 Executive Board Retreat $300.00 Social Events $225.00 TOTAL EXPECTED EXPENSES $12,180.75 Annual Cannes Film Festival $1,135.75 2nd Annual Fashion Show $1,000.00 EXPECTED REVENUES NSAC Presentations $100.00 Annual Cannes Film Festival $596.00 MEMBERSHIP 2nd Annual Fashion Show $600.00 General Meetings $75.00 MEMBERSHIP Member Appreciation $225.00 Local Dues $133.00 Charity Events $200.00 MISCELLANEOUS PROMOTIONS University Funding $7,659.00 Pens $150.00 Other Sources of University Funding $3,500.00 Water Bottles $100.00 TOTAL EXPECTED REVENUES $12,488.00 Lanyards $150.00 Expected Profit/Loss $307.25 Member T-Shirts $250.00 COMMUNICATIONS & OFFICE Ad Graphics $150.00 Monthly Newsletter $150.00 Business Cards $100.00 General Supplies $100.00 BUDGET 15
  16. 16. CHAPTER ACTIVITIES FALL TERM SEPTEMBER: NOVEMBER: 14th Board Meeting 28th 1st Day of Fall Term 4th Rosey Awards PSU is conducted on a quarterly system that consists of 3 7th Tailgate with V-Team 29th Board Meeting main 11 week terms. In addition, the Oregon University 10th Board Meeting System begins in late September and ends in mid June. 17th Board Meeting This creates an environment that does not reflect the OCTOBER: 19th Bowling Night traditional university timeline. Instead up wrapping up our 24th Board Meeting 1st Party in the Park events, psu:ama still has 11 weeks to make a difference 6th Board Meeting DECEMBER: and inject passion, style , and a sense of urban into our 13th Board Meeting 3rd Social Media 101 activities. 15th AMA & You Workshop 20th Board Meeting 11th Last day of Fall Term 22nd AMA General Meeting 29th Board Meeting CHAPTER ACTIVITIES 16
  17. 17. CHAPTER ACTIVITIES WINTER TERM SPRING TERM FEBRUARY: APRIL: 2nd Board Meeting 9th Board Meeting + 5th Board Meeting MAY: JANUARY: Luncheon 8th- 10th AMA 3rd Board Meeting 16th Board Meeting International Collegiate 6th Fashion Show 4th Winter Term Begins 18th Resume Workshop Conference Rehearsal 5th Board Meeting + 23rd Day in the Life of a 13th Luncheon 10th Board Meeting Luncheon Marketer Panel Event 19th Board Meeting 13th Agency Awareness 12th Board Meeting 25th Max Awards Show 22nd General Meeting III Day 14th Party Near the Park 26th Board Meeting 17th Board Meeting General Meeting II MARCH: Officer Elections 19 th Board Meeting 2nd Board meeting 18th What Now? Wkshp 21st Cannes Film Festival 9th Board Meeting + JUNE: 19th NSAC Presentation 26th Board Meeting Luncheon 24th Board Meeting 11th Social LazerTag Event 2nd Salpies Award Show 26th Fashion Show! 19thLast day of Winter Term 3rd Panel Event 29thFirst day of Spring Term 11thLast day of Spring + Board Meeting Term 31st Pro Chapter Event- Pink Slip CHAPTER ACTIVITIES 17
  18. 18. CONCLUSION Passion, Style, Urban; the Future Looks Good! psu:ama Executive Board 2009-2010 Jennica Christian Stephanie Robyn Waltman: Aniciete: Birkedal: Maul: Vice President VP Finance VP President & & & Poultry Communicati Italian Food Future USA ons & Farmer Connoisseur President Portland’s Best Barista Annie Andrea Lydia Truong: Nicole Mercer: Wilson: Garcia: VP VP VP Professional President Professional Membership Developme Elect/VP of Liaison & aka nt & PSU Events & Professional “The Mega Karaoke Globe Fire Dancer Jam” Champion Trekker The END! 18