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  1. 1. _________________________________________________________________________ Identification and Validation of Drug Targets ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It is a genuine pleasure to express my deep sense of thanks and gratitude to my mentor, philosopher and guide Dr. Fr. S. JOHN BRITTO, S.J., Director, Rapinat Herbarium and center for Molecular Systematics and Former Principal, St. Josephs College, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. His dedication and keen interest above all his overwhelming attitude to help his students had been solely and mainly responsible for completing my work. His timely advice, meticulous scrutiny, scholarly advice and scientific approach have helped me to a very great extent to accomplish this task. I owe a deep sense of gratitude to Dr.S.SENTHIL KUMAR, Department of Botany, St. Josephs College, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu for his keen interest on me at every stage of my research. His prompt inspirations, timely suggestions with kindness, enthusiasm and dynamism have enabled me to complete my thesis. I thank profusely all the STAFFS of Rapinat Herbarium, St. Josephs College, Tiruchirappalli for their kind help and co-operation throughout my study period. It is my privilege to thank my wife Mrs. JUSTINA, for her constant encouragement throughout my research period. I am extremely thankful to my friend Dr.S.UMASHANKAR, Head, Department of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, SRM University, Chennai for providing me necessary technical suggestions during my research pursuit.
  2. 2. _________________________________________________________________________ Identification and Validation of Drug Targets iii I also express my deep sense of gratitude to my friend Mr. RAJKUMAR for his valuable suggestions in Java. I take this as an opportunity to thank Mr. T. ARUN, Managing Director, VTR Engineering Services, Chennai for his gesture and good will. I take this opportunity to express my greatest regards to my parents Mr. M. PAULRAJ and Mrs. JAYAPAHTY PAULRAJ for their co-operation, understanding, and constant encouragement which were the sustaining factors in carrying out the work successfully. My thanks are also due to Mr. Jesudoss, for the neat and meticulous execution of this thesis. P. PAULSHARMA CHAKRAVARTHY