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James craine magazine research powerpoint


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James craine magazine research powerpoint

  2. 2.  I conducted some market research on some currentmusic magazines, this included; Vibe, Q, Kerrang,Mojo, Uncut, Metal Hammer and Top of the Pops. I found out each magazines editor, frequency ofproduction, first issue date, price, genre and targetaudience.
  3. 3. NME Editor - Mike Williams Frequency - Weekly First Issue - 7 March 1952 Language - English Price - £1.95 Genre – Rock/Alternative Target Audience – The target audience for NMEis people who enjoy the music genres rock andalternative. The audience will want to knowmore about the artists and music they produce.The age range of the target audience would bearound 17-30.
  4. 4. Q Editor - Andrew Harrison Frequency - Monthly First Issue - October 1986 Language - English Price - £3.99 Genre – Rock/Alternative Target Audience – Q magazines target audiencewill again be like NME’s target audience as theyare a magazine which covers the same genre ofmusic and similar artists. The age range of thetarget audience will again be around 17-30.These two magazines are rival magazines.
  5. 5. KERRANG Editor - James McMahon Frequency - Weekly First Issue - 6 June 1981 Language - English Price - £2.20 Genre - Metal/Rock Target Audience –The target audience forKerrang magazine will be people who enjoyMetal/Rock magazine. The magazine will beaimed at people 18-30, the 18 is because somelanguage in the magazine can be offensive andrude.
  6. 6. MOJO Editor - Phil Alexander Frequency - Monthly First Issue - November 1993 Language - English Price - £2.25 Genre – Rock Target Audience – Mojo’s target audience will beof an older age range compared to that ofNME’s and Q’s target audience. This is becausethey look at older music and artists and somenew ones. It is again another rock magazine. Iwould expect the audience’s age to be around30+.
  7. 7. UNCUT Editor - Allan Jones Frequency - Monthly First Issue - May 1997 Language - English Price - £1.50 Genre – Classic Rock Target Audience – The target audience to Uncutis very similar to that of Mojo as it covers olderartists and older rock music. This genre ofmusic is known as classic rock as it is of anolder age. I would expect the ages of the buyersto be 30+.
  8. 8. METAL HAMMER Editor - Alexander Milas Frequency - Monthly First Issue - 1986 Language - English Price - £4.75 Genre – Rock/Metal Target Audience – The target audience for MetalHammer magazine would be similar to that ofKerrang, an audience of around 18-30 who havean interest in rock, metal music. This is a morehardcore rock magazine compared to that ofUncut.
  9. 9. TOP OF THE POPS Editor - Peter Hart Frequency - Monthly First Issue - 1 January 1964 Language - English Price - £1.25 Genre – Pop Target Audience – The target audience for TOTPmagazine will be a younger audience to that of theother magazines. The target audience age range willbe 11-19. It is the only pop magazine I have lookedat and people who enjoy pop music will be thetarget audience.