How To Make Videos Your Audience Will Stay Awake For - Scot McKee


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Presentation given by Scot McKee, CEO, Birddog on behalf of RBI Visual at Reed Business Information, 2012.

McKee demonstrates how video can be used in B2B communications as an extension of brand creativity. With increases in audience demand for and consumption of video, business markets must use video to to engage audiences across multiple online and social channels.

A video of the original presentation is available at:

McKee’s books on the subject of Creative B2B Branding and Business Marketing are available from Amazon -

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How To Make Videos Your Audience Will Stay Awake For - Scot McKee

  1. 1. How To Make Videos Your Audience Will Stay Awake For Scot McKee, CEO, Birddog Jan. 2012 @scotmckee
  2. 2. Look into my eyes
  3. 3. I know what you’re thinking…
  4. 4. You’re thinking, “Birddog? Where’s that then…?”
  5. 5. You could figure it out
  6. 6. Maybe pictures would help?
  7. 7. Or how about a map?
  8. 8. They all workThey’ll all get you to the destinationBut the experience sucks
  9. 9. However we travel, the destination is importantBut so is the journey
  10. 10. There is function
  11. 11. And there is form
  12. 12. Form and function engages audiences
  13. 13. A movie, about a taxi, becomes artArt is entertainmentAudiences like to be entertained
  14. 14. Next time you’re tempted to draw a mapMaybe you could be more creative
  15. 15. That’s what we did back in 2008
  16. 16. Instead of a map, we videoed ‘the journey’…
  17. 17. …and the people…
  18. 18. (yes, this is where it all began… and probably ends)
  19. 19. In other words,we used video to entertain people
  20. 20. BirddogMapMovie:’s what we ended up with
  21. 21. This doesn’t mean you don’t need a mapBut you can be more creative…
  22. 22. …and reach a wider audience for you brand
  23. 23. Your content is dull
  24. 24. Don’t panic – so is everyone else’s
  25. 25. Oooooh, how inspired are you so far…?
  26. 26. And when we say ‘inspiring’ we don’t mean this
  27. 27. All content can be presented through videoProducts, courses, events, news, knowledge…
  28. 28. Dry data (however ‘worthy’) will only ever have ltd. appealSo you have to work harder at interpreting data
  29. 29. By way of example then…For a technology company with technical solutionVideo helps keep the brand ‘live’
  30. 30. Conceived to present complex info, simplyand quickly
  31. 31. You’re the Kcom ‘Go To’ guyYou’ve set a dream lunch meeting with a CEOAll you have with you is a pen and your napkin
  32. 32. Oh yes, and there’s no meeting and no CEO(And no lunch)
  33. 33. Go!
  34. 34. As the video runs, the story unfolds
  35. 35. Kcom Napkin Diaries: ‘The Mobile Workforce’ - ‘What is The Cloud?’ - ‘Personal Devices at Work’ - ‘The Flexible Network’ -’s what we ended up with
  36. 36. Unless people see it, it’s useless
  37. 37. A series creates multiple/growing opportunitiesDon’t reinvent the wheel every time
  38. 38. Only Fools & Horses almost axed after 2nd seriesBecame the most popular britcom series ever
  39. 39. The Napkin Diaries continue to attract hundredsof views – all from one imaginary lunch…
  40. 40. Distribute your videos across multiple platformsDon’t leave them rotting in a dead-end silo
  41. 41. What’s a rotting dead-end silo?Well, this is…
  42. 42. But so’s this… and this… and this… and the restAnd why are they all silo’s? Well…
  43. 43. Because the web is deadSource: Cisco/Wired 2010
  44. 44. Internet traffic is increasing, but not to websitesVideo is by far the most popular data consumedSource: Cisco/Wired 2010
  45. 45. You no longer have a choiceVideo must form part of your content planningAnd it needs to be accessible outside the ‘silo’
  46. 46. That means you need video distributionNot from your website… from the crowd
  47. 47. m m mVideo distribution ‘Hub & Spoke’ for Kcom
  48. 48. Central hub aggregates content
  49. 49. Streaming live content including video
  50. 50. Achieving multi-platform, social distributionAttracting audiences for the video
  51. 51. Engaging audiences and achieving advocacy
  52. 52. Same distribution model applies to other platforms
  53. 53. It’s fine to host video and content on websites
  54. 54. But it needs to be accessible everywhere else too
  55. 55. Planning the Unplannable
  56. 56. Video briefs are often planned last minute andexecuted in hasteOr they’re over-planned by those with insufficienttalent/experience
  57. 57. In both instances the results are the same
  58. 58. Video is integral to marketing, not an afterthoughtDon’t ‘make a video’ – create customer experiences
  59. 59. Phrases to avoid:“Can you just…”
  60. 60. Phrases to avoid:“Tomorrow works for me…”
  61. 61. Get it wrong and you end up with, Zzzzz…
  62. 62. Get it right and the audience stays awake
  63. 63. Not least because you keep poking them
  64. 64. A couple of examples from a planned video campaign
  65. 65. Promoting conference calling as an alternative tofrustrating commuter travel
  66. 66. Still waiting when you could be more productive?We could have videoed the CEO of PWN preachingBut this was more interesting.
  67. 67. PWN DitchTheGym:’s what we ended up with
  68. 68. 2nd Video example is very differentBut still integrates with the overall content plan
  69. 69. Product sample bags were to be handed out anywayPlanning the video maximized the brand opportunity
  70. 70. PWN Commuter Aid:’s what we ended up with
  71. 71. The ‘Spartacus’ Effect
  72. 72. Not every video has to be an ‘epic’(However tempting…)Relevance and customer engagement is influenced by morethan just content
  73. 73. Your video doesn’t just have to be goodIt has to be better than everything else going on
  74. 74. We no longer watch videos at our desk for longSource: Ooyala Global Video Index 2011
  75. 75. We use mobile devices for video, for longerSource: Ooyala Global Video Index 2011
  76. 76. It doesn’t mean you can’t produce long videosIt means you have to understand your audience
  77. 77. Your audience is easily distracted on a desktopGRAB their attention – do it fast (1st minute)Source: Ooyala Global Video Index 2011
  78. 78. Chances of your video being seen on mobiledevices are more than doubledSource: Ooyala Global Video Index 2011
  79. 79. Moral: To make epic videos, beware hessian pantsThey chaff (apparently…)
  80. 80. There’s a lot you can pack into 30 secondsCommercials are 30 seconds (not 30 minutes) for a reason
  81. 81. Hahn Beer:’s an entire epic in 30 secs. For Hahn Beer
  82. 82. Look into my eyes
  83. 83. When I snap my fingers and you wake upHere’s what I want you to remember…
  84. 84. How to make videos your audience will stayawake for?• Use professionals whenever you can• Your audience likes video (preferably good video)• We are all producers in the entertainment business• Your content is dull – start with that truth
  85. 85. How to make videos your audience will stayawake for?• Unless people see it, it’s useless – make it accessible and shareable• Plan ahead to create customer experiences• Don’t be a cheapskate all your life• Make it short, if you can’t keep it short, make sure it’s amazing• Go crazy – everyone else is
  86. 86. How to make videos your audience will stayawake for?• And finally…• Try to stay open-minded• But not too open-minded
  87. 87. Scot McKeeThank you (and be social…)