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Bio-Microbics Products & Projects Portfolio Book


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Thank you for your interest in Bio-Microbics® products.

About: As a leading manufacturer of Simple, Low-Cost, Robust wastewater (residential, commercial, & marine), graywater, water recycling, and stormwater treatment systems, Bio-Microbics ensures a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse; as well as, treatment products for the agricultural, dairy, and food processing industries. Our pre-engineered, pre-packaged wastewater treatment systems are ideal for single-family homes, multi-family residential properties, small communities, commercial applications, and marine vessels. These “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT® for the Purpose Intended.

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Bio-Microbics Products & Projects Portfolio Book

  1. 1.   Simple ● Low Cost ●  Robust
  2. 2.     2  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®          Thank you for your interest in Bio‐Microbics® products.    About:  As a leading manufacturer of Simple, Low‐Cost, Robust wastewater (residential, commercial, & marine), graywater, water recycling, and stormwater treatment systems, Bio‐Microbics  ensures a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse; as well as, treatment products for the agricultural, dairy, and food processing industries. Our pre‐engineered, pre‐packaged  wastewater treatment systems are ideal for single‐family homes, multi‐family residential properties, small communities, commercial applications, and marine vessels. These “Fixed Integrated  Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT® for the Purpose Intended.      Bio-Microbics, Inc. | 8450 Cole Parkway | Shawnee, KS 66227 USA Scienco/FAST – a division of Bio-Microbics, Inc. | Saint Louis Missouri SeptiTech – a subsidiary of Bio-Microbics, Inc. | Portland, Maine  (p) 913‐422‐0707  |  (f) 913‐422‐0808  |  800‐753‐FAST     e:     web:      ©  2016  Bio‐Microbics,  Inc.    All  Rights  Reserved.    Any reproduction by any means of the photos in this book is prohibited without prior written permission from Bio-Microbics, Inc. Created by the Marketing Department of Bio-Microbics, Inc., images are provided by the Field Services Department, Installers of Distributors and/or Dealers of Bio-Microbics, or from any other Representative of Bio-Microbics. For questions about photos, images, products, or other, please contact Bio-Microbics, Inc. at 1-800-753-3278 (FAST), 1-913-422-0707, or email your inquiry to
  3. 3.     3  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Welcome to Bio‐Microbics Portfolio Design Book. Visit for  more information on systems, specifications, product drawings, resource library,  and more!      Table of Contents  FITT® ‐ INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES .... 4  ..WATER & WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT SESSIONS .... 6  ..Do You Know Your Wastewater?  We do! .................... 7  ..WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS & Applications .. 8    WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS .......... 8  ..RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement ..................... 9  ..MicroFAST® Wastewater treatment Systems ............. 11  ..HighStrengthFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems 23  ..SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems ............................. 26  ..BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactors (MBRs)............... 30  ..BioBarrier® HSMBR® Membrane BioReactors ............ 33  ..BioBarrier® Winery Wastewater Treatment Systems  38  ..MyFAST® Wastewater treatment Systems ................. 40  ..RollsAIR™ Extended Aeration System ......................... 46    GREYWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS  ..BioBarrier® Exterior Greywater Systems .................... 48  ..Recover® Residential Greywater System .................... 49    STORMWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS  ..BioSTORM® Stormwater Treatment Systems ............. 50  ..StormTEE® Litter Control Screening Device ................ 50  ..d‐Rain Joint™ Exterior Rainwater Filtration Drain ...... 52    Scienco/FAST MARINE & WATER SYSTEMS  ..Marine Sanitation Devices (Type II MSDs) .................. 56  ..Scienco® SciCHLOR® with SciCELL® Technology ......... 58  ..Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemaker w/ Levetrol® SR ....... 60  ..Scienco® SciRO® Reverse Osmosis System ................. 62    MIGHTY MIKE® PRODUCTS ......................... 64  ..MIGHTY MIKE® Bond‐Sorb® Odor Eliminator ............. 66  ..MIGHTY MIKE® Laundry Detergents ........................... 67  ..MIGHTY MIKE® All‐Purpose Cleaners .......................... 68  ..MIGHTY MIKE® Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner .......... 69  ..MIGHTY MIKE® Marine & Industrial Descalers ........... 70  ..MIGHTY MIKE® CPT Calcium Prevention Tablets ........ 71    ..MIGHTY MIKE® FOGHog® Tablets ............................... 72  ..MIGHTY MIKE® U&F‐Boost!® Tablets .......................... 73    CERTIFICATIONS,  ARTICLES  &  COMPANY  INFO ........................................................... 74  ..Find GreenBuilding Approved Products ...................... 76  ..YouTube Videos ........................................................... 80       
  4. 4.     4  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  FITT® - Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies   Bio‐Microbics, Scienco/FAST,  and  SeptiTech  Systems  provide  multiple  benefits,  including  water  supply  reliability,  ecosystem  benefits,  ground  water  management  and  enhancements,  and  water  quality  improvements.    We change the way people think about wastewater.  Innovation, award‐ winning,  and  results‐oriented  are  three  themes  that  have  become  synonymous  with  Bio‐Microbics;  as  well  as, Simple, Low‐ Cost, Robust that echo the mantra for all of our products.  Decentralized  wastewater  treatments,  which deal with wastewater at the point  of generation and disperse it close to the  source, have become an attractive water  reuse option of recharging the valuable  groundwater resources. Once the waste  water is treated, it can be used for grey  water reuse for that property. Advanced  waste  water  treatment  systems  have  revolutionized  methods  of  dealing  with  the treatment of sewage on sites where  infrastructure and drainage was or is not  available  and  can  provide  opportunities  for  water  reuse.  Recycling  waste  water  can  have  both  major  economic  and  environmental benefits for communities.  At the forefront of sustainable architecture, Bio‐Microbics systems meet  the highest performance and safety standards for treatment of water,  wastewater,  storm water,  and  more!   Bio‐Microbics  has  developed  a  number of innovative products, which have revolutionized methods of  dealing with the treatment of water – where infrastructure and drainage  is  not  available.  Our  systems  are  designed  and  engineered  with  sustainability and user practicality in mind.  Water Reuse is an example of how to utilize water to its full potential  and  ensure  balance  between  use  and  availability.  The  use  of  non‐ conventional water resources such as  installing  greywater  recycling  systems,  will  enable  the  reuse  of  treated  to  help  reduce  water  consumption  and  without  placing  undue  stress  on  limited  freshwater  resources  on  the  property.  Other  treatment  systems,  like  onsite  rainwater  filtration,  stormwater  management,  greywater  recycling  and  treated  wastewater  reuse,  are  part  of  the  products  offered  by  the  globally  recognized  and  award‐ winning manufacturer, Bio‐Microbics,  Inc.   With water supplies increasingly strained, communities are looking for  new  ways  to  develop  and  manage  local  water  resources.  One  of  the  most  exciting paradigm  shifts  in  sustainable  water  management  is  the  integration of smaller, decentralized onsite systems that treat and reuse  water within buildings. 
  5. 5.     5  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  WATER, WASTEWATER, GREYWATER & STORMWATER PRODUCTS     Residential  (new/retrofit) Wastewater Treatment Systems  Advanced  wastewater  treatment  systems  are  design  for  simple,  low  cost,  and  robust  process  for long term performance.    Categorized in    Utility, Septic Systems, Septic Tanks & Cisterns   Low Pressure Utility Sewerage (33 33 00)    Water Reuse Systems    Commercial High‐Strength Treatment Offering  versatility/consistent  performance  for properties with high strength wastewater;  FOG  (Fat‐Oil‐Grease)  management;  and  sludge management.  Categorized in    Facility Sanitary Sewerage (22 13 00)    Pool/ Fountain, Subdrainage Plumbing Systems   Sanitary Utility Sewerage Structures (33 39 00)    Greywater Treatment and Recycling Bio‐Microbics  provides  innovative,  affordable  Residential  Greywater  Recycling  System  is  specifically engineered, and has been extensively  proven  and  tested.  Residential/Commercial  “Green  Technology”  for  onsite  wastewater  recycling & water reuse systems.  Categorized in    Greywater Treatment Equipment   Water and Wastewater Equipment    Water Reuse Systems    Multi‐Family, Community & Small Municipality WWTP (HS‐STP)  Innovative,  affordable  alternatives  to  a  centralized sewer plant to meet the multiple  needs  of  a  variety  of  unique  applications.  Residential/Commercial  “Green  Technology”  & water reuse systems.  Categorized in    Water and Wastewater Equipment (46 00 00)   Mixing equipment (46 41 00)    Stormwater Treatment: Filtration, Litter Control Screening & Impervious Surface Drainage Products Whether water originates from precipitation or enters the system from dry weather events or other sources, our stormwater  treatment system treats surface runoff containing trash/debris, sediment, oil, and other pollutants from stormwater flows.  Categorized in    Facility Storm Drainage (22 14 00)    Storm Drainage Utilities (33 40 00)    Storm Utility Water Drains & Piping (33 44 00)    Storm Drainage Structures (33 49 00)   OOUURR  TTRREEAATTMMEENNTT  AANNDD  AACCCCEESSSSOORRYY  PPRROODDUUCCTT  OOFFFFEERRIINNGG  IINNCCLLUUDDEESS:    Aeration Systems: Lixor® System, a low‐cost, non‐clogging, Venturi‐type  aeration device for a variety of wastewater applications, such as pre‐aeration,  supplemental aeration, aerating a sludge holding tank, and mixing.   Biological Nutrient Removal Solutions:  NitriFAST®  (aerated,  attached  growth  nitrification)  Systems  are  primarily  used  as  in  2nd ‐stage  process.    ABC®‐N,  designed  as  a  post‐denitrification  device  when  very  low  total nitrogen removal is required. ABC®‐C, a high rate and effective solids,  tertiary clarifier used to provide very low TSS levels. ABC®‐P, designed as a  phosphorous precipitation and secondary clarification.      Grease Management Solutions: FOGHog® Fat‐Oil‐Grease Traps are  passive  interceptors  to  separate  fats,  oils,  and  grease  (FOG)  laden  food  processing, food preparation, or other sources of wastewater; also see Mighty  Mike® FOGHog® Fat‐Oil‐Grease Bacteria Tablets. 
  6. 6.     6  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  WATER & WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT SESSIONS:                           With a focus on Global Smart Cities and “Resilient City” Trends, the technologies involved to accomplish  these goals are brought to the forefront:   At  the  GREENBUILD  Conference,  selected a Bio‐Microbics product as one of the "Game‐Changing  Green Building Products for 2017".  The d‐Rain Joint™ Rainwater  Filter  Drain  allows  to  implement  a  water  drainage  system  in  impervious surfaces to control storm water runoff with a 5 gallon  per minute flow.    With  the  Recover®  Greywater  treatment  system  listed  with  IAPMO  (International  Association  of  Plumbing  and  Mechanical  Officials)  Research  &  Testing  under  the  “Reclaimed  Water  Conservation  System  for  Flushing  Toilets”  (Standards  CSA  B128.1‐2006  & CSA B128.2‐2006) technology, the Recover unit  can  reclaim  this  portion  (approx.  Up  to  30%)  of  homes  water  consumption  and  detect  toilet  leakage,  potentially  saving  another 12%.    BioBarrier®  MBR  and  BioBarrier®  HSMBR®  systems  immersed  membrane  technology  allows  for  installation  into  a  smaller  footprint  with  99.9%  of  contaminants  and  pollutants  removed  from  the  wastewater.   The  BioBarrier® MBR  is  the  first  system  ever  to  receive  NSF/ANSI  Standard  350  certification  for  water  reuse.   BioSTORM®  Pre‐engineered  stormwater  treatment  system  designed  to  remove  trash,  sediment,  oil  and  other  pollutants  from stormwater flows. With 5 sizes available, the versatility of  the  system  (pre‐screening  StormTEE®  device  and  specially  designed unit) to be used separately for different applications. 
  7. 7.     7  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Do You Know Your Wastewater? We do! Bio‐Microbics products are an integrated water strategy for the rural/urban environment. Tested and certified by many National and International  Certification programs, they allow long‐term operational performance with easy and low‐cost maintenance.    Our  team  consists  of  industry‐related  experts and provides additional experience  to maximize value to the end‐users of our  systems. We support our growing network  of  distributors,  whose  invaluable  knowledge and talent fuels our success on  the local level.     According to the Environmental Protection  Agency,  onsite  waste  water  management  systems are a ‘green technology’ with the  ability to recycle treated water to recharge  local  aquifers  or  provide  the  opportunity  to  reuse  onsite.  Serving  millions  of  properties  (land  and  marine),  onsite  (septic)  waste  water  infrastructure  can  represent  about  30%  to  80%  of  new  construction  in  the  rural  development  in  certain  markets  across  the  globe.    They  also have a smaller footprint because most  onsite  systems  are  treating  smaller  amounts of water rather than grinding up  non‐biological  items  entering  the  drains,  pumping to move millions of gallons of this  wastewater  from  all  different  commercial  properties, factories, and homes for miles,  and  treating  at  a  municipal  plant  further  away from the original water sources.    The  FAST®  wastewater  treatment  systems  are  ideally  suited  for  a  multitude  of  applications. FAST systems are designed to  consistently  deliver  high  performance  (average of 95% BOD5 reduction and 70%  total  nitrogen  reduction)  and  available  depending on the application.     Bio‐Microbics  understands  water  better  than  most  for  onsite  wastewater  treatment.    Centralized  sewers  treat  the  wastewater  from  various  sources  the  same.    A  primordial  soup  that  gets  flooded, flocked, filtered and settled to be  finally discharged after disinfection.  With  decentralized  treatment  systems,  the  strength  of  the  wastewater,  flow  rates,  and  the  usage/discharge  of  the  highly  treated  water  are  all  taken  into  account  for the design, technology, and size of the  entire system.    Through  a  worldwide  distributor  network,  Bio‐Microbics  has  been  recognized  as  a  leader  in  exporting  our  decentralized  equipment.   In  2011,  we  honored  to  receive  the Kansas  Governor’s  Exporter  of  the  Year  Award.    In  2012,  Bio‐Microbics  continuous  exporting  success  led  to  receive  the  President’s  “E”  Award  for  Excellence  in  Exports;  then,  received  the  President’s “E Star” Award four years later  with  expanding  into  underserved  areas  with a focus on better water management.     With  more  than  60,000  installations  in  over  70  countries,  Bio‐Microbics,  Inc.  manufactures “Fixed Integrated Treatment  Technologies”  (FITT®)  that  are  pre‐ engineered,  pre‐packaged,  certified  decentralized wastewater and storm water  treatment  systems.  These  advanced,  treatment  technologies  for  homes  and  communities from different water sources  are  SIMPLE,  LOW‐COST,  and  ROBUST,  wastewater  and  stormwater  treatment  systems to reduce your water footprint by  up to 50%, recover and reuse up to 80% of  wastewater for non‐potable purposes!    With  this  worldwide  emphasis  on  environmental concerns and improving water  quality,  our  pre‐engineered,  pre‐packaged,  certified,  “Fixed  Integrated  Treatment  Technologies”  (FITT®)  are  the  result  of  decades  of  real‐world  operating  history  and  proven  results  that  offer  significant  environmental  benefits…FITT®  for  the  purpose intended.   
  8. 8.     8  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Wastewater Treatment Systems & Applications Residential Single-Family 150 – 9000 GPD     [0.5 – 34 m3/D]  RetroFITT®‐ee Septic System Enhancement   RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement   MicroFITT®‐ee Wastewater Treatment Systems   MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems   SeptiTech® STAAR™ Trickling Filter Wastewater Systems   BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactors (MBRs) Larger Residential (Multi-Family/Community/Small Municipal) 1500 – 1,000,000+ GPD   [5 – 3800+ m3/D]   MicroFAST® Wastewater T1500reatment Systems   SeptiTech® STAAR™ Trickling Filter Wastewater Systems   BioBarrier® HSMBR® Membrane BioReactors   RollsAIR® Extended Aeration Systems   MyFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems   MacroFITT® HS‐STP® Wastewater Treatment Systems Commercial Properties 900 – 160,000+ GPD     [3 – 600+ m3/D] • NitriFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems  • MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems  • HighStrengthFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems  • SeptiTech® STAAR™ Trickling Filter Wastewater Systems  • BioBarrier® HSMBR® Membrane BioReactors  • RollsAIR® Extended Aeration Systems  • MyFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems  • MacroFITT® HS‐STP® Wastewater Treatment Systems 
  9. 9.     9  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®     RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement
  10. 10.     10  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®       
  11. 11.     11  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  12. 12.     12  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®       
  13. 13.     13  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  14. 14.     14  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  15. 15.     15  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  16. 16.     16  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  17. 17.     17  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  18. 18.     18  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  19. 19.     19  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  20. 20.     20  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  21. 21.     21  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems HighStrengthFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems
  22. 22.     22  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  23. 23.     23  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  24. 24.     24  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  25. 25.     25  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®         
  26. 26.     26  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems Unobtrusive  and  dependable,  the  SeptiTech®  residential  STAAR™  (Smart  Trickling  Anaerobic  Aerobic  Recirculating)  Filter  Systems  are  ETV‐EPA  verified,  NSF/ANSI  Standard  40  class  1  and  NSF/ANSI Standard 245 certified. Whether installed in plastic or locally‐sourced concrete tanks,  this  decentralized  wastewater  treatment  system  utilizes  an  enhanced,  biological,  unsaturated  media filter process.  The passive aeration method sprays oxygenated water over the biofilter  media and allows it to trickle through the media for optimum growth. The patented SeptiTech®  STAAR™ filter systems high reduction BOD/TSS/TN accommodates peak flows; batch treatment;  nitrogen  removal;  and  ideal  for  direct  discharge  and  water  reuse  applications.  With  minimal  operator oversight, the automatic operation of the STAAR system uses a PLC‐based controller for  continuous  operation,  time‐dosing,  field  process  customization,  automatic  recirculation  of  wasted sludge to the settling tank, self‐cleaning media/processor, and Sleep Mode for enhanced  energy  efficiency.  With  an  optional  UV  disinfection  system,  SeptiTech®  technology’s  clean  effluent  is  very  compatible  with  shallow  drip,  direct  discharge,  pressure  distribution,  or  conventional leach fields. (800) 318‐7967 | w: | e:
  27. 27.     27  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®    • SeptiTech® STAAR™ Treatment Process  Wastewater (influent) enters a two‐chambered primary septic tank for settling and  anoxic treatment. Wastewater then flows from the primary settling zone into the  bottom  of  the  processing  tank  via  gravity,  where  it  mixes  with  nitrified  treated  effluent.  With  two  small  submerged  pumps,  one  (recirculation)  draws  the  wastewater combination over the bead media with air passively fed through the  venturis  intake  airline  where  the  aerobic  bacteria  facilitate  nitrification.  After  trickling  through  the  filter,  the  other  pump  (return)  sends  accumulated  “active  sludge” from the bottom of the processor tank back ahead of the primary tank to  enter with influent to start the process all over again and where denitrification can  occur. A portion of the effluent in the reservoir is pumped back to the septic tank  for further denitrification. The discharge pump “micro doses” the clarified treated  effluent from the decant chamber for dispersal.   SeptiTech  patented,  PLC  controlled,  onsite  wastewater  treatment  systems  for  residential and commercial applications. The STAARTM  smart technology is known  in the industry for its design versatility and ability to accommodate non‐standard  applications such as high strength waste and strict effluent requirements. 
  28. 28.     28  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  SeptiTech® STAAR™ Wastewater Treatment Systems
  29. 29.     29  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  30. 30.     30  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®        Water Recycling is a Key Component of Sustainable Water Engineering  The  complete,  optimized  design  of  the  BioBarrier  MBR  system  dramatically  simplifies  the  settling, screening, direct aeration and ultrafiltration of the wastewater treatment process to  remove 99.9% of the contaminants. Certified to NSF/ANSI 40 class 1, NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen  reduction),  and  NSF/ANSI  350  standards,  this  blackwater/greywater  treatment  system  establishes  the  material,  design,  construction  and  performance  requirements  for  onsite  residential and commercial applications. Installed below or above grade in locally sourced tanks,  the BioBarrier MBR and HSMBR, from 500 GPD to 27,000+ GPD flows, also meet water quality  requirements for the reduction of chemical and microbiological contaminants for non‐potable  water use. The treated wastewater (i.e. high quality effluent) can be used for restricted indoor  water  use  and/or  unrestricted  outdoor  water  use.  A  packaged,  pre‐engineered,  scalable,  efficient solution enables property owners, regardless of their size, to gain a rapid return on  their investment.  See our Winery Wastewater Treatment version.    
  31. 31.     31  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®         
  32. 32.     32  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®         
  33. 33.     33  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  BioBarrier® High Strength Membrane BioReactors (HSMBR®)        
  34. 34.     34  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  35. 35.     35  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®         
  36. 36.     36  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®       
  37. 37.     37  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  38. 38.     38  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Winery Wastewater Treatment Systems        
  39. 39.     39  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  40. 40.     40  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  41. 41.     41  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  42. 42.     42  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  MyFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems
  43. 43.     43  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  44. 44.     44  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  45. 45.     45  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  46. 46.     46  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  RollsAIR™ Extended Aeration Systems
  47. 47.     47  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  48. 48.     48  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Greywater Treatment Systems    
  49. 49.     49  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®                                                Bio‐Microbics provides innovative, affordable Residential Greywater Recycling System specifically  engineered,  and  has  been  extensively  proven  and  tested.  Residential/Commercial  “Green  Technology” for onsite wastewater recycling & water reuse systems.  On demand unit that stores  200 liters of treated greywater for toilet flushing (shower to flush automated system). 
  50. 50.     50  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Stormwater Treatment Devices and Systems Pre‐engineered Phase 1 and Phase II stormwater treatment system to remove 90+% sediment, trash/debris, oil, and other common pollutants from flows.  BioSTORM® Stormwater Treatment System is a pre‐engineered system designed to remove trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from stormwater  flows. The unique off‐line design consists of a patented StormTEE® self‐cleaning deflector screen and a modular separation/coalescing unit, all housed in  readily‐available precast concrete tanks. The versatility of the system allows both treatment components to be used separately for different applications,  or together to form a complete BioSTORM system. Various sizes are available depending on local site and environmental considerations. 
  51. 51.     51  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®               
  52. 52.     52  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   
  53. 53.     53  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  54. 54.     54  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  55. 55.     55  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  BuildingGreen Announces Bio-Microbics "d-Rain Joint" as a Top 10 Product for 2017 Posted on November 29, 2016 For the past 15 years, reviews, evaluates and keeps the builders in formed of innovative and “game-changing” products, from doors to drains, which will transform the environmental impact of residential building. The Program recognizes those green building products that significantly improve upon standard “business-as-usual” practices. These products help transform the industry by conserving energy and water, reducing emissions, and fundamentally changing how we approach our building systems. At the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo held October 5-7 in Los Angeles, Brent Ehrlich, Products and Materials Specialist at BuildingGreen, Inc., presented the company’s 15th annual selection of green products that have the potential to change the way we build homes, infrastructure, and communities to better serve the environment around us. The Vermont-based resource provides guidance for builders and designers on green projects and evaluates products for sustainability. The list touched on numerous aspects of the building process, from conserving electricity to reducing construction waste to replacing traditional materials with healthy alternatives. Here, we’ve put a spotlight on seven of the list’s products that are game-changers in the realm of residential home building and go beyond just "business as usual". “While it’s interesting to review these products,” says Ehrlich. “The work that goes into a water- focused, green-building product coverage is of particular interest. Based on Bio-Microbics commitment to provide innovative water, wastewater and stormwater products, and the d-Rain Joint is unlike any rainwater harvesting or other device we seen to solve a problem in the most simplistic, inventive way.” As a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), the d-Rain Joint Rainwater Filter Drain: It can be tricky to implement water drainage systems to control storm water runoff on the jobsite, not to mention costly, wasteful, and inefficient. The d-Rain system provides a simple, low-cost system that manages runoff in a better way than traditional “storm drainage systems” with a 5 gallon per minute flow. A built-in replaceable filter also prevents large debris from entering the channel in the runoff water. “Stormwater running off impervious surfaces carries pollutants into watersheds, raises the temperatures of those waters, and causes flooding and erosion; and that water no longer recharges aquifers. Permeable surfaces such as pavers can be expensive solutions that might not meet design needs, and many onsite stormwater systems are expensive to install. The d-Rain Joint 6061-T6 (aluminum) and PPIC (“concrete grey” plastic) Rainwater Filter Drain installs and looks like a standard expansion joint used in concrete slabs, yet it provides a gap slightly smaller than 1" wide that allows water to flow through to subsurface drainage. Available in aluminum or in gray polypropylene, it comes in 8' lengths and can be installed in concrete or asphalt driveways, sidewalks, and other applications. The d-Rain allows drainage at 2 gallons per minute per linear foot, up to a maximum of 5 gpm/linear foot. The PPIC can be doubled up to increase drainage height to match higher traffic-loading requirements from 4” to 6” or 8” thickness pavements. The joints come with a replaceable filter to keep debris from entering the channel. Used in place of pavers and other drainage systems, the d-Rain offers a cost-effective solution to stormwater runoff that could also reduce the size or need for retention ponds and other associated stormwater drainage networks systems.” About Bio-Microbics, Inc. Bio-Microbics specializes in the design of water, wastewater, greywater, and stormwater collection, treatment, and disposal systems to serve remote or decentralized areas and communities in over 70 countries. Most of these locations are without the potential to connect to regional sewer lines. Bio-Microbics wastewater designs include multiple treatment technologies such as fixed media treatment units, extended aeration package plants, membrane bioreactors, and trickling filter technologies. Through an analysis of project conditions and a construction and life-cycle assessment, we recommend the technology and installation approach that will best serve the wastewater treatment project needs. As a leading manufacturer of Simple, Low-Cost, Robust wastewater (residential, commercial, & marine), graywater, water recycling, and stormwater treatment systems, Bio-Microbics ensures a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse...FITT® for the Purpose Intended. This is the guiding principal in our products and systems to sustainably recycle water back into the environment or available for water reuse. At BIO-MICROBICS, our experience in solving unique wastewater challenges for our clients includes cultivating positive relationships with regulators and a thorough understanding of each site’s natural environmental attributes. Website: WWW.BIOMICROBICS.COM
  56. 56.     56  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Marine Sanitation Devices (Type II MSDs) (500 – 190,000+ GPD [1.9 – 700+ m3 /D]) 
  57. 57.     57  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  58. 58.     58  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiCCCHHHLLLOOORRR®®® SSSooodddiiiuuummm HHHyyypppoooccchhhlllooorrriiittteee GGGeeennneeerrraaatttooorrr wwwiiittthhh SSSccciiiCCCEEELLLLLL®®® TTTeeeccchhhnnnooolllooogggyyy  Complete On-Site Disinfecting Solution: With salt, water, and electricity, the Scienco® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator System with multi‐ pass SciCELL® Electro‐Chemical Activation (ECA) technology will produce an available supply of disinfectant  solution.  Available in 10lb‐60 lbs. chlorine equivalent per day sizes to provide a cost effective and reliable  method of safely producing liquid chlorine for medium to large onsite disinfection applications (ex. dairy  farms, aquatics, food/beverage processing, hospitals, hotels/resorts, and water treatment facilities); while  surpassing operational efficiency performance requirements. Connect to an incoming water source (55 to  85  degrees  F)  and  with  operating  modes  of  batch,  continuous,  clean,  setup  and  diagnostic,  the  brine  solution multi‐passes through low‐voltage DC electrolytic cell to produce the sodium hypochlorite.      CONSISTENT ON DEMAND PRODUCTION  COMPATIBLE WITH MANY SALT TYPES
  59. 59.     59  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZED SALINITY & CLEAN-IN-PLACE MAINTENANCE SCIENCO® SciCHLOR® technology uses a recirculation method to concentrate a brine solution, the SciCHLOR® system can produce up to a 0.8% strength  hypochlorite [below the hazardous material threshold of 1%].  The SciCHLOR® System includes integral brine tank(s), chlorine storage tank(s), control panel,  SciCELL® unit, and recirculation pump to allow the system to AUTOMATICALLY run at the optimum salinity and increase power efficiency.   When it reaches the low‐level float set point, the system automatically restarts to replenish its  water supply. If no solution is used, the system shuts down to save power.  With an 800 ppm FAC  sample  taken  from  the  SciCHLOR  Generator,  the  solution  killed  100%  of  the  Staphylococcus  aureus and Escherichia coli organisms within 30 seconds.
  60. 60.     60  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiBBBRRRIIINNNEEE®®® BBBrrriiinnneeemmmaaakkkeeerrr wwwiiittthhh LLLeeevvveeetttrrrooolll®®® PPPllluuusss CCCooonnntttrrrooolllllleeerrrsss   CUT AWAY  VIEW 
  61. 61.     61  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Complete On-Site Bulk Salt Dissolving System: Ideal  for  industrial  and  commercial  bulk‐salt  dissolving  (brine‐making)  applications produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used in  various applications, such as a water/wastewater treatment plants, food  additive processes, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an  ion exchange/water softening process, etc.   ELIMINATES BAG DISPOSAL  REDUCES MANUAL FILL LABOR  REDUCES WAREHOUSE SPACE  ECONOMICAL SOLUTION Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemakers use advantages of down‐flow processes  to  ensure  consistent,  near  saturated  brine  with  easy  maintenance.  Standard  with  Levetrol®  SR  “Smart  Relay”  controllers  to  automate  salt/water levels, alerts for high/low water level alarms, etc.   Any watertight tank can be used; however, filament‐wound, reinforced,  corrosive‐free fiberglass is recommended for the greatest combination of  strength, durability, and economy. Types of salts can be used (rock, solar,  or granular food grade), but will affect this sizing of system.   SciBRINE® systems are built to meet the standards of the US Department  of  Agriculture  (USDA)  and  Federal  Safety  and  Inspection  Service  (FSIS)  food processing requirements. 
  62. 62.     62  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiRRROOO®®® RRReeevvveeerrrssseee OOOsssmmmooosssiiisss SSSyyysssttteeemmm SHOW ME a Simple RO!  By the Engineering Team at Georg Fischer, LTD (; Scienco/FAST Engineering Team (   In  the  “show‐me”  state  of  Missouri,  a  St.  Louis‐based  manufacturer  is  taking  “show‐me,”  user‐friendly  technology  to  a  new  level  in  clean  water  treatment.  Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of Bio‐Microbics, Inc., is well known for their innovative  water treatment solutions (potable and waste) for shipboard use. With over forty years in product development, they are no stranger to the industry or to  the challenges that are inherent in the operation of water treatment systems on oceangoing vessels.   Scienco® SciRO™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, encapsulates that knowledge. At the heart of the system is Georg Fischer’s innovative 0846 Profibus  Concentrator, a device that simplifies the integration of Signet measurement and Georg Fischer valves into a PLC with a minimum of programming and  wiring.  The  Scienco  Team  was  aided  in  unlocking  the  power  of  this  device  by  two  St.  Louis‐based  distributors,  Spec‐Tech  Industrial  Electric  (  and  Indelco  Plastics,  formerly  Corrosion  Products  (  The  result  is  a  compact  RO  unit  that  is  easily  customizable  for  deployment globally aboard ships and in land‐based applications.               
  63. 63.     63  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Decades of engineering experience have  given Scienco/FAST valuable insights into  the world of shipboard water treatment.  Scienco  Systems  were  the  hallmark  of  salt‐based tableting and brine systems in  the  1950‐60’s when  it  was  a  division  of  Morton  Salt  during  its  expansion  phase  in  its  history  and  sold  to  combine  with  FAST  Systems  in  1985.  “We’ve  all  been  on  the  operating  side  of  it,”  said  Steve  Carpenter,  Director  of  Engineering  at  Scienco.  “We  know  what  works  from  being  on  the  other  side  of  the  fence.  We’ve  operated  these  systems  in  the  Navy and aboard merchant vessels.” Jim  Predeau,  Senior  General  Manager  of  Operations at Scienco/FAST, has been on  that “other side of the fence” for over 46  years.  He  explained,  “We  are  all  very  aware of where the trouble spots are in  our  industry.  Severe  space  restrictions,  minimized downtime, as well as operators with diverse responsibilities, backgrounds, and languages all present issues that  often compete with each other. Addressing each one effectively is certainly a challenge. With our background in the industry,  we have experienced the results of great execution. That’s why ease of operation is the DNA of Scienco.”  “In catastrophic situations,” Jim Predeau, Senior General Manager of Operations at Scienco/FAST noted, “water becomes a  primary need. With just a few hours of operator training on the Profibus Concentrator, our new Scienco SciRO system can  begin processing clean water.”  In  conjunction  with  their  simplified  operating  methods,  the  advanced  design  and  affordable price  point  of Signet  products  require little maintenance or troubleshooting and decreases the probability of human error. Scienco/FAST predicts their new  SciRO system will have a global impact, both with shipboard and land‐based applications.  # # # # #  “ It’s great to see the simple  design of this one and not be  concerned  about  the  technical  issues  we’ve  faced  with  the  more  complicated  systems . . .This is so simple  to use! ”   “ I  enjoy  examples  of  exceptional  design  and  engineering…[about  the  SciRO]…things that should be  automated  are,  and  more  importantly,  adjustments  better  done  by  humans  are  not….this machine gets a big  gold  star.  Everything  is  just  right. ”     ~ Comments from Bio‐Microbics  Distributors at the SciRO  introduction training event. 
  64. 64.     64  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  With our commitment to ensure the highest quality products that are safe for environment, Mighty Mike® products are tested in quality control laboratories or other industrial settings.  Mighty Mike® MAINTENANCE & CLEANING SUPPLIES   Our  Mighty  Mike®  diverse range of affordable  cleaners and  maintenance  tablets  are  available  to  meet  the  multiple  needs  of  varied applications.     You need a POWERFUL, MIGHTY tough cleaning agent that you can rely on, yet have the health of the environmental impact to consider. With an ever growing and extended range that supplies you more alternatives to environmentally harmful products:  household products that are 100% biodegradable  ideal for use around biological wastewater (septic) and grey water treatment systems  safe products that have no adverse effects on the broader environment  a good value for the money that is better for the earth and better for you!           All  Scienco  detergents  and  cleaners  are  manufactured  under  quality‐controlled  conditions.  Environmentally-responsible cleaning products are the essence of our business. Mighty  Mike® Cleaning Products are tested to the effectiveness and share one thing in common; they are MIGHTY tough, yet gentle on the environment. Product Lists   General Purpose Cleaners / Degreasers  Disinfectant Cleaners/Sanitizers  Household Bacteria Products  Municipal Bacteria Products  Descalers / Decalcification Products  Laundry Detergents  NEW! Odor Eliminator   We strive to make the safest and most effective cleaners on the  market. Ideal for use with biological wastewater (septic) treatment  systems  to  not  cause  upset  conditions  with  treatment  water  quality, Mighty Mike® complies with biodegradable standards.        
  65. 65.     65  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  66. 66.     66  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® Bond-SORB™ Odor Eliminator Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, highly-effective odor eliminator used to eliminate deeply embedded odors that is &. Use by diluting the solution & spraying on area where negative odors are noticed. Predominately made from essential oils, the odor absorbing power will have prolonged effect. Will not corrode, pit, oxidize, or have harmful effects on any surface. Mighty Mike® Bond-SORB™ Odor Eliminator is your maintenance of any commercial cleaning and restoration operation solution to fast-idioulsy, safely and effectively remove unwanted odors. Product Features  Ideal during clean-up of solid waste, commercial processes, headworks screening, solid waste disposal, industrial processes, and sludge process equipment  Perfect for use during maintenance procedures  Odor neutralizer to absorb and destroy odors on contact Product Available Size  Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator Concentrate 4 oz. bottle concentrate = 1 Gallon ready –to–use  Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator (Ready –to‐use) 32 oz. Spray bottle in Ready‐to‐use Formula Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator Concentrate 16 oz. concentrate = 1 oz. to ½ to 1 pint of water
  67. 67.     67  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® Liquid Laundry Detergent Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, concentrated (x2) formula, revolutionary approach to laundry care. Safe and effective for all fabrics (including: neoprene, spandex, and Gore-Tex), this liquid, low- sudsing, scent-free laundry detergent is ideal for those with sensitive skin, high-efficiency (HE) washers, and properties with septic systems. Use only 1 fl. ounce (29.5 ml) per load. That's only 19¢ per load! Product Features  97% biodegradable. Targets the stains, not the surface  Ideal for High-Efficiency Washers and properties with septic or advanced wastewater treatment systems  Rinses away completely. (tested by SGS Testing Labs & Clemson University School of Textiles) AMAZON Customer Review:  | A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: “One ounce of this detergent cleans my laundry better than anything I’ve tried. Sensitive skin runs in the family, and this product has bothered no one. [With] how many loads a gallon does, it is well worth the money…including the savings!!”     Product  Available Size  Liquid Laundry Detergent 16 oz. (500 ml) Liquid Laundry Detergent 1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L)
  68. 68.     68  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® All-Purpose cleaners Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, strong and effective cleaning products without compromising the environment, home, or office. Mighty Mike® All-Purpose Cleaner gently lifts dirt, oil, and grime on surfaces to effectively clean and degrease inside and outside of the home without leaving unpleasant fumes, harmful chemical residues or damaging surfaces. Product Features  97% biodegradable. Rated safe for use around lakes, streams and oceans. (Japan Food Research Labs)  Targets the stains, not the surface.  It rinses away completely. (Clemson University School of Textiles)  No gloves or masks required. Safe for your skin and pets. Product  Available Size   All‐Purpose Cleaner  16 oz. (500 ml) All‐Purpose Cleaner  32 oz. (1 L) Spay bottle All‐Purpose Cleaner  1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L)
  69. 69.     69  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, strong & effective cleaning products without compromising the environment or waterway. Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner is rated safe to use around all bodies of water. A botanical mixture that contains no harmfu detergents, solvents, perfumes or dyes, the Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner effectively targets the stain, not the surface. Gently lifts dirt, oil, and grime on surfaces (inside and out, including surfaces that come in contact with the water) to effectively clean and degrease without leaving unpleasant fumes, harmful chemical residues or damaging surfaces. Unlike many conventional cleaning products (using anti-bacterial chemicals), the Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans everything in your float home, research vessel, workboat or cruise ship. Product Features  97% biodegradable. Rated safe for use around lakes, streams and oceans. (Japan Food Research Labs)  Targets the stains, not the surface. Nothing cleans as thoroughly. (SGS Testing Labs)  It rinses away completely. (Clemson University School of Textiles)  No gloves or masks required.  Safe for your skin and pets. Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner is certified SAFE FOR ALL BODIES OF WATER Product  Available Size   Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  16 oz. (500 ml)  Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  32 oz. (1 L)  Spay bottle  Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L) 
  70. 70.     70  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® Liquid Descalers Product Description:  (Marine Version Formulated to SAFELY USE on aluminum parts to keep vessel operating at optimum levels) SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE solution removes rock-like scale deposits from constricted pipes and parts with continuous water flow to keep system(s) operating at optimum levels. Formulated to not affect aluminum parts, the Mighty Mike® Marine Descaler is a biodegradable and designed for the maritime industry to safely dissolve calcium, rust, barnacles and other mineral deposits. Will not corrode or ruin gaskets, seals, plastic, or even cork, Teflon, packing or rubber. Product Description: Commercial & industrial applications to remove the buildup of calcium, magnesium & other trace elements that precipitate out of water. Biodegradable, this SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE solution removes rock-like scale deposits from constricted pipes and parts with continuous water flow to keep system(s) operating at optimum levels. Mighty Mike® Industrial Liquid Descaler is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-injurious, non- toxic, yet fully biodegradable descaler, heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents. Product Features  No gloves or masks required. Product  Available Size   Marine Liquid Descaler  1 gallon (3.78 L) Industrial Liquid Descaler  1 gallon (3.78 L) Marine Liquid Descaler  5 gallon (19 L) Industrial Liquid Descaler  5 gallon (19 L)
  71. 71.     71  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® CPT (Calcium-Prevention Treatment) Tablets Product Description: Mighty Mike® CPT (Calcification-Prevention Treatment) Tablets are “time-release” treatment for the prevention or removal of calcium plaque and buildup in pipes and containers that processes hard water and other calcium-containing fluids. The Mighty Mike® CPT Tablets leave no waste product to be manually disposed of as an effective way to decalcify and break down the calcium buildup in plumbing fixtures and drains. Mighty Mike® CPT Tablets - Removes calcium build-up to keep vital water systems operating efficiently with minimum attention and expense. Product Features  3” diameter Tablet  Time-released by urinal flush U.S. Navy Testimonial Review: “The CPT Tablets aren’t very big and aren’t very expensive, but saves a ton in plumbing services!” Product  Available Size   CPT (Calcium‐Prevention Treatment) Tablets 16 lb. pail contains 50 Tablets – [3" (7.6 cm) Diameter]
  72. 72.     72  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Mighty Mike® FOGHog® (Fats-Oils-Grease Treatment) Tablets Product Description: Mighty Mike® FOGHog® (Fats, Oils & Grease) Tablets utilizes a special formulation of over 25 billion active, robust “class 1” bacterium per gram that have been specifically designed to function in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. FOGHog® consumes and decreases the amount of FOG buildup in sewer lines, pump stations, treatment plants and septic systems to break fat down naturally. No pre-mixing, premeasuring or pre-soaking necessary. Product Features  Inexpensive, safe and, easy to use for septic systems, grease traps, municipal lift/pump stations  Improves flow to increase system/pump efficiency  Lowers corrosion on pipes due to sulfates  No pre-mixing, pre-measuring or pre-soaking necessary  Reduces sludge production and prevents sewage backups from FOG clogs             Product  Available Size   FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 6 oz. (~14 Tablets) FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 2 lb. (~90 Tablets) FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 5 lb. (~225 Tablets)
  73. 73.     73  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®    Mighty Mike® U&F-BOOST! ® Tablets (Billion Organisms Onsite Sewage Treatment) Product Description: Utilizes a special formulation of 25 billion active, robust “class 1” organisms per gram to provide onsite sewage treatment. Designed to give the treatment system a “boost” of healthy bacterial growth, the U&F-BOOST! Tablet consumes the waste and breaks down organic material naturally. Once introduced into the waste stream, the tablet immediately activates and feeds on the surrounding waste to provide a healthy population in the system. Ideal for when toxicity or starvation has caused the bacteria in the system to die off. 1 TABLET = ~1 month (per 1,000 gallon tank) normal domestic-strength treatment Product Features  Ideal Bacterial Septic Maintenance Product  Helps to consume Sewage/Grease in septic systems  Boosts septic system performance   Product Available Size  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets  Low flow: 250 Gallons 6 oz. (~25 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 6 oz. (~14 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   Low flow: 250 Gallons 2 lb. (~150 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 2 lb. (~90 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   Low flow: 250 Gallons 5 lb. (~390 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 5 lb. (~225 Tablets) 
  74. 74.     74  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Certifications, Articles & Company Info For more information about Bio‐Microbics Products and Systems, please visit us at:   With over 60,000 installations in more than 70 countries, our Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies (FITT®) are the result of decades of experience, research & development, and real world operating history.
  75. 75.     75  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  Recent Awards  2017 Top 10 GreenBuilding Products, BuildingGreen, Inc.– d‐Rain Joint™ Device   2016  LIFT’s  “Passport  to  Innovation”,  WE&RF  Leaders  Innovation  Forum  for  Technology  (LIFT)  Scan  Program  ‐  a  growing  collection  of  vetted,  innovative  technologies  that  will  drastically  improve  wastewater  treatment  operations.  BioBarrier® HSMBR®   2016 President’s “E Star” Award and 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in  Exports,  granted  by  President  of  the  United  States,  presented  by  US  Dept  of  Commerce    2015  Ingenuity  Award  Winner,  Ingenuity  Central@K‐State,  innovations  that  exemplify the newest thinking for community & economy.   2015  Innovation  in  Marine  Environmental  Tech  Excellence  Award,  based  on  environmental impact of marine sanitation devices and technology.   2014 “BEST of GreenBuild” Editor’s Choice Award, U.S. Builders Review, “Creating  Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World” article.     2011  Technology  Innovation  Award  (Decentralized  Commercial  Outlets)  –  Frost  &  Sullivan – FAST® Technology   2011  New  Product  of  the  Year  Award  –  Recycling  Category.  Environmental  Protection  Magazine  (  “The  financial,  environmental  and  social  benefits of ‘recycling’ are indisputable.” – BioBarrier®   2011 Kansas Governor’s Exporter of the Year – presented by the Governor of KS, KS  Dept. of Commerce   2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost &  Sullivan – FAST® Technology   2009  Technology  Merit  Business  Achievement  Award,  Water/Wastewater  –  Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) – BioBarrier® MBR   2002 U.S. Export Achievement, US Dept. of Commerce/Commercial Service   2000 U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Innovator Award – U.S. EPA, Region 1 –  SeptiTech® Technology    Technology Approvals and Certifications   Australian Dept of Transportation & Royal Australian Navy ‐ Technology Approval   Canadian Great Lakes (CGL) Maritime Certification – Canadian Coast Guard    CAN/BNQ 3680‐600 (B‐IV) Onsite Wastewater Technologies ‐ BioBarrier® MBR    Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International Electrical Certification   CE – European Electrical Systems (including a “Tropical Certification Rating”)   China Classification Society (CCS) 中国船级社 – FAST® Technology Approval   EN 12566‐3, Packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants  for up to 50 People, PIA GmbH tested ‐ BioBarrier® MBR 0.5, 1.0, & 1.5 & FITT®‐ee   IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Research &  Testing Inc. – Reclaimed Water Conservation System for Flushing Toilets (Standards  CSA B128.1‐2006  & CSA B128.2‐2006) – Recover® Technology    IMO  (International  Maritime  Organization)  MARPOL  Annex  IV  (2010)  –  provides  guidance for the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) No. 1‐09, US EPA  and other effluent standards as may be required – FAST® Technology    Massachusetts  Title  5  Innovative/Alternative  System  ‐  Technologies  Listed  under  “General Use Permit for Nitrogen Reduction”, “Provisional Use,” & “Remedial Use”   NSF/ANSI  Std  40,  class  1  Certified  –  MicroFAST®,  BioBarrier®  MBR  and  SeptiTech®  Systems  up  to  1500  GPD  –  Recognized  in  domestic  and  international  trade  by  regulatory agencies at the local, state/province, and federal levels.     NSF/ANSI Std 245 (Nitrogen Reduction) Certified – MicroFAST®, BioBarrier®‐N MBR,  BioBarrier® MBR and SeptiTech® Systems up to 1500 GPD   NSF/ANSI Std 350 class R (Water Reuse) Certified – BioBarrier® MBR 0.5, 1.0, & 1.5    Poland  –  Aprobata  Techniczna  (Technology  Approval)  ze  Instytut  Ochrony  Srodowiska (Institute of Environmental Protection)   România  –  Avizează  Favorabil  –  Consiliul  Tehnic  Permanent  Pentru  Constructii  –  Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale Si Turismului      Russia  –  Technology  Approval  –  Федеральная  Служба  По  Надзору  В  Сфере  Защиты  Прав  Потребителей  И  Благополучия  Человка  (Federal  Service  of  Environmental Protection)     Russia  –  CPT  Свидетельство  о  Pоссийских  Стандартах  (Certification  of  Russian  Standards) – BioSTORM® – All sizes    Russia  –  PMPC  (Russian  Maritime  Register  of  Shipping)  МЕжДYНAРОДНОЕ  СВИДЕТЕЛЬСТВО    О  ПРЕДОТВРАЩЕНИИ  ЗАГРЯЗНЕНИЯ  СТОЧНЫМИ  ВОДАМИ  ‐  International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate   SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Certified   ETL (UL) – Listed to US electrical certification requirements   U.S. Coast Guard – 33CFR159, MEPC.159(55) – FAST® Technology Approval for Type  II MSD (Marine Sanitation Devices)   U.S. EPA–ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) – validates the performance  of technology that may improve the protection of the environment. – RetroFAST®,  Report No. 03/08/WQPC‐SWP – SeptiTech®, Report No. 02/04/WQPC‐SWP                        ...and MORE!
  76. 76.     76  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  77. 77.     77  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®   50 Eco‐Friendly Products Selected by Green Builder's Editors ‐ See more at:‐products/d‐rain‐joint‐pavement‐rainwater‐filtration‐ system#sthash.fHXq6p9z.dpuf     Landscaping and Water Management          d‐Rain Joint Pavement Rainwater Filtration System  Posted by Green Builder Staff  Feb 14, 2016 7:50:21 AM  This stormwater solution from Bio‐Microbics, Inc. keeps rainwater from pooling on  impervious surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Installed in standard expansion  joints, this ADA‐compliant drainage channel system is less than one inch wide, but  provides a hydraulic filtration rate of 2 gallons/minute per linear foot. Made from  aluminum alloy, d‐Rain Joint is affordable and durable and has a longer lifespan than  other options.  Topics: landscape  ‐ See more at:‐products/d‐rain‐joint‐ pavement‐rainwater‐filtration‐system#sthash.fHXq6p9z.dpuf  
  78. 78.     78  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  
  79. 79.     79  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.® 
  80. 80.     80  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®  0:42 Bio-Microbics FOGHog (Fats, Oils, & Grease) Traps 156,271 views 0:22 SaniTEE Screening (septic tank effluent filter) Device 27,052 views 0:35 LIXOR Aeration System 25,936 views 1:08 MicroFAST for Multi- family/Clustered Subdivisions 18,573 views 1:20 BioBarrier Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System 18,147 views MicroFAST Wastewater Treatment for Home 8,643 views 1:34 BioBarrier HSMBR "How It Works" 6,832 views 4:50 RetroFAST® Septic Installation at a Lakefront Home 6,590 views FAST® technology vs. BioBarrier® MBR Technology 4,867 views 3:01 SciCHLOR Generador de Hipoclorito de Sodio...Que Es? 4,450 views 1:04 HighStrengthFAST Wastewater Treatment System 3,952 views Close Up Look of FAST® System with SFR® 3,913 views 2:49 SciCHLOR Hypochlorite Generator (How it works) 3,389 views 1:26 MyFAST Wastewater Treatment System 3,378 views What's NEXT? GreenBuild with Bio-Microbics 2,828 views
  81. 81.     81  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®      Bio-Microbics Named 2012 President's "E" Award Recipient for Outstanding Export Activity SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Bio-Microbics Inc., a global leader in manufacturing onsite wastewater and stormwater treatment systems, has been selected as a 2012 recipient of the prestigious President's "E" Award for Exports in recognition for its outstanding achievement in increasing U.S. exports. The Award, granted by the President of the United States, was recently presented in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Department of Commerce. "Bio-Microbics is honored to receive this prestigious 'E' Award," said Robert Rebori, President and CEO. "Most importantly, we are pleased to play an important role in providing innovative, wastewater treatment systems for homes, small communities, marine, and commercial properties around the world." Bio-Microbics is one of 41 U.S. companies being honored this year. Today, the company has more than 42,000 installations in over 60 countries to commercialize clean technologies. Exports currently make up approximately 70% of Bio-Microbics income compared to approximately 30% in 2008. Canada, Mexico and Russia are the three countries where Bio-Microbics has exported the most over the past four years. "I am pleased to recognize Bio-Microbics for receiving the President's 'E' Award, which honors companies that make significant contributions toward increasing U.S. exports," said U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson. The "E" and "E Star" Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for supporting export activity. Bio-Microbics has successfully propelled its export trade business with the assistance of U.S. Commercial Service and the Kansas Department of Commerce. Bio- Microbics participates in trade missions, and sponsored events that focus on a particular country and the environmental/water industry. Employees regularly attend international trade shows and often provide product training in foreign settings. "Exports are a part of our DNA and we have worked diligently to market creatively and help the businesses in these countries succeed with our products," said Rebori. In addition, Bio-Microbics provides a co-op advertising program for both domestic and international customers. Social media sites, such as: YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook are used to quickly and cost-effectively share information. Products are promoted on the website in many languages and there are plans to add more. Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and storm water treatment that provide solutions for people around the world. For more information visit the website .    SOURCE Bio-Microbics Inc. Copyright (C) 2012 PR Newswire. All rights reserved UUUPPPDDDAAATTTEEE!!! IIInnn 222000111666,,, BBBiiiooo---MMMiiicccrrrooobbbiiicccsss rrreeeccceeeiiivvveeeddd ttthhheee PPPrrreeesssiiidddeeennnttt’’’sss “““EEE SSStttaaarrr””” AAAwwwaaarrrddd fffooorrr 888 yyyeeeaaarrrsss ooofff cccooonnntttiiinnnuuuooouuusss eeexxxpppooorrrtttiiinnnggg sssuuucccccceeessssss!!!
  82. 82.     82  Bio‐Microbics…Better Water.  Better World.®