Joel gardner question five


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Joel gardner question five

  1. 1. FRONT COVER<br />Here are some ways in which my magazine front cover appeals to my target audience<br /><ul><li>Free gifts inside the magazine such as a poster special which would attract people as this has been highly effective for a magazine like Kerrang!
  2. 2. I called the magazine Legends Of Rock as this would appeal to people who like rock music.
  3. 3. I made sure the people on the front cover were people that the target audience would aspire to be like maybe.
  4. 4. I also included a coverline of all new interviews as the target audience would be heavily into there music and therefore this would appeal to them as they know what is happening with there favourite artists.- Also on the ticker and banner I made sure that I put bands that my target audience would like.- The star shape on the 10 best albums of the year would draw peoples attention.- The posters of certain bands would appeal to them as they have been taken mainly from live performances which would appeal to people</li></li></ul><li>CONTENTS PAGE<br />Ways in which my contents page would appeal to my target audience are as follows.<br /><ul><li>The bands that I have taken photographs of would be popular with my target audience and some of them would be quite good role models.
  5. 5. The poster special would appeal to the people who buy the magazines as they would be interested in live music pictures and also posters of their favourite bands
  6. 6. The guitar competition on the far right of the contents page would appeal to people as the majority of my target audience would want to win a signed guitar
  7. 7. The star would attract peoples attention and draw there eye in.
  8. 8. The information about festivals would appeal to my audience as they would have disposable income to go to these large rock music festivals such as Sonisphere.
  9. 9. The live reviews would draw people in as they would like going to see bands live and would want to know what is what about the live performances.</li></li></ul><li>DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD<br /><ul><li>On my double page spread I included information about the bands latest tour and information about their upcoming album which people who buy this magazine would definitely want to read about.
  10. 10. I included the band fact file part of the magazine to give people interesting information and background about the band if they hadn’t of heard of them before
  11. 11. I also included two live pictures of the band playing to put the focus on live music and obviously show people that this band is a serious touring band.
  12. 12. Also the live music edge of the double page would appeal to the target audience.</li>