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NSAC State Farm Plansbook

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IMC Graphic 9 MEDIA STRATEGY + CREATIVE EXECUTIonS Television Magazines TAbLE of ConTEnTS 26 AGEnT/PAREnT STRATEGY Legacy Club 1 3 InSPIRATIonS Radio 28 bUDGET/fLoW CHART Online Advertising Websites, Social Media + Mobile Media 4 RESEARCH STRATEGY In-Game Advertising 30 WHY noTS Key Findings Promotional Reality Game SWOT Analysis 31 CAMPAIGn METRICS Guerilla Media Campus Media 7 CREATIVE bRIEf 32 bIbLIoGRAPHY/TEAM PAGE Positioning Strategy 25 CAUSE bRAnDInG Creative Triangulation State Farm Identity
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Through online surveys, focus groups and interviews at With this campaign, State Farm is again relevant, auto insurance HIGHLIGHTS of THE CAMPAIGn InCLUDE: Implementation of a creative More than $1 billion target auto-centric venues like the is more important, the value of DMV and an international auto agents is appreciated, and State triangulation strategy based on the impressions over 13 months. show, it became obvious that Farm is seen as a company that post graduation “road trip” as a A partnership with IKEA to promote auto insurance is a low is both price competitive and metaphor for life, positioning the agent renters and auto insurance. involvement product category. “with it”. as the ultimate travel accessory, and A highly interactive and entertaining a memorable battle cry using the promotional reality game. In addition, the perceived impor- A brand health model was used acronym CYA. A special program aimed at tance of auto insurance is mini- to demonstrate the campaign’s A media strategy that leverages the parents of Legacy Prospects mized by overwhelming competitive efficacy. An increase of more Target audience’s fondness of and the agents who handle the advertising focusing on price. than 10 points in the brand multitasking and demonstrates a new families’ policy. health score translates into a level of sophistication in the area of A unique cause branding Taking inspiration from sources as PoTEnTIAL fIRST YEAR digital media. campaign that empowers diverse as Old Spice and Farmville, Message placement opportunities customers and agents to make MARkET SHARE GAIn of in over 30,000 retail outlets resulting a difference in their local the campaign you are about to see successfully engages the target MoRE THAn 2% from collaboration with hot brick communities. audience in a memorable way. and mortar promotional partners. CYA Kit College Papers E-Perks Legacy Club MTV U Agents LeBron Campus Media CYA Roadshow Stops Online Television Cable Amazing Race Agents  Network Road Trippin’ Rally Good Neighbor  Project Champions Network ThereTown.com Good Neighbor Network Statefarm.com Facebook Websites LeBron Road Trippin’ Rally State Farm  Agent Template (Promotional Reality Game) Legacy Prospects Promotional Partners Competitors’ Customers Augmented Reality Inserts Facebook National Mags Mobile & Social Online GPS Smart Phones Media Not Yet Insured Synced Banner Ads Targeted Websites Brick & Mortar Promotional Partners (Road Trippin’ Rally) Media IKEA 17 Spot Markets CYA Roadshow Radio Guerilla
  3. 3. Y INSPIRATIONS Like all great creative works, this campaign took inspirations from a diverse group of brands, companies, people and concepts. InSPIRATIonS 3 oLD SPICE nIkE+ fARMVILLE GREY GLobAL’S Old Spice is a seventy-year-old Nike+ teamed up with Apple to Farmville quickly became the EMoTIonAL TRIGGERS brand that changed its image create a worldwide community most popular game application on All purchase decisions are without changing the essence of among runners. Nike+ builds Facebook because of its ability to emotionally based. Grey’s the product. Old Spice champions this community by encouraging capture the imagination of its users. Emotional Triggers model says the brand’s “experience” by runners to link their data with other The game allows users to manage a there are actually nine triggers positioning itself as a big brother runners and sports enthusiasts. virtual farm by planting, growing and that can improve brand relevance who doesn’t take himself too This unique network provides data, harvesting virtual crops, trees and and appeal: Pride, Empowerment, seriously. Humor became a key information and a platform for livestock. The sense of community Trust, Identification, Familiarity, creative asset for this previously social networking. and involvement among friends has Warmth, Curiosity, Relevance and earnest brand. now made this game popular with Approachability. Many of these people of all ages. emotional triggers are consistent with State Farm’s brand personality and provide new insight into how to bring a low interest, low involvement product category to life. Throughout this proposal this will indicate tactics and CHASE CoMMUnITY bUD LIGHT– REAL MEn THE TRUTH strategies that are GIVInG MoDEL of GEnIUS CAMPAIGn consistent with the nine triggers. The Chase Community Giving Through humor and satire Bud The Truth anti-smoking campaign campaign was launched in 2009 to Light’s “real men of genius” has has had a huge impact on attitudes promote giving on a local level. This arguably become the best beer toward smoking. The campaign cause branding campaign works advertising on radio. The audience presents the facts and allows the to get people involved in their local has expressed such a love for Bud target audience to interpret and form communities by allowing them to Light’s sense of humor that one their own opinions. This campaign vote for non-profit organizations spot in particular has grown to is strongly targeted toward a young that they feel deserve funding. The include a full promotional line of audience whose behaviors are money provided to these local products. Bud Light has been so still forming. The strength of this charities and community initiatives successful they now own the All campaign is in their extremely helps to promote positive change American tradition of tailgating. creative and thought provoking to neighborhoods across the nation guerilla work. and around the world.
  4. 4. RESEARCH STRATEGY 4 GoALS RESEARCH STRATEGY PRIMARY RESEARCH TECHnIqUES SEConDARY RESEARCH 1. Identify strategically significant foCUS GRoUP TECHnIqUES characteristics of the target Helped gain insights about attitudes toward auto insurance and to audience’s “ecosystem” better understand the target audience’s thought process when it comes to choosing an auto insurance provider. DATAbASE RESEARCH 2. understand the role of parents in Mintel Reports selecting an auto insurance provider MRI onLInE SURVEYS QuantCast 3. understand the issues the target 760 surveys in 37 states Nielsen audience has with agents Arbitron 4. Identify the key attributes that make InTERCEPT CAMERA InTERVIEWS SRDS up the target audience’s ideal auto DMV SuRVEY INTERVIEWS insurance company Conducted one-on-one interviews with members of our target audience InDEPEnDEnT STUDIES while they were waiting to get their auto registrations, exams, etc. INSuRANCE SPECIFIC 5. Learn how State Farm, the Competitor’s websites competition and the insurance State Farm websites category are perceived PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AuTO SHOW Conducted one-on-one and triad interviews with Insurance articles 6. Identify “best in class” promotional members of the target audience on the Insurance blogs practices within the category and exhibition floor. You Tube among brands aimed at the same Facebook demographic DEQ SuRVEY INTERVIEWS Twitter Conducted one-on-one interviews at an 7. Identify media opportunities Oregon Department of Environmental Quality ADVERTISING SPECIFIC Ads of the World 8. Identify high-potential sub-groups station while members of our target audience waited for get their emissions test. The Favorite Website Awards Web urbanist 9. Identify potential promotional partners uaddit CONCEPT TESTING A test sample of 50 in-demo participants completed Collegehumor Three generations a pre-campaign brand health survey and then a follow-up of State Farm Nuffy survey after a short presentation of the campaign. customers. Frederik Samuel blog Hongkiat Adweek AGENT INTERVIEWS AdFreak Interviewed State Farm agents and one agent trainee to discuss Canadian Design Resource the target audience and the challenges in marketing to it. Toxel Adoholik Coolhunter
  5. 5. kEY fInDInGS 5 1 STRATEGICALLY SIGNIFICANT CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TARGET MARKET “ECOSYSTEM” 4 THE KEY ATTRIBuTES THAT MAKE uP THE TARGET AuDIENCE’S IDEAL AuTO INSuRANCE COMPANY The top five attributes in descending order of importance: The target audience is very tech savvy. They are accustomed to timely news and having 24/7 Internet access. They are also accustomed to having Trustworthy a variety of channels to contact businesses. Looks out for my best interests Responsive to my questions and claims Best overall value They are accustomed to immediate gratification Contemporary image (“with the times”) and will often dismiss product/services that do 5 not provide it as unimportant. This is especially HOW THE INSuRANCE CATEGORY IS PERCEIVED true of intangibles. The target audience would rather spend its money on “fun stuff” than They are experts in multitasking and often use insurance. As a result, they often only carry a liability policy. media, such as television and the Internet, simultaneously. 2 THE ROLE OF PARENTS IN SELECTING AN AuTO INSuRANCE PROVIDER Auto insurance is a low involvement, low importance category. The majority of the target audience maintains a very strong relationship with Insurance is an intangible product. It provides the target audience with no their parents. Of the target audience, eight out of ten talk to their parents sense of immediate gratification and, as a result, they are very susceptible daily. Three out of four see their parents once a week. to price appeals. They are self-conscious about admitting to any influence parents have on They know they are not very knowledgeable about car insurance but they their choosing a car insurance provider. are reluctant to ask questions because they don’t want to appear stupid. 6 HOW THE COMPETITION IS PERCEIVED BY THE TARGET AuDIENCE They are reluctant to talk about any financial assistance their parents may provide The target audience feels that current Progressive and 3 THE “ISSuES” THE TARGET AuDIENCE HAS WITH AGENTS Geico advertisements belittle its intelligence. Without education or experiencing a situation where they could have really Progressive and Geico are seen as advertising too much. used an agent the target audience doesn’t appreciate the value of agents. As a result the target audience complains of message fatigue.The target audience knows Geico and Progressive When making important purchase decisions, they prefer to deal with people spend a lot of money on advertising. only slightly older than themselves. Geico and Progressive sell on price and rarely even Dealing with agents is perceived as a hassle. The target audience believes talk about insurance. Farmers and Allstate advertising agents just want to sell them something. is fairly serious. These two different tactics leave open ground for State Farm to educate the target Agents are seen as intimidating. audience about the importance of car insurance in a humorous way.
  6. 6. 6 SWoT AnALYSIS 7 HOW STATE FARM IS PERCEIVED BY THE TARGET AuDIENCE Although State Farm is perceived as a high quality company, it is also 8 HIGH-POTENTIAL SuBGROuPS “Pro-cos” is a name developed over the course of the campaign to refer seen as expensive, old, and not technologically savvy and, therefore, to typical Progressive and Geico customers who only consider price when irrelevant by part of the target audience. shopping for car insurance. The “Good Neighbor” line of State Farm’s The high attrition rate of Geico and Progressive customers means these slogan is either a hit or a miss with the target “Pro-co” customers will be the most likely to need to find a better insurance audience. Approximately 50% of the target company soon. audience said they get it if they mentally convert neighbor to friend, while 50% of the Farmers and Allstate customers are the least likely to move to State Farm. target audience, mostly urbanites who are the main target of the campaign, think its cheesy Legacy Prospects are those individuals who have previously been covered or creepy. under their parent’s State Farm policy but are going to be on their own policy soon and, therefore, will be searching for an auto insurance company. On the other hand, “We’re There” was well received by all participants. Legacy Prospects will also be more likely to become State Farm customers because of the exposure to the kind of customer service an agent can offer, as well as the recommendation they receive from their parents. STATE fARM—MARCoM SWoT AnALYSIS A Marcom SWOT contains only those strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that can be impacted by marketing communication STREnGTHS WEAknESSES oPPoRTUnITIES THREATS Overall market share leadership Low category importance among Promote the importance of Losing the edge of the Best in class claims service and the target audience auto insurance “Pocket Agent” to Geico customer satisfaction Low share of voice across all media Better use of strategic partnerships Progressive’s increasing Best in class smart phone app Perceived as expensive Increase media savviness (promote app. focus on the agent model Best “net value” Age discrepancy between the capabilities, social media, microsites) Geico and Progressive’s 70% of people who drop their young adults and the State Expose competition’s extremely high share of voice State Farm coverage come back Farm agents and their office staff high turnover rate and the marketing Resistance to agent within two years practices that cause it. experience More agents and office personnel Assume leadership voice in than any other insurance company renters coverage Most people in urban settings Promote bundling of auto and live within three miles of the renters insurance closest agent
  7. 7. CREATIVE BRIEF Potential market share gains will first be reflected in behavioral changes bRoAD CoMMUnICATIonS CHALLEnGE To CREATIVE bRIEf 7 that are positive for State Farm and counter to the competition. Behavioral oVERCoME: changes are driven by changes in attitude. Attitudinal changes are driven by Low involvement category: Most young adults don’t care about new knowledge gained by the target audience. Following are the objectives insurance, until they need it. Insurance is an intangible product lacking for the three components of this hierarchy: instant gratification. Low visibility: Compared to their competition, State Farm has a very low share of voice. bEHAVIoRS To CHAnGE Lack of connection: The slowness to adopt new marketing technology, State Farm has gained the image of not staying “with the times.” Plus, Toward State Farm Toward Competitors (Pro-cos) State Farm’s advertising has not used creative approaches that attract Visit ThereTown.com Ask informed questions or resonate with young adults. Participate in games and promotions Share their negative opinions Contact an agent with peers. Join the Legacy Club SPECIfIC CoMMUnICATIonS CHALLEnGES: Bundle auto and renters insurance Insurance is important Become a brand advocate Agents add value State Farm is price competitive ATTITUDES To CHAnGE PERCEPTUAL MAP: Toward State Farm Toward Competitors (Pro-cos) This perceptual map was developed with the assistance of focus groups Realize that car insurance is important Believe competitors want that discussed the personality and focus of competitive ad campaigns in the Believe agent relationships add value customers to stay ignorant insurance category. It helped identify the “open ground” in the auto Feel that State Farm “has their best Realize that cheap isn’t insurance advertising category. interests in mind” always cheap and easy Realize you don’t have to pay more isn’t always easy to get the best Believe that sooner or later they will Allstate need their auto insurance knoWLEDGE To CHAnGE Toward State Farm Toward Competitors (Pro-cos) State Farm has great discounts and is Extremely high rates of very price competitive customer turnover 70% of customers that leave State Farm Lack of local support return within two years Virtually no community Sometimes competitors ask State Farm involvement to process their claims State Farm has the best net value
  8. 8. 8 CREATIVE bRIEf PoSITIonInG STRATEGY/CREATIVE ExECuTIONAL CONSIDERATION: In order to be effective, yet consistent with TRIAnGULATIon: company values, the campaign must meet the following standards: The creative strategy revolves around two complementary concepts Sense of humor Hip/Contemporary and a strong battle cry. Entertaining Accepting/Approachable Empathetic Trustworthy ROAD TRAVEL TRIP ACCESSORY Leadership voice Slight sense of urgency Edgy yet tasteful Authentic/Sincere STATE fARM IDEnTITY ALTERnATIVE LoGo CYA State Farm recently went through a RoAD TRIP METAPHoR (LIFE IS ONE BIG ROAD TRIP) signature revision and that was definitely a step in the right direction. While a new logo was not part of the case The road trip is a staple of American culture and youth deliverables, a new logo is part of this proposal. This new It’s seen as almost a right of passage logo is very much in keeping with the design school Offers many opportunities for storytelling reflected by Nike and Apple, two logos with great affinity Consistent with one State Farm program currently underway among young adults. A sample application of the new logo on a few elements is presented, just to show how it could work. In no way would this campaign be dependent on the TRAVEL ACCESSoRY: use of this logo or be diminished by not using it. Position State Farm as a travel accessory rather than a legal necessity Accessories are high involvement purchases that are more SHoRTEnED TAGLInE appealing to the average consumer than insurance As discussed in the key research findings, the People are willing to spend more time and money on accessories current eight-word tagline is not particularly strong with this demo. The two strongest words implied by the tagline are “We’re there.” We’re There. CYA AS A bATTLE CRY: Instead of creating a new tagline or not using CYA is a well-known term for protecting yourself the existing one, we propose this shorter, It also makes a three part battle cry stronger version. CoverYourAuto CoverYourAssets CallYourAgent CYA is also digital shorthand for See You…which is what State Farm agents hope to do.
  9. 9. MEDIA & CREATIVE Contrary to conventional wisdom, the target audience spends more MEDIA STRATEGY + CREATIVE EXECUTIonS : TELEVISIon The overall objective of the media strategy is to achieve a higher level of visibility across a wide variety of media platforms without the message fatigue TELEVISIon 9 discretionary time with traditional associated with Progressive and Geico. A secondary objective is to reduce the Television should be included media than with online and mobile “not with the times” image of the company through the effective use of digital in the media mix due to the media. They also spend a great media as well as a more contemporary brand personality in all media. high concentration of the target deal of time multitasking, watching audience exposed to it every television, surfing the web, or using THE MEDIA PLAN EMPHASIzES REACH FOR THE FOLLOWING MARKET, week. According to an August a smart phone. This drives the MEDIA AND MESSAGE FACTORS: 2009 Mintel report: creative by forcing cross-platform The brand is well established 11.77 average hours spent integration between those media The message is new and simple watching television each week and others. According to MRI The campaign is attempting to make the product more “high involvement” 39% “often or usually” surf the studies, the target audience is The product is purchased infrequently Internet while watching television also heavy users of magazines as The ads will stand out in the category 56.7% live in a household that well as radio. Overall, the target New media are being used for the first time subscribes to cable television audience is heavily engaged in The message fatigue levels of Geico and Progressive must be avoided five ad-supported media: television, Internet, magazines, Network advertising will be radio, and mobile. Reach and frequency goals plus cost efficiency goals are reported with the limited to CBS for the launch of media flow chart on page 28. the promotional game on The The media strategy will also reflect Amazing Race. seasonal and regional realities. THE TOTAL MEDIA MIx INCLuDES: According to agents interviewed, Television including network, online and cable CAbLE TELEVISIon slight seasonal highs occur in National magazines and corresponding online sites SELECTIonS: the spring and fall. State Farm is Internet advertising including social network engagement ads stronger overall in the Midwest Website modifications, social media and mobile media and South and less strong in key Radio in strategically selected spot markets markets on both coasts, according In-game ads to recent Mintel data. Interactive promotional game Campus media including cable television and newspapers Two guerilla programs, one being a traveling exhibit and the other a promotion with IKEA aimed at renters A direct mail and online membership program aimed at State Farm agents, Legacy Prospects and their parents
  10. 10. 10 TELEVISIon Online television offers target 46 percent of 18-24 year olds The appeal of online commercials specific advertising as well as a would rather watch a TV show, has increased as viewers are given captive audience for the ad before, movie or short video with a choice of three different spots during, and after videos and shows. commercials than pay to watch it to watch. without commercials. SPoT #1: ACCESSoRY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 55. Girls leaving a club walking One of the girls approaches John points out the cars Close up of the rims Shot of the lavish interior toward a guy, admiring his car. the guy. features. Girls leaving a café walking one of the girls approaches One of the girls approaches John points out the cars John points out the Close up of the rims. Shot of the interior. Girls leaving a club walking Close up of the rims Shot of the lavish interior towardthe girls: Hey, there’s car. One of a guy, admiring his the guy. Emily. John: Hey car’s features. got the John: Thanks! I John: It comes with 20” sport John: ...and a Nav/Media toward a guy, admiring his car. the guy. features. John! Emily: Nice car. premium package, it’s tricked wheels, xenon headlights with system out. daytime drving lights... Emily: Hey, there’s John! John: Hey Emily. John: Thanks! I got the John: It comes with 20'' John: ...and a nav/Media One of the girls: Hey, there’s John: Hey Emily. Emily: nice car. John: Thanks! I got theit’s premium package, John: Itwheels, Xenon sport sport comes with 20” head- John: ...and a Nav/Media system John! Emily: Nice car. premiumout. tricked package, it’s tricked wheels,with daytime driving lights xenon headlights with system out. daytime drving lights... lights... 6 6. 7 7. 8 8. 9 9. 10 CoverYourAssets 10. CoverYourAuto CYA End Card 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. CallYourAssets Cover Your Agent Cover Your Auto Call YourCYA Agent State Farm End Card Cover Your Auto Emily looks quizzingliy atat Emily looks quizzingly John shrugs and tries to John trying to impress Emily turns and walks away. Emily turns and walks away. Girls walking away giggling. Girls walking away giggling. Copyand State Farm logo. Copy and State farm logo. Cover Your Assets John. John. Emily. downplay the question Call Your State Farm Agent Emily looks quizzingliy at Emily: nice but, who’s John shrugsIand tries to John: oh, got something Emily turns and walks away. Emily: See ya! Girls on the surface online Vo: walking away giggling. CopyLife is a trip. Travel Vo: and State Farm logo. Emily: Nice...but,this? insuring all of who’s John. downplay Ithe question John: Oh, got something cheap online Emily: See ya! VO: On the surface online insurance sounds great, VO: Life is one accessory you with the a trip. Travel with insuring all of this? cheap online Emily: online!? insurance sounds great, until until you look under the the one accessory Cover your can really trust. you can Emily: Online!? you look under the hood. hood. really trust. Cover your auto,call auto, cover your assets, cover State farmcall your your your assets, agent. Emily: Nice...but, who’s John: Oh, I got something Emily: See ya! VO: On the surface online VO: Life is aagent. State Farm trip. Travel with insuring all of this? cheap online insurance sounds great, until the one accessory you can Emily: Online!? you look under the hood. really trust. Cover your auto, cover your assets, call your State Farm agent.
  11. 11. TELEVISIon 11 onLInE TELEVISIon SELECTIonS: ANNuAL AuDIENCE DELIVERY OBJECTIVES FOR NETWORK TV, ONLINE VIEWING AND CABLE TV. Family Guy, The Office, American Idol, 24, Lost, Modern Family, Saturday Night Live, Chuck, Target Impressions The Simpsons, 30 Rock Hell’s Kitchen Scrubs Community, The Office 241,000,000 Aggregate TRPs 730 SPoT #2: RoAD TRIP *In produced spot, the role of the agent will be played by LeBron James. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 5. Artichoke Sign Artichoke Sign State Farm agent sitting Two guys approach the car. After nishing a bag of chips Time lapes - Agent asleep in Worlds largest artichoke sign shotgun in a parked car - The agent quickly climbs in the driver tosses the wrapper the back seen through window. State farm agent sitting State Farm agent sitting cleaning the side view mirror. Twoback unnoticed the car. guys approach the car. the guys approach and they After finishing the agent in After nishing a a bag of in back, hitting bag of chips Time lapes - Agent asleep in in Time lapse- Agent asleep Worlds largest artichoke Worlds largest artichoke sign shotgun in aa parked car shotgun in parked car - The agent quickly climbs in in The agent quickly climbs take o down the road. chips the tosses the wrapper the driver driver tosses the face the back. the back sign seen through window. seen through window. cleaning the side view mirror. cleaning the side view mirror. the back unnoticed and they the back and they take off wrapper in thethe agent in in back, hitting back hitting on theirdown the road. take o road trip. the face in the face. the agent Audio: Agent humming. Audio: Mu ed conversation Audio: munch, munch munch... Audio: Agent snoring. Co-pilot: Wanna check it out? between the two guys talking Audio: The two guys Driver: Did you catch the game Driver: munch, munch, Driver: Sure. Co-pilot: Wanna check it out? Audio: Agent humming. Audio: thier road trip. about Mu ed conversation talking about their Audio: munch, munch munch... last night? munch Audio: Agent snoring. Co-pilot:Sure your roll, you’re Driver: Wanna check it out? Slow between the two guys talking road trip. Driver: Did you catchgame Did you catch the the game Driver: Sure. the exit roll, gonna miss Co-pilot: Slow your about thier road trip. last night? last night? Co-pilot: Slow your roll, you’re you’re gonna miss the exit! gonna miss the exit 6 6. 6. 7 7. 7. Car Crash 8 8. 8. 9 CoverYourAssets 10 9. 9. CoverYourAuto 10. 10. Car Crash CallYourAgent The two stare at the giant The two guys stare at the The car slowsto get a a better The car slows to get better Agent leans forward between Agent leans forward between Copy and State farm Logo. Copy and State Fram Logo Agent lowershis clipboard and Agent lowers his clipboard and giant artichoke in amazement. artichoke in amazement. look and gets hit from behind. lookand gets hit from behind. the seats and begins the seats his eyes slowlyto the window. his eyes shift shift to the The two stare at the giant The car slows to get a better Agent leans forward between explaining what to do Copy and State Fram Logo Agent lowers his clipboard and window artichoke in amazement. lookand gets hit from behind. the seats and begins his eyes slowly shift to the Driver: Whoa... that thing Audio: CRUnCH! Agent: You guys okay? explaining what to do Vo: Travel with the one Agent:...That’s pretty much window is HUGE!!! Guys: Yeah accessory you can really it. We will take care of Driver: Whoa...that thing is Audio: CRUNCH! Agent: You guys first... Agent: Good, okay? VO: Travel withState farm trust... your the one the rest. (Pause) Did you Agent: ...That’s pretty much it, HUGE!! Guys: Yeah agent. accessory you can really trust, guys see the size of this Sate Farm agents will take care Driver: Whoa...that thing is Audio: CRUNCH! Agent: You guys okay? Good, rst... VO: Travel with the one your State Farm agent. artichoke!? Agent:rest. (pause) Did you it, of the ...That’s pretty much HUGE!! Guys: Yeah accessory you can really trust, Sate Farm agents of this care guys see the size will take Agent: Good, rst... your State Farm agent. of the rest. (pause) Did you artichoke? guys see the size of this artichoke?
  12. 12. 12 MAGAzInES MAGAzInES Magazines are highly used by our target audience, indexing at 126 and until you open it up and see that it’s 118 in quintiles I and II. Magazines are able to offer a high degree of knot cool. audience segmentation and selectivity. Other reasons we chose to include magazines: Finally time to CYA? Average hours spent by 18-24 year olds reading magazines each week: 1.50 18–24 year olds “affected” by a magazine ad in the past week: 39% The ability to deliver a tactile message to a large number of people get burned. Finally time to CYA? Life’s a trip. Travel with the one accessory you can really trust... Your State Farm Agent Life’s a trip. Travel with the one accessory you can really trust... Your State Farm Agent www.theretown.com www.theretown.com We’re There. We’re There. PRInT AD #1 PRInT AD #2
  13. 13. MAGAzInES 13 PRInT AD #3 TRADITIonAL AnD onLInE PRInT SELECTIonS: the world turns on you. Finally time to CYA? MAGAZINE Life’s a trip. Travel with the one Four full-page bleed inserts feature accessory you can really trust... Your State Farm Agent quirky roadside attractions and odd things that might happen www.theretown.com there. The ad copy is designed to entertain and make a point about We’re There. the importance of dealing with the right insurance company. 15-minute car insurance sounds good, until A webcam interactive road trip map will be on the back of time is against you. each insert. When the map is held up to a webcam, it will Finally time to CYA? ANNuAL AuDIENCE DELIVERY activate hidden content on ThereTown.com. OBJECTIVES FOR INSERTS AND ONLINE MAGAzINE ADVERTISING: Target Impressions 215,037,000 Aggregate TRPs 652 Life’s a trip. Travel with the one accessory you can really trust...Your State Farm Agent www.theretown.com We’re There. PRInT AD #4
  14. 14. 14 RADIo RADIo SELECTED DAYPARTS AND FORMATS: Seattle Radio has shown a resurgence Weekday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (109 index) Portland recently among the target audience. With more avenues to Weekday, 7:00 pm – midnight boston listen (the car, online streaming and (180 index) mp3 players acting as portable FM CHR, Country, urban, Alternative Philadelphia players), radio is a good medium for formats (terrestrial and streaming) Sacramento Denver Washington, D.C. a mobile audience and a good San francisco-San Jose medium to support or follow According to a very recent Mintel Charlotte television. A majority of radio study, State Farm is strong in usage is still in the car, making it mid-America and less so on the Atlanta Los Angeles a contextually relevant medium. coasts. Radio is the medium that Phoenix provides a regional flexibility. Of the Dallas Average hours spent by 18-24 top 25 MSAs, the map shows where year olds listening to radio each radio will be used. Houston orlando week: 5.38 Tampa 18-24 year olds “affected” by a Miami radio ad in the past week: 34% SPoT ANNuAL AuDIENCE DELIVERY #2 OBJECTIVES FOR SPOT MARKET RADIO IN 17 MSAS 1 SPoT # (funn y Target Impressions Hey, voice) 165,000,000 I just Aggregate TRPs Farm got b a ac mone gent. Tur k from m 500 y. ns ou y Sta t I’m t er: money. (Laug savin e Announc parents Why hter f rom g g You to ok your yo mone u laughin y on phon u ister sfx) y’s no g?!? Savin ) e (cash reg nts car. Anno t funn your pare u At St ncer: y! g You took at (car sfx) ir discou nts ISN’T e Farm, s take the f a busin unny…It’s ving mone Now you can ess! serio y agent! Cove us and their ling isn’t fun? Asse r you r Aut said stea er your ts o, Who uto, Cov State , Call you Cover you Cov er your A gent. hope Farm , r Age nt r all your A nd we to CY we’re the . Assets, C there…a A! re…a we’re nd w Sta te Farm, e CYA hope to