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BioLargo LD Micro Presentation December 5, 2017


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BioLargo was proud to present today at the LD Micro Investment Conference. A great day! #GoBioLargo

BioLargo, Inc. is a sustainable science, technology and full-service environmental engineering company that makes life better by delivering world-class products and services across a broad range of industries, with a drive to deliver clean water, clean air and advanced wound care. More information can be found about the company at Its engineering division ( features an exceptional team of experienced specialists dedicated to integrity, reliability, safety, and environmental stewardship. It water division ( showcases its emerging technology, the Advanced Oxidation System “AOS”, an award-winning product, having been awarded more than 50 research grants and counting, specifically designed to eliminate common, troublesome, and dangerous contaminants in water in a fraction of the time and cost of current technologies. Its odor division features sustainable odor elimination products including its CupriDyne Clean ( Industrial Odor Eliminator, a product currently serving the leading solid waste handling and wastewater treatment companies as well as any industry that that contends with malodors, VOC’s or similar air quality related problems.

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BioLargo LD Micro Presentation December 5, 2017

  1. 1. Environmental Engineering Services & Lowest Cost - Highest Impact Sustainable Life Science Technologies Clean water, clean air advanced healthcare Stock Symbol: BLGO Westminster, CA Safe Harbor Statement The statements contained herein, which are not historical, are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, the risks and uncertainties included in BioLargo's current and future Ailings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including those set forth in BioLargo's Annual Report on Form 10-K.
  2. 2. About BioLargo, Inc.
  3. 3. The Iodine Cycle – Nature Shows Us the Way!
  4. 4. Collaborations, Grants, Awards (>50 government grants) 4
  5. 5. Growth Strategy INVENT PROVE PARTNER
  6. 6. Breakthrough Milestones 1.  Sales Increasing - Three National Purchasing Agreements executed in past few months with top 10 waste handling industry members - more coming! 2.  Completed development of two advanced wound care products, submitted an FDA 510(k) expect review before January 3 2018 3.  September 2017 - Acquired world-class engineering team to form BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies, LLC., (BLEST). First clients engaged. 4.  Successful industrial water case studies for BioLargo AOS Water Treatment Platform, leading engineering companies involved. •  Showcased at annual symposium in August •  Several design options for scale-up
  7. 7. Financial status •  Two active commercial operations - sales increasing, 3rd online in early 2018 - 4th target late 2018 •  Cash on Hand $1.25M (Q3 Figures See 10Q) •  Lincoln Park Capital committed to purchase up to $10 million in stock priced ‘At The Market’- 3 yrs (See 8-K) •  No Toxic Financing - Mandatorily convertible debt, bixed terms, approximately 6M- •  Three National Purchasing Agreements recently executed; sales and opportunities growing •  In 2017, product sales have increased each quarter – from approximately $50,000 in the birst quarter, almost $100,000 in the second, and approximately $170,000 in this last quarter, representing approximately a 100% increase from Q1 to Q2, and a 70% increase in sales from Q2 to Q3. Demonstrates Market Adoption •  Callable Warrants worth approx. $5 million fresh capital @pps $.40 to $1.25 •  Current burn rate: approx. $300K per month Stock Symbol: BLGO Current Stock Price: $0.42 Shares Outstanding = 102 Million Market Cap: $42M
  8. 8. Technology Rich New Commercial Adoption to Drive Value
  9. 9. Advanced Wound Care – Disrupter in $18 Billion Global Market •  ‘The gold standard – without the collateral damage’ •  Infection Control •  Disinfection for Chronic Wounds •  Regenerative Skin Therapy •  Hydrogels, dressings, liquids – proven Non Cytotoxic, Safe, broad-spectrum antimicrobials- No bacterial resistance- Efbicacy proven •  $1B+ opportunity •  FDA 510(K) applications pending review next 30 days •  Manufacturing, formulation, packaging, labeling, regulatory •  Proven, world-class, expert leadership team
  10. 10. Clyra Advantage – Best-in-class Comparison 10 Attribute Silver Dressings CLYRA Dressings Cost Expensive Less than ½ the cost* Bacterial Resistance Controversial None Known Delivered in Dosage Yes Yes Delivery Method Impregnated Impregnated Staining Yes No Toxic Yes No Fungicidal No Yes Nutrient No Yes Release Duration Long Immediate, with Sustained Efficacy Copper Release No Yes Effective Against Biofilm No Yes Silver dressings vs. Clyra dressings *Confidential
  11. 11. Clyra - Experienced Leadership Clyra Management Team •  Steve Harrison – CEO •  Tanya Rhodes PhD– President &CTO, Wound Care Expert •  Dennis Calvert, Chairman 11 >Strong and proven experience in the technology and medical field, including advanced wound management Science Advisory Board •  Brock Liden, DPM •  Marta Tooma, DDS •  Pedro Arriola, MD •  Dan Lamont, MD •  Greg Schultz, MD •  Andrew K. Chang, MD DDS
  12. 12. CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Control •  WWT •  Solid waste and recycling •  Landbills •  Transfer stations •  Hauling •  Food waste •  Food processing •  Animal Enclosures •  Commercial trash management •  Composting Finally a product that actually works” Additional Market Opportunities: •  Mercury elimination in power plants •  VOC mitigation •  Ammonia control
  13. 13. CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Control •  Oxidizes ammonia, H2S, VOCs, sulphur compounds, mercaptans, fatty acids •  3rd-party validated •  Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, fragrance free •  Sales began in 2016 & “Breaking out in 2017” •  Multiple National Purchasing Agreements already executed
  14. 14. CupriDyne Clean in Action!
  15. 15. CupriDyne Clean in Action!
  16. 16. Industrial Odor Control – Big Business U.S. Solid Waste Facilities 15,740 Waste to Energy Plants 300 Beef & Cattle Feed lots 915,000 Poultry Farms 233,770 Meat & Poultry Slaughtering Plants 6,278 Hog Farms 69,100 Publicly Operated Wastewater Plants 14,780 Total Industrial Facilities 1,254,968 Potential revenue per facility is a wide range $1k - $25k per month
  17. 17. Industrial Odor Control – Keys to Success ü  Disrup(ve Offer ü  Break Into Market ü  Messaging ü  Performance ü  Value ü  Love Your Customer Sales Projections for CupriDyne Clean
  18. 18. •  EPA-registered iodine dosing system •  Up to 750 gal/min at recommended poultry dosing levels •  Captures sanitation byproducts via anion exchange capture resin system •  Can be enclosed or unenclosed Clarion – iSAN® Systems • Full data logging and audit capability • User-friendly, touch screen HMI • 24x7 remote monitoring
  19. 19. •  Applications •  General sanitization – commonly used to sanitize golf course water. •  Poultry drinking water •  Livestock drinking water •  Barns and transport vehicles •  Sanitizing milking equipment •  Sanitizing egg shells •  Control slime •  Sanitize HVAC units •  EPA Registration Documents available at iSAN EPA Labels
  20. 20. Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) Flexible Modular Scalable Lowest power consumption compared to available technologies Highest level of disinfection performance, with concurrent decontamination of organics
  21. 21. AOS – How It Works Iodine chemistry OH∙ H2O2 Highly conductive EG provides large number of active sites for active species formation Rapid disinfection Rapid decontamination *SimpliAied for explanation Electrodes (DC) Cathodic Chamber Anodic Chamber Water Out Water In Carbon Matrix Proprietary Spacer
  22. 22. Treatment Scope of the AOS (To-Date) Contaminants Treated with the AOS So Far Organic contaminants Inorganic contaminants BOD Amoxicillin* Naphthenic acids Carbamazepine* Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (Phenol, Benzene) Fluoxetine* Bacterial and viral contaminants Ibuprofen* Escherichia coli Boron* Salmonella enterica Selenium* Listeria monocytogenes Salt Staphylococcus epidermidis Bacteriophage MS2 (virus surrogate) Bacteriophage PhiX174 Value Proposition ü  Comparable/ equal or greater kill of contaminants ü  Rapid kill times ü  Very low energy requirements ü  Decontamination and disinfection * Preliminary work with promising results
  23. 23. Technology Key performance metrics Approximate Operating Cost* ($/ML) AOS •  Cost-effective disinfection + removal of recalcitrant organic contaminants •  6+ log bacterial disinfection & ~4 log viral disinfection •  Non-toxic efbluent compounds 7.45* UV/AOP •  3-4 log reduction •  Less effective with turbid water •  Poor elimination of organic contaminants •  Eliminates protozoa 8.70** Ozone •  3-to-6 log reduction of bacteria and viruses •  Poor elimination of protozoa •  Complex technology •  Generation of toxic off-gases that must be destroyed 20.57** •  *OPEX numbers only include electrical and chemical costs, and may vary in commercial applica(ons •  *AOS opera(ng cost derived from trials done with Alpha prot. with synthe(c wastewaters. Assump(on is that our OPEX will scale linearly or beKer with scale-up •  **Based on plant numbers from a leading engineering firm for secondary and ter(ary municipal effluent AOS Case Studies – Tertiary Municipal Wastewater Screening Oil/Grit Removal Sedimentation Aeration Clarifier Pre-treatment Primary Secondary Tertiary Media Filtration Takeaway: AOS projected to have ~15% better operating cost for tertiary Municipal wastewater treatment, with equal or better performance
  24. 24. AOS Case Studies – Poultry WW Technology Approximate Opera4ng Cost* ($/m3) AOS 1.7 UV 2.5 Ultrafiltra(on 2.4 Ozone 1.9 •  The cost/m3 for AOS includes packing material, KI, electricity, labour and pumping. •  For Ultrafiltra(on, the process consists of 16 units, and the cost takes into considera(on: cost of membranes, labour, pumping and filter cleaner. The UV (Swi_ SC - Trojan) and Ozone numbers were based on a small-scale facility cost es(mate (100m3 capacity) Increased clarity of AOS-treated poultry chill tank water. Samples on the right were treated by AOS
  25. 25. First targeting: •  Agricultural water •  F&B Wastewater •  Tertiary treatment settings But there are countless applications for AOS’ high performance and low cost value prop. in the future: •  Data centers •  Home •  Municipal •  Industrial wastewater •  Farm feed water and recycling •  Agricultural run-off •  Mining •  Ships/ballast water •  Oil & Gas/tailings ponds High Value Water Markets
  26. 26. AOS Development History
  27. 27. BioLargo Engineering – World-Class Talent Engineering professional with a combined 200+ years experience handling challenges for industrial clients, both large and small Offering Services in: •  Environmental engineering •  Chemical engineering •  Mechanical engineering and design •  Marine engineering •  Wastewater treatment (including design, operations, data gathering and evaluation) •  Air pollution and remediation •  Soil pollution and remediation •  Process safety •  Energy efbiciency •  Design and control •  Technology evaluation and integration •  Air quality management and testing •  Engineering and project management •  Permitting – environmental, NEPDES, RCRA/TSCA, storm water •  And much more…
  28. 28. BLEST Track Record •  Developed ammonium bicarbonate technology- used in fertilizer •  Developed technology for control of mercury emissions from coal-bired power plants •  Developed technology solution to eliminate Anthrax from notable US landmark buildings •  Hazardous Waste (RCRA) Permitting and USEPA compliance testing on an energetic (explosive) materials incineration system for Picatinny Arsenal •  Project leadership in Katrina Recovery & Haiti rebuilding efforts •  Leadership in largest Dioxane remediation project Veteran Team From Industry Leading Firm Joined BioLargo
  29. 29. BioLargo – Strategy for Growth We are seeking: •  Pilot opportunities •  Market development platforms •  Strategic industry partners •  Engineering Clients •  Strategic customers •  Capital partners •  Up-List to National Market
  30. 30. Dennis Calvert President & CEO BioLargo, Inc. 14921 Chestnut St. Westminster, CA 92683 (949) 643-9540 x2 Stock Symbol: BLGO