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Hormone action ppt BIOCHEMISTRY


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Hormone action ppt BIOCHEMISTRY

  1. 1. Dr. Vijay Marakala, MBBS, MD. Assistant professor BIOCHEMISTRY SIMS & RC
  2. 2. Polypeptides Steroids Amino acid derivatives Insulin glucagon somatotropin FSH LH vasopressin Oxytocin thyrotropin ACTH Estrogen testosterone cortisol Aldosterone corticosterone Progesterone Epinephrine norepinephrine dopamine Thyroxine, T3 and T4 Melatonin Serotonin
  3. 3. Rule: All peptide hormones are synthesized as inactive “pre-pro” precursors Rule: A signal peptide must be cleaved off to activate the mature form of the hormone
  4. 4. Hormones transmit the signals through specific receptors
  5. 5. Definition: The series events and components that take part in transmitting a hormonal signal to a the interior of the cell Membrane or cytosolic Receptor Signal Initiator Target molecule Signal mediator Action
  6. 6. T3 T4 TSH Autoantibodies Free T4
  7. 7. Reference range • 110-190ng/dl Increased T3 • Hyperthyroidism Decreased T3 • Hypothyroidism
  8. 8. Reference range • 5-12µg/dl Increased T4 • Hyperthyroidism Decreased T4 • Hypothyroidism
  9. 9. Reference range • 0.5-12µU/ml Increased TSH • Hyporthyroidism Decreased TSH • Hyperthyroidism
  10. 10. Direct measure of free hormones 07 – 2ng/dl Estimation is more sensitive
  11. 11. Antibodies to TSH receptors •Graves disease Antimicrosomal antibody •Hashimoto’s thyroiditis