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Bioideology principles

Bioideology is a pro-natalist non-eugenics non-religious system of socially conservative life views that are based on the theory of evolution

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Bioideology principles

  1. 1. v.3 January 20, 2015 Bioideology How to become an ultimate human winner
  2. 2. What is Bioideology? Life views and moral values based on biology Bioideology
  3. 3. Why Bioideology? Disregard for human biological origin is pushing Humanity to depopulation and extinction Bioideology Projected World birth rate Projected World population for different birth rates From Year
  4. 4. Why is depopulation bad? Bioideology Depopulation Depopulation inverts the population pyramid
  5. 5. Why is an inverted population pyramid bad? Bioideology - Crash of social programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps) - Crash of economy that depends on population growth and low taxes - Crash of the real estate market because deaths exceed births - Social unrest, revolutions, wars - Return to a religion-based society because religious people with high fertility become evolutionary winners Not enough workers to support social programs Results:
  6. 6. Bioideology main principles
  7. 7. Bioideology Humans are living beings All laws of living beings are applicable to humans. Organism Similarity Chimpanzee 94%-99% Cat 90% Mice 80% Fruit fly 60% Yeast 31% Genetic similarity between humans and other mammals
  8. 8. Bioideology Purpose of existence of human or any other living being: Survive and Procreate.
  9. 9. Bioideology The 1st measure of success of a human life: A successful extension of the family line
  10. 10. Bioideology The 2nd measure of success of a human life Positive contribution into survival of human society
  11. 11. Human family
  12. 12. Bioideology Human family is not a charity or a hobby or a punishment It is a social procreation team.
  13. 13. Bioideology Family moral cycle Family helps kids to become socially competitive Kids extend their family lines with their own children Kids take care about their old parents
  14. 14. Bioideology Objective purpose of a human family Extending the family line of its ancestors.
  15. 15. Bioideology Family team members: help their families to extend the family lines
  16. 16. Bioideology Family rejects People, who reject to help their families to extend their family lines, are often rejected by their families
  17. 17. Bioideology Successful family succeeds to extend the family line of its ancestors
  18. 18. Bioideology Failed family: fails to extend the family line of its ancestors
  19. 19. Human moral obligations
  20. 20. Your moral duty to your family #1: Help your family to extend the family line of your ancestors Bioideology
  21. 21. Bioideology Your moral duty to your family #2: Take care of your old parents when they can not take care of themselves
  22. 22. Bioideology Your moral duty to your society: Help your society to adopt and survive
  23. 23. Life choices
  24. 24. Bioideology Making a choice does not automatically make your choice right, good, or moral.
  25. 25. Bioideology Future is your objective judge Right, good, and moral have the future. Wrong, bad, and immoral do not have the future.
  26. 26. Bioideology Right life choices help family or society to have the future.
  27. 27. Bioideology Wrong life choices prevent family or society from having the future.
  28. 28. Human society
  29. 29. Bioideology Human society is a competition of family lines Stronger family = better chance to extend family line
  30. 30. Bioideology Role of society ensure a fair competition of all human genotypes
  31. 31. Winners and losers
  32. 32. Bioideology Social winner makes a positive contribution into survival of humanity
  33. 33. Bioideology Biological winners extend their family lines with kids and grand kids.
  34. 34. Bioideology Ultimate human winner = social winner + biological winner
  35. 35. Bioideology Biological losers living beings, who have failed to extend their family lines.
  36. 36. Bioideology Social loser failed to make a positive contribution into survival of humanity
  37. 37. Bioideology Total loser: = social loser + biological loser
  38. 38. Bioideology Human happiness
  39. 39. Bioideology Happiness is not an objective purpose of existence of a living being Survival and procreation are
  40. 40. Bioideology Happiness is a part of Nature's mechanism of survival and procreation.
  41. 41. Bioideology Happiness can be natural and non-natural Natural Non-natural
  42. 42. Bioideology Natural happiness - from procreation (= success of your kids and grand kids, love) - from survival (work, friendship, helping your society)
  43. 43. Bioideology Non-natural happiness is from sources unrelated to your survival and extending your family line: - drugs, alcohol, smoking - gambling, thrill-seeking - online porn, hookups, online video gaming
  44. 44. Ideologies of failure
  45. 45. Bioideology Ideology of socio-failure: Hedonism Maximizing basic pleasures social failure Hedonists: Mouse that can stimulate its own brain pleasure center Food junkie Sex junkie Video game addict Drug addict Alcoholic
  46. 46. Ideology of bio-failure: ChildFree Crotch-droppingsBreeders Preggos
  47. 47. Ideology of bio-failure: MGTOW Man Go Their Own Way
  48. 48. Ideology of bio-failure: Zeta males, Herbivore Men
  49. 49. To become an ultimate human winner:
  50. 50. Reject ideologies of failure Hedonism Herbivore Men
  51. 51. Bioideology Reject anti-family and anti-survival pleasures Thrill-seeking Gluttony Hookups Gambling DrugsAlcohol
  52. 52. Bioideology Get happiness from what Nature meant it for: survival (=your work) & procreation (=your family)
  53. 53. Bioideology symbol Bioideology updates can be found on: =+ Family moral cycle Population pyramid of growing Humanity Bioideology