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Ted tomkins uk film magazines

  1. 1. The glowing, lightning effect on the Date and price masthead emphasises the force and energy of the key protagonist The masthead “Empire” suggests aThe vibrant blue colour of the sense of controlmasthead will make the magazine standout amongst the shelves Dark background to bring out theOther coverlines inform the reader subject of the key imageabout other articles in the magazine Contrasting colour scheme Key image mid shot of the actor in character The wide stance and serious facial expression connotes power The key coverline draws attention to the key image and tells the reader that this will be the main feature of The combination of Serif and San the magazine Serif font makes the layout more interesting The film reel gives the reader The text is in capital letters so it is an insight into the content of easy to read and stands out on the the magazine page Barcode • The magazine is published monthly by Bauer Media at a price of £3.99 • The target audience is predominantly male with most of the readers in the 15 to 24 age category (http://magazines.bauermediaadvertising.com/magazines/detail/empire) • The magazine reviews mainstream films and art films but feature articles are primarily focused towards former films. The typical content of the magazine consists of film news, previews and reviews. • Normal red Empire logo on black background has been adapted to suit the cover.
  2. 2. BannerThe mechanical design of the The masthead suggests the magazinemasthead suggests that the magazine has a 100% focus on filmcould focus primarily on the genres of Interesting layering of the mastheadSci – fi and fantasy Official website Date The nervous facial expression and The shadows on the actors face create a closed body language connotes danger sense of evil, mystery is near Key image medium long shot of the The actor is wearing a suit and tie actor in character which suggests he means business Key coverline Capital lettersThe glowing colour scheme is typical ofa sci – fi/fantasy film The plus sign suggests that the magazine will be packed full of information Serif and San Serif font Barcode, company logo • The magazine is published monthly by Future Publishing Ltd at a price of £1.99 • The target audience is 75% male with most of the readers in the 18 to 35 age category (http://www.theadindex.com/Advert_Displays/Total_Film_Magazine_and_Website_9292.asp?ServicePage=3) • The magazine offers film, DVD and Blu – ray news, reviews and features. The typical content of the magazine consists of full-length interviews and photo shoots with established and up-and-coming actors and directors, to major film previews and retrospective pieces. • Total Film magazine logo has been adapted from solid colour to include some panoramic and ariel photographs.
  3. 3. Barcode, date, price The masthead specifically targets the two senses we use when watching a film Well known establishment. The BFI is an internationally renowned Slogan organisation dedicated to film Key image midshot of actor inSome coverlines not in capital letters character Dark background creates an Sunglasses, dark suit and dark tie are ominous atmosphere a typical image of an action film featuring dark characters. Circular strip gives the reader any extra information about the The serious facial expression connotes magazine he is very focused on someone or something Well known actor and director Serif and San Serif font Key coverlineThe magazine seems to focus more ondirectors, producers and actors ratherthan the content of a film • The magazine is published by the British Film Institute, which was founded in 1933. The magazine is available at a monthly price of £3.75 • The target audience is adults working within the international film industry as well as consumers who are serious film goers. • The magazine reviews all film releases, including those with a limited release each month. • Classic logo is being used
  4. 4. The magazine focuses on TV programmes as well as film Some of the content of the magazine The masthead is very large so the Circular strip gives the reader any magazine stands out from a distance extra informationThe serious facial expression and Date, pricehooded figure connotes warrior – likequalities Key image mid shot of the actor in character Crowed page – multitude of messages Fantasy/sci –fi /horror films Mystical background The key coverline “Prince Persia” suggests that the magazine could Barcode, company logo primarily review fantasy films The key coverline is the only Mystical font style part of text in Serif font Capital letters Like Empire magazine, there is a film reel to give the reader an insight into the content of the magazine • The magazine is published every four weeks by Future Publishing Ltd at the price of £4.50 • The target audience is 71% male with an average age of 33 (http://www.theadindex.com/Advert_Displays/SFX_Magazine_and_Website_9289.asp?ServicePage=3) • The Magazine covers topics in the genres of popular science fiction, fantasy and horror, within the media of films, television, videogames, comics and literature. The magazine publishes regular special editions and has hosted an annual conventions. • Classic logo is being used.
  5. 5. The barcode is in an unusualposition. It wouldn’t normally The masthead is quite plain andcover the key image, or be at the uninteresting so the magazinetop of the page won’t stand out from other The issue name acts as the key magazines coverline Slogan The majority of the text is in a Close up shot San Serif font The dark background reflects the genre of the films it reviews The slogan doesn’t use capital letters The key image is a print not a photograph Minimalist coverlines , no additional word play or loaded The key image is very bright so it language would stand out from other film magazines Art house style Glamorous image reminiscent of a 1920’s look The magazine doesn’t look like a typical film magazine. There are no glossy pages – instead a matt finish is used • The magazine is published bi – monthly by The Church of London Creative Agency at a price of £5.00 • The target audience is adults who are interested in unusual Cult films • The magazine features writing, illustration and photography related to cinema • The layout and design doesn’t follow the usual conventions of a magazine • Using the standard logo in its usual position
  6. 6. The masthead “Uncut” suggests there is no restrictions with the Menu strip with major music artists editing of each article so readers will be able to find out the David Bowie is positioned as if he is complete story of each subject trying to hide something which creates a sense of enigma for the reader so they Emphasises the free CD will want to find out more about him. Key coverline Unlike the other magazines, not all the coverlines are in capital letters Combination of Serif and San Serif Unclear that the font magazine is supposed to review films and Creates a sense of excitement books as well as for the reader Free CD entices the reader to buy Key image midshot of an iconic music the magazine even if they have artist never read it before Rhetorical question encourages theThe background is very plain which reader to turn the pagebrings the main subject forward andmakes the coverlines easier to read More major music artists Barcode, date and price • The magazine is published monthly by IPC Media at a price of £5.12 • The magazine is aimed at a target audience of males aged 25 – 45 with an average age of 37(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncut_(magazine) • The magazine focuses on music genres of Americana, rock and alternative country but also includes film and book sections. • The typical content of the magazine includes lengthy features on old albums, interviews with film directors, music and film news, and reviews of all major new album, film and DVD releases. • The logo is not uniform when compared to some of their previous front covers.
  7. 7. Summary of research•The key image is usually of an actor in character from a film.•Most magazines use capital letters for the coverlines so they are easy to read and stand out on the page. A combination of Serif and San Seriffont is used to create a more interesting visual style. San Serif font is used more prominently as it easier to read.•The key coverline is normally centred over the main image or slightly below. It is usually the title of the film being promoted on the front coverof the magazine. However when reviewing Uncut magazine, it featured both contemporary and iconic musical artists from the past.•In Sight & Sound magazine they have kept their classic logo and the key image is a film still. The key coverline references the actor and thedirector of the film which are three separate selling points.•In Total Film magazine they have amended their logo from solid white and red font to background photographs.