New product development on antivirus


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New product development on antivirus

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New product development on antivirus

  2. 2. MIT School of Business 2011 Table of CONTENTSChapter Title Page No. No. Declaration from student iv Certificate from organization v Certificate from Guide vi Acknowledgement vii List of Tables viii List of Graphs ix List of charts ix List if abbreviations x Executive summary xi I Introduction Background of the study Theoretical background of the topic Company profile Statement of the problem Need of the study Scope of the study Balance Sheet 2
  3. 3. MIT School of Business 2011II Research Methodology Research design Primary data Secondary data Sample design Sample unit Sample size Sampling method Method of data collection Instrument for data collection Limitations Data Processing and Analysis Findings Conclusions Recommendations Bibliography Appendices / annexure Questionnaire Management lesson 3
  4. 4. MIT School of Business 2011 DECLARATIONI, BIPIN BHARDWAJ, Hereby declare that this project report is the record of authentic workcarried out by me during the period from 8thApril 2011 to 15thJune 2011 and has not beensubmitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any degree / diploma etc.BIPIN BHARDWAJDate:Place: 4
  5. 5. MIT School of Business 2011 CERTIFICATE FROM THE COMPANY(On the letterhead of the Company, given and signed by the concerned authority in the Company/ Organization where student has done his Summer Training. It should also have Company Seal/Stamp.) 5
  6. 6. MIT School of Business 2011 CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that Mr. / Ms----------------------------------------- of MAEER’s MIT School ofBusiness has successfully completed the project work titled ------------------------------------ inpartial fulfillment of requirement for the completion of PGDM course as prescribed bythe MAEER’s MIT School of Business.This project report is the record of authentic work carried out by him/her during theperiod from ------------------ to -------------. Hershel has worked under my guidance.SignatureNameProject Guide (Internal)Date: Signature Name Director Date: 6
  7. 7. MIT School of Business 2011 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to my mentor & Designated partnerMr. KUSHAGRA BHARDWAJ for his guidance and other members of the organization forextending their valuable support and help in the preparation of this project report.It is my pleasure to acknowledge “Narmada Computers”, for giving me this wonderfulopportunity for allowing me to do my summer training here. I am also thankful to wholedepartment for their co-operation at the time of my training.I am equally grateful to all the employees of various departments/processing units who haveprovided me with adequate data/information and support, in spite of their hectic schedule.I am also thankful to Prof. Avanish Deshpande (Internal Guide) & my institute “MIT-SOB”,for allowing me to do my summer training at Narmada Computers & providing me properassistance in making my project a success.And to my friends for extending their co-operation in completion of this project report.Date:Signature: 7
  8. 8. MIT School of Business 2011 List of Tables Table No. Title Page No. 1 Trial version are using (Questionnaire no 5) 2 Information about antivirus (Questionnaire no 9) List of Graphs Graph No. Title Page No. 1 Antivirus version preference (Questionnaire no 3) List of Charts Chart No. Title Page No. 1 Competitors of Narmada Computers (Questionnaire no 1) 2 change antivirus (Questionnaire no 10) List of Abbreviations Abbreviations Full formLLP Limited Liability PartnershipISO Indian Standard OrganizationSWOT Strength Weakness Opportunity ThreatsBPO Business process OutsourcingCSR Corporate social responsibility 8
  9. 9. MIT School of Business 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe purpose of behind selecting the topic the NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT was tounderstand the market and the challenges which play a key role in development of new product.According to the studies most of the company needs to grow their revenues by developing newproduct & services and expending in to new markets in shorts. The main objective to work onthis topic was to know the effect of improve or replacement product & services on the sales andto understand the present market potential and customization of the company. The methods usedto study this project were mainly through the primary data collection that is through telephonicinterview with different company and to extent personal interview. As the data collection wasprimary mode of collecting data show the analysis was done of the basis of the data collected.Various charts & graphs are shown in the study more easily and effectively. And the analysis iscarried on basis of those tabulation works. Various conclusion and recommendation have beenalso included in project study on the basis of the data collected and analysis an observationmade conclusion which are obtained from the brief study are as follows .Few recommendationshave been made in the study to the company should improve Narmada Computers shouldproduce this new product. In India there is less number of producers of Antivirus. In perspectiveof demand there is a big market in India and also entirely globe. It is a big investment forNarmada Computers to develop new antivirus software. So Narmada Computers can invite thirdparty for development of the antivirus software. Narmada Computers is kept his first step stonein the field of software in the month of March in the city of lakes Bhopal (MadhyaPradesh).Narmada Computers is a company of Credibility, Reliability, Innovative, andOutsourcing. Software development. IT consultancy. Software Product marketing company.Project done in our company is of satisfactory quality and cheaper in cost. Companies also domarketing of the software product. It also consultant and create awareness to the people whowant to make their own software and website for their products. Narmada Computers is acompany of highly innovative people, and also they are down to earth thinkers.Mr.Kushagra bhardwaj (Designated partner) is pursuing his engineering in IT as a stream fromR.G.P.V Bhopal (M.P) 9
  10. 10. MIT School of Business 2011 BACK GROUND OF THE STUDYNarmada Computers is a company which deals in Website Design and Development-CommerceDevelopment Solutions, software development, open source development ,Steps, Tips andDetailed: How to Get A New website, Market survey, New product development includespromotion, marketing, selling of new product. Narmada Computers By Mr. Bipin Bhardwaj E-7/128, Ashoka Society, Arera colony, Bhopal (M.P) – 462016 E-mail: Mobile: +919425676892 10
  11. 11. MIT School of Business 2011ObjectiveShort term objective –there will be marketing of software product like antivirus product,outsourcing of the project that we will take from Software Company and small scale industry,college project by applying innovative ideas to it.To gain credibility and sufficient revenue through building partnership with potentialorganization with very effective and efficiency way .We as Software Company add value to thesoftware project.Long term objective - : By delivering software project on time, as per the customer requirementand with low cost with standard of ISO quality. We successful complete the software as perwithin time by the client and with low cost .Making long term relationship with the customer bycontinuous follow up with the clients.Narmada Computers stands for their Credibility, reliability, process standards, innovative ideas;goodwill provides satisfactory solutions to the clients. To gain clients goodwill by giving themconsultancy time to time for the product up gradation in the software project. To make softwarein such a way that the, clients customer’s visit’s will become into repeaters. By outsourcing thesoftware project our company adds values to the project and with the unique features of givingcontinuous suggestions to the clients for their software improvement and according to the currenttrends and patterns, and also takes time feedback from customers. To understand the present market potential of antivirus in Indian market. To forecast the sales of antivirus for the company. To find weather it is feasible or not for the company. To understand the competition level of antivirus in the market. 11
  12. 12. MIT School of Business 2011 THEORETICAL BACK GROUND OF THE TOPICNew product developmentThe process 1. Idea Generation Ideas for new products can be obtained from basic research using a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), Market and consumer trends, companys R&D department, competitors, focus groups, employees, salespeople, corporate spies, trade shows, or Ethnographic discovery methods (searching for user patterns and habits) may also be used to get an insight into new product lines or product features. Idea Generation or Brainstorming of new product, service, or store concepts - idea generation techniques can begin when you have done your OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS to support your ideas in the Idea Screening Phase (shown in the next development step). 2. Idea Screening The object is to eliminate unsound concepts prior to devoting resources to them. The screeners must ask at least three questions: Will the customer in the target market benefit from the product? What is the size and growth forecasts of the market segment/target market? What is the current or expected competitive pressure for the product idea? What are the industry sales and market trends the product idea is based on? Is it technically feasible to manufacture the product? 12
  13. 13. MIT School of Business 2011 Will the product be profitable when manufactured and delivered to the customer at the target price?3. Concept Development and Testing Develop the marketing and engineering details Who is the target market and who is the decision maker in the purchasing process? What product features must the product incorporate? What benefits will the product provide? How will consumers react to the product? How will the product be produced most cost effectively? Prove feasibility through virtual computer aided rendering, and rapid prototyping What will it cost to produce it? Testing the Concept by asking a sample of prospective customers what they think of the idea. Usually via Choice Modeling.4. Business Analysis Estimate likely selling price based upon competition and customer feedback Estimate sales volume based upon size of market and such tools as the Fourt- Woodlock equation Estimate profitability and breakeven point 13
  14. 14. MIT School of Business 20115. Beta Testing and Market Testing Produce a physical prototype or mock-up Test the product (and its packaging) in typical usage situations Conduct focus group customer interviews or introduce at trade show Make adjustments where necessary Produce an initial run of the product and sell it in a test market area to determine customer acceptance6. Technical Implementation New program initiation, Resource estimation, Requirement publication Engineering operations planning, Department scheduling, Supplier collaboration, Logistics plan, Resource plan publication, Program review and monitoring, Contingencies - what-if planning7. Commercialization (often considered post-NPD) Launch the product, Produce and place advertisements and other promotions Fill the distribution pipeline with product; Critical path analysis is most useful at this stage 14
  15. 15. MIT School of Business 2011 Company ProfileNarmada Computers is incorporated on 7th of March 2011.Company registered office is inBhopal (Madhya Pradesh) “The city of lakes “.Company deals in1. Create web based solutions that you can access anywhere, anytime.2. Provide bespoke software solutions - tailored to your requirements.3. Help you discover the potential of your business data.4. Support and maintain your existing software and legacy systems.5. Increase your productivity by automating repetitive tasks.MISSIONTo make simple and unique approach to develop website, by adding new upcoming technologylike E-commerce applications and Web applications.To overcome the problem is in a very efficient and cost effective way.VISSIONTo make the company world best in quality website design in innovativeTo sell the software product with very lowest price. 15
  16. 16. MIT School of Business 2011SWOT analysis of Narmada ComputersStrengths:  Low cost  Fully integrated operations from. Lower adverse impact due to market fluctuation.  Good quality of software and technology for productivity improvement.  Manpower and good profile of employees.Weakness:  High development costOpportunities:  High demand growth potential  High potential for value added products with improved reserves, lower cost of production.  Good scope for expansion and export.  Competitive advantage to IndiaThreats:  International software development price downward fluctuations.  Environment concerns and failing tariff structure also affecting profitability.  Reductions or withdrawals of export benefits. 16
  17. 17. MIT School of Business 2011Marketing mix -:Place -: Company concentrate on the local customer like schools, colleges, small scale business,coaching institute, while concentrating on these segment company can make website and internalsoftware.Price -: price can be varied from according to the segments wise price list according to thewebpage size, what the features clients want according to that price varies.Promotions -: events, B2B approach presentation to the company or the target clients for thewebsite development /design, web marketing example -: Google.Products -:1. Website development.2. Internal software development for the company.3. How to make new website.4. Website design.5. Software engineer (freelancer software engineer)6. SMS software. 17
  18. 18. MIT School of Business 2011 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. What the company needs to do about new product of antivirus. 2. What information is needed and how should be obtained. 3. It should be action oriented or information oriented. NEED OF THE STUDYThe basic need of the study behind can be as follows 1. Developing a marketing strategy for introducing a new product in to the market. 2. Estimating total sales. 3. Making budget for new product development. 4. For proper planning and organizing new product development. 5. To draw ideas from customers. 6. For better concept development & testing for new product. 7. For business analysis & future forecasting for new product development. SCOPE OF THE STUDY 1. Making market budget for new project, along with proper planning and organizing of the new project. 2. To forecast the sales of every new product and developing a strong market for the product. 3. To understand the market and requirement of a new product in the market. 4. To understand the customer requirement and increase the sales by increasing customer loyalty. 5. To develop market strategies for the success of a new product. 6. Testing of the market and generating new ideas before developing a new product. 18
  19. 19. MIT School of Business 2011 7. Commercialization of new product.Environmental influence -:While India holds a dominant share of the global offshore IT-BPO sector, yet, at USD 46.3billion in 2008-09, Indian IT-BPO exports accounted for less than 2.8 percent of the global spendon IT-BPO. Over the next decade, the industry will be influenced by several global macro-economic, demographics, social, business and technological trends that will shape the face ofglobal business. These trends include:Macroeconomic and demographic trendsShifting centers of economic activity–GDP of Asia and Europe will convergeWorking age population shrinking in key developed countries (e.g., Japan, Italy, US)Social and environmental trendsIncreased Internet and mobile connectivity transforming the way people live and interactRapidly increasing consumption and associated supply gap in key natural resources (e.g., oil,water) creating need for resource efficiency and climate change solutionsBusiness and technology trendsGlobal economic crisis leading to major shift in industry structures and higher regulatory controlCorporate boundaries being redefined (e.g., open innovation, extended supply chains, web ofpartnerships)Technology radically transforming the way traditional corporations and governments functionThis will lead to new opportunities for companies to capture new markets largely untapped sofar. So far, the prime focus of the global sourcing industry has been on core markets- largeenterprises from North America, Western Europe and Japan in verticals such as BFSI, telecom,retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and travel. While these core markets will continue togrow over the next 10 to 15 years, driven by growth in the cost base, the industry will beredefined along four key dimensions: 19
  20. 20. MIT School of Business 2011New services in core markets: 1) There is still further growth potential (beyond the cost-based growth) even in the core markets described above. The global sourcing industry has largely focused on cost reduction through replication of processes in low-cost locations. Going forward, the industry can propose additional services to these core markets in three ways: 1) offer beyond-cost services, e.g., revenue enhancement, capital avoidance; 2) Suggest integrated manufacturing and services solutions e.g., end-to-end development of new auto parts; and 3) Redesign and transform processes, leveraging automation.New customer segments: Enabled by mega trends such as increased digital connectivity and theavailability of new delivery platforms, the industry can expand its influence beyond largeenterprises to SMBs. The emergence of new service offerings will also allow players to servesmaller enterprises in an unconventional but profitable manner. The industry can also offer directbusiness-to-consumer services (such as financial, healthcare and travel services) to the emergingclass of well-connected retail consumer’snew geographies: As economic growth expands into new markets, Asia will bypass Europe asthe second largest target market, led by India and China. On the back of greater adoption oftechnology and outsourcing by enterprises, BRIC markets will become a sizeable target domesticoutsourcing market, with India and China accounting for almost 50 per cent of the opportunity. 20
  21. 21. MIT School of Business 2011Several trends:An estimated 80 per cent of the growth in the addressable market will come from segments thathave not been traditional markets for the industry The addressable market for BPO will exceedthat of technology services by 2020The BRIC domestic outsourcing opportunity will rival that ofcore geographiesInnovation can create an additional opportunity (around USD 200 billion for solutions andproducts in three select areas alone - namely climate change solutions, clinical research andmobile applicationsAreas of Focus Drivers of India’s advantageEnergy efficiency and climate changeSmart buildings (integrated BMS Linked to outside environment, e.g., weather, light, smartHVAC,occupancy-based lighting) Smart grid solutions (user-level )Smart monitoring, automatedT&D, monitoring, load)Growing carbon credits marketIncreasing domestic demand to reduce carbon Footprint (India’s carbon footprint fromElectricity generation will grow at a CAGR of 4% double the global average CAGR of 2%from2010 to 2020) 21
  22. 22. MIT School of Business 2011Improving regulatory environment -: Mobile applications, Internet offerings like search, mail,Messenger on mobile platformSMS-based searches, applicationsMobile middleware solutions, roaming applications, SMS gatewaysLarge domestic market Robust local ecosystem of companies, value Chain players and investorsEstablished IT resource pool & development InfrastructureTotal addressable market for global sourcing and domestic outsourcing, 2020-21Areas of Focus Drivers of India’s advantageClinical research Target identification & validationLead generation &optimizationClinical development & trialsData management & statistical AnalysisLower time-to market due to easy access toLow-costLarge patient poolAvailability of talent for high quality trialsData ManagementFavorable regulations 22
  23. 23. MIT School of Business 2011Domestic market andInfrastructureThe outsourcing opportunity in climate change, mobile applications and clinical research couldadd over USD 200billion to the total addressable market. India can have a distinctive impact inthese areas including clinical trials and data analysis, Internet offerings on mobile platforms andcreating smart grids for energy efficiency. If India is able to capture distinctive roles in thesevalue chains, over USD 75 billion could be added to Indian technology and BPO exports by2020.Current market sizeThe Indian IT-BPO industry (excluding hardware) is estimated to be a USD 63 billion industryby March 2010 employing over 2.2 million people and contributing to over 4 percent of India’sGDP. On the back of the global economic recession, the growth rate for the industry for FY 2010is estimated to decline to a low of 7 percent. The past year has witnessed a depressed demandenvironment with budget cuts and delayed decision making. However recent data indicates thatthe impact of the recession is bottoming out, decision making is starting to happen and there willbe demand for IT-BPO services.Industry structureThe industry has a healthy mix of Indian providers and foreign providers, with the lattercontributing to 30 per cent of total revenues. Companies operate through a range of sourcingmodels-1. Captive - An internal cost center or a 100% subsidiary company set up to execute IT-BPO 23
  24. 24. MIT School of Business 2011services2. Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures - provider owned/joint operations transferable to thecustomer or provider at certain milestones/timelines3. Outsourced/Third party - Use of a third party service provider to provide IT-BPO servicesIT- BPO Expert marketThe export industry is diversified across three major focus segments – IT Services, BPO andengineering services. While IT Services have been the mainstay of the industry, BPO andengineering services sector has built upon the India value proposition and today there existintegrated service providers across the three focus areas as well as niche providers.IT-BPO Domestic marketThe domestic IT-BPO segment is estimated to aggregate revenues of INR 650-670 Billion inFY10, as Indian firms increase IT adoption across verticals. The Government is expected tocontribute significantly to this growth with budget allocation of US$10 billion over the next 3years for the National e-governance Plan (NeGP). Leading Indian firms, multinationals as wellas the SMEs is gearing their products and services to tap into the e-governance opportunity. 24
  25. 25. MIT School of Business 2011 Financial statement Balance sheet Balance sheetcurrent assetscash 1,00,000debtorsstocktotal current assets (A) 1,90,000current liabilitiescreditorssalaries payableprovision for taxprovision for dividendtotal current liabilities (B)working capital C=(A-B) 1,90,000fixed assetsland and building 8000plant and machine 50,000less accumulateddepreciationNet fixed assets (D) 58,000Net assets E=(C+D) 2,48,000share holder equityshare capitalshare premiumreserve and surplusesnet worth (F) 25
  26. 26. MIT School of Business 2011long term liabilitiesinstitutional loan 1,00,000debenturestotal debt (G)H=(F+G) 1,00,000Fund flow statement fund flow statementsourceworking capital fromoperationsale of plantintuitional loanissuance of ordinary sharefunds providedusespurchase of land andbuilding 5,00,000purchase of plant andmachine 50,000payment of cash dividendfund appliedincrease in working capitalIncome Statement Income StatementSalescost of goods soldgross margin on salesoperating expenses 26
  27. 27. MIT School of Business 2011depreciation machinebuildingother expensesnet margin from operationsgain on sales on long term inventoriesTotalloss on sales of machinery (proceeds from sales )net income Marketing Narmada Computers is a company of software and according to the market survey, The Indian IT-BPO industry (excluding hardware) is estimated to be a USD 63 billion industry by March2010 employing over 2.2 million people and contributing to over 4 percent of India’s GDP.There is so much scope in software sector; government is taking very much care of Software industry .They is investing in infrastructure for the software industry in India. There are thousands of competitors in software such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture .They are following the different pattern to give solutions to the clients, because many software companies are going global and taking new technology from the abroad and implicating on theproject. Now the software industry cultural had become fixed cultural every software companiesare adopting the same process. With our company, there many such reasons to be different from other are that we had adopted -: Continuous follow-up with the clients for their software up gradation after handover the projectto the clients. We can increase our software company goodwill in the market and with the quality standard. Target Market -: Large scale industry Small scale industry Government sector Colleges/schools.We can target the following market by visiting them -: 27
  28. 28. MIT School of Business 2011 Appointment -: By phone /By E-Mail /By reference/ by employee Demonstration and presentation of company. Features and details description of a company. Leave business card and take business card. Feedback /greeting mail /add them in our website. By giving them updated information on software launching/software market news in what why we can increases the customer visitors on their website. AdvertisingTarget market is defined as a large scale industry, small scale industry, government sector,colleges and schools. Now to do advertisement of software company can be done in a followingmeans -: Company website Networking website (can give advertisement of company on other networking website) Professional contact /friends contact. Attending business events. Branding Narmada Computers as a brand in market we are taking care of the following fundamentals concepts. To make our company as a brand the parameters of advertisement can be helpful. Outsourcing the software modules which another software company is expertise in designing, development etc. Core competency of a company can be innovative ideas, standard work process, and goodwill in market, on time delivery of project. Sales forecastingIt depends on the company brand value in the market. As per the sales of the services isconcerned we can 28
  29. 29. MIT School of Business 2011Predict that by giving the project on time to the client (what the time is decided by the clients fora particular modules in a software)with the quality standard, fraction of the market, at present we can concentrate on collegewebsite. By giving suggestion to the college administration for upgrading their college websiteand to make the website as per the current scenario. Critical risk managementIf there is some good things there is some bad things are also associated with them.There is certain risk involved in a company also. When it is not in process and when it is runninggood. Recession can be a major risk in IT industry.Every software organization had to face with the risk. At the time recession company engagesthe employee to the CSR activities and take participate in government CSR project.Management RisksAs per management risk is concerned we can say that If some of the share holder leaves thecompany or one of the Director wants to leave the company.Marketing Risksmarket risk are the risk in which we are 100% depends on the software market ,if the softwaremarket decreases then the Company also revenue also tends to go down.Operations RisksSuppose in the company there is some employee those are sharing some information to the othercompany, can be one operation risk.Financial RisksIf the investors /clients take all this money/project back from company, if the project that thecompany what to take can also go to other company. 29
  30. 30. MIT School of Business 2011Intellectual Property InfringementInnovative idea that is given by the company is taken by other companyNew Product Development on (Antivirus internet security product)Name of the antivirus product -: antivirus capsule.Features -: maximum protection, online update, internet security specialist, pc protection, fastrelief from antivirus, total health care of computer.Rate /price – 500/- per piece M.R.PSWOT analysis of antivirus software -:1. Strength -: Quality of software, software is made within time limit, which is given by theclient and with the company.a) Credibility.b) Reliability.c) Goodwill within the customer and suppliers2. Weaknesses -:If the website is not made within the time limit or duration on which client and the companymade and agreement .Narmada Computers is newly launched in the software industry. 30
  31. 31. MIT School of Business 2011There is much such other big company, so that Narmada Computers had to struggle more thanany other company.Competitors are large in numbers.Employees are less in number (For that it took time for the project completion).3. Opportunity -: Favorable time for the company is there is no recession and company gets as many as projectfrom foreign country or from Indian company.Outsourced antivirus marketing projects from other companyLong term selling and distribution of the antivirus projects.Design marketing strategy and marketing plan of other company.Project of online marketing of the antivirus website.4. Threats -:For Software Company recession is the major threats.Inflation increases can also be threats to a company.Not getting appropriate skill employee for a particular projects.Not getting the long term marketing and selling and distribution of the projects. 31
  32. 32. MIT School of Business 2011 Strategic researchMarketing strategy -:1. Segmentation -: As per the segmentation part is concerned there are following segmentsdivided first part of software related -:a) student (management and engineering)b) Outsourcing.c) Company website.d) SME (Financial software)For New product development -:a) Retailersb) Direct marketingc) Cyber caféd) SME company /organizations 32
  33. 33. MIT School of Business 2011Target market selection -:It is much more important then the segmentation. Software related market place (where there aresoftware companies).IT Company which outsourced their antivirus work.Market selection for an antivirus can be antivirus related company.Positioning -:Positioning of a software company can be where there is software market for example -: in IndiamajorSoftware related states are Maharashtra, Karnataka, New Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh.We as a software company can positions our company in these states to get software projects.Because if there is no market place for the particular things there can not be competition, profit,revenue, growth.For example -: If a person is new some place and he/she wants to buy vegetable if there is nomarket then He/she cannot find the vegetable.Antivirus can be position were there is niche market only we can concentrate on these who areawareness of the internet and those who are using laptop/PC owner of cyber café can positionthere.And were there are competition of antivirus worldwide positioning also we can do as per thecountry wise.Limitation -:Browsing pattern (which website are open in foreign country) according to it antivirus is design.So it increases the work load of the company for every country we had to design. 33
  34. 34. MIT School of Business 2011CRM (customer relationship management)-: a) Gain enterprise commitment. b) Build a CRM project team c) Business needs analysis. d) Define the CRM strategy.Market survey -:Outsourcing the market survey to the agency (rates)Rs 60 per day on per 6 person questioners’ data. = 60 rs per day*365 days = 21900 rs per year.We can include it as an other expenditure for the company.ExpenditureAdvertising ResearchAdvertising, promotion and branding -:Web advertising on websites like Google (rates)-: 1500/- per year or spacing wise /perimpressionRadio /TV advertising -: A rate per 30 second varies from rs20000 to rs30000. (According to theTV channels TRP rates if it is peak time then rates are double.)Rates of radio -: peak 30 to 60 second rates are different varies from rs5000 to rs7000 peak timeTotal cost on adverstiment -: 71,500Copy testing (story board)Demo -:“Wife- sunoji market me ek naya capsule aaya hai. 34
  35. 35. MIT School of Business 2011Husband- capsule, tumhara matlab ke medicine capsule se hai.Wife – nahi ji ye to apne computer ko virus se bachane ka capsule hai.Husband -: aab to hamara computer ko kaabi bhi virus nahi lagega.Wife -: aur bhi kuch hai ess antivirus capsule me, agar kese ka computer chore ho jaaye to essantivirus capsule se pata laga saakte hai.Wife – are agar dhanyewad dena hai to antivirus capsule walo ko do.Husband – dhanyewad antivirus capsule.Media Research -:Promotion in events (rates) -: sponsorship minimum rs20, 000 (for college level event) and inbusiness event sponsorship varies from 1, 00,000 to rs 5, 00,000.Put stalls in various events (rates)-: according to the square foot space .for example 6*4 foot itcost rupees (at college level 20,000 to rs30,000 it also depends on where we are takingLocation for example first stall rates are high 30, the middle rates are low < than 30,000).Banner promotion -: flex rates -: 50 to 60 rs per square foot for advertising purpose 12*6 = 72 =72 square foot *rs60=rs 4320 and normal glow sign -: 100 to 500 rs 12 * 6 =72 =rs 36000 squarefoot per square foot.SMS promotion -: 1 lakh SMS @ rates of 250 to 500 rs.Total advertising cost -: 500+4320+36000+30000+500000+7000+3000+1500 +21900 + 20000=rs 624220/-Distribution research -:Channel management -:Franching margin -:Security deposit -:rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhShould have to buy minimum 5000 products (mandatory)MRP rs 350/-Distributor margin -:Security deposit -: rs 50,000/- to rs 1, 00,000/-Should have to buy minimum 500 products (mandatory)M.R.P for distributor is rs400/- 35
  36. 36. MIT School of Business 2011Retailer’s margin-:Security deposit -: 25,000/- to 50,000 minimumShould have to buy 250 products (mandatory)M.R.P for retailers -: rs 450/-If the retailers is buying directly from distributor then M.R.P is 450/- .or if client is buying fromcompany then it is M.R.P 480/-Income received -: 1, 00,000 + 50,000 = rs 150,000/-Total cost from sales and distribution – (total sales)Franchise margin -: suppose they sales whole lot in 1 year 5000 products * 350 = 17, 50,000/-From distributor -: Suppose they sales whole consignment which they demand from the company400 * 500 product = 2, 00,000/-From retailers -: whole stock was finished by the retailers 450 * 250 products = 1, 12,500/-Total = 20, 62,500/-Other income from deposit can be added to other income to the company that is from the depositfrom the franching, distributors, and retailers. Rs 6, 50,000/-Assumptions of expenditure for manufacturing of new antivirus product.Development cost -: in this product, the development cost is the cost of design antivirus softwarefrom a software company name Narmada Computers .Cost of out sourcing the development to software firm and maintenance and updating etc cancost more than rs 5,00,000/-Total manufacturing and development cost = 5, 00,000/-Labor expenses salary and wages -: though we are out sourcing the development part we haddeleted our engineering department from organization .so now we left with the marketing,finance and HRDepartments. 36
  37. 37. MIT School of Business 2011In our organization we are giving salary according to the designation level of the person.Company structure CEO MARKETINGFINANCE (GM) (GM) HR (GM)MANAGER MANAGER MANAGERACCOUNT SALESECECUTIVE EXECUTIVE HR EXECUTIVECEO salary -: 1, 00,000 per month.Finance department -:70,000/-GM -: 40,000/- per monthManager -: 20000/- per monthAccount executive -: 10,000 per monthSales and marketing department -:70,000/-GM -: 40,000/- per monthManager -: 20000/- per monthSales executive-: 10,000 per monthHR department -: total salary - : 40,000+20,000+10,000 = 70,000/-GM -: 40,000/- per monthManager -: 20000/- per month 37
  38. 38. MIT School of Business 2011HR executive -: 10,000 per monthTotal salary -: 2, 10,000 + 1, 00,000 =rs 310,000/-Packaging -:Total cost for the packing of the antivirus software includes laminated think sheet which can befoldable fromAnd from it we can make a good design package .it should attractive, customer see first time,pick the product and buy.Total cost of printing the primary packing – it varies from normal primary pack to jilting packwith colors.For normal pack = rs 10 to rs 15 for 5750 quantity. Total = 86,250/-For lilted pack -:rs20 to rs 25 for 5750 quantity. Total = 1, 43,750 /-Raw material cost -:It also includes cost of CD (compact disk)/DVD that is minimum rs 15 to rs 25 for CD and forDVD varies from rs 25 to rs 40 maximum.Total = 15*5750 + 25 * 5750= rs 2, 30,000/-Raw material cost -:For franchise distribution -:a) CD = 25 * 5000/- = 1, 25,000/-b) DVD = 40 * 5000/- = 2, 00,000/-For distributor distribution -: a) CD = 25 * 500 = 1,25,00/- 38
  39. 39. MIT School of Business 2011 b) DVD = 40 * 500 = 20,000/-For Dealers -: a) CD = 25 * 250 = 6250 /- b) DVD = 40 * 250 = 10,000/-Product Patent licensing -:Logo design patent -: logo should be registered in only patient office .there is in four places inIndia Mumbai, Delhi, and Calcutta.For design total cost is rs 10,000 (approx) it may also varies state wise department. It willbecome my company assets afterwards.Total cost = rs 10,000/-Fuel, power, light –:Inverter cost = 15,000/- to 30,000/-Electricity cost = suppose it cost 5.50/- per unit cost5unit per day * 5.50 /- = 27.50 /-27.50 *365 = 10,037.50 /-Total cost = 40,037.50 /- per yearAdministrative cost -:Stationary cost1 laptop -: 15,000 /- to 25,000/-4 PC’s = 15,000 to 20,000/- 39
  40. 40. MIT School of Business 201120,000 * 4 no’s = 80,000/-Laser printer -: 25,000/- to 30,000/-Other stationary (pen, pencil and paper) = 10,000/-Total = 2, 55,000/- per yearTerms and condition-:If the price increases/decreases then we had to tell distributors to change the price as well.Distributors had to give compulsory the details of retailers /resellers and distributors. Without thepermission of the company, distributor cannot give the retailer ship to the resellers/retailers.Distributors or retailers had to take permission from Narmada Computers for giving everyantivirus product to the retailer. They had to insert data in their online traction system (made bycompany) Day to day traction details should be their in the CRM tools. 40
  41. 41. MIT School of Business 2011 RESEARCH METHODOLOGYRESEARCH DESIGN:-In this study of exploratory research has been used which is focused on discovery of new productof antivirus. It is based on secondary data.PRIMARY DATA:-The sources of primary data are 1. Customer 2. Market CorporateSECONDRY DATA:Secondary data may either be published data or unpublished data. Usually published data areavailable in:1. Report and publications of various associations connected with business and industry, banks,stock exchanges, etc.Reports prepared by research scholars, universities, economics, etc. indifferent field. 41
  42. 42. MIT School of Business 20113. Technical and trade journals, books, magazines newspapers, various publications of thecentral, state or local governments;4. Various publications of foreign governments or of international bodies and their, Subsidiaryorganizations, Public records and statistics, historical documents, and other sources of publishedInformation, WebsiteSample DesignThe sample design involved working out a concrete plan that would involve in our datacollection process and activity. The population was initially studied for the same and then adefinite sample was derived for analysis and study.Sample Unit: studentSample Size: 30Sample Method: Non probability sampling method has been used.DATA COLLECTIONPrimary Data: - Primary Data was collected through questionnaire.Secondary Data: - Main sources of secondary data was from1. Companies own data2. InternetThe following stages were used during the market research: Formulation of project objective: - A few days were spent for gaining knowledge and information about Narmada Computers broad strategies. Desk research: - A few days were spent in marketing questionnaire. 42
  43. 43. MIT School of Business 2011 Pilot testing: - Initially a questionnaire was prepared and calls were made to match the project objective. Work: - A few days were spent for filling up the questionnaire. Data tabulation and analysis: - Data collected was then tabulated and analyzed. Analysis was then interpreted to arrive at a conclusion that was used for giving necessary suggestions.INSTRUMENTS FOR DATA COLLECTION:- 1. Questionnaire Interviews 2. Telephonic Interviews LIMITATIONS: Companies were not ready to disclose the material facts. Time for the study was limited to only two months. It was difficult to know whether willing respondent were truly representative. There was lack of adequate data for survey. Faced problem in taking appointment. 43
  44. 44. MIT School of Business 2011 QuestionnairesName -: ……………………………………………………Age -: ………… E -Mail –ID -: ……………………………………………………………Note-: Kindly tick mark (√) on the selected items.1. In your laptop /PC which antivirus you are using…………………………….Analysis -:Out of 30 data collected from different respondent we observed that -: 44
  45. 45. MIT School of Business 2011 Chart Title Quick heal Norton kaspersky avast mcfee np avg k7 3% 3% 7% 34% 13% 23% 7% 10%According to the chart we observe that out of 30 respondent 34 % are using quick heal antivirus.Demand for the quick heal antivirus is more in market.pie chart shows very clearly.2. How many times you contact with your antivirus service provider. a. Daily b. Weekly c. Monthly d. NeverAnalysis -:This questionnaire is kept because it tells us about the CSR about the company. Due to this wecan calculate the % of data that how much respondent are contacting the companyDaily -: out of 30 respondent only 1 respondent contact to the company.Weekly -: out of 30 respondent only 05 contact to the company.Monthly -: out of 30 respondent only 13 are interested to contact with the company. 45
  46. 46. MIT School of Business 2011Never-: There are 11 respondents out of 30 those who are never contact the company.So we came to an analysis that those who don’t contact to the company we had to concentrate onthem and have a touch with them that why they are not contacting the customer care.3. Which antivirus version you prefera. Trial versionb.Buy antivirus from distributors or retailers 25 20 15 trial version 10 dealer 5 0 preference of antivirusAnalysis -:There are versions available on the website of the antivirus company and there is another optionthat we can buy from the direct from the dealers.So we found out that out of 30 respondent 7 go for trail version and rest buy from dealers. 46
  47. 47. MIT School of Business 2011Recommendation -: antivirus company should think about it seriously why they are going to buyfrom dealer the trail, if trail version is available on company website.4. from where you want to buy antivirus producta. Shop onlineb.Buy from distributors or retailersOut of 30 respondent 76 % are intersected in buying from dealer and rest go for online shoppingof antivirus.Recommendation -: company can concentrate more on website marketing.5. Which trial version you are using. a. 30 days b. 45 days c. 60 days d. None out of 30no of days respondant 30 7 45 2 60 5none 16Total 30Analysis -: It was observed that out of 30 respondents that they are not using trial version fromthe website of the company.Recommendation -: antivirus company can concentrate on the website design, they can makewebsite so much attractive that more users can buy trail version from the website by onlineshopping. 47
  48. 48. MIT School of Business 20116. What are the features you prefer for your antivirus which you are using? a. Safer b. Simply safety c. online protection d. Other ……………………………………………………In this question most of the respondent wanted features that is online protection.Recommendation -: most likely features of the antivirus that the respondent like are onlineprotection, company can extend the features or company can make more attractive and updatedfeatures in their antivirus like for example -: online tracking of the laptop.7. What are the uses of antivirus according to you?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Analysis -: there are various comments on the uses of the antivirus.a) It helps PC and away from the virus, files are protected. It protects our documents (important),protect our lapy.b) Antivirus cleanup, Safes your PC from losing important info and from getting hacked, Safetyto PC from all types of virus or threats, Detect virusf) Protects PC/laptop from malware, antivirus, spyware, parental control, black list etc.g) To prevent from malware, antivirus, fishing etc,) Protect from virus,) for safetyj) Saves computer from virus, saves the data to get corrupted and helps to have an access whetherrequired, prevent any damage to the computer (external) damagel) Protects virus threats, removes worms, protect computer, and protects computer information.To be safe while keeping all the data in soft copy. 48
  49. 49. MIT School of Business 2011n) Prevents the uploading of virus which sometimes automatically happens .also preventsuploading from other sources like CD’s DVD’s, pen drives etc, to keep off virus, worms as wellas provide full security from malicious hackers as well as attacks.p) Protects the main and important drives from being corrupted through virus and Trojan online.8. How long have you been using your current antivirus service providers? a. 0 -6 months b. 6 months – 1 year c. 1 year – 3 years d. 3 years – and aboveanalysis -: From the data collected from the 30 respondent it was observed that 60 % are using 6to 1 year –it suggest that users are contacting their service provider company.Recommendation -: To increase the number of customer of antivirus, company had toconcentrate on the customer satisfaction index (CSI).9. From where you got information about antivirus. a. Relatives b. Friends c. Websites d. Newspapers e. Radio/TV f. Retailers/distributors of antivirus out of 30Sources respondentrelatives nonefriends 17website 8newspaper noneradio/TV 5Dealers noneTotal 30 49
  50. 50. MIT School of Business 2011Analysis -: 56 % respondent are getting information about the antivirus from friends.Recommendation –: antivirus company can give advertisement on the newspaper in telgu(because mostly in India telgu newspaper is read as compare to Hindi newspaper) sources frombusiness standard -: dated pune Friday 2 September 2011.10. Do you want to change antivirus a. Yes b. No Chart Title yes 13% no 87% 50
  51. 51. MIT School of Business 2011Analysis -: Out of 30 respondent 87% are not interested in changing the antivirus which they areusing.Recommendation -: antivirus company can do some innovative ideas in market.If yes, which antivirus you would like to use why?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Comments from respondent -:“A good antivirus like quick heal, panda, kaspersky”“Net protector because since last 3 years I used NP but because of necessary and urgently Ipurchased K7 but while installing it requires net and everything it is not possible to be online,otherwise no any problem ““Antivirus should prevent uploading of antivirus effectively and don’t slow down the speed ofthe system/laptop”“It depends upon the user which are stated as above” 51
  52. 52. MIT School of Business 2011Thanks for your support With warm regards Bipin Bhardwaj Narmada ComputersFeatures of antivirus -:Antispyware, Parental Control, Antimalware, Anti-Root kit, USB Drive Protection, BrowsingProtection, Self Protection, Entertainment Moderate-Phishing, Antisam, Firewall Protection, andParental Control.Anti Spyware, Anti-Hijack, Anti Spam, OS Firewall, Anti Malware, EmailBackup, Anti-Root kit, Browser Repair.Antivirus capsule -: by Narmada ComputersOnline updateInternet security specialist,Pc protection,Protection from theft,Antispyware,Parental Control, 52
  53. 53. MIT School of Business 2011Antimalware,Anti-Root kit,USB Drive Protection,Browsing Protection,Self Protection,Entertainment Moderate-Phishing,Antis am,Firewall Protection,Parental ControlRECOMMENDATIONS / SUGGESTIONSThere are following suggestions which will further help in increasing production & sells:1. Narmada Computers should produce new product Antivirus because there is huge marketpotential as there are less number of producers of Antivirus.2. Since huge investment is required for development of software, Narmada Computers shouldinvite third party for development of antivirus.3. Narmada Computers has to optimally utilize the software.4. Narmada Computers should undertake the awareness campaign among the potential customerfor Antivirus software through online and personal approach. 53
  54. 54. MIT School of Business 201119. BIBLIOGRAPHY1. Product Brochure- Antivirus2. Software Bulletin Research.3. Company Information (Narmada Computers )4. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.5. Management by Philip 54
  55. 55. MIT School of Business 2011 ANNEXUREWe as software and market research company what to write only there things.1 .Outsourcing2. Innovative3. Market survey4. Credibility5. Reliability Management lessonWhy need of management lesson -: To assess an individual performs in term of the highest levelof work, the individual will be able to handle comfortably and successfully in future withoutbeing over stretched. The organization in discharging its responsibility of selecting anddeveloping mangers for the future to ensure continuous growth of the organization.Date -: 08/04/2011Time -:Place -: MITSOB puneParty /person involved -: internal guide (Prof Avanish deshpande)Incident -: introduction about the project, discussion was held at 11:00 am .It was first formal meetingwith the internal guide of the college.Comment -: Meeting with internal guide of the college was fixed at 11:00 am .when I entered the avanish deshpande was sitting at his place. I was very much excited that my project is going to start.Then he tell that mainly punctuality is more important is more importance in organization’s keep thiswords in my mind and after the brief introduction was over. I started my summer project report. 55
  56. 56. MIT School of Business 2011Management lesson -: punctualityDate -: 22/04/2011Time -:Place -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -: Mr.bipin bhardwaj and brother kushagra bhardwajIncident -: in the morning with punctuality we both want to the office of register in Bhopal to registerthe company of software. We decided to open Software Company in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) .sharp10:00 are we reach office, after all the formality of the office over at that day we had not taken lunch.Comment -: we both learn on things from it that without hard work we cannot do any things, at someplace to reduce time we both also do some smart work.Management lesson -: hard work/smart workDate -: 27/04/2011Time -:Place -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -: mr.kushagra bhardwajIncident -: There was a call from the registrar that there are something more to give thedocuments. I had some more personal work to do then I tell that you go and submit thedocuments.kushagra bhardwaj had done so much nicely handle the situation.Comment -: We both learn the lesson that one should had problem solving approach skill withlogical wayManagement lesson -: problem solving approachDate -: 06/05/2011Time -: 07:00 pmPlace -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) 56
  57. 57. MIT School of Business 2011Party /person involved -: Mr. Kushagra bhardwajIncident -: we had to decide the salary of the employee .It was so completed situation that towhom to give the highest salary in compare to his/her experience according to experience oraccording to salary or with job profile.Comment -: I learn from kushagra bhardwaj that how to solve the analytical skill and make theproblem into workable units and reformation the structure.Management lesson -: Analytical skill -: ability to breakdown or reformate an apparentlycomplicated problem into workable units.Date -: 10/05/2011Time -: 10:00 amPlace -: Indore /Madhya PradeshParty /person involved -: Mr.Kushagra bhardwajIncident -: We both together was travelling in bus and he told some creative thing to me that whywe can’t open a job consultancy along with software company. I keep this in mind and startedworking on it. I created a business plan for it related to job consultancy.Comment -: I learn from Mr.kushagra bhardwaj that how to creative in nature and one shouldhave a creative imagination his/her mind.Management lesson -: Creative imagination -: ability to become ditched from “what is in order toenter the realm of new possibilities”Date -: 20/05/2011Time -: 10:00 am 57
  58. 58. MIT School of Business 2011Place -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushagra bhardwaj and Mr Bipin bhardwajIncident -:We both in the morning start visiting the company which are related to real statemanufacturing ,college ,schools for the software development .we visited 17 companies on thatday ,so we decided that we do visit more company next day. So we started searching morecompany to visit.Comment -: I learn that day we had to more practical in nature while working so we stop makingmore documents and become more practical oriented towards our company mission and vision.Management lesson -: Practical thinkingDate -: 27/05/2011Time -:Place -: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -: mr.kushagra bhardwaj /Mr. Bipin bhardwajIncident -: when we visited one company called company director was sitting inhis cabin .we both were sitting at the reception counter, waiting for the director call. Then afterfew minutes director of the company call reception and tell to send us kushagra, sonicely present the project concept of .it is a project of matrimony website.Comment -: I learn that how much innovative we had to be in work and day to day activity.Management lesson -: Innovative thinking -: 58
  59. 59. MIT School of Business 2011Date -: 03/06/2011Time -: 10:00 amPlace -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:mr.bipin bhardwaj and Mr. Kushagra bhardwajIncident -: We both started to work on the project given by the director of .wethrough that we had to work on the project seriously, so we went to many people done ofmatrimony to make project done and take some suggestion from and we prepare a questionnairefor itComment -: management lesson learn from my side that we had to be initiator in mature andalways take the responsibility to do work ahead.Management lesson -: InitiatorDate -: 10/06/2011Time -: 06:00 pmPlace -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushargra bhardwajIncident -:I usually go first with god and then I start the work .I always keep the god in first placemr.kushagra one day tell me that you always do wish you are not hard working person you hadto in involving of the situation approach more.Comment -: At that day I realize that I had to be more concentration work.Management lesson -: Sense of reality -: He should not engage in wishful thinking, be able tomaintain objective approach to situation in which own personal involvement is considerable.Date -: 17/06/2011Time -: 06:00 pm 59
  60. 60. MIT School of Business 2011Place -: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushargra bhardwaj and bipin bhardwajIncident -: We both were sitting at the office of the and one person was sittingbeside us he was listening the conversation of both of us, then after some time he told us that wehad to look this project for the project just like that .he was the website developer of thecompany www.webmill.inComment -: Then we learn that one should had a hostitic view in nature with higher thinking andto look at the higher things and point of view.Management lesson -: Holistic view -: looks at the problem from a higher wattages point withsimultaneous attention to relevant details to shape one’s work and act according.Date -: 24/06/2011Time -: 06:00 amPlace -: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushargra bhardwaj and bipin bhardwajIncident -:in the morning I was very upset that we now had to stop the project ,because due tosome money problem ,financial status of the company was not so good that we can now start theproject and done it completely then mr.kushagra bhardwaj call me and said that we are nowgoing for microfinance instituteComment -: Then I realize that Mr. Kushagra bhardwaj had ability to go quickly to the heart of aproblem .he was always concentrating on the main objective of the company.Management lesson -: Insight thinking -: The individual displays the ability to go quickly to theheart of a problem, thus he does not start with the wrong orientation or loss of time by wonderingoff the main course.Date -: 30/06/2011 60
  61. 61. MIT School of Business 2011Time -: 10:00 pmPlace -: Indore (Madhya pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushargra bhardwaj and bipin bhardwajIncident -: We are sitting together for the preparation of the presentation of the project that wehad work on it .we had done so much work in deep on it .we had to now stuck in some thing thenMr. geete told us that we had to more concentrate on the content of the website and then makethe overall presentation.Comment -: Then we realize from the thing that Mr. veete had told us that we had to actionoriented in nature.Management lesson -: Action oriented approach -: He is able to sum up the total needs of asituation and to take the necessary steps at the right moments of the time.Date -: 08/07/2011Time -: 11:00 pmPlace -: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)Party /person involved -:Mr. Kushargra bhardwaj and bipin bhardwajIncident -:Mr. Kushagra bhardwaj is doing engg from Bhopal he is in 3rd year of engg in streamof computer science .he always softwareComment -: I learn from him that we can’t do all the work at a time .We had to concentrate onthe one thing and give attentionManagement lesson -:Seeing the relative nature -: He judges correctly he relative weight of hisown specialist knowledge or experience when the problem tie with many other fields .He willthen be able to denote appropriate attention to other relevant aspects and to put mean fullquestions to specialists in other fields.Date -: 22/07/2011Time -: 08:00 pmPlace -: pune (Maharashtra) 61
  62. 62. MIT School of Business 2011Party /person involved -:Mr. Bipin bhardwaj and MITSOB pune friendsIncident -: We are sitting in durga café and one of the friends told me that you had to concentrateon the sales and distribution of the software.Comment -: From the friend I decided to go for the website marketing give the project to theoutsource and make it happen .It was very much welcome advice from me that from the dayitself .I started my website marketing and concentrate on the sales of the software.Management lesson -: Judgment -: He is a source of welcome advice to together and is knownnot to hold readymade or overly one-sided views. His judgment correctly surprise and satisfiedby taking into account wider aspects of the problem that may narrower vision.Date -: 28/07/2011Time -: 11:30 amPlace -: pune (Maharashtra)Party /person involved -:Mr. Bipin bhardwaj and MITSOB pune friendsIncident -: Our class was over and we were absent to leave the class then one annocement fromthe APO was made that from APO that there are some changes in the structure of the projectreportComment -: I think that why can’t we in the project we can make some changes and make thewebsite online transaction.Management lesson -: Alertness -: He can swiftly re –organize resources to deal effectively witha completely different subject on new situation .He has ability of quick re-orientation.Honesty and being loyal to the organization. 62
  63. 63. MIT School of Business 2011 63