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film poster analysis


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film poster analysis

  1. 1. Film poster<br />SloganA slogan has been used to give the audience a clear indication of the narrative or genre of the film. Also what the storyline may be. This will give the audience a good idea of what the film is likely to be about. <br />Stars/actors/characters-Famous stars/actors have been used to give the film prestige. Furthermore, after the audience have seen who is in it they may be more encouraged to go and see it because of that particular actor/actress. The two masks either side of the two actors look suspicious and can appeal to my target audience. This can also make the audience ask questions about possible storylines.<br />1285875142240<br />Actor relationship-This gives away some of the storyline, the idea that the two characters in the middle are very close. Key image.<br />Credit block-A credit block has been used to make the poster look more professional and believable. This follows forms and conventions of a normal film poster. Name/title-The one worded title gives the audience an idea of what type of film it is. As it’s called ‘Captivity’ the audience would suggest that it is an action/thriller film. <br />In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br />My film poster follows forms and conventions of a real film poster through what I have applied to it. This includes;<br /><ul><li>A slogan
  2. 2. Key image
  3. 3. Credit block
  4. 4. Famous actors/actresses
  5. 5. Name/title</li></ul>The slogan complements our film genre of action/thriller. This also gives our target audience a good idea of what the narrative or any storyline may be. As it’s a rhetorical question ‘if someone you loved was far would you go,’ this makes the audience ask questions about what may happen. They can then put themselves in the position of the two actors on the front who look like they have a very close bond or relationship. The audience can relate to a person they know and think about what they would do in possible situations that the film poster asks. The slogan gives away a lot about the narrative and genre of the film. Any audience can therefore decide whether they will enjoy the film as it gives away clues about the film genre. However, if a certain audience prefers a different genre e.g. romance, they may still be interested in my film as the key image conveys that the two people may be in love. This gives our film poster flexibility as it can interest all different types of people but mainly people with an interest in action/thriller movies. <br />As I’ve got a credit block at the bottom of the page, this makes my film poster look professional and follows forms and conventions of a normal film poster. The credit block makes my film poster more believable as all film posters have a credit block at the bottom giving details about the film poster e.g. directors/producers/distributors. With famous actors/actresses listed this adds an extra appeal to my film poster. Any members of the public that know and like the famous actors may get drawn to it because of who is starring in it. Furthermore, the famous actors add prestige to the film giving it status before it’s released. Finally, the one worded title/name of the film gives away genre and potential storylines. The word ‘captivity’ suggests an action/thriller film as it asks questions. <br />Before producing my film poster I thought it would be more beneficial to base my poster on another famous poster for inspiration. I chose to look and analyse the ‘Goodfellas’ poster. <br />Stars/actors/characters-With famous actors been used, this adds automatic status to this film. People that have seen these actors in other films will be drawn to this film.<br />Actor relationship-Like my poster, this example has a certain number of characters that look suspicious and could give away something about the storyline. This picture would suggest that these three males are in some sort of gangster gang. As they are dressed in a very smart fashion, this adds to their suspicious image they are portraying.Credit block-Like any film poster at the bottom they have a credit block. I used the same layout and placed my credit block at the bottom to look professional and like any other film poster. Name/title-Another one worded title that can make the audience ask questions. The slang, ‘fellas’ refers males in society. Shared knowledge is used as everybody usually knows that men are often referred to as ‘fellas’. I thought that using a one worded title like this example is particularly good as its memorable and sticks in people’s mind. I always knew I would want a one worded title when creating my film trailer and poster.SloganThe slogan is a famous line from the film and conveys much about the storyline. As the slogan is from someone’s perspective it gives a firsthand view about gangsters living in America. It suggests that whoever is saying this aspires to be a gangster and will give the story from his point of view and how he becomes a gangster.20097751160780<br />