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New product development on antivirus (Financial results)


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New product development on antivirus (Financial results)

Published in: Business, Technology
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New product development on antivirus (Financial results)

  1. 1.  Financial results (per year )201120122013S.noParticulars amount (rs)  1    a.Net sales /income from operations   b.other operating income    totalNet sales /income from operations20,62,50026,81,250 34,85,625  note -: 30% sales incement per year   2Expenditure   aIncrease/desrease in stock in trade and work in progess-- bconsumption of raw materials2,30,000 2,99,000 3,88,700 cemployee cost37,20,00037,20,00037,20,000dfuel,power and light 40,037.5040,037.5040,037.50eadmistrative and other cost 2,55,0002,55,0002,55,000fsoftware development 5,00,0005,00,0005,00,000gpakaging 2,30,0002,99,0003,88,700hadvertisment 71,50071,50071,500ipromotion and branding 6,11,1406,11,1406,11,140jother expenditure -                      total expenditure  56,57,677.5057,95,677.5059,75,077.5     3Profit (+)/loss(-) from operation before     other income interest and exceptional     items (1-2)   total -3595178-3114427.5-2489452.5     4other income (net)   total one time income 6,50,000--     5Profit (+)/loss(-) before interest and    exceptional items (3+4)   totalloss (-)-2945178-3114427.5-2489452.5     6interest 12% personal loan  total50,00,000 persoanl loan taken 12 % interest rate 6,00,0006,00,0006,00,000     7profit (+)/loss (-) after interest but     exceptioanl items (5-6)   total -3545178-3714427.5-3089452.5     8exceptional items    total -       9profit (+)/loss(-) before tax (7-8)   total -3545178-2514427.5-3089452.5     10tax expenses    total -       11net profit()/loss() from ordinary activities     after tax (9-10)    total -3545178-2514427.5-3089452.5     12extraodinary item (net of tax expenses)   total -       13net profit (+)/loss(-) for the period     (11-12)   total negative loss is there -3545178-2514427.5-3089452.5     14paid up equity share capital     (face value () per share )   total --      15Reserves excluding revaluation     reserves as per balance sheet    of previous according year    total --      16Earning per share (not annalize )   a. before extraordinaory items     basic (rs)--  diluted (rs)-- bafter extraordinary items     basic (rs)--  diluted (rs)--      17public shareholdings    number of shares    percentage of shareholding    total  --      18promotions and promotors group    shareholding    apleadged /encummbered    number of shares percentage of shares     (as a % of the total shareholding of the    promotors and promotions group)    percentage of shares (as a% of the     total share capital of the company )-- bnon - encumbered     number of shares     % of shares (as a% of the total     shareholding of promotors and    promotion group)    % of shares (as a% of the total     share capital of the company)-- notes -:<br />