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Pursuit of happiness


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Pursuit of happiness, instead of moral values, can mislead a human life into becoming social or/and biological failures. Happiness is misleading because it is NOT objective. Happiness can NOT distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, moral from immoral, social winner from social loser, biological success from biological failure. Related to childfree, crotch fruit, trophy, crotch critter, cfers, CFC, CFBC, crotch droppings, teamnokids, kidfree, breeders, чайлдфри, mgtow, анти-чайлдфри, античайлдфри, nobabies, nonmother, nonmothers, notnmother, notmothers, nokids, nochildren, childfree by choice, childfree life, childfree lifestyle, childfree humor, childfree bingo, kidfree bingo, breeder bingo, childfree dating, childfree meme, childfree fun, childfree travel, childfree meetup, childfree blog, childfree community, childfree forum, childfree date, childfree art, childfree news, childfree statistics, childfree ecard, childfree profile, vasectomy, tubal ligation, sterilization, childfree marriage, men go their own way, notmoms.

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Pursuit of happiness

  1. 1. Pursuit of happiness