How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. For my poster I chose to have just one main imageplaced centrally. This draws the attention of theaudience to the poster and also follows conventionsof other posters by having one key image of a maincharacter. As well as this I chose to centre the title ofthe film at the bottom of the page in black. This is soit adheres to the colour scheme of black and whiteor generally dark colours which is usually used inhorror trailers. This reflects the atmosphere andgenre of the trailer and also shows continuity fromthe magazine. I chose to have the name of both of theactors in the top corners of the window frame, thisshows that one of the main focuses of the marketingcampaign is the actors which again showscontinuity from the magazine because the mainfocus of the front cover is Chris, one of the actors.
  2. 2. The background of the poster is a gloomy forest. Thisreflects the genre of the trailer and along with the fontshows continuity and consistency because it is spooky. I initially had the image of the girl simplyplaced directly in the centre of the screen, however I laterdecided that it would look better if I refined the edges tomake it seem smoother and as if the image of the girl wasdirectly related to the background. Finally, I selected not to revel a date and tohave the text saying “In Cinemas Soon” at the top of theposter. This creates a sense of anticipation for theaudience rather then saying a set date the it arrives incinemas. I selected to have the tagline of the film alsocentrally aligned but each word on separate lines andwith and effect on it that made it stand out and glow.This emphasises it and adds a sense of paranormalnessbecause it is spread out.
  3. 3. For my magazine, I chose to follow theconventions of a mass market film magazine, thishelps to make it more of a cohesive package alongwith the poster and trailer. I chose to aim mymagazine at the mass market because during myresearch I found that this would be the mostbeneficial to my genre of trailer rather then have aniche market because the horror genre is watchedby 100% of people that I conducted my marketresearch on. There is also continuity of the font of thetitle “Apprehension” This shows brand identityand also allows people to identify the film at aglance rather then having to think about it. I alsoselected to have it in red. This is so that it standsout not only as the key cover line but it alsorepresents the genre of the film.
  4. 4. I chose to have the ** in white, this is again so itstands out against the black background of themain actors shirt. The text its self also hasrelevance in the way that it only says “Jevons”and not his first name; this would suggest thathe is a well known actor and reinforces the factthat he is the main feature of the magazine. Italso has relevance to the film its self, this isbecause it says “why we should be waiting”when the tagline of the film is “She WasWaiting…”