Sophie berry top 3 film trailers


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Sophie berry top 3 film trailers

  2. 2. 500 Days of Summer  Trailer  The film is a romantic comedy about a woman who doesn't believe true love exists, and the young man who falls for her.
  3. 3. 500 Days of Summer  Target Audience – 15 +  USP – Unconventional pattern to the storyline, shows different days at      different stages amongst the relationship Sound – 4 songs used, fitting with ‘indie’ genre and theme. Begins with dialogue then different songs are introduced which mirror the mood and depth of the relationship as it develops Genre – Reflected through the use of ‘indie’ music and old fashioned and grainy cinematography at the start Colour – Soft and neutral colours, beige/brown’s fitting in with ‘indie’ theme. The blue of the text stands out and brightens the rest of the trailer Editing – Scenes speed up and slow down in time with mood and depth of relationship Font – Plain and simple, standing out comparing to the rest of the colour used
  4. 4. The Great Gatsby  Trailer  A war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbour.
  5. 5. The Great Gatsby  Target Audience – 15 +  USP – Modern take on an old fashioned classic story, Luhrmann’s      contemporary version of classic film Sound – Begins upbeat and fast tempo song. Voice of main character as voice over, dialogue of characters, repeating mention of central character. Second song introduced as the emotion of trailer develops Genre – action and romance conveyed through the choice of shots used and the songs played Colour – Dramatic and glamorous colours to match the setting and era of film Editing – Scenes speed up with tempo and build up of the song Font – Old fashioned writing to match the era that the film is set in
  6. 6. Paranormal Activity  Trailer  After moving into a new family home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.
  7. 7. Paranormal Activity  Target Audience – 16 +  USP – Filmed from inside the house, homemade and realistic  Sound – Dialogue, starts calm and realistic. Sudden and loud crashing      sound effects. The sound of videotape jittering in the background, adds to the unique feel of a realistic home film Genre – Dark and night time setting, loud noises and sudden movements convey the theme Colour – Black and white camera, cold and blue effect which mirrors the fear of the characters Camera – Handheld camera effect, adds to horror and realist feel Editing – Fast pace shots speed up as more is discovered and the horror unfolds. Time in bottom corner gives home filmed feel Font – Blank and plain, stand’s out and is bold and sudden