Emma titchen trailer analysis


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Emma titchen trailer analysis

  1. 1. Trailer Analysis Students should create a powerpoint about their top three trailers, choosing films from different genres - embedding the trailer onto the presentation and use bullet points to comment on the trailer. Explain why the trailer has been chosen, why it is effective and how it entices the audience to see the film.
  2. 2. • • • • • • • Watch Trailer The genre of this film is comedy, this is made clear through the dialogue and the music. The music used is upbeat and the lyrics slightly relate to the film. In the trailer it is clear that the two main characters are Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, who are both popular and funny actresses which will make people want to watch the film. The trailer shows various different shots which allows the audience to see the different parts of the film and the humour within the film. The titles are on a bright red background with block capitals which grabs the attention of the audience and by stating that it is by the same director of ‘Bridesmaids’ it helps the trailer attract the attention of the target audience. The film poster is on a bright pink background which helps it stand out and also shows that it is about women. The tag line under the title further emphasises that the film is a comedy. The Heat
  3. 3. • Watch Trailer • This genre of this film is action, this is made clear through the music, action and titles. Throughout the trailer there is many titles that appear on screen, by using a Abraham Lincoln quote it makes the trailer seem more realistic and ‘close to home’. The beginning of the trailer builds suspense as it looks like there is real news broadcasts which again makes it seem more realistic. Within the trailer it is mentioned that the director of the film has directed many other famous action movies which helps identify the target audience. Throughout the trailer the main characters are shown a lot which helps make people want to watch the film as the actors are both very famous and popular actors. As the credit for the movie title comes up towards the end it looks as if the title is fading and breaking away which goes along with the movie as it shows that the white house is being destroyed. The font style of the credits within the trailer are in block capitals and white text on a black background which adds to the serious tone as there is no colour. • • • • • • White House Down
  4. 4. • Watch Trailer • The genre of this film is romantic however throughout the film there seems to be a theme of mystery and drama. • The trailer starts with a woman running away from police sirens which makes it seem like a drama film however later in the trailer it is clear that the main genre is romantic. • The music behind the trailer helps reinforce the genre of the film as it is a happy song that coincides with the action on screen. • Within the trailer there are many flashbacks of the woman's life but it is not made clear why these flashbacks are significant so this will make people want to go and watch the film so that they can find out why the flashbacks are important. • When the first credit is shown on screen the music beat drops as each line appears which builds up the tension. Safe Haven