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Estimation of Carbohydrates by anthrone method

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Carbohydrates are very important component of Storage and structural materials in the plants. The carbohydrates are stored as free sugars and polysaccharides. The basic units of carbohydrates are Monosaccharides. When hydrolyse the carbohydrates, gives monosaccharides, but when hydrolyse monosaccharides it can not be split into more simpler sugars. The hydrolysed product of Polysaccharide are estimating by the resultant monosaccharides.

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Estimation of Carbohydrates by anthrone method

  1. 1. Estimation of Carbohydrate by Anthrone Method • The anthrone reaction is the basis of a rapid and convenient method for the determination of carbohydrates, either free or present in polysaccharides.
  2. 2. * Principle H2SO4 + Furfural Anthrone Blue Green Complex
  3. 3. Materials 1. Anthrone reagent (0.2% in conc. H2SO4 ). 2. Glucose (10mg/100ml). 3. Colorimeter or spectrophotometer.
  4. 4. Tube # Blank St. unk. 55 50 45 15 Boiling Water Bath Glucose (ml) 0 0.5 0.5 D. W. (ml) 1 0.5 0.5 Anthrone (ml) 4 4 4 60 30 5 10 20 40 35 25 Mix Well COOL to Room Temperature 10 min. Read the Optical Density at 620 nm
  5. 5. * Calculations Absorbance of Unknown Absorbance of Standard = Concentration of Unknown Concentration of Standard CUn. = AUn. ×CSt. ASt.