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BiotechNaukri.Com has been customised to regulate and network the Biotech HR in India and abroad.

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  2. 2. BIOTECH INDUSTRY IN INDIABeing the fastest growing industry Biotech has already crossed the$ 4 Billion size in India 20000 18399 18000 Figures in crore 16000 14199 14000 12137 12000 10272 10000 8541 8000 6521 6000 4745 4000 3475 2345 2000 0
  3. 3. BIOTECH EverywhereFrom Agriculture to Food processing IndustryFrom Instrumentation to DiagnosticsFrom Genes to Genetic engineeringFrom Molecules to MedicinesFrom Nanoparticles to Healthcare and so on
  4. 4. PROBLEMSNo organized platform for Students, Educators, Employers, Consultancies andBiotech Human Resource in IndiaEmployment Hard time recruiting Biotech, Pharma & Life sciences HR due to Databasecrunch.Gap of excellent information exchange mediaBetween institutions and industryLack of career counselingfor thousands of technical graduates3,00,000+ biotech and life science graduate but very less opportunnitiesavailable
  6. 6. A Common Platform for Biotech & Life Sciences Students Institutions Educators Jobseekers Employers Consultancies
  7. 7. India’s First Biotech Career Portal is India’s first biotech and life sciences career portal.Being a common platform forresearchers, students, institutions, employers, jobseekers, it presents an excellentopportunity to network, collaborate and build excellent career in biotechnology andlife sciences domain. BiotechNaukri provides Human resource, consulting and eventmanagement services for biotech industry.
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  18. 18. Campus Ambassador’sBiotechNaukri Team believes in networking and collaborating with the leadersof tomorrow . We have a special program to interact with students acrosscampuses and institutions. This gives us an edge over other HR serviceproviders.
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  20. 20. Best Part!A single Interactive and Integrated platform for Employers & Employees of Biotech, Pharma & Life Sciences
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