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Products toxicology est_web

  1. 1. easyEST MT Automation-Compatible Embryonic Stem Cell Toxicity TestToxicology Products » Simpler and much more reliable embryoid- body production » No manual turning of culture dishes » Direct transfer of EBs – fast, easy and no manual picking! » Easy scale-up of EB production
  2. 2. What is the EST?The Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST) is an assay used to evaluate embryotoxicity andteratogenicity of compounds, cosmetics and chemical applications. The EuropeanCentre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) has validated an ESTprotocol, which is widely used. The EST requires the production of mouseembryoid bodies (EBs) by the classic hanging-drop method which is generallyviewed as a time-consuming, labour-intensive and delicate process. After formationthe EBs are hand-picked and transferred into a multiwell plate for differentiationinto beating cardiomyocytes.How does InSphero’s easyESTTM make the test more efficient?InSphero’s easyEST kit* is based on InSphero’s patent-pending culture technology,which allows the formation of 96 hanging drops by top loading into the plate. Noturning of the culture dish is necessary and the formed EBs can easily be trans-ferred into a 96-well culture plate for the downstream assay. The easyEST systemis compatible with every multi well-compliant liquid handling device ranging froma manual single channel pipette to a robotic 96-tip dispenser. The easyEST processis extremely reliable and time saving, and finally makes your EST fully automationcompatible.* The easyEST system is not yet validated by ECVAM
  3. 3. And the beat goes on Advantages of InSphero’s easyEST Faster and easier: No manual turning of the culture dish – top loading into the easyEST system directly forms stable hanging drops. No manual picking: Cultured EB can be directly transferred into a 96-well plate for your downstream assay, no time-consuming manual picking involved. Automation compatible: The easyEST system can be loaded by any liquid-handling equipment, robotic, semi-automated or manual. Highly reproducible: The precise drop-formation process in the easyEST system assures a size variation below 10% and makes your EST much more robust. ©karandaev - Fotolia
  4. 4. Services Overview For feasibility studies or training for using our easyEST system please contact our sales department at Product OvervieweasyEST kit for EB productionCat. # Name DescriptionCS-01-001 easyEST kit Hanging-drop cell culture plate, 96 wells, gamma sterilized, with evaporation control, lid, bottom plate and flat bottom receiver plate. For use with EST only. InSphero AG Technoparkstrasse 1 CH-8005 Zurich Switzerland Phone: +41-44-515049-0 e-mail: sales@insphero.comAll technical and pricing information subject to change.All products are for research use only. They are not intended for any animalor human therapeutic or diagnostic use unless otherwise stated.