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Focus group feedback

  1. 1. Focus Group Feedback Draft Trailer Pia Burrow
  2. 2. Is the storyline easy to understand? “Dont get the beginning with the kids - it doesnt mean anything - I know youre trying to show youve been friends all your lifes but it doesnt come across very well.” “Not too sure if I have picked up the storyline right or not. It seems to me that the girls have been friends from a young age and grew up together in the same house (?) Pia’s character then leave the house and Ambers character has to make friends again with a girl who does drugs, smokes and drinks. We then know she goes missing due to the narration.” “Yes, I do understand it; possibly add why the girl is leaving.” “Yes, it was about a sweet innocent girl with a good friend who had to move away. The innocent one then got with the wrong crowd and then went missing”“I’m afraid I don’t really understand the storyline. I think it is about two girls whogrew up together and are best friends. One leaves for some reason and the(feeling dejected and lonely) makes friends with another girl who is a badinfluence, which doesn’t help and makes her more depressed. This girl then hasgone missing. I’m sorry that’s all I got!” “Its all about friendship from a young age which turns sour when one leaves and is then replaced.”
  3. 3. Do You Know The Genre From The Trailer?“It is a character driven drama film.” “It is a drama with crime involvement” “It is a drama, mystery type of film” “I woulddefiantly say this is a drama” “Drama? Crime?” “The trailer is a clearly a drama, about adolescence and youth”
  4. 4. What was your favourite moment?“I really enjoyed the smoking and drinking bit but I wouldslow it down. Good use of make-up and costumes to show achange. Colour change from bright to dull.”“It would have to be the two girls in the alley ways drunk:this may have gone too quickly.” “I really enjoyed the bit where the two girls were drinking and smoking with her new ‘friend’. That section was well shot and directed, i do love the gritty scenes in a film!”“I thought the voiceovers at the beginning and end were very effective to add atmosphere” “I loved the children playing on the slides” “The montage of shots really caught my eye due to the different angles and shot types of the two girls. Well directed.”
  5. 5. What do you think needs improving? “There needs to be added sounds, titles, and the name of your film. The shots need to be more fluid so they flow nicely, yet the music will help this.”“May be speed up the beginning but I dont think that is necessary” “I think the storyline needs to be clearer or needs to develop further to tell the viewer why the first girl went away? Why were the two girls so co-dependent? What else led up to the girl going missing?”“You need to do something so the public could understand the storyline better but overallnot bad for a first draft. “ “Music played, changes throughout the trailer” “There needs to be added sounds, titles, and the name of your film. The shots need to be more fluid so they flow nicely, yet added music will help this.”
  6. 6. Would you add anything more, eg shots, dialogue etc? “I would add music and possibly sound effects of the young girls at the park.” “There needs to be music to give the effect and mood across.” “A narration of why the girl leaves, is that the end?” “Add some sound effects with the girls in the park, and music to the whole thing”“I thought it was well acted and understandable. Nothing but music should be added.” “You need sound - some bits are silent when there should be sound. You need music in there as well. Maybe some rock when its the smoking scenes and something sad when youre leaving.”
  7. 7. Do you understand the dialogue shots, do they help with understanding the key moments?“It does help to know that the friend is leaving, just don’t know why? Maybe donot add that in as it makes the audience wait until the film is seen.” “Can hardly hear the two girls talking in the bedroom or car but listening closely it does help.”“Everything was easily understandable. It will be veryeffective when finished!” “I really liked the minimal dialogue, kept it all mysterious.”“Possibly more on how she met the girl whoshe gets drunk with” “I understand the girl is leaving, I just don’t know why. Some you may need to re record as you can hear the car driving off louder than the talking.”
  8. 8. Things to work on...Most of my feedback for the storyline said that they didn’t know the story line, yet whenthey wrote it out, they got it correct. I think with a trailer, you cannot always tell the wholestory as it ruins the actual film.Everybody knew the genre of the film, although added ‘crime’ and ‘mystery’ were in theretoo.The montage shots worked most effective on the audience as that was the most mentionedpart.The majority of the feedback on what to improve was adding titles, music and the name ofour film coming at the end of the trailer. As this was only a draft, these things will be addedin to create the final one.What I really need to work on with the trailer is finding the best music to make it mosteffective and give off the right atmosphere and mood through out.Some think there needs to be voiceovers added to help the audience understand the trailerbetter. All of these things we shall work on to make our trailer as effective as we can.