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Bionanosol continues as a leader in the environmental industry. We are partnered with global brands to bring green products.

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  1. 1. migî 5 V uuaifieîk’ r: 5. M ras’: “h: Infv Isrijigt: rg-‘r i'm-E: r“: —P'-, Iii‘: n | Î|E= ur*-r% nwivvivnîiunnllncwxînrrcm We are distributors of safe, non-toxic, environment friendly, cleaners Degreasers solvents and specizflity Products. Our clients in the marine Indu ‘ial, Food (Dil, transportation and aircraft Industries trust us to provide À A ‘ co" and time-saving, Environmentally-safe cleaning, u: . Qe_ x . g and spill removing products For everyday and emergw “Wlic * ì" ans. To be the prime source c CO-I) n» 1 Bio Degradable, Producte " re veYljrîìxiîx _ s‘ b Sustainable Solutions for the User and environment. CYBDAPÌ
  2. 2. CLEANS ALL - A11 Purpose Cleaner Cleans A11 is an industrial grade a11 purpose cleaner. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, Non-flammable and versatile. It is safe to use on a11 surfaces such as metal, vinyl, fabric, timber, g1ass, mas0nry & carpet Industries to be used in Removes v Oi1&Gas Hospitality Grease Road &Transport _ Aviation O11 Port 8: Shipping carbOn — _i Construction 8a Air-conditions Inks Mildew Soap 5mm Features: Dlrt Cleans a11 surfaces WÉÌX Biodegradable Non-toxic Non-flammable AQIS approved. (see website for certificate) Every home, office & business should have it. Cleans A11 wi11 effectively remove grease, oi1, dyes, carbon, inks, soils, mildevv, soap scum, nicotine & soot. It is safe to use on a11 surfaces such as metal, vinyl, fabric, timber, glass, masonry & carpet.
  3. 3. U Beaut is a water based, heavy duty yet completely safe degreaser, specifically Formulated to Remove grease, wax and soot. Biodegradable industria] strength Degreaser, formulated as a Superior substitute to replace dangerous hydrocarbon Or caustic based products Industries to be used in Oil & Gas Hospitality Road & Transport Features Aviation u Ports 8: Shipping Water based Multipurpose Cleaner Degreaser Non toxic Mining Machinery Biodegradable Before U BAEAUT e After U BEA UT It is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and has no offensive Odour. Use it for safe removal of industria] grease, cleaning of hard floor areas, as A spray and wipe for cleaning truck and car engines, and for machine parts and vehicles in the mining industries. It provides an easier, faster method for removal of Contaminants and it's low suds surfactant means the grease and oi] just washes off.
  4. 4. 33 314.314 73» Germs and Bacteria Disinfectant m. J Deoda Safe is a green Cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer in one. It kills germs and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus & E. Coli Used For ymltltyflafi; Éleans, sanitizes 8: deodorizes on toxic [ì I 1__ h Non Flammable "a! " m‘ " Non Corrosive Lima] pH Neutra] ÎHOYV-ÌÎÈJ ‘Z Kills Staphylococcus aureus 1;}‘V/ ',_'| f|]: : 8: E. Coli Î_P“I. I,‘c»: ; i Cîjulètg Îlîîìczan; iìaitiì_u_r'cnenjniu. r:: v '3' _ | , "[11] JIQL q. A ' v M_ _ ì f , , 11“, H}. qfifîefii "1 y , _| -LWG9.I! I_f‘= .I_l| Cg‘» , ‘ _ N , 1 l‘ V 4, 1:‘ f“, rfinfir. 1 . r l V * " ‘ 1 1 ‘l’ ' —' I lmguelia areas; / r" 1h, }| __ ‘hm , ‘ V .4 _, Pî‘. I 1 ‘l; A ; “fJÌ33Ì1 1 II Z3 îìsfiee’Ìilr. ""jiîi Natura]Enzymes Odour Neutralizer Super Odour Eliminator is the al] natura] enzymes spray that effectively eliminates foul odours, deodorises garbage cans, nappy buckets, cars and other problem areas. The definitive solution for odour contro] and removal . r'*a= .ItI. I;r'a: ; ALI] tanjttnljrail É i Industries to be used in 4f-lÌtV47/'[l_‘l_lfd; : / ” i . Health 8: Medica] 121C)? !» mais L’ ,15," l Hospitality mani ‘ÌG), EZÌC‘ l 3°’ ' marini ‘il’: IDÌIIIÌIHÌÌIÌG‘ z . x Idea] F01‘ ÎEficxcÌif-xgzraudhlbùa u, a Rotting ÎOOÒ mio cîhjfllcxjrîìcixa ‘ _'__ sol" milk lghkbflcxakiflmjl Strong foods / Urme Faces
  5. 5. POWER SOLVE - Biodegradable Industria] Grade Cleaning Solvent Power Solve is a totally biodegradable, non-Iflammable, industria] grade solvent. No film or residue is left when used, thus cutting down on valuable cleaning time. Removes grease, carbon, inks, oi] and creosote from al] surfaces. It is safe to use on al] surfaces such as metal, vinyl, fabric, timber, glass, masonry 8: carpet Features: Industries to be used in Biodegradable Non - flammable ‘g 011 g; G35 Removes grease, Hospitality carbon, inks, 0]] 8L creosote Road 8L Transport Aviation from al] surfaces Leaves no film or residue Cuts down cleaning time Idea] for: Heavy industria] applications Floor wash on concrete Machinery cleaner Truck wash CITRASOLVE - Biodegradable Orange Citrus Cleaner and Solvent Degreaser Port 8: Shipping Citrasolve is a Citrus cleaner degreaser, derived from orange pee]. It is a biodegradable Solvent and is highly effective in dissolving grease, 0i1s, waXes, inks and tar based products instantly. Features Used For Non Conductive Cleans, sanitizes 8: deodorizes Non toxic Non Corrosive c. Non Flammable Quick drying i ‘ i . — Non Corrosive Non residua] , pH Neutra] Biodegradable Kills Staphylococcus aureus & E. Coli DISSOLVES: Tar Asphalt Grease Oil Ink Wax
  6. 6. LIQUIDZYMES- Green Multiple Enzyme Based Cleaner And Degreaser Liquidzymes is a high performance, non toxic and biodegradable multiple enzyme for cleaning degreasing and odour contro]. It breaks down oils and greases in septic tanks, Sludge treatment Ponds, boat bilge water, grease traps, floors, drains and pipes making It easier for bacteria to consume any organic waste matter while eliminating odours. Grease Traps . S ' T k Non ToX1C Slîfdgce ‘lîneastment Ponds NO caustic Tailing Ponds Safe tO Human I ’ Boat Bilge Water Cleaning Septic Safe Mildew Environmenta] -friendly CYNDAZYMES- Blocked Drain Cleaning and Organic Waste Digester Cyndazymes is a natura] solution for blocked drains. 1t wil] effectively digest waste, greases, oils And organic content to unblock plumbing by working vertically up the drainage pipes. Idea] for Grease traps and eliminating their odors. Industries to be used in Features Hospitality . P t 8: Sh' ' Non ToX1C Fîms lppmg NO caustic '. Food processing plants Safe to Human Septic Safe Mildew Environmenta] -friendly
  7. 7. VITROGLAZE - Protective Glass Coating to Sea] Glass, Ceramic 8: Stainless stee] Vitroglaze is a permanent Coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. Advanced Nano-Coating formulation, idea] to protect and seal window glass, Ceramic, stainless stee], shower screens, tiles, 1 lf . . . ha ustrades’ p°° ences’ etc Industries to be used in Features Hospitality Provides water and oil repellent properties. Road g; Transport It saves valuable time and effort, guaranteed. Protective Coating on Stainless Stee] as a long terms barrier against tea staining and corrosion Port & Shipping Rough surface allows contaminants to adhere and build up Mogn/ ‘fied Glass Surfoce (x 100) Vitroglaze fuses with the surface leaving a protettive barrier VITRÒGLAZE The clear solution
  8. 8. fkv/ ("v . ,‘N; , r q. <1‘ - 1. 1.. .1 e s, 3.1 1- Iva/ indotti Sun Shield and Energy Saving Glass Coating. Solar Green is a revolutionary clear liquid glass Coating that forms a seven micron thin Solid layer on the glass surface able to self-level on it's own at room temperature. This coating shields against the sun's harmfu] radiation to provide living comfort and Energy savings. Used For Features Interior glass for residential Cuts 99% of the sun's UV rays 8: commercia] buildings Cuts 90% of infrared rays Protecting from skin cancer 3°C - 10°C cooler in summer 8: skin pigmentation Up to 3°C warmer in winter Preventing furnature colour Up to 20% energy savings fading Retains heat indoors Keeping out insects Reduces condensation on attracted to UV emitting windows from indoor lights Protecting displays from premature ageing Construction S MIR Solar Green allows you to reduce about 5.6kg/ sqm per year of CO2 greenhouse emissions, which gives you a saving of up to 20% on your electrica] consumption with a 3°C reduction in temperature. Solar Green harvests natura] light and reduces reflection on glass due to it's crystal like nature, and accommodates any glass shape and size to provides a smooth finish regardless of the contours and curves of the glass. Energy Saving Glass Coating (mass Glass Heater Sola G een {r Solar Green Cooler in Summer Wanner in Winter
  9. 9. HEAT SHIELD- Thermal Reflective Insulation Coating For Building Heat Shield is an acrylic, solar reflective paint insulation, utilizing the latest in micro crystals technology with a proprietary formulation to provide an excellent Coating for heat Resistant purposes. Industries to be used in KEY FEATURES 8: BENEFITS Industria‘ plants High tota] reflective index (94%) to sun light A9t°în°tive Low glare, which reduces the environmenta] Pnntmg _ _ impact to your neighborhood. Port 8‘ finppmg Excellent water proofing properties, can Transport Hotels bridge cracks and holes of up to 4mm. - Excellent flexibility and adhesion to any Substrate. Excellent weather and UV durability, life expectancy 25 years +. Satisfying the requirements as an energy saving product, can save up to 45% in cooling costs. Can be applied to al] meta], timber, plastic and masonry surfaces. Available in a range of colours: white, blue, green, brown and yellow. ANTI SPATTER- Pre Welding Coating Protection Anti-Spatter is a pre welding spray to prevent adhesion of welding spatter. It is biodegradable, non-flammable, water based and produces no harmfu] fumes when welding. Industries to be used in Oil &Gas Port/ Shipping Construction / Air-conditioning Features Prolongs nozzle life Prevents spatter -adhesion Biodegradable Non Flammable Non Aerosol Water based No harmfu] fumes —when welding
  10. 10. 9*‘ >5 » E” le a: 1'" I 1' Timber Flame r Retardant Clear Coating Innovative clear Coating fire retardant solution used for treatment on al] softwood timbers. It inhibits the spread of fire once the source of fire is removed. CSIRO testing confirms it satisfied the requirement for bushfire-resisting timber specified in AS 3959:2009 Construction of Buildings in bushfire prone area Appendix F F1 and F2 (a) making it a BAL 29 leve] Fire Retardant Coating Solution KEY FEATURES Industries to be used in Specific gravity: 1.15 Hospitality Solids by volume: 33% Port 8: Shipping Fungus resistance: excellent Oil 8L Gas Application: brush, roller, spray Application rate: 6-9m2 per Liter min. 2 coats UV Resistance: good ToXicity: non toxic m Flash point: non flammable i k 1 v — " 8' C0lour: green ‘Itali: ‘f ‘ Finish: clear , 91' i .1 ci: " 1". ” Chemica] Fire Retardant Spray Treatment for Fabric Fabric Fire Proofing is a water based solution for the treatment of most types of fabric. Can be used in-situ to treat curtains, carpets and soft upholstery materials. Natura] fabrics and miXtures of natura] and synthetic fibres can usually be satisfactory treated. Does not make fabric stiff. PÈPÉIÎÌEIÌVÈE‘. CAUYION _ L L _ _ I unmc rum VÀVhlf-ljr‘ crema-cl SÌCIÌIIEÎIMUJ e Itmfiîtîll “cjrè-rautînîuajut ‘ÎClfr‘ czuujfltalîlîucg, c: =.u3r'j, cxat; : aujudl ani‘: .. ow | .[, ll', 'l, lClL1'l= lÌr‘/ V/ ‘Juîtuliajrîbstb; 1 texana: ÌIIQIÌ jnîuntka LÈiÎClîÎlt‘ atti? 1mm: cilanujr‘
  11. 11. MICRO INVISIO SHIELD (MIS) - Water Based Penetrating Sealer for Concrete, Brick & All Masonry Substrate Micro Inviso Shield is a water & oil repelling, microscopic, invisible shield. It is not A surface or barrier Coating, rather it deeply penetrates and chemically bonds with the Substrate without Altering it's appearance and allows the Substrate to breathe. Surfaces Are then up to 90% easier to maintain clean. One treatment lasts up to 10 years. MIS can also be used after applying Aanti-Slip Treatment for those wanting to seal their tiles long term and prevent the surface from staining from oils, grease, blood, coffee and other contaminants. Using MIS-will help reduce your Carbon footprint by Minimising The need for maintenance cleaning Features Prevents: c) 2008 Staining T Water penetration Efflorescence Concrete cancer Chewing gum adhesion Water Based Invisible Non Hazardous Stain Resistant FLEETKLEEN - Is an industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser Fleet Kleen is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser for concrete floors, cement and Stone surfaces. Fleet Kleen contains enhanced micro-organisms and bio-cleaners that are Demanded by industrial applications. Features H Industries to be used in Non Toxic Aviation Non Hazardous Road & Transport Non Flammable Port & Shipping Non corrosive Non caustic Cleaner and Degreaser of hydrocarbons A Totally non-hazardous, natural and highly effective cleaner and degreaser of oils and grease contamination on any hard surface. FleetKleen“ bioremediates the hydrocarbons, removing them totally and leaving a slip-free surface Cost-effective and Safe to handle and easy to use Total removal of hydrocarbon contamination and Non hazardous to the environment
  12. 12. AIR CON COIL CLEANER- Air-condition Bactericide And Mold Retardant Air Con Coil Cleaner has been designed to stop the growth of algae and slime in Condensate Drains and trays. Features Used F01- Retardant to the growth of mould and bacteria] spores in ducted Drains ‘systems Ductwork Reduces algae and mould growth on air conditioning filters Trays Odourless and colourless Cooling water systems AIR CON UNIT CLEANER - Powerful Alkaline Cleaner for the Air-Conditioning Industry Air Con Unit Cleaner is a very powerful alkaline General purpose cleaner for the air conditioning industry. Air Con Unit Cleaner can be used for cleaning condensers, filters and the outside of air con units. It cleans oils and other general contaminants, and Removes built up carbon deposits as well as smoke and electrical fume residues. Features Powerful air conditioning cleaner Removes built up carbon deposits and fume residue Used For Refrigeration Companies Cool room cleaning Condenser and filter cleaning General purpose cleaning of the exterior of air con units
  13. 13. RUST BUSTER- Rust Encapsulation and Neutralizer For Corrosion Prevention Rust Buster is an anti-corrosion treatment that encapsulates and neutralizes the rust, And forms a molecular bond with both the rust and the Substrate. Effective corrosion prevention for bridges, Structural Steel, pipelineS, marine vessels, SiloS, etc Features Can be applied directly to rusted surface Waterproofs the metal surface, Extends the life of the metal surface saving replacement costs. Industries to be used in Oil 8L Gas Road &TranSport Aviation Port & Shipping Construction This ns a sula ma! was Irealed with Cyudan Rust Buster and palnîed m lodx Ilke a light house CRYSTALUSION - Liquid Glass Protection for Devices Crystalusion Nano Coating - Liquid Glass Protection has been designed to protect multimedia Devices including mobile phones, tabletS, cameras, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles and Satellite navigation systems. Features 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector! It is Antimicrobial this means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer 100% light permeable it will not affect screen resolution or colour clarity. It is Hydrophobic (repels liquid) and oleophobic (repels oils and grease) this makes fingerprints and grease marks particularly easy to clean Scratch resistant. Proven to withstand up to 56N Fingerprmls Grease wmr i “ i 23.924; CLEANER ‘ H _ REINIGER "‘ e _ * _ PULITORE N ETTOYÀ NT x _ x ‘ . LIMPIADOR f: __ ,7-—— ‘ x h Crgstalusnon“ Tough and INVISIBLE PROTECTION
  14. 14. Absorbs Oil Oilex is an organic binder which is able to absorb all kinds of oil very quickly and effectively. Such as heating oil, hydraulic oil or engine oil, all oil Similar substances, chemicals, herbicides or pesticides, emulsions, solvents, coolant, blood etc. Features Industries to be used in 100% organic fibre Aviation Anti-toxic for humans and nature Port & Shipping Locking in toxic gases and odors Oil 8a Gas Keeping natural soil structure in tact Road 8: Transport Easily disposed of after application No lasting contamination of soil or (ground-) water No long-term physical or visual effect on the environment Oilex is extremely lightweight In terms of effectiveness, Oilex is a true heavyweight. With just 7kg per 501iters (140 grams per liter) it is also especially light. This makes handling and a disposal extremely efficient and transport is trouble- p free. Even strong winds have little effect on Oilex i l because the fibers react immediately when they come into contact with the surface from which the substances need to be absorbed. Moreover, the fibers Stick to the substance and do not blow away. References Oilex is used by the following customers and customer groups, to name but a few: Fire departments in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, y airports, Siemens AG, Saar Stahl AG, various ‘ NH-lq-xuoiàwleîl-NIIMJP‘ mineral oil trading Companies such as Esso, Shell, Aral, Chevron, BP Castrol, BOB, Wiedemann-Middle East, Hanindo Group, Fourcourt Solutions, HuiGuo Environmental, Tanjin Pumps, SR Environmenta], ABSOLUTE SPILL SOLUTIONS Tekser and many more.
  15. 15. HYGENIA- Non Alcoholic Herbal Hand Sanitizer Hygenia is the unique product to be used as hand sanitizer as it's a best herbal product which Doesn't only clean your hands but also it gives you great protection Against germs and helps You heal wounds and scratches and protect your skin from Unnecessary damages. Features Kills 99.99 germs Very safe to use on children Has no skin irritation moisturizes and softens the hands Provides a longer period of germs protection Safe to use as many times as needed even if hands have -wound / abrasion More number of uses compared to alcohol based sanitizer How does HYGENIA works It is always advisable when you are out doors to dab your hands With Alcohol free Hygenia hand sanitizer to eliminate any chance Of germs entering your digestive system and causing problems Hygenia ÀLCOHOL-FREE H E R B A L HAND SANITIZER ALCOHOL-FREE , H e a a A L f, ’ HANDSANTTIZER 35 ml 100 ml . :.r: ..': .:. :. ' Approved By Dubai Muncipality “ad _ ,99
  16. 16. NANOSOL Have a Green Day. ... Have a Green Future. _ ‘El Contact us - i Solutions Trading C0 LLC. " ' _' R0.BOX#112739 I Dubai, United Arab Emirates . J Phone : +971 4 3554280/+971 4 3553119 www. bi0nanos0I. c0m ' Email : sales@solutionsdxb. com info@bionanosol. com a #BioNanosol o #BioNanosol @ #BioNanosol fl Crystalusion” Hygenia @E! .%"! ‘3'3#2 Liquid Glass Protection