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Chaz malkin top trailers


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Chaz malkin top trailers

  1. 1. • music: basic narrative, heavybaseline in the background addingtension•Introduction of characters: only TylerDurden and Martha. We can tell thatthese are main characters•Doesn’t give alot of the plot away:we only know there’s a group calledfight club and that the maincharacters are all involved•Genre: Drama/psychological thriller• important Quotes from the filmplayed throughout the trailer
  2. 2. •Music: collection of upbeat andmodern music, shows the connectionthat it’s a upbeat film.• funny snapshots: parts of the film thatlook interesting and humorous to makethe audience intrigued.•Basic plot line shown throughout thetrailer : guys go to Vegas, get drunk andloose their friend before his wedding
  3. 3. •Music:The fast playing music, gives the film anupbeat and action packed feel. Theorchestral feel to it as well makes theaudience think about how it’s set inanother time and place.Introduction to characters:We see jack sparrow standing on the topof his mast slowing sinking into the water.This tells the audience that he’s a maincharacter and will be playing a comicalrole.Genre: action