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Film trailers

  1. 1. List of the UK film magazines I am going to analyse: Empire Total Film Sight & Sound Uncut sfx
  2. 2. Empire website Empire is a British film magazine published by BauerConsumer Media. It is the biggest selling film magazine in Britain but isaimed at a mass market, Empire’s international footprintnow extends to six global markets Main editor at the moment is Mark Dinning but they haveeight editors at empire Each issue costs £3.99 Published on a monthly basis There is no set target audience it is more about who isinterested in the film which they are talking about howeverthe age range is 15-45
  3. 3. Total Film websiteTotal Film is a British film magazinepublished 13 times a year (every fourweeks) by Future publishing.It is the second-biggest selling filmmagazine in Britain, after empireDownload the total film magazineapp from Newsstand on iTunes. Singleissues: £1.99 eachTotal Film costs £ 3.50 In July total film webpage delivered arecord 33.4 million global pageviews, up 226% year-on-year and 2.1million global unique users, up 112%year-on-yearLee Nutter is the Publisher of Total Film
  4. 4. Sight & Sound website Sight & Sound is monthly published by the British film institute (BFI). published monthly by the British Film Institute. This magazine is mainly aimed at the older audience who want toread into more depth about the film and it is a mix gender magazine. The colour scheme is bright and colourfully making it stand out on theselves
  5. 5. Uncut website  Monthly publication based in London The Company that publish uncut are IPC Media  Editor Allan Jones • £3.99 per issue • Target audience is aimed at 25-45 year old males. • Even though it is a UK magazine is it available worldwide in English speaking countries• Uncut conveys that is it going to cut into more detail about the films and give all information possible both good and bad.
  6. 6. SFX magazine is published every four weeks by future publishingThe magazine covers topics in the genres of popular science fiction,fantasy and horror, within the media of films, television, videogames,comics and literature.According to the magazines website, the SF stands for "sciencefiction", but the X may stand for anything.The magazine costs £4.50