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Biotechnology as Career Option 2012


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Biotechnology Industry has changed a lot during last decade , which means moving ahead from traditional ways to more advanced technological developments
2012 Biotechnology Industry is not the same as it was in 2001

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Biotechnology as Career Option 2012

  1. 1. Choosing a Career path in 21st Century without understanding the Industrywould be as good as ship sailing in a sea without a compassBiotechnology is the research and development of innovativehealthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental products by BioInformaticsOnRun
  2. 2. YOUR APPROACH YOUR DECISION YOURPASSION Drug Discovery R&D Organizations SYSTEM Biology Companies Informatics Knowledgebase Development firms Clinical Research Organizations Seed technology and genetically modified food Biofuels Monoclonal Antibodies Environmental and industrial biotechnology Instrumentation and Equipment Out Look How to Approach Heal the Feed the World Fuel the world World
  3. 3. Biology Informatics and Research and development Challenges PhD Students ,Postdoctoral That’s an Impressive Researchersintroduction and I know ,Professors/Lecturers, Masters Students , Librarians, Commercial the PROBLEMS AND R&D Professionals CHALLENGES you ,Undergraduates, Academic Researchers Government /NGO CURRENTLY FACING researchers Systems BiologyThe Slides will help you to understand the mechanism , workflows , andProcess of different segments in life science Industry
  4. 4. Drug Discovery Science This all Started when you try to understand the disease Target Identification (Choose a molecule to target with a drug) When you try to understand Target validation how the gene are altered (Test the Target and Confirm its role in Diseases) How that affects the proteins Drug Discovery they encode (Find a promising Molecule (“ a Lead compound”) that could become a drug) And how these proteins Interact Early Safety Test with each other in living cells Perform Initial Tests on Promising Compounds Lead optimization How those affected cell change (Alter the Structure of Lead the specific tissue they are in Candidates to improve Properties) And finally how the diseases affects the entire patient
  5. 5. Today Scientists are facing More Challenges Biological network maps Complexity of biological system Produce better small molecules at early drug discovery stages Visualization Storage , retrieval and Time and Cost analysis of data
  6. 6. Systems Biology as Savior Omics Molecular Pathway Regulatory Networks Whole Cells Organism Systems Biology Organs Tissues Modeling
  7. 7. Gene translation Protein Expression Signaling EventGenomics Metabolite Fluxes Cell Identify nodes of signaling networks Identification of Interaction Partners and Protein Modifications Knockout Knock In Genes Proteomics MODELING OMICS Tissue Epigenomics Review of Quantitative models of the System from gene to Physiology Review of approaches for modelingMetabolites diseases Organ Computationally –based Complexity mathematical model of disease predicts patient responses to different therapies
  8. 8. Methods to Study Proteins Determining Establishing proteins which are Protein- Protein post translationaly interactions modified Computational Determining the methods in existence of studying protein proteins in biomarkers complex mixtures Detecting Protein Protein Protein-DNA Protein Proteins Purification Structures Interactions Curation
  9. 9. Informatics ScienceLiterature InformaticsImaging InformaticsClinical InformaticsPublic health InformaticsLiterature InformaticsPublications of databases of biological informationMicroarray datasheetsHigh Throughput Screening datasetsOther Experimental Data Well Developed Chemistry Skills capable of offering end to Establishing Skills end complex in basic molecular capabilities biology and protein Expression
  10. 10. CLINICALLY APPROVED DRUGS Phase 0 Phase1 Pre- Clinical Phase Phase 2 Phase 3 Post marketing surveillance Trial Translational research
  11. 11. GM CROPS /FOOD/SEEDSWhy are GM food/Crops produced and Developed???? Improve crop Protection Insect resistance Virus resistance Herbicide tolerance The safety assessment of GM foods Allergenicity Gene Transfer OutcrossingExamples: Drought tolerant Maize Protecting Plants against Freezing Apple genome sequencing Longer shelf life for tomatoesBiofuels: Ethanol from Biomass
  12. 12. DIFFERENT ROLES TO PLAY IN BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY Monoclonal Antibodies Market Large protein molecules produced by white blood cells that seek out and destroy harmful foreign substances Application in many areas of medicine and biologic science Are used in the identification of organisms in the bacteriology laboratory Also used in the diagnosis of leukemia Used in the treatment of malignancies
  13. 13. ENVIRONMENTAL/INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY MARKET Cells can be Production of Living cells and Use of modified to chemicals, pestici Enzymes can be microorganisms produce des, biofuels and used to produce or biological enzymes, which biodegradable vitamins, substances to function plastics made antibiotics, perform specific biologically as from renewable vaccines and industrial or catalysts to bring raw materials like proteins for manufacturing about specific starch, vegetable medicinal process biochemical oils, cellulose and purposes reaction agricultural waste.
  14. 14. INSTRUMENTATION & EQUIPMENT MARKETInstrumentation would refer to large-scale equipment such asMRI machines, ultrasound machines, immunoanalyzers andhemoanalyzers.Devices used for surgery, such as laparascopes, endoscopesand arthoscopes. Durable equipment or DME such as medicalbeds or chairs, wheelchairs and canes would be part of thiscategory.DNA sequencers and high throughput screeners. Massspectrometers are currently used for a variety of clinicalapplications. Mass spectrometry (MS) is an assessmenttechnology that identifies the mass-to-charge ratio of chargedparticles
  15. 15. OUTLOOK  Mapping of the human genome  Wave of new biologic drug product approvals by the FDA. Therapeutic areas offer the best investment opportunities Regenerative medicine Opthalmology Oncology Infectious disease Metabolic Genetic disorders 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Source::
  16. 16. Q. I Know Industry How to approach ?Proper Education : To Masters of Scienceexcel in biotechnology ,Masters in Industry you need to Have focused approach technology, PhD ishave good educational Preferred background Additional short course Know your Interest Remember Experience Projects and Industry /Develop Interest is advantage Project is PreferredKeep track of Industry, follow trends ,Select Path
  17. 17. CONCLUSION Biotechnology Industry has changed a lot during last decade , which means moving ahead from traditional ways to more advanced technological developments 2012 Biotechnology Industry is not the same as it was in 2001 Computational, Mathematics and physics knowledge additions to Biology has opened many new windows for Investors and for Small and Mid-Sized Entrepreneurs which again playing very important role . Many Students with Diversified Non- life science background are working for this Industry Companies are investing more and more in Lethal Diseases which is a good sign for the Industry and the society as whole FDI and Government policies too play a very important role and need to be regularly monitored by anyone who want to have a career in Life science Industry
  18. 18. Thank YOUBioInformaticsOnRun Put your Questions to us on our Face book page