James' top 3 trailer analysis


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James' top 3 trailer analysis

  1. 1. TRAILER ANALYSIS Students should create a powerpoint about their top three trailers, choosing films from different genres - embedding the trailer onto the presentation and use bullet points to comment on the trailer. Explain why the trailer has been chosen, why it is effective and how it entices the audience to see the film.
  2. 2. Rush Trailer RUSH – ACTION/DRAMA Sound- music is upbeat to build excitement and grabs the audiences attention. Music goes from an upbeat track to one that slowly builds up tension. Interestingly there seems to be 3 different songs being played throughout the trailer. Font & Colour- the colour schemes fits in with the colour of the drivers cars and their outfits. Font colours are the same as the drivers outfits and cars. Editing- clips jump quickly to one another, no pauses in-between which helps to build pace and excitement. We get a sense of speed in how these clips are edited just like with the cars. USP- true story, appeals to audience if they are interested in the sport or they want to find out the persons story. This song will really appeal to the fans of James Hunt and Nikki Laudwer
  3. 3. District 9 Trailer DISTRICT 9 - SCI-FI Sound- music is calm and quiet as if nothing in the world is wrong. When in the trailer all the people are scared and upset about certain events which have occurred. USP- the trailer makes the audience think the film is about immigration, it seems it is about humans but then we are told otherwise. this film has a message towards the audience and makes them think more about their attitudes towards immigration and how we treat people. Editing- clips are bounced off each other quickly and the story of the aliens is told backwards. The quick paced editing of the trailer builds tension and excitement. Font style- simple font style and words turn to red this gives a sense of danger. Excitement is created as people want to find out more about the aliens and this then persuades them to go out and watch the film at the cinema. The title adds interest as people may want to find out what district 9 is, so they may go and watch the film to find out more.
  4. 4. Pain & Gain Trailer PAIN & GAIN – COMEDY USP- based on a true story will help to create more interest and excitement as true story's usually do. Big name actors of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, attracts fans who like these actors. When some audience members see a certain actor or actress they may go to watch a film just so they can watch this actor or actress. Displaying these big name actors names will attract audiences. Sound- loud action shots create excitement with the audience and high paced loud music creates more interest in the trailer for the audience. Camera- lots of different interesting shot types help to create differentiation throughout the trailer. Nearly every shot in this trailer is different which adds a lot of interest throughout. The font styles used in the trailer are big and bold and help to grab the audiences attention.