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Sticking the Feather - Connecting Customers in a Connected World - Scot McKee


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Presentation given by Scot McKee, Managing Director, Birddog, at the DSM Dyneema Connect the Dots Conference, Netherlands, 2012.

McKee explains how B2B organizations require a deep understanding of digital audience behaviour to improve online relationships and engage within customer communities. A video of the full presentation is available at:

McKee’s books on the subject of Creative B2B Branding and Business Marketing are available from Amazon -

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Sticking the Feather - Connecting Customers in a Connected World - Scot McKee

  1. 1. Sticking theFeatherConnectingCustomersin aConnected WorldScot McKee, Managing Director, BirddogApril. 2012
  2. 2. Presentation for: Connect More Dots Conference, Holland 2012
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Telling the right storyAt the heart of every good story…At the heart of every good brand……is the customer
  5. 5. Stories are complicated Language barriers Visual disparities Cultural differences
  6. 6. Stories are complicated The world’s strongest fibe r English words look like this
  7. 7. Stories are complicated Le fibre plus fort du mon de French words look like this
  8. 8. Stories are complicated American business people look like this
  9. 9. Stories are complicated German business people look like this
  10. 10. The Connected Customer –Stories are complicatedand a feather up the ass Even the way we tell the same story is different
  11. 11. Stories are complicated In England to congratulate someone, we say:
  12. 12. Stories are complicated “Put a feather in your cap”
  13. 13. Stories are complicated In Holland to congratulate someone, you say:
  14. 14. Stories are complicated “Stick a feather up your ass” Same story, different customer ‘experience
  15. 15. Stories are complicated The wider the brand is distributed The harder brand clarity & consistency becomes
  16. 16. Key storytelling assets Luckily, help is at hand: Brand Audience Channels
  17. 17. Use your brand ‘A brand is a perception or collection of perceptions in the mind(s) of an audience(s)’
  18. 18. Use your brand Your brand is how your audience ‘feels’ about your business/product/service
  19. 19. Use your brand Brand Values are more than just motivational posters
  20. 20. Use your brand Brand Values are ‘behavioural’ – implicit in your actions
  21. 21. Use your brand Brand Values What you ‘do’ has more impact with customers
  22. 22. Know your audience The hole looks the same if you just keep digging Remember to look up
  23. 23. Know your audience B2B brands no longer have a single customer Customers (plural) stretch across value chains
  24. 24. Know your audience The differences are unique to them But the commonality is unique to you
  25. 25. Know your audience Actually, the highest common value is you
  26. 26. Know your audience Your brand is what connects your audience(s)
  27. 27. Know your audience The challenge is to ensure they’re talking to you Not just about you
  28. 28. Know your audience Every engagement reinforces the brand across connected networks and communities
  29. 29. Know your audience Think deeper and wider Look for the ‘share’ opportunities
  30. 30. Know your audience You no longer just sell a product to a buyer You engage connected communities
  31. 31. Know your audience Your brand: Creates conversation Facilitates discussion Enables connections Extends networks Leads opinion …connects more dots
  32. 32. Know your audience And that’s before you start your day job
  33. 33. Know your audience There are the customers you ‘know’
  34. 34. Know your audience There are the customers you ‘know about’
  35. 35. Know your audience And then… …there are ‘the crazies’
  36. 36. Know your audience They know all about you, because they’re crazy
  37. 37. Know your audience Here’s a typical (and familiar…) example The ‘Turnerminator’
  38. 38. Know your audience We know quite a lot about the Turnerminator
  39. 39. Know your audience Mainly, we know he likes hammocks
  40. 40. Know your audience You can tell he’s crazy because he has a knife
  41. 41. Know your audience And he goes to places like this… for fun
  42. 42. Know your audience This is where he sleeps (yes, in a hammock)
  43. 43. Know your audience This is where he cooks and the crap he eats
  44. 44. Know your audience These are his crazy friends
  45. 45. Know your audience And do you know what he loves? What he really, really *loves*…?
  46. 46. Know your audience What he loves more than his knife…?
  47. 47. Know your audience What he loves more than screwing holes in ice?
  48. 48. Know your audience And possibly even more than scaring children?
  49. 49. Know your audience He loves Dyneema®
  50. 50. Know your audience He loved the lightweight strength of Dyneema® So he carried a roll on his trip…
  51. 51. Know your audience And turned it into a sled to haul his pack
  52. 52. Know your audience I know all this… Because he told the world, online The important questions are: Were you listening? And can you connect the dots?
  53. 53. Know your audience And what about ‘DarthDude’ in Malaysia?
  54. 54. Know your audience Mad as a box of frogs
  55. 55. Know your audience Here’s the big moment…
  56. 56. Know your audience Yay! Lift-off… or splashdown. (Whatevs.)
  57. 57. Know your audience What does DarthDude attribute his success to?
  58. 58. Know your audience To Dyneema®
  59. 59. Know your audience Even virtual crazies use virtual Dyneema®
  60. 60. Know your audience Underwater crazies use Dyneema® to ‘fly’
  61. 61. Know your audience Tree cutting crazies discuss Dyneema® with all their treetop friends
  62. 62. Know your audience Your customers are no longer just ‘businesses’
  63. 63. Know your audience They are communities that *love* your product
  64. 64. Know your audience But they need your *brand* to connect the dots
  65. 65. Changing channels In the past, we used advertising to connect, but customers no longer want to be ‘told’
  66. 66. Changing channels Traditional advertising isn’t working
  67. 67. Changing channels In 2005, ad revenues fell off a cliff It’s also when social media exploded
  68. 68. Changing channels A decade later, revenues are sill in decline Traditional comms have regressed 60yrs
  69. 69. Changing channels The only increased circulation - Wall St. Journal
  70. 70. Changing channels Because it connected with customers… online
  71. 71. Changing channels So the audience has moved online To connect, brands need to move with them
  72. 72. Changing channels By connecting within customer communities
  73. 73. Changing channels But organisations are scared of Social Media…
  74. 74. Changing channels So by playing safe, the emotional connection between brand and customer is lost
  75. 75. Changing channels And yet the main opportunity of social media is emotional connection
  76. 76. Changing channels Remember that emotions come from people, not places or brands And people in social places, connect like this…
  77. 77. Changing channels This is Prycie
  78. 78. Changing channels Prycie wanted to know my ‘fav animal’
  79. 79. Changing channels The giraffe had been taken
  80. 80. Changing channels But the Pushmepullyou hadn’t…
  81. 81. Changing channels So Prycie sent me a left-handed drawing
  82. 82. Changing channels She explained why she was practicing drawing
  83. 83. Changing channels And shared the early ‘limited editions’…
  84. 84. Changing channels I liked my picture so much, I blogged about it
  85. 85. Changing channels And sent my blog to Prycie
  86. 86. Changing channels She was pleased, and told her whole network
  87. 87. Changing channels Prycie was really quite… emotional
  88. 88. Changing channels So she told all her Facebook friends too
  89. 89. Changing channels I don’t know Prycie We’ve never met The conversation wasn’t ‘work’ But connecting your brand to customers isn’t always ‘work’
  90. 90. Changing channels I know this, because I know what happened in the 1 minute 30 secs after my blog post…
  91. 91. Changing channels 28 hits in 30 seconds…47 hits in45 seconds…
  92. 92. Changing channels 119 hits in 90 seconds
  93. 93. Changing channels I know where they came from…
  94. 94. Changing channels … what they looked like, and what they said
  95. 95. Changing channels That was the first 1 mins. 30 secs. But it didn’t stop there
  96. 96. Changing channels A connected network keeps connecting
  97. 97. Changing channels It may appear unconnected, but all roads lead to the brand And revenue
  98. 98. Changing channels I have Prycie, you have the crazies… It’s probably fair
  99. 99. To end at the beginning Put the customer at the heart of your story Stories are complicated so simplify them Use your brand values to guide you Know your (connected) audience
  100. 100. To end at the beginning Think deeper and wider about communities Listen, learn, connect Emotions come from people Connecting emotion to brands creates revenue
  101. 101. Thank you (and be social…) Scot McKee
  102. 102. Further Resources!/BirddogB2B!/scotmckee Photo Credit:
  103. 103. Change Happens Scot McKee, Managing Director @scotmckee© 2012 Birddog Ltd. 58 Parker Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5PZ / +44 (0)20 7323 6666 / /