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Hannah thorpe film trailer analysis

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Hannah thorpe film trailer analysis

  1. 1. Film Trailer Analysis
  2. 2. The Wedding Ringer Comedy Set in a realistic setting with realistic characters to begin with and then raises interest with a chase scene and seemingly strange events happening The main actors are shown and we know that they are well known because of their comedy which reinforces the knowledge that the audience gets from it, that it is a comedy film. The trailer shows the funny and unexpected parts to entice the audience. For example, the dinner scene when the grandma is set on fire. The music is cut out for the main funny lines to emphasise that you should listen to that line, instead of being distracted by the music Range between visual comedy and spoken one liners. Fast-paced, straight cuts throughout
  3. 3. Mean Girls Coming-of-age comedy Voice over by the actors in character Shows some of the funny parts without giving any of the narrative away Gives a glimpse into what the levels of status are in the school Realistic setting throughout, to get the audience relate The plot is made to seem like an exaggerated, stereotypical version of a normal American high school (“The cool Asians, the burn outs, the jocks, the best people you’ll ever meet… and the worst”) Creates a number of enigmas-Why is Regina helping her with Aaron Samuels and why does Cady then want her to gain revenge? We want to know how Regina knows everything about everyone and why everyone still likes her. Why they are doing trust exercises in the hall The music is popp-y which is usually associated with teenage girls (the target audience). There are pauses in the music to enhance the funny parts Quite fast paced to leave some things to the imagination before you see the film
  4. 4. The Tourist Romantic comedy thriller The intertitles contain text where the letters come in from different angles to create the words-reveals the word like they reveal the secrets in the film. Starts off in a realistic setting and then ends with spy gear and guns The end transition from the credit block quickly flashes to white and then to the website address to create the illusion of an explosion The majority of cuts are straight cuts with some fading in, generally when the clips lengthen to to emphasise the humour Enigmas are raised; Is she the protagonist or the antagonist?; does Johnny Depp’s character really have no idea about what’s going on, as a the end he seems to join in The music is very percussion and rhythm based and therefore heightens the tension, similar to a fast paced heart beat at times. Makes sure the main actors are prominent as they are very well known Hollywood actors which will entice many people to see the film.

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