Reference Book                                        Biospace Overview                                        Message fro...
Biospace OverviewWith the continuing increase in standard of living, the focus on quality oflife has amplified in recent t...
Message from CEOIn recent years, people have come to recognize that obesity causes a wide range ofhealth problems. Unfortu...
*                                                                                              2. Segmental Measurement   ...
3. 8-Point Tactile Electrodes                                                           4. No Statistical Estimations on b...
Customers List  Finland                          Kuopion yliopisto, Medistudia                                           ...
Finland   Kuopion yliopistollinen                                                                Työterveyslaitos, fysiol...
Norway                                                                                   SwedenThe Royal Norwegian Navy   ...
Unite KingdomRoyal United Bath Hospital, Diabetes & Endocrinology                                                         ...
TurkeyBahar Demirk?an        Diethican ClinicBeautyLady                                                                   ...
China                                                               JapanBeijing Competitor Healthful Food Co., Ltd.Si Chu...
Brazil                                                       Esplenda Centro de Medicina do Corpo LtdaUlisses Silveira    ...
Czech RepublicS-studio, s.r.o.                                               MUDr. Ivan Majercák Centrum pro lécbu obezity...
USA                                                                                             HungaryCenter for nutritio...
TwainNatl Taiwan Normal Univ.Natl Yang-Ming Med. Univ.Natl Tainan Teachers College                                        ...
Egypt                                                                                                   MexicoGolds Gym – ...
Singapore                                           BulgariaSingapore General Hospital                     ДКЦ 2 ЕООД, Пло...
Indonesia                                                      Saudi ArabiaTarakan Hospital                               ...
Hong Kong                                                                             ThailandPro-Med Techonology Ltd.    ...
Testimonial      “We purchased a Biospace InBody machine for our weight control center in August of 2005.                 ...
Testimonial                    “Most of clients who have used InBody are satisfied with it.                               ...
Research Treatise as of November, 2007                                                                                    ...
8. Laboratory Reports and PostersToda Y. The effect of energy restriction, walking, and exercise on lower extremity lean  ...
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BIOSPACE International Reference
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BIOSPACE International Reference


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BIOSPACE International Reference

  1. 1. Reference Book Biospace Overview Message from CEO InBody Technology Customers List518-10 Dogok 2-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul Testimonial 135-854 Korea Clinical Paper 822-501-3939 Tel. 822-578-2716 fax Certificate
  2. 2. Biospace OverviewWith the continuing increase in standard of living, the focus on quality oflife has amplified in recent times. In particular, obesity is a health issuefeatured in the mass media that has been warranting more attention thanever before. More and more people are coming to realize that obesity is atthe root of all habitual illnesses, and because of this correlation interest inobesity treatment is on the rise. 1996 Established Biospace Co., Ltd.Biospace’s body composition analyzer, InBody stands at the center BIA technology transfer to Yamatoof this anti-obesity movement. 1999 Acquired CE0120, EN46001, MDD, ISO9001, MHLW certificateUp until recently, most people believed that obesity could be precluded bysimple losing a certain number of kilograms in body weight. However, withthe development of the InBody, Biospace has made the terms, “body Established Biospace Co., Ltd. in Japanweight. However, with the development of the InBody, Biospace has made 2000the terms, “body composition” and “body fat,” popular, and has spread theknowledge that the prevention of obesity hinges on the reduction and Listed on KOSDAQcontrol of body fat. Biospace’s trailblazing activities in this area are evidentin the label of “InBody Test”, a commonly given body composition analysis 2002 Manufacturing facility constructed in Chun-an Citythat has recently increased in popularity.InBody made by Biospace, is the world’s first body composition analysis 2003 Acquired FDA approvaldevice that uses the 8-point tactile electrode method. Having receivedFDA approval in the United States and approval of other countries’authorities, such as in Japan, this product’s high quality and accuracy has 2004 Launched Biospace Inc. in the USAbeen validated. Technology innovation enterprise awarded by Korea Institute ofWith the unparalleled performance of the InBody in the domestic obesity Science & Technology (KiSTEP)diagnosis market Biospace has solidified its foundation as a professionalmedical device manufacturer. The plan for the future entails the High Technology Invention awarded by Korea Industrial Property officecompany’s ongoing development and expansion into a comprehensiveprofessional health care organization. 2006 Awarded Minister’s Prize of MOCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy) at 36th Precision Technology Promotion (Precise product technology section)In particular, the company is striving to achieve superior competitivenessthat will facilitate success in advanced markets around the world, such as Awarded Excellent Enterprise Prize at Korean Superior Medical Equipmentthose in the United States, Japan, and Europe. exhibition hosted by Korea Food & Drug Administration Home care InBody Release Certificate of INNO-BIZ awarded by Small and Medium Business Administration 2007 Korean World-class Product Award2007 by Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  3. 3. Message from CEOIn recent years, people have come to recognize that obesity causes a wide range ofhealth problems. Unfortunately, there are few ways for the smart detection of obesity.As the most effective and scientific way to identify obesity, body composition analysisat this time reminds us of the critical importance of novel technology.Over the past decades, technology has been developed analyzing body compositionbased on the difference in electrical conductive properties of various biological tissues.Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) has many advantages over other methods inthat it is safe, rapid and easy to perform, and requires little training for operators. Thus,this technology has become widely used in hospitals, health and fitness centers, andin field studies.Nevertheless, in detecting acute or chronic changes in body composition, the clinicalusefulness of conventional BIA has been limited to healthy average people. Due tolocalized fluid accumulation or loss and inability to assess the distribution of wateraccurately between intracellular water (ICW) and extracellular water (ECW), there hadbeen difficulties applying it to patients, the elderly, children and athletes. However,they are the very people who really need to know their body composition.Biospace has reinforced conventional BIA. These improvements were proved with lotsof clinical research papers. Because the body is not an isotropic conductor withuniform cross-sectional areas, we consider the body as five cylinders; four limbs andthe trunk. The amount of body water is measured segmentally. Multi-frequency Ki-Cul Cha Ph.Dtechnology makes it possible to measure ICW and ECW separately. Thus, there wouldbe no needs of empirical estimation to compensate inaccuracy, avoiding insensitive 1996 – CEO, Biospace Co., Ltd.measurement. 1992 – 1994 Post Doctor, Harvard Medical SchoolFDA approval of the apparatus and the method along with many other international 1986 – 1992 Ph D, Bioengineering, Utah Univ. USApatents and certifications assures the above long effort of Biospace. Now Biospace, asa pioneer, is the outstanding company specialized only in body composition analyzers. 1982 – 1986 Research staff at Daerim Technical Research CenterWe would like to supply our products in every clinic, hospital, fitness center and 1980 – 1982 MS, Mechanical Engineering, KAISTresearch institute around the world. 1976 – 1980 BS, Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei Univ.Biospace is always ready for the international markets with various obesitymanagement products for health care professionals. We will continue to each forinnovative solutions to our products, to lead in corporate responsibility, to extend ourlegacy of doing business the right way for our customers and to leap into a globalcompany.Thank for your interest in Biospace. Ki-Chul Cha Ph.D Chief Executive Officer Biospace Co., Ltd.
  4. 4. * 2. Segmental Measurement InBody Technology Increased accuracy by producing impedance for each different segment (4 limbs and the trunk). 1. Use of Multi-frequency Technology to Measure ICW and ECW separately Body Shape I DSM-Direct Segmenal Measurement Biospace’s patented technology makes the Body Shape II measurement absolutely accurate by checking impedance for each different segment: Comparison between trunk, arm, 4 limbs and trunk and leg impedance The segmental measurement is the technology that assumes the body as five cylinders - four limbs and a trunk- and measures impedance of these parts separately. Segmental At Low Frequency AT High Frequency body composition analysis provides segmental measurement of body water and fat free mass. Furthermore, the analysis is highly accurate because the measured value of a The problem with conventional BIA at a single low frequency is that it has to estimate certain part does not affect the measurement of other segments. It is because the the amount of intracellular water from extracellular because a low frequency cannot conventional body composition analyzers lack accuracy in measuring body fat and cannot pass through the plasma membrane and measure intracellular water. The bilayered figure out patient’s exact body shape. It needs empirical references to correct inaccurate cellular membrane divides the body cell into intracellular and extracellular water. The measured values. To ensure the accuracy of trunk impedance, it is necessary to develop intra-and extracellular waters are proportionate in a healthy body; however, an precise measurement technologies. The accurate measurement of the trunk provided by imbalanced body fluid distribution occurs in those who are elderly or suffer from the InBody heightens the accuracy of the body composition analysis. obesity, or geriatric diseases and they are the very people who need to analyze their body composition. Extracellular water is measured by low frequency currents (lower When body water is measured using a single impedance value, assuming the body to be a than 50 kHz), and intracellular water is measured by high frequency currents (higher single cylinder, there is a high chance of error. Body mass distribution and metabolic than 200 kHz). characteristics differ between legs and trunk and cannot be identified using a single frequency, yielding a higher error rate. InBody separates the body into 5 different cylinders Contemporary BIA equipment acknowledges this standard 3:2 ratio of intra- to with respect to the arms, legs and trunk, and calculates the impedance of each. extracellular water, and assumes that everybody fits this standard. But it is important to know the exact values of intra- and extracellular water because not everybody falls Even if body composition analyzers can measure our body segmentally, the same into this normal range. This empirical estimation used in other BIA equipment inhibits measurement accuracy cannot be recorded by all analyzers. Human subjects can be the accuracy of the results because it gives generalizable water values, which might considered to be made up of five tubes: two legs, two arms, and one trunk. There are many alter all of the other tested components’ values. BIA technology is based on the factors that can affect impedance in a human subject. While the trunk makes up the conductivity of tissue and its resistance. By only measuring partial body water instead biggest part of the body, its impedance index is the lowest, at about 20 ~ 25 ohms, due to of total body water, the results are only partially credible. the fact that it has the largest width of all body parts. In the case of arms, which usually have an impedance of about 300 ohms, 2-3 ohms can be considered a small error. The InBody is a unique device, and one of the only bioelectrical impedance analyzers However in the case of the trunk, the same 2-3 ohms can be considered a significant error on the market measuring total body water. Multiple frequencies also provide capable of affecting the results of the test on the trunk, it is necessary to develop precise numerous impedance values, opposed to only one. The use of multiple currents measurement technologies. As such, the accurate measurement of the trunk provided by ensures the accuracy of the impedance readings; the most important thing when the InBody can contribute to heighten the accuracy of the body composition analysis. using BIA technology.
  5. 5. 3. 8-Point Tactile Electrodes 4. No Statistical Estimations on body composition analysisEnhanced accuracy and reproducibility through fixing the measuring locations of There is no need to use empirical estimations; gender and age do not affect the result.current and voltage. With Conventional BIA, results are distorted by statistics, based on personal data such as age, sex, body type, etc. Conventional BIA devices only partially measure body composition and the rest is statistically determined. Although it gives reasonable results for people of the norm, its accuracy is very low for children, elderly, patients, and athletes. However, InBody’s DSMF-BIA technology has overcome the limitations of the conventional BIA method. It accurately assesses intracellular water using multiple frequencies and measures bioimpedance of the trunk as well as the rest of the body. InBody uses actual measurements to yield accurate results regardless of empirical estimations. Examples below show some empirical estimations that are used in conventional BIA devices. 8-Point Tactile Electrode Our tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrodes technology has made it possible to enhance accuracy and reproducibility by fixing the measuring points of current and voltage.The use of 8 tactile electrodes instead of the standard 4 gives the InBody theability to measure the body segmentally instead of assuming that the body is asingle cylinder. The InBody uses overlapping currents to isolate specific body partsand assess their LBM (lean body mass) independently of the others. Otheranalyzers measure only one portion of the body and translate the results to ageneralizable value for the entire body.The use of fewer electrodes results in less accuracy and the need for externalvariables to aid in the analysis. As you can see, the current does not travel through Sample example 1 Sample example 2the entire body with other conventional BIA methods, and therefore lack accuracy Other BIA body composition analyzers use empirical estimations to account for the error inin their testing methods. The use of fewer electrodes creates less accurate and analysis. This individual only changed the gender input, and got entirely different results although their body’s composition remained the samereproducible results. These machines are more sensitive to water variation in the Why do other analyzers use empirical estimation?body, and rely more on empirical data. Empirical estimation refers to the application of variables estimated from the personal information input, such as gender, age and body type as in athletes or average people. ForThese 8 electrodes are a key component in the process of receiving accurate, example, when body composition analysis of a female examinee is conducted, her Body Fatreproducible results. The electrodes are strategically placed so the currents that Mass can be estimated based on the empirical fact that women usually have more Body Fatare emitted have the same starting and ending points every time an individual is Mass than men. Thus, empirical estimation, in order to revise inaccurate estimations, refers totested. Manually placed electrodes are subject to human error and may not have those variables that may affect the result of body composition analysis. If the subject does notthe same points of entrance every time. Reproducibility is necessary in order to belong to an average group, then empirical estimation produces error. A machine usinggive an accurate body composition assessment, and Biospace’s patented 8-point empirical estimations cannot reflect the exact compositional changes of the patients ortactile electrodes remove any concern of error associated with current lengths and differentiate between body compositions of different groups for research purposes.impedance values. Validation has proved the use of tetra-polar electrodes to bethe most effective way to measure body composition analysis using BIA Conventional body composition analyzers need empirical data to overcome poor accuracyequipment. and reproducibility. This brings about insensitive measurement and there is difficulty detecting changes of body composition. Concerning clinical use of the body composition analyzer,1The use of 2 electrodes on each hand and foot guarantees the same point of sensitivity is one of the most important issues. The data is obtained by estimation rather thanentry and exit every time a subject is tested. With manually applied electrodes it is actual measurement. Empirical estimation will produce errors for any individuals with bodydifficult to place them exactly in the same position every time. With the embedded shapes other than the standard ones. Because of this, conventional body compositionelectrodes the currents start at the fingers or toes respectively and meet at the analyzers have considerable error rates in those individuals with extreme obesity or illness,same point every time. This guarantees the same current lengths time after time. children and elderly people.This feature is unique to Biospace’s technology.
  6. 6. Customers List Finland  Kuopion yliopisto, Medistudia Naantalin Kylpylä  Kuopion yliopisto, fysiologian laitos Spas Ruissalon Kylpylä  Kuopion Liikuntalääketieteen laitos  Savonia AMK, terveysala Ikaalisten Kylpylä  Kelan tutkimus- ja kehitysyksikkö Testaus- ja kuntotutkimusasema Tesku / Varalan Urheiluopisto  Kansanterveyslaitos, Diabetesyksikkö Eerikkilän Urheiluopisto  Jyväskylän yliopisto, terveystieteen laitos Vuokatin Urheiluopisto, Snowpolis  Jyväskylän yliopisto, liikuntalääketieteen laitosResearch / Education Stamina Trainers  Oulun yliopisto  Oulun AMK, tekniikan yksikkö, (2 devices) Liikuntakeskus Pajulahti Sports / Testing  Helsingin yliopisto, ravitsemustieteen laitos Easyway Finland Oy  Lahden AMK, liikunnan laitos Easyway Finland Oy  Etelä-Karjalan AMK, sosiaali- ja terveysyksikkö Aquarius Sporting Club  Kemi-Tornion AMK, sosiaali- ja terveysala  Rovaniemen AMK, sosiaali- ja terveysala Endurance For Life  Rovaniemen AMK, liikunta- ja vapaa-aika ODL Liikuntalääketieteellinen klinikka
  7. 7. Finland Kuopion yliopistollinen Työterveyslaitos, fysiologian os. sairaala, kliininen fysiologia toimintakykylaboratorio Kuopion yliopistollinen Pelastusopisto sairaala, fysiatrian pkl Medical / clinical use Keski-Uudenmaan Pelastuslaitos Tampereen yliopistollinen sairaala, fysiatrian pkl Puolustusvoimat / Pääesikunta Pohjois-Karjalan keskussairaala, Puolustusvoimat / Urheilukoulu ravitsemusterapia Work medicine / Capacity Liikunta- ja Puolustusvoimat / kuntoutumiskeskus Peurunka Laivastolääketieteen yksikkö (2 devices) Puolustusvoimat / Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu Kiipulan Kuntoutuskeskus Puolustusvoimat / Maasotakoulu Kunnonpaikka kuntoutus- ja virkistymiskeskus Kaarinan kaupunki, liikuntapalvelut Kruunupuisto Punkaharjun LIKES, KKI-projekti (3 devices) kuntoutuskeskus LIKES-tutkimusyksikkö, Härmän Kuntokeskus Rehabilitation painonhallintaklinikka Ideal Fit Oy Kitinkannus Palvelukeskus SAGA Yhtiöt Fitness / weight management Siuntion Hyvinvointikeskus Lahden Kuntohoito Oy Kaprakka Hyvinkään Hyvä Kunto Kuntoutuspalvelukeskus Aromatica -hoitola Lamminniemi kuntoutuskeskus
  8. 8. Norway SwedenThe Royal Norwegian Navy Karolinska University Hospital /Pfizer Norge Astrid Lindgrens BarnsjukhusAkerhus Universitetssykehus Medical / clinical use Uppsala University Hospital, Dept. OfUllevål Universitetssykehus NutritionSykehuset i VesfoldLegekontoret for sjömenn National Wintersport Center, Mid Health Sweden UniversityFysioterpivaktenDin Kroppsanalyse Sports / Testing Energikällan, FitnesscentreLivsstilssenteretDr Jon ScheldrupPondusklinikken Meditech Sverige4M KlinikkenTrimit Enköpingshälsan, Occupational Work medicine / Capacity Health ServiceTIF VikingE2TALI FitnessOxigenoElixia KolbotnSpenst Kristiansand
  9. 9. Unite KingdomRoyal United Bath Hospital, Diabetes & Endocrinology Alive & WellDerby City Hospital, Dept of NephrologyHammersmith Hosp.Dept of Dietetics & Nutrition Beechdown Health & Fitness ClubLondon Medical Easy ExerciseKings College Hospital, Dept of Nephrology Hospitals & Medicine Fitness Area Liverpool City CouncilNorth Staffordshire, Dept of Nephrology Newcastle City CouncilRoyal Free Hospital, Dept of NephrologyWalsgrave University Hospital, Dept of Obstetrics One Aldwych Hotel Spa & GymUniversity College Hospital, Dept of Bariatrics Shape up & GoAston University, Appetite & Behaviour Lab Harrods SpaLondon Metropolitan University, Studies into Obesity UniversitiesLeeds University, Appetite & Behaviour Lab Beauty UR BeautifulCovance, Pharmaceutical Testing Lab Grayshott Hall Hotel & Health SpaGoldshield Pharmaceuticals Monkseaton High SchoolNorthern Health, Occupational Health Industry School University College SchoolPepwalk, Occupational HealthUnilever, Research & Development Dept Physiotherapist Physio Nation
  10. 10. TurkeyBahar Demirk?an Diethican ClinicBeautyLady K.K.K - S.ABetty ARMY K.K.K - S.ABiolaser K.K.K - S.ADr.Emre ??k Esthetics Center ?ranTip ClinicFizmer Asil Onay HospitalHarem Istanbul Medical Fac. (University) PhysiotherapySTS SA? Therapy Art Clinic Sports Center MayadromASM Sports IntlAvicenna Sports IntlBing? Devlet Sports Chain Sports IntlEkol Hastanesi Sports IntlHisar Hastanesi Modem TicInternational Hosp. Modem TicKartal Umut Hast. Hospital Sports Club PerfettoOrdu Devlet Hast. TEDOzel Kastamonu Hast. University ??Sema Hastanesi BeautylandYa?m Hastanesi Hisar Intercontinental HospitalYa?m Hastanesi Etc. ÖFA Ltd.Şti., GNC Doğal Beslenme ÜrünleriYasam Hastanesi Sema Hastanesi, International Hospital
  11. 11. China JapanBeijing Competitor Healthful Food Co., Ltd.Si Chuan Province Sports Center Osaka University HospitalGuang Dong Province Sports Center Kurume UniversityZhe Jiang Province Sports CenterShan Dong Province Sports Center Keiogijuk UniversityHu Nan Province Sports Center Rousai Hospitalshanghai Sports CollegeShen Zhen Sports Institute Aijinkai HospitalBeijing Sports Science Institute Toranomon HospitalShanghai Sports Center Sendai UniversityShanxi Sports CenterHangz Zhou Team No.1 Training Center Kawasima Clinicshanghai Sports Institute Renaissance Fitness ClubBeijing Yihui Women ClubBeijing Hospital Tipness Fitness ClubChina Army No.3 Medical University Southwest Hospital Sport Oasis Fitness ClubChina Army N0.l4 Medical University Xijing HospitalGuangZhou Huang Pu Hospital Central SportShanghai Sports Center SONNY Co., Ltd.GuangZhou Jing Heng Rehabilitation CenterChina Army N0.159 Hospital TOYOTA Co., Ltd.GuangDong PanYu Hospital MASTUSHITA Co., Ltd.GuiYang N0.3 Hospital KAOU Co., Ltd.DaLian N0.2 HospitalGuangZhou N0.6 Hospital SANTORY Co., Ltd.China Sports Medicine Research General Center
  12. 12. Brazil Esplenda Centro de Medicina do Corpo LtdaUlisses Silveira Soraya Victoriense CunhaJoão Ricardo Maia de Aguiar Claúdia da Silva Guedes CalvanoRoberto Constâncio Vieira Neto Cláudio Corá MottinCorpore Medicina Estética Clínica Orlndo Knoll LopesDaniela Hueb Orlndo Knoll LopesDr. Mauro Kleber Orlndo Knoll LopesMinas Tênis Clube Dra. Dora UllmannNorberto Paes Campos Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina EstéticaPrima Forma Medicina Integrada S.A Clínica Sensi KaPrima Forma Medicina Integrada S.A Dr. Dudson Pegoin MagachoVital Medicina e Nutrição Clinica Edmar Fontoura Lopes Neto - Clínica PlastiquéMedicorpo - Brasília Alberto R. SerfatySílvia Leite Campos Martins Labs Check-Up e Medicina PreventivaMary Geil Ricardo Alberto BenevidesProf. César Assad. K. Filho Fernando Nunes PitangaClínica Toi Cristiano Marcelo Escolástico RibeiroClinica Dr. Bibiano Aline Maria SwarowsskyClínica Boulevard Med. Funcional S/C Ltda Clin. Med. Int. Reab. Func. S/CDr. Emerson Tobias Fischer Núcleo de Cirurgia Geral e DigestivaDra. Manuela Macedo Joel Antônio da SilvaSérgio Paulo Aguilera Machado Centro Maranhense de Cirurgia Plástica e Estética MédicaMarco Aurélio Lenzi Pellegrini e Aguiar ClinicaCorporall GanepCorporall Antônio Pacileo CruzGeneroso Martins das Neves Hortensia Cosméticos e Participações S.A. DaslúFátima Helen Pegorim Magacho Centro Médico Baronesa de ItúDaniely Torres Catharino Rondó Medical CenterPaulo Rosa Pereira - Academia Natanael Dr. Samir Abdel Latif Serviços Médicos LtdaJúlio Cesar Budal Arins Clínica Charles YamagushiLucia K. Yuyama Clínica de Nutrição Dr. LaraMarilia Pollon Pelissari Clínica Dr. Reinaldo MonteiroInstituto de Cirurgia Dr. Sandro Scolari Academia Ponto 1- WandersonGiseli Fátima I. Pereira Einstein Hospital,
  13. 13. Czech RepublicS-studio, s.r.o. MUDr. Ivan Majercák Centrum pro lécbu obezityStátní léčebné lázně Bludov Lázně Dolní LipováMUDr. Dagmar Prokešová MUDr. Nadežda Šišáková - TEMPUSFITNESS PLAZA Fakulta tělesné kultury Univerzita PalackéhoFITNESS GOLDSGYM Julia MatiaškováFakulta sportovní studií - MU ch Arcadia medicaBIG ONE FITNESS FITNESS studio KWKStudio Milery Sun Resort Svatá KateřinaHotel INTERNATIONAL FITNESS Oasis CITYAkuna CZ s.r.o. Studio ModelaceIng. Jiří Adamík fitness FITNESS WORLDCLASSDům Salve s.r.o. Studio VandaDIETOLOGICKÉ A OBEZITOLOGICKÉ CENTRUM SAVELA FITNESS I ´M FITGastroenterologie s.r.o. Margita ŠimorkováFakulta vojenského zdravotnictví UO Mudr. DobrovolnýPriessnitzovy léčebné lázně a. s. MUDr. Robin Urbánek Centrum pro lécbu obezityRegenerační Centrum Srdíčko REGE - CENTRUM, s.r.o.
  14. 14. USA HungaryCenter for nutrition IKR Production Development Plc.Glory medical Center & Weight Loss clinic Bureau of Taxation and Financial ControlMedical Group of Culver City Children’s Hospital in BudaTallgraa General & vascular Surgery COIN WORKS 2000 Kft. Heim Pál Children’s HospitalTemple Pain Therapy Center Ideal Body Kft.Humax Medical Group Hungarian Foundation for KidneyUniversity of Southern California Medrepked Kft.Aquarius Water National Institute for Development of Junior Players and forTexas Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine other Sport Services Nestlé Hungária Kft.Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Specialists National Institute for Sport and HealthPhilip O Warners Office Pro Sanita Kft.Newport Medical ConsultantsJoan Temmerman MD Salus Aegroti FoundationJenny Craig University of Debrecen Center of Medical and Health SciencesMichigan Mesotherapy Institute HANKOOKBrookdale University Hospital & medical Center Foundation for Development of Junior PlayersHuey Doyle W. MD University of Western Hungary, Apáczai Csere János BranchThe Physicians Centre Vitacard – V Kft.Wellquest AD SANITATEM BT.Vally View Medical Clinic Lifestyle Advisor Mrs. Attila Demeter - HerbalifeBeverly Hills Anti-Aging Group Med. Dr. Hubert JánosPump 24hr. training mecca LLC „Foundation for Diabetic People24 hour fitness(WA) Meditechnik Bt.Dr. James Peters, Purnachandra Yerneni, M.D. University Semmelweis Childrens Clinic
  15. 15. TwainNatl Taiwan Normal Univ.Natl Yang-Ming Med. Univ.Natl Tainan Teachers College Natl Cheng-Kung Univ.Natl Taichung Teachers College Mackay Memorial HospitalChia-Tzu Youth Camp Natl Cheng-Kung Univ.President Health World Chang-Gung M.Hosp-KaoshiungKong-Nin Nursing College Natl Taitong Teachers CollegeFu-Tai Clinics Natl Zhongxing HospitalTri-Service General Hospital Ziji Art CollegeArmy Force Sung Shan Hospital Sanzong Total Hospital Taipei Medical Univ.National Taiwan Normal Univ. Mackay Memorial HospitalYoya Clinic Min-Sheng HospitalMetee Clinic Kang-Ning HospitalChinese Culture Univ. Yu-Sheng HospitalNational Taiwan Sports College Natl Gao-Xiong UnivChia-Nan Pharm.Tech. Univ. Ke-Wei CompanyYeh Ming-Hong Surgery Natl Sports CollegeChangHua Christian Hospital. Tan-Jiang UnivMackay Memorial Hospital. Yong-Yuan Keji CollegeV.G.H-Taichung XingZhengYuan Sports WeiyuanhuiHurray Party City Jilong Hospital Shu-Li Miaoli Hospital MeiDeng Feng
  16. 16. Egypt MexicoGolds Gym – Gym 6th of October City Instituto Mexicano del Seguro SocialUniversity of Alexandria, Research Institute Comisión Nacional de Cultura Física y DeporteBodhi Gym INSAR. Institute for Cardiac Arrhytmias and Cardiovascular DiagnosisWorld Gym Instituto Nacional de RehabilitaciónDr. Randa RedaHelwan University , Faculty of Physical education TELETONDr. Hisham El-Minawy Desarrollo Integral de la FamiliaFitness & Dance Academy Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoDr. Ihab abu El-Naga Universidad Autónoma del Estado de MéxicoOur Gym Universidad Autónoma de YucatánDr. amr Soliman Universidad Veracruzana School of NutritionSheraton Hotel, Cairo Sport WorldHealthy Life, Dr. Ahmed Noer Universidad del Valle de MéxicoAbbott Pharmaceutical CompanyEl-Masa Gym, Armed Forces DADIAL S.A. DE C.V.EVA Pharma Company SISTEMA PARA EL DESARROLLO INTEGRAL DE LA FAMILIAGolds Gym, Sheikh Zayed City INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ENFERMEDADES RESPIRATORIAS (INER)Dr. Iman Asser, Alexandria DR. FERNANDO DEL CAMPOWham, Dr. Waffaa Mehelba, Alexandria INSTITUTO SINALOENSE DEL DEPORTEEl-Resala Hospital
  17. 17. Singapore BulgariaSingapore General Hospital ДКЦ 2 ЕООД, ПловдивGleneagles Hospital “Promedica” – MacedoniaExecutive Health Screeners ДКЦ "РАЛИС”Meridian Clinic УСБАЛЕ, клиника по диабетологияGreen Club БОРЕКС 3London Research CenterEvangel Family Clinic Eлкомерс Вяра ЕООД – ВарнаMarie France Bodyline СМК ООД ВарнаWell Life Pte LtdSmitech(Asia) Pte Ltd.Canada MalaysiaMcGill University City ClinicMontreal General Hospital Univ. Kebangsaan TUDM Army CampThe Research Institute of the MUHC National Sports CouncilVancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre Marie France Bodyline24 hour fitness
  18. 18. Indonesia Saudi ArabiaTarakan Hospital SOMATCOPT. Dipa/Indonesia Kingdom HospitalDINAS KESEHATAN TNISURABAYA Diet CenterRUMAH SAKIT RK. CHARITAS Dr. NutritionPalembangIran LebanonNational Olympic Committee Dr. Anthony Torbay, Alpha-Tech, RenobelleGilan University Labib Medical Center, Dr. Hisham NazarSports Science Faculty Training Sabzewar Univ. Dr. Richard Yazbeck Lebanese HospitalYazd University
  19. 19. Hong Kong ThailandPro-Med Techonology Ltd. Thanes DevelopmentH.K.Polytechnic University Chevasom Health ResortPrivate Coach Thanes DevelopmentPhysical Ladies ClubIndia Peru Le RougeSlimming CenterHospimedicaAll India Institute of Medical SciencesCentral America Australia Flinders University Medical Center, Dr. Mark Doyle, Prof.N PillerEdgar H Moreno MD, Pana-HealthDr. Max Brenes, GNQ Anti-Aging Univ.
  20. 20. Testimonial “We purchased a Biospace InBody machine for our weight control center in August of 2005. I must say that the response has been outstanding.It allows us to determine protein needs by making sure that our patients are losing fat and not muscle. We also measure intra- and extracellular fluid. This has been a tremendous tool for us to help patients better understand their weight program and comply with the protocol.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diane Kallmann, RN, Administrator Medifast Medical Center Sacramento, CA Phillip O. Warner, M.D. New Dimensions Medical Group Marysville, CA “The InBody has been an incredible asset to our practice. The information provided by the machine is both very accurate and helpful to patients. We have had several patients who had underwater weighing prior to using our InBody and the results were almost identical. In addition, the InBody s impedance index allows a patient to fine tune their work-out to create better body proportion. The Biospace unit is simple to use, takes very little time, and yet provides a very impressive report. The machine has worked flawlessly since we purchased it. In addition, the support staff has been very helpful in answering questions and educating us on interpreting results. We previously used a handheld device but found the results to be very inaccurate, non-reproducible and provided only BMI and percent body fat.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeffrey I. Barke, M.D. Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians Newport Medical Consultants-Personal Physicians Newport Beach, CA
  21. 21. Testimonial “Most of clients who have used InBody are satisfied with it. “I would like to express the maximum gratification with InBody720. The exercise program is being planned by this InBody result. The machine represents high benefit for evaluation of body composition in medical As they see the changed result, they estimate their present health status. education as well as in research.” Our club has accumulated each result so it is available to compare previous result with ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- present result when the member who checked Assoc. prof. Ludmila Sevcikova, MD., PhD. InBody come again. Institute of Hygiene Faculty of Medicine, Average 5-10 members use this instrument in a day. Comenius University Bratislava, Czech Republic I would like to recommend this instrument to INTERCONTI HOTELS personally.”----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S. S. Kim Metropolitan Fitness Club Manage Interconti Grand Seoul, Korea “At our University site is InBody720 machine used for both research and treatment of obese patients. InBody720 very relieves our work with patients.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ing.Hana Stritecka PhD University of Defence,faculty of Military Health Scienc,e "We use the apparatus In Body 720 as a supplement of functional Czech Republic body analysis in the research measurements of different population groups (patients, sportsmen, ordinary population) in the different age groups (seniors, adolescents, and children). The technology is advanced. The exit from software is interesting, lucid and intelligible to clients." “InBody BS1,0, a Multiple Frequency Bedside BIA Instrument as used in Different Volume----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doc. RNDr. Miroslava Přidalová, Ph.D. Replacement Strategies on Body Fluid Compartments in Patients undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery.” Department of Functional Anthropology and Physiology, Faculty of Physical Culture ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Katrin Lang Palacký University Tř. Míru 115 771 41 Olomouc Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, City Clinic Czech Republic Ludwigshafen, Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Mainz, Germany
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