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Top three film trailers


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Top three film trailers

  1. 1. Kick-Ass• Why film chosen? – comical, fantasy, action – packed, super – hero theme• Storyline• Effectiveness? – wide appeal, different age groups, action sequences, humorous• Enticing audience – old/young established actors/cast, moral V comic, good prevailsover evil.• USP – fantasy, escapism• Sound – variety of music, main character does the voice – over, dialogue spoken overaction• Credits/titles – titles directly questioning the audience at the end• Colours – bright, super – hero costumes stand out• Fast paced editing
  2. 2. The School of Rock• Why film chosen? – Jack Black actor, turning a difficult situation around• Storyline – how he redeems himself• Effectiveness? – life changing situation, how his behaviour affects those around him• Enticing audience – big star draw, humour, music• USP – how the children are transformed by doing new things and how in turn theytransform him• Sound – range of loud, guitar driven music, classic rock tracks, positive voice – over• Narrative/genre – comic, inspirational film
  3. 3. Slumdog Millionaire• Why film chosen? – setting of India, insight into poverty• Storyline• Effectiveness? – very tense, gripping, flash – back format, music/soundtrack• Enticing audience – based on an English game show in a familiar format using achild/young man instead of an adult.• USP – thought provoking, life – changing, feel good film, epic drama• Highly successful soundtrack• Narrative and genre – juxtaposition of poverty/ success in the game show• Credits/titles – embedded shots, depicting awards/accolades.• Colours – neutral to represent poverty/vivid colours in a Bollywood style finale torepresent success.