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Drone World Expo Presentation


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Multi-party Media Coverage with Intelligent Networking for Drones

Almost all drone use cases in any vertical are typically met with a common set of challenges with respect to connecting end-to-end control and data flows in a secure, reliable, flexible and extensible manner. A powerful horizontal platform alleviating these pains has been created for CNN jointly by Altus, DreamHammer and Cisco. Ranging from small scale events like urban area building fires or public gatherings to massive disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes, this platform provides seamless media coverage using Cisco's reliable intelligent networking with fog computing, DreamHammer's vendor-agnostic ground control & fleet management software systems and Altus' unique operational expertise. The platform offers distinctive capabilities of executing well coordinated operations across first responders, emergency task forces, media staff and regulatory authorities.

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Drone World Expo Presentation

  1. 1. Multi-Party Media Coverage with Intelligent Networking for Drones Biren Gandhi, Cisco Nelson Paez, DreamHammer Simon Morris, Altus
  2. 2. The Team Media Network & Fog Computing Enterprise Media Drone Drone Management System
  3. 3. Media Adoption of Drones
  4. 4. Media Adoption of Drones
  5. 5. What’s Different?
  6. 6. What’s Different?
  7. 7. First Responders Exercise
  8. 8. Challenges Safe Operations Cooperative Airspace Public Perception Data Processing & Sharing
  9. 9. Safe Operations • Up to 500 feet high ceiling • Within visual sight of operator • Up to 100 mph • 55 lbs fully loaded Drone weight limit • Operators have to be at least 17 yrs old • Operators have to be vetted by the • Transportation Security Proposed U.S. FAA Initial Flight Guidelines: 500ft
  10. 10. Cooperative Airspace Deconflict First Responders Media Hobbyists No Coordination Between Drone Operations No Situational Awareness
  11. 11. Public Perception
  12. 12. Data Processing & Sharing • How to effectively get data off from drones to process it quickly? • It’s an IoT Problem - Sensors → Cloud, through network - Drone are IoT Edge Devices with flying sensors • Cisco Fog Computing to the rescue Fog Computing
  13. 13. Multi-Party Media Coverage with Intelligent Networking for Drones Proven Solution
  14. 14. Safe Operations
  15. 15. Geo-Fencing
  16. 16. Cooperative Airspace
  17. 17. Diversity of Physical Devices
  18. 18. Communications
  19. 19. Shared Data
  20. 20. @birengandhi /in/birengandhi @beadronepro @altus_uas Thank You!