Kat trailer analysis


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Kat trailer analysis

  1. 1. TRAILER ANALYSIS. Students should create a PowerPoint about their top three trailers, choosing films from different genres - embedding the trailer onto the presentation and use bullet points to comment on the trailer. Explain why the trailer has been chosen, why it is effective and how it entices the audience to see the film.
  2. 2. HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS. • Watch trailer. • The music they have chosen to run throughout the trailer indicates the genre of the movie, a rom-com. • They have picked the scenes to show you who the characters are, first Andie then Ben enabling you to pick up who the main characters are in the movie. The scenes they’ve picked also show you the basic storyline, so you’re able to get a feel for the movie. • The titles slide in from the side, and are black with white writing which reminds you of magazine writing, which tell you why their getting to know each other. The titles also give you hints to the basic storyline also.
  3. 3. WE’RE THE MILLERS. • • • • Watch trailer. Through the scene they have chosen to use, the audience is able to pick up on the basic storyline, as they have used clips from different points in the films so the audience are able to pick up on the funny storyline and on who the main characters are of the movie. The music they have chosen, changes through out the trailer to show different point in the film, the music is quite up beat and fast paced which suggests that this mirrors the film. Also there is a over voice explaining key things like for example who each character is. The titles they have used come in about half way through the trailer and have been put into the scene with the characters to make it look very slick, they are all sliver apart from the title which is in orange and is the biggest as its the name and its the most important.
  4. 4. TAKEN. • Watch trailer. • The music they used is a soft piano solo which reflects the fact he’s talking on the phone to the persons who has kidnapped his daughter, so its calming but also you are able to pick up on the fact its a thriller and a action film. • The way they have editing the scene is that when she is about to e taken they have split the screen so that you are able to see both points of view but also after this when he’s on the phone, you’re shown clips of action very fast which makes you want to see it and see what that action is. • The over voice of the conversations makes the trailer seem very tense and dramatic which helps to pull the audience in.