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F:\Media Studies\Evaluation Blog\Evaluation Blog Poster #2 Analysis

  1. 1. In this poster I have included the use of a tag line which conforms to conventions of promotional posters. This allows for the audience to understand a potential plot or underlying storyline of the film being promoted. Also Forming with conventions I have included the by using the appropriate text at the same size with the formalities of the title and release date of my trailer same smudging affect it is clear to see synchronicity within this section of my promotional package. By again and conventions throughout. These create a ghostly incorporating a small usage of text I feel I have broken affect and allow the audience to understand a potential conventions to emphasize the full usage of the image influence on the film without giving away too much and focus the attention of the audience on the storyline. Finally the inclusion of this tag line I have symmetrical feel created by including the tag line. Like distinguished my genre to the audience and reaffirmed in my other promotional poster I have smudged the the potential plot text within my poster; this creates brand identity between all of my ancillary products. Overall in this poster I feel I have conformed to conventions of promotional posters more than in my other poster; but still keeping a distance from the standard, ordinary poster I have created a distinguished spectacle that allows the audience to imagine the potential storyline and plot. Also by avoiding the use of conventional text usage I have enabled to create a unique brand identity which is recognised throughout my promotional package. I feel that to distinguish this picture and minimal text as a film poster it was vital to use a credit block; by providing not only legal information but information of the potential viewing possibilities I have informed the audience of the purpose of the poster and hopefully given them reason to further investigate the film being advertised. The credit block I have chosen to include is in very small text, as it is not usually read by the viewer, but it is very iconic as it represents formality and the pragmatic knowledge of a film poster. The colour I have chosen to include is a copper brown which I feel contrasts well with the dark and depressing main image and text; the colour ensures readers understand the purpose of the poster and avoid confusion of the colour choice within the film itself. By including the IMAX promotion tag within the credit block it shows the viewing options of the film being advertised, it also compliments the colour scheme within this poster but also the continuity within each poster, the magazine and the trailer. Jai Maw