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SeptiTech STAAR (Standard/Denite) Filter Systems

SeptiTech has designed affordable and sustainable wastewater treatment products for properties not hooked up to a public sewering system. Relentless research, development and continuous product improvement goes into producing the most effective, reliable, highest value and owner-friendly wastewater treatment systems in the industry.

These systems help ensure a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse.

Offering simple, low-cost and robust treatment solutions, the SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems are a low-energy treatment option using an anaerobic-aerobic sequence (AAS) bioreactors. The primary anaerobic pre-treatment tank settles, clarifies and manages the sludge return, then followed by a secondary aerobic treatment process.

The residential and commercial SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems are environment-friendly, regulatory-approved and preferred for private, business, and government applications. With exceedingly stringent Nitrogen Removal standards, these advanced wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) utilize an award-winning Trickling Filter Technology and has a successful track record from 100 gpd – 150,000+ gpd.

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SeptiTech STAAR (Standard/Denite) Filter Systems

  1. 1. Denitrification Units SeptiTech Wastewater Treatment Systems Residential & Commercial
  2. 2. Our History • Systems in operation since 1996 Longevity • Over 2500 systems operating nationwide 20 State Approvals • ETV, 2002 • NSF 40 & 245, 2008 Certification • Rigorous ongoing research & development - Simple, smart & more cost effective treatment Ongoing Development
  3. 3. SeptiTech Basics Biological Recirculating Trickling Filter No Chemicals Added Control Panel Monitors System Added Between 2- Compartment Tank & Disposal Field Aerobic (Pulls Air In) Self Cleaning Residential & Commercial Processors Installed Below Grade
  4. 4. SeptiTech Trickling Filter  Simple and Reliable Process  Treats High Organic Loads  Efficient in Removing Ammonia  Handles and Recovers from Shock Loads  Relatively Low Power Requirements  Less Sludge than Suspended Growth Systems  Moderate Operator Skill Level  Low Operating Cost
  5. 5.  Equalization and Clarification All in One Tank  Operating Flexibility and Control  All Below Grade Components  No Onsite Concrete Work Required  Very Small Footprint — 90,000GD ~ 1/3 Acre  No Fulltime Operator Needed  No Operations Building Required  Integrates with Other Technologies SeptiTech Technology
  6. 6. SeptiTech Advantages Third Party Verifications ETV, NSF 40 & 245 Best treatment numbers including Denitrifiction 98%+ Removal of BOD/TSS Up to 85% Removal of Nitrogen
  7. 7. Recirculation Pump is dual purpose – sprays wastewater over treatment media & draws outside air in through use of Venturis Return Pump sends dead bacteria flock back to head of primary septic tank & recycles Nitrified wastewater to anoxic zone Discharge Pump discharges treated wastewater to disposal field(s) up to 24 times a day Control Panel monitors all activity in system & sends alarm conditions for any problems SeptiTech System Operation Control Panel Recirculation Return Discharge
  8. 8. SeptiTech Installation Control Panel Air Intake 2 Compartment Primary Tank SeptiTech Treatment Processor Disposal Field
  9. 9. Primary Septic Tank SeptiTech Processor 4” Inlet 1-1/2” Return 4” Inlet 2” Discharge 2/3 1/3 Effluent Filter 2”Air 1”Elec Residential System Overview SeptiTech Processor Polystyrene Bead Treatment Media Self Cleaning Processor Primary Septic Tank 2 Compartment Effluent Filter External Piping Inlet / Discharge Line Return Line Air Intake Electrical Conduit
  10. 10. Residential Treatment Media
  11. 11. Residential Processor Schematic Plastic Tank " LB132
  12. 12. Residential Processor Schematic Concrete Tank "
  13. 13. Residential Control Panel Removable OIT NEMA 4x Enclosure Audible / Visual Alarm Hand / Off / Auto Switches Built to UL508A Requirements
  14. 14. Residential Processors Processor Model Bedrooms Tank Capacity STAAR 0.5 4 1,060 Gallons STAAR 0.75 6 1,250 Gallons STAAR 1.0 8 1,500 Gallons
  15. 15. SeptiTech Residential System
  17. 17. Commercial System Overview Primary Septic Tank SeptiTech Processor 4” Inlet 2” Return 4” Inlet 2” Discharge 2/3 1/3 Effluent Filter 2”Air 2”Elec 2”Air 2” Discharge
  18. 18. Commercial Processor Schematic Access Access Access
  19. 19. Commercial Processors Processor Model Flow (GPD) Tank Capacity STAAR 1.2 1,200 2,000 Gallons STAAR 1.5 1,500 4,000 Gallons STAAR 3.0 3,000 6,000 Gallons STAAR 4.5 4,500 8,000 Gallons Engineered 100,000 + Modular
  20. 20. SeptiTech Commercial System
  21. 21. Commercial System Control Panel
  22. 22. Multiple Train Modular Layout 10,000 GA EQUALIZATION TANK STAAR 4.5 STAAR 4.5 10,000 GA EQUALIZATION TANK STAAR 4.5 STAAR 4.5 ADJUSTABLE FLOW SPLITTER From Collection System 20,000 GPD TRAIN  Equal Flow Splitting is Critical
  23. 23. Advantages of the SeptiTech System Easy Operation PLC Control Panel Minimal Components Easy Onsite Customization Simple Maintenance Self Cleaning Media No Extra Pumping Mostly Visual Inspection SeptiTech Prevents Future Failure Completely Subsurface  H20 Capable  No Noisy Blower  Aesthetically Pleasing
  24. 24. Why Nitrogen Removal? Degradation of Groundwater Quality Elevated Nitrogen Concentrations Exceedance of Drinking Water Standards Health & Environmental Effects
  25. 25. Nitrogen Reducing Aerobic Treatment Units Are Effective at Removing 50-75% of Nitrogen from Wastewater Systems Must Fully Nitrify the Wastewater before Denitrification Can Occur Must Have Anaerobic & Aerobic Conditions Other Factors that Contribute to Nitrogen Removal Plenty of Air Steady pH Temperature Toxicity Long Retention Times
  26. 26. Nitrosomonas: 2-Step NH4 +  NO2 - Process Nitrobacter: NO2 -  NO3 - Overall Reaction NH4 + + 2O2  NO3 - + 2H+ + H2O  Requires Oxygen (4.6 lb/lbN)  Uses up Alkalinity (7.1 lb/lbN) Nitrifers Removing Nitrogen Biologically
  27. 27. Nitrogen Cycle Simplified Nitrification — The Conversion of Influent Ammonia to Nitrite & Nitrate Denitrification — The Conversion of Nitrite to Nitrogen Gas: Stripping O2 from NO3 to Release N2 (Gas) “You Must Nitrify Before You Can Denitrify” PROCESSOR AEROBIC OUTSIDE AIR DRAWN IN SEPTIC TANK ANOXIC NITRATE RICH RECYCLE INFLUENT AMMONIA INFLUENT AMMONIA NITROGEN GAS
  28. 28. Operations & Maintenance Onsite Visual Inspection of All System Components Tank, pumps, float switch, control panel, auto-dialer and audio/visual alarm Visual inspection of electrical splices and contacts, check/record amperage and voltage readings Visual inspection of filter media or filtration device(s) Exercise all mechanical valves Sensory examination of treated effluent for clarity, odor, oily sheen, foaming or any other unusual characteristics Record flow data (volumetric, cycle counter, etc.) Maintain bound inspection log with entries for all service activities, observations, and field test readings with entries recorded in ink.
  29. 29. Operations & Maintenance Cont.
  30. 30. SeptiTech Product Advantages  Subsurface Installation H20 loading for parking lots *Competitor’s Installation SeptiTech Installation SeptiTech H20 Loading
  31. 31. SeptiTech Product Advantages cont.  Easy to Fine Tune Process  Self Adjusting & Cleaning  Low Operating & Maintenance Cost
  32. 32. SeptiTech Product Advantages cont. Modular design flexibility Systems scale from a 2 bedroom cottage up to a 100,000 GPD municipal system
  33. 33. SeptiTech Product Advantages cont. Easy to fine tune process PLC controls & monitors system, fully customizable Collects & stores operating data Remote communication capabilities
  34. 34. Small Town Municipal Sewers  Vinalhaven Island, ME  80,000 GPD
  35. 35. SeptiTech Commercial Systems  Old Marsh Golf Club, ME  40,000GPD
  36. 36. SeptiTech Commercial Systems cont.  Bracket’s Landing, MA  9,000 GPD
  37. 37. Commercial Chains  Hannaford Markets, NY  5,000 GPD
  38. 38. SeptiTech Summary Plug & Play Residential Systems Robust Modular Commercial Systems Simple Install, Operation & Maintenance Nitrogen Reducing Systems